Warhawk 1.1 Patch Escapes Early

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Warhawk Community … I swear there was supposed to be text with the headline above (for those who saw this post before 8pm PT). What I meant to say was …

This afternoon, some of our US players were inadvertently able to download the v1.1 patch prior to its official, worldwide deployment. This problem has been resolved and the v1.1 patch has been taken offline until we finalize our global test cycle.

We super apologize for the inconvenience — we all want the patch out as soon as possible, but we need to wait for it to clear the last stages of our world-wide test before we “pull-the-trigger.”

So…for those players that were using the Blu-ray version of Warhawk that *did* update to v1.1 today, we advise that you go to the XMB (cross media bar), and in your “Game Data Utility”, delete your Warhawk game data. Once you’ve done that, just re-boot Warhawk and the game will re-install v1.0, allowing you to play with the 1.0 world again. And I know you’ll all ask this…it will *not* affect your stats or Save Data.

Also please note that this inadvertent pre-release of v1.1 *only* affected players using the Blu-ray version of the game in the US. All
other countries and products were unaffected.

Once more, we are very sorry for the unscheduled, unplanned, preview roll-out v1.1 :-)

We are still tracking the end of October for the “real” deployment of the patch and, as always, we will keep you all posted!

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  • ps3mods.blogspot.com

    go Warjawk go!

  • go warhawk go!! NEW MAPS!!!!

  • thanks,

  • Alucard TheDestroyer

    SWEET! Thanks Dylan! Although, I didn’t see any official ranked rooms. Is this a product of updating the code for the new maps?

  • good job!

  • Huh i dont see what Dylan wrote.

  • Yea, neither do I

  • Where did the message go?

  • nuff said

  • And apparently so does his blog.

  • OK SONY. Can you make a part in this blog, where you write down a list of games (out and going to come out). Than make a link to where i can contact the developers.

    Because i have one freaking SICKKKKKK thing i would love for you guys to do in SOCOM…actually way more than one. But one that if the PS3 power is really that crazy, it will make people say OMG i need socom.

    Thats the game i am waiting for, well im getting others, but that i wanted this holiday. Since its pushed back, I have a crazyyyyyyyy thing to tell you that would make people across websites say

    “Sony has raised the bar for modern day military shooters”

    10 out of 10.

    Please contact me via email. You have it obviously since im a member of this blog. I would really like to help. Its a crazy idea. Maybe your developers at slant six have enough skill to actually pull this one off.

  • @ The Jump Off
    What could it be?

    And this blog post, what could it mean?

  • It’s out in the wild??? GOGOGOGOGO!

  • Darn…spoke too soon…where are you Version 1.1?

  • So.. do i have to download it or what? i don’t see it anywhere

  • Maybe it just left, I mean it was released, so maybe it just decided to run away.

  • Is that why I didn’t see any blue coloured servers? Are there any devs in the v1.1 update playing, maybe I can help test? :p

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  • Don’t you think Sony should put out a consumer alert for this title? It’s past the point of just launch bugs.

  • Ha funny, I got it and was I THINK the first server up today after lunch EST time… HAHAH SWEET. Rock on Warhawk, “best game ever” [said as Comic book guy] (serious, not being sarcastic)

  • I forgot to ask, what happens if I dont uninstall (Other then no Sony rank servers… can I play with Devs and QA???)

  • The patch releasing early is fine that’s an honest mistake. BUT these NOOBs with no medals no badges no SKILL playing in these LEVEL 4 Games [DELETED]

    There has got to be a way to get rid of all of these Captains, Commanders, and Air Marshall’s. I got a friend that’s been playing for about 2 days and he’s getting gang raped because he got promoted to Air Marshall.

    The point system obviously counts for nothing at the moment. Something has got to give!!! demotions have to be handed out putting NOOBs in these LEVEL 4 rooms is just wrong in all ways.

    And quite frankly I’m tired of getting warhawk team badges and the only one in the top 15 names being shown. These guys are new and it shows. The word for today should be DEMOTION DEMOTION DEMOTION

  • What if we don’t feel like deleting the patch? Hm?

