PlayStation Eye, A Little More Info…

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PlayStation Eye
As many of you probably know, PlayStation Eye is coming, so I wanted to share a little bit about what that means for all you video-bloggers, gamers and would-be-actors and directors out there.

While most of you know that PlayStation Eye is being bundled with The Eye of Judgment game, I also wanted to let you know it’ll be out on store shelves as a stand-alone product, too. PlayStation Eye has a lot of cool features and capabilities.

One question I’ve seen asked a lot is: “What makes PlayStation Eye different from its predecessor, the EyeToy camera?” Lots. For a start, PlayStation Eye was engineered from the onset to perform well in low-light conditions. It also has a 2-setting zoom lens (normal and wide angle) with fixed focus. What does that mean? Well, a lot less fussing around than previous cameras. PlayStation Eye gets a sharp, clear picture at 640 x 480 resolution at 60 frames per second (at 320 x 240 it looks even better at 120 fps)! It picks up image and motion in varying light conditions and doesn’t need your help to focus.

It also has a built-in 4-microphone array that allows you to enjoy online AV chat and in-game voice chat, in what we’re calling a “natural environment,” meaning, not awkwardly leaning toward your camera or speaking abnormally loud just so the mic picks up your voice. IMHO, this microphone really does do away with the need for a headset.

The PlayStation Eye does an excellent job of filtering out background noise for a clearer voice connection, but it also has twice the frame rate than most standard cameras (this is part of what sets it apart from any other webcam or camera for this generation of consoles), allowing for faster and more natural tracking, responsiveness and smoothness. I think if you take all of this into consideration, PlayStation Eye is an ideal camera for AV Chat on your PS3.

All of this sounds like a bunch of technical and marketing speak, I know, but the difference is clear when you plug it in; AV Chats are smooth, crisp, and from my experiences, better than what I’ve seen on any PC. And of course, on the PS3, you can use AV Chat with anyone on your friends list, anywhere in the world.

AV Chat is just the start for the PlayStation Eye. Along with some very cool, free content and fun activities available to Eye users via the PSN, keep your “eye” out (sorry, I couldn’t resist) for some upcoming games that integrate the Eye in really innovative ways. While games like Eye of Judgment use the camera to play the game itself, other upcoming games like SingStar (PS3) take advantage of the PlayStation Eye’s video capabilities so you can do things like make your own personalized music videos to share with family and friends online. Soon you’ll see some of our favorite bits of PlayStation Eye fun on the PSN, designed to turn your TV into an eye-popping piece of interactive art that no one can ignore… more on those at launch!

Lastly, a great value-add you may not all know about is the EyeCreate Software. This will be available for FREE download on the PlayStation Store (yes! free! come get it!) and allows you to save, edit and share your PlayStation Eye videos, photos and audio clips – all through your PS3. We’ll have more on EyeCreate later this week, including some really fun examples of how cool EyeCreate movies can be from the depths of our QA grotto.

PlayStation Eye will be available as a stand-alone product starting October 23, for $39.99 at all major retailers. I’m sure there will be some questions, so I’ll try to monitor the comments here and provide info where I can.

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    why dosen’t it look alot better than the eye toy?

  • also i whish it was wireless :( that would’ve made me get it.

  • @Sarah


  • @3

    seriously look at this pic
    we were promised that and never got it!!!

  • @XxBigP123xX

    all you do in this forum is write negative comments. Please go troll somewhere else.

  • Will the PlayStation Eye really have a 6 feet USB cord as what the reviewers are reporting (IGN, 1UP, ect.)? That would seem too short, especially with a nice setup where we have to route wires at least 8 to 10 feet (I believe the EyeToy was 8 feet with was perfect for me). There is always the option of USB extenstion cords…bleh.


    WOW…great job on tapping the potential of the PS3…heres another failure waiting to happen…im sorry but this gets added to my boycott of 720p games…if you guyz cant release a product that has the “next gen” features then its a waste of my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m pretty interested in the video chat, but most of my family has PC’s with webcams. Is there going to be a way to connect with PC webcams? I would be a definite buyer if this is the case; in fact, I bet a lot of other people would be as well.

