PlayStation Eye, A Little More Info…

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PlayStation Eye
As many of you probably know, PlayStation Eye is coming, so I wanted to share a little bit about what that means for all you video-bloggers, gamers and would-be-actors and directors out there.

While most of you know that PlayStation Eye is being bundled with The Eye of Judgment game, I also wanted to let you know it’ll be out on store shelves as a stand-alone product, too. PlayStation Eye has a lot of cool features and capabilities.

One question I’ve seen asked a lot is: “What makes PlayStation Eye different from its predecessor, the EyeToy camera?” Lots. For a start, PlayStation Eye was engineered from the onset to perform well in low-light conditions. It also has a 2-setting zoom lens (normal and wide angle) with fixed focus. What does that mean? Well, a lot less fussing around than previous cameras. PlayStation Eye gets a sharp, clear picture at 640 x 480 resolution at 60 frames per second (at 320 x 240 it looks even better at 120 fps)! It picks up image and motion in varying light conditions and doesn’t need your help to focus.

It also has a built-in 4-microphone array that allows you to enjoy online AV chat and in-game voice chat, in what we’re calling a “natural environment,” meaning, not awkwardly leaning toward your camera or speaking abnormally loud just so the mic picks up your voice. IMHO, this microphone really does do away with the need for a headset.

The PlayStation Eye does an excellent job of filtering out background noise for a clearer voice connection, but it also has twice the frame rate than most standard cameras (this is part of what sets it apart from any other webcam or camera for this generation of consoles), allowing for faster and more natural tracking, responsiveness and smoothness. I think if you take all of this into consideration, PlayStation Eye is an ideal camera for AV Chat on your PS3.

All of this sounds like a bunch of technical and marketing speak, I know, but the difference is clear when you plug it in; AV Chats are smooth, crisp, and from my experiences, better than what I’ve seen on any PC. And of course, on the PS3, you can use AV Chat with anyone on your friends list, anywhere in the world.

AV Chat is just the start for the PlayStation Eye. Along with some very cool, free content and fun activities available to Eye users via the PSN, keep your “eye” out (sorry, I couldn’t resist) for some upcoming games that integrate the Eye in really innovative ways. While games like Eye of Judgment use the camera to play the game itself, other upcoming games like SingStar (PS3) take advantage of the PlayStation Eye’s video capabilities so you can do things like make your own personalized music videos to share with family and friends online. Soon you’ll see some of our favorite bits of PlayStation Eye fun on the PSN, designed to turn your TV into an eye-popping piece of interactive art that no one can ignore… more on those at launch!

Lastly, a great value-add you may not all know about is the EyeCreate Software. This will be available for FREE download on the PlayStation Store (yes! free! come get it!) and allows you to save, edit and share your PlayStation Eye videos, photos and audio clips – all through your PS3. We’ll have more on EyeCreate later this week, including some really fun examples of how cool EyeCreate movies can be from the depths of our QA grotto.

PlayStation Eye will be available as a stand-alone product starting October 23, for $39.99 at all major retailers. I’m sure there will be some questions, so I’ll try to monitor the comments here and provide info where I can.

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  • regardless of the price i’d buy an HD camera…if it were $200 i’d spend it…i spend the $600 on the damn PS3 at launch…if i want something i’ll buy it

    Hehe I am a hardcore PS fan (paid 600 bucks too…) and I don’t think I would drop 200 bucks for a PS eye—I would much rather have it low-def and cheaper—-is there any HD USB webcams out there? I know a update made it so you could use any USB webcam so why not pick one up now if you are so into that?

  • If they released an HD kamera all of you would be complaining that it’s to expensive.

    So no matter what Sony does you guys would complain one way or the other.

  • OK guys
    About the drivers, the pc’s recognize the camera but you’ll have to wait till launch so someone releases the drivers, just like the eyetoy. What I want to know is, if it’s true that Trials of Topoq,
    Operation: Creature Feature and Aqua Vita are free to download for those who have the Eye? And is Eyedentify coming? It would’ve made a bigger impression if this title would’ve launched with the Eye instead of EOJ, even though thats cool too. The spec are nice, considering you can do 120fps in chat. And the audio chat id good for those games that only support one headset like Warhawk, now all 4 players can talk and it will pick up each voice and drown out the 5th guy in the back of the room screaming: I want to play!

  • @ Liron

    I think my complaint is legitimate.
    I want to be able to save my videos to MP4 at least and my photo’s to JPG.
    And say hey I made this on my PS3 you should buy one too.
    Sony needs to get on this ball and seriously not let it be one of the many missed opportunities.

  • I’m probably going to get the PS Eye standalone model, so I can…well..make video content. :P

  • This thing’s cool. Of course they won’t have an HD camera, it’d cost too much and there’d be lag across the internet. Also, the server costs would get prohibitive.
    And this camera does work with PC’s as well.

  • It’d be nice if we could have the capability to do video chat in all online games. Now that would be next gen. I was disappointed that the video chat cam. was taken off the High Stakes Vegas Strip: Poker Edition. I’m also curious as the preview as mentioned in post#1. That said, I am still getting the Sony Eye for my PS3, just hoping that these concerns would be addressed.

