EyeCreate in Action

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What’s up PlayStation fans? I wanted to get the word out to all of you to check out EyeCreate, the new video capturing and editing application for the PlayStation 3. With EyeCreate you can capture darn near anything and make your own personalized videos, much like the examples I’ve included below. You can also add all sorts of cool effects, record your own sounds and export your video to the XMB. Some of the coolest features include the time-lapse capturing and the stop-motion functionality. If you want to show off your videos, you can drop your creation on a memory stick or USB drive and share it with other PS3 users. The increased resolution of the PSEye and the multi-array microphone combined with the huge storage capacity of the PS3, make the possibilities endless. And last but not least, EyeCreate will be available for FREE download on the PlayStation Store on October 23rd. To get an idea of what EyeCreate can do, check out these vids our team made.

Happy Creating!

Eye Graffiti


The Race

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  • OK, this made me want to buy it for sure. Also, i so want to work with you guys. :D

  • I think that interactivity will be the key to the success or failure of the new eyetoy.

    If in game and out of game experiences can interact with the user through the camera then this will be a win for Sony and steal a bit of Nintendo’s thunder.

    If this product lacks interactivity or PSN online integration, then it will be a fail.

    I think that there are a lot of people watching to see how Sony does with this new product and that the course of the PS3 could be plotted alongside it.

  • Can you edit videos allready esisting on the hard drive?

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    sorry but noone is responding from their end about these so i decided to add 1 of these questions to each of the blogs til WE get answers.

    on a positive note, there is great possibilities with the eye! :)

  • You know, these videos would probably look better if they were encoded in xvid or divx…..
    And the PS3 could actually play them!!!!

  • HINT!!!! HINT!!!!

  • great R&C demo, getting this when it’s out :D

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  • For all the people who make ridiculous comments about the video quality, please note that your average desktop webcam cannot do true 640×480 resolution at full frame rate. Some can do 352×288 interpolated to 640×480 at (if you’re lucky) 15fps, but even this is very rare outside Firewire cameras.

    Your mobile phone may have a higher resolution for /still/ photos, but in video mode you’ll notice it probably limits you to 160×120 for a decent framerate. Capturing at a high frame rate with high resolution is very bandwidth intensive, and not as easy as some people seem to think, electronically.

    PS. this is also why a wireless version will probably never exist — not enough bandwidth on wireless to support 26.4MiB/s of raw data (640 x 480 x 24bpp x 30fps). Yes, most webcams do basic per-frame compression, but its still very high bandwidth, not the type of thing Bluetooth was designed for.

    Personally speaking, I wish the PS3 had been designed with Firewire (IEEE1394) support and used a Firewire webcam instead of USB and therefore also support downloading videos directly from digital video cameras with Firewire / i.Link support.

  • @dbarrade (#32) yeah, I’d love to be able to grab screenshots from MotorStorm or other games and save them as images so I can exchange them or show them off on my website.

    What would be even more fun is if games with replay support (unlike Dirt!!!) could save rendered video directly to the hard-drive upon request.

  • Other than the annoying 2kool4skool rapper vibe to the videos those were pretty neat. I’m excited to try this out.

  • Monoman – Dirty Games (GDUB Too Damn Hard)


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  • FINALLY something i can use with my eyetoy, it’s been way too long coming! sweet that it’s a free download too.


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  • Pretty cool. Heh, I was just going to use it for video chat and EoJ but this looks pretty cool.

  • That’s hilarious…haha

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  • o gosh thats a reason to buy it! I really wasn’t to sure on it before but that race was hilarious. I can just imagine all the crazy stuff people will be making. Hopefully we’ll have some way to share videos.

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  • As I had said before
    I would like to see video chat between psp and ps3, also a friends list for the psp and in game xmb for psp and ps3.
    PS3O- PS3Owner
    PSPO1&2-PSPowner 1 and 2

    PSPO1 is at starbucks and looks up PS3O on his PSP’s friends list, and sees he’s playing warhawk, he chooses the option to video call him and PS3O recieve’s a message on the corner of his screen PSPO1 has sent you an invitation to chat. PS3O goes to the chat in his in-game XMB and he tells PSPO1 We’ll talk later I’m finishing a battle. So then PSPO1 looks up PSPO2 and it says hes watching a UMD movie, so he sends him a invitation and PSPO2 recieves it so they keep on talking and talking and talking about how awesome sony is. Now wouldn’t that be awesome? Just with a Go cam, a PSEYE and a firmware update with new features for PS3 and PSP.
    I hope someone in charge read this the first time I posted it and if not well this time.

  • Are these videos from the Sony offices? If so, why are they using Dell’s? I mean shouldn’t we be seeing VAIO’s galore? Or even PS3’s running Linux OS? Just an observation.

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  • JEBUS GRUD GUYS! do something about all these blog links!!

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  • Solid stuff guys. Thinking about grabbing the Eye of Judgment bundle.

  • Great, now all you need to do is release the PSP camera in the US, Which has been out in Japan for nearly a year and in Europe or nearly 6 months. Is NTSC that hard to encode? Japan is NTSC. Don’t you love the US anymore SONY?

  • I will def be getting this ps eye, but not with eye of judgement i hope some other games that use this periphrial comeo ut soon.

  • that looked…. fun…lol

  • gaming city blog » PlayStation Eye's EyeCreate software does stop-motion and time lapse

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  • the eye looks cool ..when will there be new games 4 it…..and ps3 store cards

  • Will these videos be tranferable to memory stick to move to PC for a Youtube upload. Better yet upload to youtube from PS3 web browser. Oh, wait the PS3 web browser doesn’t support youtube. ouch…!

  • Funny office videos

    Funny office videos

    As you are searching for work from home articles and info, be certain to tap into all of the resources available.

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  • Please!!! BT keyboard/Mouse support

  • Ok Sony why isn’t there a USER-CONTENT section in the PS store yet? How much more appealing would Singstar be if users could not only upload there videos on the built-in Singstar interface, but for the whole PS3 community to see on the store?

    How awesome would it be for users to make videos, then copy them to there videos section and upload them for PSN?

    Gaming 3.0…User-generated content…Show me Sony, Show me game 3.0

    If these things are in the works–then SHOW US!!

    If not, then I can’t understand why? The more people that get connected with PS3 the more people will go out and buy it.

    “Look at these crystal clear video you can make if you buy this camera for your PS3!”

    “Dude, look at me and my girl Singing last night”

    I mean once this network gets connected to PSP and more importantly PC-the possibilities are literally endless!!!!!

    Do you guys need some help with moderation of the videos? Help with the traffic it will cost?
    Well hire me then!! I’d be happy to work for Sony!!

    man…is there anyway I could talk to a mod on the site or something to make sure this rant/request/ gets read by Phil Harrison.

  • Nice peace of software. Congrats to London.
    The PS3 Eye quality is really poor.
    The PS3 Eye is recognised as generic usb cam.
    I hope and assume that the next system update will contain native support and therefore improve the bad quality.

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  • Shopping uk

    Keep on the lookout for brand new information on this subject.

  • […] the clip together. Windows own XP Movie-Maker does a reasonable job, as does the PS3’s EyeCreate, but I’ve a special soft spot for Kino on my Ubuntu box. Kids of 8 or so start to use these […]

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