  • and anyone can come step to me and tell me im trolling and crap….BUT YOU ALL KNOW IM RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  • Can EyeCreate save in a file format i can export to my computer to edit? It would be fun to do podcasts from my PS3!


  • Man there is a lot of people complaining today–I know I am getting one of these puppies (and will have fun with it) and I certainly wouldn’t have to go to a Wii or Xbox360 forum and make their fans feel like crap to know I am having fun–when will people stop complaining and just have fun???????

  • How much is Loucifer willing to pay for an HD camera?

  • Camera looks awesome, I’m just hoping we get a new firmware to support it along with all the rumoured 2.0 featureset list.

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  • Questions:

    1. Are there a lot of pieces of software that you have internally created or acquired from third parties or independents, that you had to eventually say “ok, this isn’t enough to be a game so let’s make it free. otherwise you’ll need to add more substance to make it worth being a ‘title’ for the Eye.” ?

    2. Will software support for Eye be greater than the EyeToy? Hardly any games used the EyeToy, and (no offense) they seemed to all be outsourced to a handful of SCEE companies. Will you guys take advantage of Eye being out in developers/consumers hands so early in the PS3’s lifespan beyond just little tidbits and screensavers?

    3. (as asked before) Will there be any exporting functions in EyeCreate so we can pull them off our PS3’s?

    4. (sort of a repeat question) Are you guys doing all you can to educate and promote Eye development toward existing PS3 game studios, both first and third party, so that we can AT LEAST get Burnout Paradise-level Eye functionality into normal PS3 games? The character mapping feature on Rainbow Six Vegas that the 360 version had is a good example***

    5. Several hands-on previews of the Eye and Eye of Judgment have reported that the Eye camera is NOT as well suited for low-light situations as advertised, and required just as much ‘baby sitting’ as the EyeToy camera did. Do you guys have any tips on how we can avoid the same annoyances the EyeToy had? I can’t remember how many times I had to hit the power switch on my PS2 in frustration because the EyeToy kept thinking anything that wasn’t pure white on the screen was a moving object- ie: vents, shadows, small slightly dark-colored objects in my living room, etc.

    6. Lastly, will the Eye come with any software? Since EyeCreate will be a separate download, will there be any mini-games or screensaver type applications included with the camera? Will those just be available later on if not, as you said earlier?

    I am really excited about Eye. Don’t know weather or not to get EoJ or just Eye, as im not a card game fan. Hopefully there is a ton of support for the Eye as I think it had so much potential last generation but lacked developer support.

  • I am very exited for this. I am really hoping to get the eye of judgment asap. The price is great, free eye create software is cool, and unlike everything else for the ps3, it is coming soon.

    Now sony needs to work on voice mails and video mails. 2.0 maybe? yup…

    @ loucifer
    I wont call you a troll (we all know you are ;-)) and I guess I somewhat agree with you.
    However I am sure that if this was an hd camera, it would be pretty expensive and everyone would be mad at that.
    btw I am sure your phone does not take video @ 60fps, let alone 120fps.

  • Sarah,
    You look cute in that pirate outfit!

    Looking forward to buying the Eye with the “Eye of judgment” game…Great value!

  • Lotta trolls in here today.

    Anyways, what will the stand alone cost be?

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  • Cool, cool. Can’t wait to get my hands on it . . . this is going to be fun. I saw the vid on PSN about all the PS Eye games that were planned, but conspicuous by its absence was EyeDentify, which looked like a better working version of Lifeline with camera support. In other words, it looked great! And idea when that’s coming down the pipeline; I haven’t heard anything in ages.

  • @19

    lol you must of got board and stopped reading half way. read at the end.

    “PlayStation Eye will be available as a stand-alone product starting October 23, for $39.99 at all major retailers.”

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  • this is gonna be sweet cheers for the info sarah :D

  • I remember something that said the Eyetoy would be HD. I have been telling my XBOX head buddies about it, and now i am full of crap. Oh well, it looks like a great peripheral anyway. How about a Pan-tilt-zoom controller that we can control and view via our PSP’s via the World Wide Web?

  • Can’t wait to get it! Although I am gonna buy the bundle with eye of judgment.

