PlayStation Store Update

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Hi, everyone. It’s time for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

We have two great PS3 demos this week:
• Clive Barker’s Jericho
• NBA 2K8

We also have a couple more add-ons. The first is a new vehicle for MotorStorm. This vehicle, the “Castro Capitano,” is not offered in any other MotorStorm bundle, and it’s only $0.99. There’s also a new Speed Master add-on for Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

As usual, we released more game videos and movie trailers:
• NBA 08 Upside Progression System tutorial
• Eye of Judgement Overview
• Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock trailer
• Iron Man trailer
• We Own the Night trailer


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  • go to youtube and watch ur mgs over and over..where is pes demo?

  • Store now updated.

  • Great update for EU store better than the last 6 months worth but the american store had most of that stuff weeks ago but its a step in the right direction now if only they could keep up with the American PS store.

    SCEA please help us with this you guy’s n gal’s rock

    great American store update nice work ;)

  • I need no lectures on games that are coming out. I know the industry like the back of my hand, and if there is one game to help holiday sales, its MGS4 which will come out in early 08′. GOW3 wont selll consoles this early, GTPrologue Its about time we showed the Xbox 360 fanboys our “Killer App”. MGS4 will be it, and we need to capitalize on that. Resistance came very close, but when i see mGS4, i see a bright future for PS3. Which is why we need to show as many people as we can. Thus, we need to put it on the store.

  • so nice 300 mb nba 2k8 1 quarter or what? pes demo

  • Sony, Sony , Sony. When are you guys ever gonna get it. The Playstation Store needs a lot of work. From the outside, it looks fine, with its brushed-metallic blue surface and Apple-like font. The interface and navigation are decent. Locating content is a user-friendly operation. Background downloading works fine. The biggest problem with the store is the UPDATING. Why in the world do you guys update the way that you do. Right now, with this blog post, the U.S. consumers have been informed what the updates are, and just like the others in this thread have said, for 6 hours now none of the content has even been accessible from the store because the US store does not update until 7pm… hell, even 8:30 pm in the evening on Thursday.

    Why must you cram so much content within a short window of time. All that it’s going to do is aggravate the person trying to access that content. Sometimes you can’t even sign in because of the PSN network error. Wow! Think about it: There’s a blog update. Consumer gets excited about the news. Consumer tries to sign in and access the content, but can’t even do it because of a network error. You guys should really consider spreading the updates on a bi-daily basis. Try posting stuff every other day, or just as soon as it is available. Why does it have to be the small window on Thursday. I mean firmware updates don’t always follow this tight pattern. Firmware updates have been available as soon as Monday night.

    I hope someone important reads this message and thinks about it. I do not work for Sony anything, but I have over 30 Sony products that I have purchased in the last 15 years. I really like Sony… a lot. If there’s someone that I can say or do to help Sony (as long as it’s reasonable) I would do it. So that’s all. I just hope someone reads it…

  • Still waiting….

  • Way to go! I guess that I “spoke” too soon. As I was uploading my comment, the US store updated itself. Good going, guys, but next week, surprise me and everyone else even further by not giving us any network sign-on errors during that Thursday window.
    With the right marketing, cost reduction, and … then games… the PS3 will not be a Dreamcast.

  • when home arrives i hope it has a slot for people who have illusions of grandeur…. can have their own corporation and make desicions that make every absolute human being happy about their gaming..put up your hands…how many napoleons out there

  • Yeahhh…Thx again Sony…already downloading!

  • Another nice update.. nothign to complain about.. Keep it up

    oh and btw you should do more ads like the Lair one you released on the PS last week (the one with the white room at beginning).. those ads are very nice

  • is there a way for the people handling the PSN store to optimize the store configuration? It would be nice to see tabs for video, music, photo/themes, & games on the page when you access the store & instead of having to click on the tabs to access a new window you guys can have a drop down menu on each section (if applicable). Then have the icons interactive so that when you highlight the them a pop up window appears w/ a brief description, and the format options available. Then from there, have people just click once to download. Can’t you make the store look as cool looking as the looks when you open the PS3 browser?


  • If you’re pissed about the lack of a decent Euro (UK, AU, NZ +) store update yet again, email SCEE and complain (no, really, open up the email program now and start writing, don’t be lazy or angry, be smart and let them know you’re not satisfied). They’re the only ones that can change this, SCEA can’t do jack about it AFAIK.

  • @ Grace Chen or Whoever will respond

    The Jericho Demo is Appricated I hope that we will find that more multiplatform games will be released on PSN & XBL at the same time. Here are some of the Demo’s I would like to see released.

    1st party Demo’s
    Ratchet & Clank:FToD
    Uncharted Drakes Fortune

    3rd Party Demo’s

    Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End
    Medal of Honor: Airborn
    Blacksite: Area 51
    Assassins Creed
    Devil May Cry 4

    I am hoping that you will release Pirates & Medal of Honor soon as I believe those have already been released on XBL. Lair I am hoping will have a demo out as well as most demo’s should come out before the game does. I know Ratchet & Clank is Coming so no worries there and am hoping subsequent multiplatform games such as Assassin’s Creed will come at the same time as the XBL release such as Jericho has done today. I know it is the developers responsibility.but am hoping you can convince them of a better release schedual. Ohh and one last thing I am hoping that Sony’s 1st Party games such as Uncharted & Haze could be released hopefully 2 weeks or earlier than the actual relase date for the game so we, the consumers can get a good idea of the kind of game we might be purchasing.

