EyeCreate in Action

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What’s up PlayStation fans? I wanted to get the word out to all of you to check out EyeCreate, the new video capturing and editing application for the PlayStation 3. With EyeCreate you can capture darn near anything and make your own personalized videos, much like the examples I’ve included below. You can also add all sorts of cool effects, record your own sounds and export your video to the XMB. Some of the coolest features include the time-lapse capturing and the stop-motion functionality. If you want to show off your videos, you can drop your creation on a memory stick or USB drive and share it with other PS3 users. The increased resolution of the PSEye and the multi-array microphone combined with the huge storage capacity of the PS3, make the possibilities endless. And last but not least, EyeCreate will be available for FREE download on the PlayStation Store on October 23rd. To get an idea of what EyeCreate can do, check out these vids our team made.

Happy Creating!

Eye Graffiti


The Race

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