    @ Loucifer

    You’re not right. If this was an HD cam and it’s cost was $200.00 you would be crying about that. It doesn’t matter what products are released, you are gonna cry about anything. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you sell your PS3 and go read some self-help books so you can learn to not be such a whiny person.

  • @ 26

    You can already control the current eyetoy via the PSP. So who knows what we will be able to do with the new eye!

  • @Loucifer
    There’s more to making a camera “next gen” than just bumping up the picture resolution. If you had bothered to read the article, you’d know that.

    OT: It’s nice to see this coming out on its own, but I know I’ll be getting mine with EoJ…

  • where is the PSP Eye Toy for the U.S?

  • The reference to SingStar integration with the PS Eye allowing you to make & share you own (dorky) music videos seems like great fun, but…

    Sony has had a reputation for vigorously “defending” its intellectual property (music & movies) using DMCA takedown notices (and rootkits, etc.). Are they really going to be happy with people posting user-generated videos and voice-overs to COPYRIGHTED music?

    What will keep people from synchronizing the actual artist vocals to the music, effectively mostly re-creating the original songs? I’m sure that Sony and the RIAA won’t like that…


    regardless of the price i’d buy an HD camera…if it were $200 i’d spend it…i spend the $600 on the damn PS3 at launch…if i want something i’ll buy it

  • @26: Well at least you can tell them it does 60fps and no JPEG compression/artifacts.

    Oh, and that it will support more than just having it aimed at your pants-less crotch for when you beat your opponent online. It will actually have these things called ‘games’ made for it, some of which will supposedly be free.

    I think the only gripe I have at the moment with the Eye is that the stand that comes with EoJ isn’t adjustable as far as the angle is concerned. My tv is a little low, so it’s hard to get my whole body in frame with the EyeToy, even with it sitting on top. If I could use the EoJ stand but angle it forward it would help me better compensate for my low tv.

  • one more thing….keep up your comments they make me laugh :)

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  • LMAO it’s funny how all the comments here are people being incredible nice to Sarah Stocker, they see a girls name and try to get her to notice them :D lol, o well… but I can’t wait to get this.

  • sorry Lou, we’re not here to amuse you, thats why you should get a life, if bloggin’s ur thing ditch the ps3 and just blog man. besides is this is what you do for amusement, i feel for ya bro… ur life must be LAME.

    ps. rangers suck, sid the kid will roll over em

  • speakin of makin you laugh, thats only the beginning of what ur mom does for me!!!!!!

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  • Sarah

    Make or break question for a lot of people.,

    Will we be able to save our videos and photos, so they may be brought to the PC ?

  • I think this is going to be great. I see a couple of comments about higher resolution cameras but the point is you will not be able to do av chat at high resoultions even with compression. 640×480 is great for avchat with existing CIF and QCIF compression standards.

  • I thought she said she would answer questions!

  • Seems like a decent product at a reasonable price. I’m not sure I’m about to jump on the initial bandwagon, but I can see some creative possibilities.

  • @pharmd

    sids the next gretzky…cant argue with that

  • Is there any word on possible pc drivers? since its the best camera out there it would be nice to also use it on my pc.

  • The design looks like it was something that was released to Sega Megadrive.

    VGA and no bluetooth?

    Shape up Sony.

    I bought a high end console. I do not want to have a [DELETED] budget camera to my system!

  • i wish it could have been wireless…

    When are we going to see voice messaging? In-Game XMB, things like that. Hopefully they have ut some thought in to it will get good use in home. But honestly I am not sure about sony capabilites anymore.

  • If they were to release an HD kamera for the PS3 all of you would have been complaining that it’s to expensive so as I see it Sony would be getting [DELETED] from you guys no matter what they did.

  • Well, I’ll be getting this when it comes out. I think if Sony makes it a priority they could really grab some of the casual audience which one of their competitors is experiencing great success with and the other is completely alienating.

    My only question is how much support we’ll be seeing for this on the PSN? I know games like Burnout: Paradise are utilizing it in cool ways, but will we see more PSN releases of games like Creature Feature and Trials of Topoq?


    This new accessory will depend not necessarily on the technical specifications but what GAMES are available for it and how it INTEGRATES with the MEDIA experience the PS3 is capable of.

    Thanks for continuing to improve the PS3 and add great accessories like this.

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