  • When i first saw the patch i was so happy because i bought a new sixaxis today(my brother smashed mine into a million pieces) and i was happy to see it feels much sturdier. but then i couldnt get into ranked servers and i am trying to get all the bandit medals(only 2 more :)). oh well, only a little while more.

  • Anyone know how this v1.1 patch will affect ghosting using the Blu-ray version? Will a hosting PS3 with v1.1 update other PS3s with v1.0?

  • Can you add a feature that shows clearly whether a game supports split-screen or not. It’s annoying trying to join a game, only to find out that it doesn’t allow split-screen.

    Also, can you make it so when you create a game, you can chose what vehicles/weapons will be on the map. That way we could take out tanks or snipers or even have a sniper match if we wanted. Maybe we could chose what weapons you spawn with too. Just an idea.


  • @Chaos911
    Ok are you freakin retarted it already has that feature from the start. when your looking for a game just use the right analog stick. and a menu to the side will scroll down and it will tell you the detail of the game stupid NOOB!

  • Ahh come on Dylan, get it going already ;)

    On second thought, test it through, but please do so in order to get the release date right. :)

  • Thanks for the heads up.

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  • @ryuk
    Thanks for being so nice about it :| A simple “You can use the right stick to scroll would have done the job. Also, i already knew that. I said i want it to be ‘clearly’ labeled. That means that i wouldn’t have to scroll to find a game that has split-screen. Maybe have a symbol like the one for Ranked/Unranked games.

  • Is it true that Warhawk is worse than Halo 3?

  • why not just give us a release date so we don’t have to check what’s up all the time…

  • @#35


    No, it’s a lot more fun actually. at least my ps3 didn’t RRoD like the [DELETED] 360.

    Have a nice day.

  • Even though that it was released early did or did it not do was it was intended?? Cause I downloaded it and saw no difference in my rank or the game.. And 1.2 is the one thats suppose to address the tank glitches right.. Cause I was once again a victim to it yesterday..

  • Wouldn’t this be a good post in the warhawk announcements section of the game itself?

  • @chaos911 I might be wrong but the three logos on the LEFT side of the Server name indicate to me trophy (ranked or unranked) and a people icon indicates split screen enabled, and a bar indicates it’s not…I thought all ranked servers did not include split screen…am I missing something?

  • the patch problem affected Canada too, not only the US :P

    I logged on YESTERDAY at around 4:00 EST and it prompted to update, and when i updated ALL of the official ranked servers were gone!

    Thanks for this bit of info, i will delete it next time i play.

    Glad to know you guys are hard at work on making sure everyone is happy :)


  • Is this why i could not go to my buddies and join a game they were in? My ps3 froze on me every time i tried to log in with mu buddy. We had to find each other manually by finding the room name. I had to manually power cycle my PS3 to un brick it 4 times last night. My friends all had the same problem :(

  • @ 40 — SCEA sometimes isn’t aware that Canada isn’t in the USA :-)

    Thanks for giving us playstation.ca but could we maybe be allowed to either have our country recognized, or at least change “USA” and/or “American” to something correct like “North America” in games and such? I was so in love with Dirt! for giving me a Canadian flag to choose in-game.

  • University of Phoenix Graduates running rampant?

  • i downloaded the same patch too and i hope this is what we are getting because this patch keeps freezing my ps3 and and cant host a room nor join a room any1 without it kicking me and everyone off and then it says network errior and then ps3 freezes and cant do nothing until i manually turn off ps3 from the back of console which is some bullcrap this is not suppose to b happening its not suppose to b getting worse its suppose to get better and i dont c that it is and my ps3 froze 6 times last night so im not getting on til they fix this mess !!!!!!

  • Have the icons been explained ANYWHERE yet?

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  • Is there any possibility that Sony would consider sending out a game disk and package to those of use who downloaded the game for fourty bucks!?! I felt a little shortchanged after I bought the game from the PSN store only to have it released to retail for the same price a week later.

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