PlayStation Store Update

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Hi, everyone. It’s time for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

We have two great PS3 demos this week:
• Clive Barker’s Jericho
• NBA 2K8

We also have a couple more add-ons. The first is a new vehicle for MotorStorm. This vehicle, the “Castro Capitano,” is not offered in any other MotorStorm bundle, and it’s only $0.99. There’s also a new Speed Master add-on for Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

As usual, we released more game videos and movie trailers:
• NBA 08 Upside Progression System tutorial
• Eye of Judgement Overview
• Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock trailer
• Iron Man trailer
• We Own the Night trailer


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  • @ orbio234 – wow way to stay on the topic of this blog!

    Anyways nice update guys. I love the IRONMAN trailer. Keep em coming.


  • Nice, 2 more demos, keep it up!!! And remember the PES2008 demo for next week :P lol

    Btw, I love the Iron Man trailer

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  • @saunderswan – can you confirm that please? cuz that would be amazing

  • i neither confirm or deny but as the recent updates go it’s approx every 4 weeks for a FW update and if there aint an update next week ALOT of people will be pissed i am expecting it around Wed but its to be seen i noticed from the last scheduled FW it was on the monday after the week it was due so even the FW updates are being DELAYED now we will see next week!

  • and to everyone on here that keeps tellin Europeans to complain to SCEE
    i dont know if you have noticed but it DOES SAY AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE (FOR PLAYSTATION FANS!) it does’nt say (FOR AMERICAN PLAYSTATION FANS)

  • Well, it is nice to see a trailer for Ironman. However, this doesn’t hide the fact that Paramount dropped its support for Blu-ray and gone exclusive HD-DVD. This is biggest blow for PS3/Blu-ray player owners like us as one of anticipated title, “Transformers” would not release in Blu-ray. (Paramount also owns the Ironman film)

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  • No sweat Nathan Hale! If Paramount doesn’t wisen up and switch back between now and December then yeah we will be in a fret. They could make soooo much more profit by switching back to blu or if they simply went back to doing both but they’ve got their heads so far up their as*ses that they can’t see the light of day! When push comes to shove I’ll simply buy it on DVD and and enjoy it being upconverted to 1080p on my PS3. You know that’s why Spielberg made the 360 a decepticon right? hahaha


  • Three questions: Why is home being pushed back to 2008?, I thought unreal tournament 3 was a ps3 “exclusive” so why is it launching on the 360 as well? also you say that the cell is a powerhouse so why don’t you stop poking around with us and show it’s true power? I don’t know about you guys but im tired of getting my ass wooped by microsoft.

  • @ blakfiya – they are still in the works of perfecting Home, working out all the bugs and tweaking things. I think that they are mostly trying to collect information from the beta testers. I’ve heard that they are slowly opening up the home beta to more users until they finally have their product ready. Unreal Tournament 3 was announced as a PS3 exclusive probably 1-2 years ago. Its “exclusive” in the sense that we are getting it this year with much more content then the 360 will ever see. Nonetheless though xbox gets it some time later next year. Probably Q1 or Q2 2008. Devs are still learning the potential of the PS3 but I don’t know if we will ever see any software that ever completely utilizes the power of the cell.


  • will there be a kane&lynch demo
    army of two
    call of duty 4 …. soon

  • still waiting for MGS4 Demo…or Devil May Cry 4 Demo…


  • @Loucifer
    I get your analogy, Dennis Miller, but please, do not use an Ethiopian at an all- you-can-eat buffet to make your point. I’m from West Africa and I’m also an American citizen.
    There’s poverty all over the world, yes, but that still does not make it disrespectful to use such as an offensive analogy. Feel me, bro?

  • *respectful* not disrespectful.
    I wish we can edit our comments after posting them.

  • Huh… No firmware update in sight?

  • i wish we got a decent firmware update this week.

  • Can a patch be released for an early imported Dualshock 3 to rumble with older games, I mean you guys did say it will work with PS2 games… but importers shouldn’t have to wait till march to make it rumble with Motorstorm, Warhawk and Resistance.

  • @Spyder-97

    LOLOLOLOL….dude dont get me started…this is american humor my friend…and if you took offense to THAT!! then its time to move back

    im not here to degrade and belittle people nor have an eceonomical debate of poverty which yes is all over the world…so if you took it as such thats your own issue that you need to workout with yourself or with a therapist…good luck with that :)


    “i wish we got a decent firmware update this week”

    wouldnt that be hilarious if they delayed the supposed 2.0 update that everyone ASSumes was coming out for HOME’s supposed launch this month till spring 08 when HOME finally* gets released??

    * = please allow 2-3yrs for delivery…all sales final…no refunds or store credit will be issued…date(s) subject to change without notice


  • I was just wondering if anyone knows if they are going to make a travel case like they have for the xbox.

  • @ Jeff

    G-Pak makes a PS3 travel case. It works well. I dont think we will see one from Sony though.

  • i thought FW3.0 was supposed to have home? not 2.0 which is supposed to have XMB in-game amoung other stuff

  • Nice I like the Jericho demo, hoping for more titles to show up on the psn store so I can check the games out. Hope you guys come out with some mgs4 or little big planet demos soon

  • Another great update!

  • i found this:
    Developer: Rockstar North
    Publisher: Rockstar
    Genre: Action
    Format: PLAYSTATION 3
    Release date: October 2007
    Players: 1
    Network play: Network features
    Media type: Blu-ray

    Notice the release date has this just not been updated or is it comin out this month???

  • tiger woods is the man….for us canadians why not a mike weir golf game

  • I would like to see a PSN store update addressing where the hell is GT mobile.

  • @saunderswan

    the date changed and they havent updated it…the new date is spring 08(march 3 according to gamestop)

  • CHEERS loucifer this is what i thought but figured i would check. keep up the good work dude ;)

  • Yeah Saunder. I think that was supposed to be GTAIV.

  • I’d like to see release dates in the Playstation Store, so I don’t have to keep checking random websites that I don’t trust (cough, ign, cough).

    When are the PSP Core’s released!?

  • Hi Everyone. I just wanted to know what you guys think about killzone 2? what are you guys expecting from the game? me personally, I just want it to be longer that 6hrs to beat and great game play a real halo killer type of game, but please tell me what do all of my fellow ps3 gamers think about it?

  • What happened with Eyedentify?

  • @ blakfiya – I think its going to be B.A. Quite possibly a Halo killer unlike the preceeding title. But your question is for the Playstation forums not the Playstation blog… You can check there and get a LOT more feedback.

    @naughtyco – def agree with you bro, that would be sick. I’ve already seen the black psp core at target and the component cables. I also found the remote today at gamestop. all i have to do now is wait for fridays paycheck hahahah. Do you know if the old mic will work with the new one?


  • is it possible that on this blog we have a post for unrelated items…for e.g. i just purchased billy joes’s the very best of and the slipcase can be recycled. good for you sony.

  • it also brought down the price of the cd

  • no one asked…but anyway….orbio is in memory of my favourite singer roy orbison

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