    I hope you can take some of my suggestions and make them happen & I really hope to see Pirates:AWE, Medal of Honor and Lair demo’s soon.

    Thanks Again & keep up the good work!

  • well the way i see it cameron SCE is 1 company all the A,E,j dont make a diffrence they all adhear to the same higher power and untill there is a EUROPEAN site like this then i will vent here all i like i own a PS3 and my mummy did’nt buy mine.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • Thanks! Almost forgot about the update today. I’m starting to feel the burn of college again.

  • I see Sony deleted all of my ranting about MGS4….. So be it…….. EXELSIOR! ROFL

  • Oh PLEASE we all need Final Fantasy 13 or Versus or the other one in there i know its early but i’m already buying Uncharted, Folklore, and Unreal 3, sorry to many games coming out at ones can buy all of them so i know there are going to be good games that i just not going to buy because to many at ones

  • We need PSP Demos on the Playstation Store i download them out of the Internet buy there on Japanese my english is bad enough

  • cant wait till MGS4 demo………………………………………………………………….

  • its done i hack my psp so bad sony are sooo happy to anonce psone game on psp (AND ONLY 9 GAMES APEARS ALL CHEAP) so now i dont wait anymore i do like so much ppl told me to do and now i will can play command conquer, ffVII, FFVIII, ffIX, oddworld, ect …… all on my psp anyway bak to the topic for the psn keep up the good work for demo.

  • hi does any one know when the mgs4 demo will be avaliable????????????????????????????????
    plese Hideo save our anxious souls!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good update. Good to see a non-sports demo. Even if I have no interest in it. Speaking of sports demo the NBA 2k demo is awesome. Glad you guys put it up.

  • No MGS4 trailer? That blows…

  • Killzone 2 beta please!

  • Where are the ps1 classics, the Japan store has well over 80 of them. I had serious hopes we’d be seeing more of them after Castlevania SOTN, that even gave me hope for seeing MGS and Gradius games.

  • It is very sad that Sony make fool from us all. All the world know that Sony and MS got the demo of PES2008 at the same time. Why PS3 owners dont have this demo?? From the begining when i bought my ps3 i was waiting for this game to be relesed and last friday i heard about this demo. I thought greate now i can play et least demo when im waiting for the game. I was waiting a long 6 days for what? DISSAPOINTMENT!!! IM VERY MAD AT SONY FOR LETTING THIS TO HAPPEND. Im not the only one who think so.

  • Well the boys from SCEE have let us down….no PES 2008 demo…at least they could give us some explenation…:-(

  • Yes i think the same :( they just dont care about us…

  • PSN must be better then Xbox live…come on SONY …PES 2008 DEMO !!!!

  • The content situation on PSN is getting ridiculous, especially in Europe. :(

  • I have sended few mail to few help mails for playstation 3 and psn and still no respond…

  • A booring weekend ahead of us …no PES 2008 demo…:-( …they yust dont hear us !!!

  • Jericho seems good. I already finish the demo.


  • Well, i had a look at the european- and us-store. It’s really a joke after 6 (EU) and 9 (US) months since release
    Sell this box of [DELETED] and buy something else or wait for ps4.

  • cant wait till the FW update next week :D

  • tomorrow fifa 08 will be is why they dont give us the fifa u idiots they say..

  • ya, how about releasing some more classic ps1/2 games for the ps3 in the store for downloads. Like final fantasy, or lunar, or some other classic RPG’s. Im sure im not the only one whos waiting for em

  • Everyone I am pleased to report that NBA 2k8 and Jericho both support 1080 and will thus play in HD on all HDTVs (unlike games that only support 720 *cough HS*)

  • @juanleche

    But 720 IS HD. Though it would be nice for all games to support up to 1080p

  • What do we have to do to get some PSOne games for the PSP? Will anyone answer this question?

  • These PlaystationStore updates are stupid. Still no NBA08 or rockstar in Europe. What’s the point with this blog, if the info is not correct?

  • This is SCEA for America! If you have some problems with Sony contact SCEE like someone has said before geez…stubborn people.

    Anyway, I finally had a chance to play the Jericho demo…wow….that was an awesome 15 minutes! Get the exclusive!!! lol f’ halo!

  • @143 Have to say for once a yank’s right. Get yourself a US account or complain to SCEE to get with the times.

  • Nice update, smart of you guys not to release any big psn games or demos this week, because they would be overshadowed by halo 3.

  • @Spyder-97

    LOL…its so true…its like an ethiopian at an all you can eat buffet…Sony starves everyone for content…gives you a taste of the food…then opens the door to the restaurant…it’s the most rediculous thing ever…thats why until Sony gets something that the other system doesnt have…i wont bother…the other sys gets it first anyway…i havent even accessed the psn in 3 1/2 weeks…theres NO point for me


    with 502,477 ppl logged into the Halo 3 last night at the time when i signed on…you really think they care what Sony puts out?? and thats just the ones online and coop not including the ppl just playing campaign

  • people went out and bought an hd tv and discovered they are ahead of the curve. television stations are not regulated to go 100% hd until 2009. right now most shows are standard and when you want hd you have to get a box for hd channels. mark cuban has a hd network and wow it features the latest hip hop …rock etc groups live…that mark has always been ahead of the curve

  • just been informed that mark cuban is not only a basketball owner etc etc but now is on dancing with the stars…

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