  • 56 posts ok maybe 50 if you ignore some of the people that were asking for it.
    Yet no response, am I picking up a trend here?

  • @nmc75
    I agree in game video chat would be cool. Except for porno freaks. (Example) Oh man nice move, NOW TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF!

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  • You know what sucks…


  • Ok sony sorry for that post you deleted, but my new question is this for real? The XMB with the eye, I call it IMB- The Eye Media Bar
    And for those who don’t know or haven’t seen Eyedentify, here it is

  • @Joel
    It sucks cause it hasn’t been released yet?


  • I’m waiting for the PSEye. I didn’t get to try out Eyetoy because I didn’t think my room had enough lite.

  • lots of whinnin’ going on today. Im not into card games, but when a cool game comes out for the PS Eye then I’ll go buy one.

  • Loucifer

    Orphu has a point can you imagine what an HD camera like that will cost? Not to mention what kind of band width you would need to support that plus whatever gaming you are doing at the same time?

    And if you have ever seen the Xbox 360 Vision Camera, you would know that right about now a VGA resolution camera sounds pretty good. The crappy little camera that does not have a mic on it. Just the crappy Vision camera that Microsoft sells is $39.99 and it does not have nearly the feature set that this does. If the Mic is everything they are bragging it up to be, honestly Sony could probably sell the Mic itself for $39.99 and allot of people would buy it just to get away from the headaches of headsets. The camera is just icing on the cake.

    Now that said someone mentioned Wireless, and I do have to agree that would make the item really cool. Especially in instances for the Eye of Judgment card game where very few people are going to setup a small table less then Six feet from their PS3 which would probably end them up right on top of their beautiful HD screen TV. I know I am not going to set the table to play cards with right next to my 52” screen television. So the person who suggested Wireless or at the very least a long USB cable, I think is spot on. Or perhaps some one from Sony could make some suggestions on how to deal with this situation.

  • Check out this software, maybe it can integrate with the eyetoy?
    Click here to check out “total immersion”

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  • Very Nice!! hope to see a contest of video and we can win! prizes of PSN Yes!!

  • Can’t wait. Will it be comming out in europe about the same time?

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  • “IMHO, this microphone really does do away with the need for a headset.”

    I am really looking forward to this particular feature. I have a question though: will it automatically work as an audio input device in games, or would it need to be explicitly supported by them?


  • @frito
    Thats the technology Eye of judgment uses.

  • sure i want it one reasons for OeJ and the second reasons for the cam and all the good thing that will bring :)

  • i’m always interested in trying something new out, forget about friggen halo 3 i don’t care about it AT ALL. I’m interested in the Playstation Eye and i’m glad i can finally get a camera to use for my PS3 cuz none of my PC cameras were working with it. Give it a friggen chance! yeesh.

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  • Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • any Eyedentity news ?.. that game looked great at E3 2005. Hope we hear about it again with the PS Eye release :)

  • im definitely buying this thing, looks promising, and its a great value for the technology that it offers.

  • Sounds great! I look forward to the Eye of Judgement. Do you see anymore games like EoJ coming out in the future? I’d love to get more. :) For whoever the moderater is please remove these junk posts like 74 and please ban Loucifer- she’s only been a pain since she got here.

  • AV Chat across the PSN sounds great. Better If you can get a Skype client developed for the PS3 then you’ll sell bucket-loads of “Eyes”. You could make/receive calls from the comfort of your living room without ever leaving the couch!

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  • Will there ever be a feature that you can record videos WHILE you are playing so you can show ur friends?

    I’m just curious because thats the only reason I’m considering in buying one!

    I want to film myself kicking peoples ARSE!

  • @28 Wolverine, i am not sure that there is any integration of the current camera and PSP. I have not seen anything that i can do. did i miss something?

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  • @71 KnaveX-

    really? cool! I’ve checked out the other eye bits on Youtube and IGN- it looks great!

    almost too good to be true! I hope it lives up to what those cool videos show-

    check out this awesome demo!


    Just think of the uses for games like Oblivion or other adventure games like zelda clones!

    fill a cup of water with a glass in real time!!


    if they can integrate this right, it could bring back the point and click kind of games, but you get to actually manipulate the stuff!

    but can it work with 3-d games in real time, or just pre-rendered static backgrounds?


    you should at least check back on a thread once you post it! people (ie prospective customers have questions about your product!

    these videos on Youtube have got me excited!

    You should release them in HD on PSN (or did you and i missed it?)

    if it is handled right, not some like a gimmick (some support at first then…nothing…I’m looking at you PS2 hard drive!) this is gonna be awesome!


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  • I just thought of something, it would be sweet if you could set up your eye in your house, and then have it stream images to your PSP wherever you are, so you can check on your house while you are away, like a security camera!

    yeah? watcha think?

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  • So, when are we going to see LOD (lots of ducks) technology again? And it would be cool to see something called EyeAthlete where you could box in first person without the use of any peripherals.

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