PlayStation Store Update

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Hi, everyone. Just wanted to give a quick update on what’s new in the PLAYSTATION Store this week. Let’s get straight to the good stuff with four new demos:

• Skate
• NBA 08
• Sega Rally Revo
• Stuntman: Ignition

We’ve also released a new downloadable game, LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, for $6.99. In addition to several new wallpapers, we’ve also posted up some great trailers and videos – everything from GT5 Prologue to Ratchet and Clank Future to Devil May Cry.

Check ’em out.

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  • Great week for demos!!!!!

    (too bad we can’t something BEFORE “team green”)

  • Thanks for the great update guys~! Appreciate it.

    I have a suggestion for an enhancement to the store. Please consider including, along with each update, the abiltiy to select, if a shopper wishes, “Download all new content”. Shoppers would then be able to initiate a download of all new content with one simple click, instead of initiating the downloads individually. This would come in handy IMO.

    Stay Frosty~!


  • At the current currency exchange rates, the UK is getting this game for $4 and when using the Euro price, it comes out to $4.19.

    Can someone explain why we have to pay nearly double for this game?

  • @Gamesblow

    the PS3 does have and will have plenty of EXCLUSIVES.

    why don’t you just sell you PS3(if you even have one)? You do nothing but bash Sony. If you hate them so much, just sell your PS3.

    go get a 360 and then WAIT for all these timed-exclusives that the PS3 will get first.

  • OMG Thank you for LOCOROCO. this just made my day. i love you SCEA.

  • Ok guys, now i’m cool with bashing on Sony…I’ve done my share i’m sure. But now we’re contradicting ourselves! “Blah blah we want ____!” We get it and then [DELETED] that “its not perfect, its too short, the controls suck, you guys SHOULDVE SPENT MORE TIME ON THE GAME.” So when a game is taking too long to be released or being pushed back, we scream and whine about how there is no reason for it. Ok, how do we know there is no reason for it? Do we all suddenly work for Sony or their partners? Do we know the steps in between that must be taken from introducing a game concept to getting a game released? Hell heres an example its like someone at a hospital performing some sort of heart surgery and all of a sudden me, that works at a veterinary warehouse, telling the doctor step aside I got this…obviously I don’t know what the heck the proper steps are in performing such a task! Trying to criticize someone for something we don’t all know everything about?!? Remember folks, its not like they have magical power and can make a amazing perfect game with the snap of their fingers. Even if they could, still wouldnt work 100% because…another example, in my opinion I think FFVII and Chrono Trigger are the best RPG’s of all time, BUT I know there are people that would totally agree with me on that! See that? someone will always not be happy with something, all their trying to do is please as many people as they can KNOWING that not everyone will want to pick that game up.
    This is a vicious circle that Sony just can’t seem to win over EVERYONE! So can we please try not to contradict ourselves while we bash? I seriously don’t think sending Sony mixed signals is helping them :)
    Well to end this looong rant, can’t we just bash on something we all know deserves it? Like the ESRB! or what the hell Sony was thinking at TGS? Remember Sony…Japan is a couple of steps ahead of us with technology and such that announcing some exciting stuff at E3 and announcing pretty much the same stuff at TGS, its not really gonna make people gasp in amazement. Thanks for everyone that bothered to read what I’ve had to say.

    I hope the Skate demo is better than Tony Hawks Proving ground because I might actually pick up TH:PG thanks to the demo. I’ve heard good things about Skate.

    – 23 years old Sony fanboy, currently attending college and majoring in Multimedia

  • We need more PS1 games please.. I’m getting a PSP 2000 and would like to download more PS1 games onto my PS3 and play them on the new PSP as well. Can we get Resident Evil Director’s cut?

  • Can you guys look into the dropped connections when downloading?

  • @59

    yeah i hate how demos stop downloading.

  • this was a sexxy update, I love you Sony!

  • Nice 4 demos, you guys are starting to kick some ass!

  • Good update, that’s what I like to see. I’m about to watch some of the TGS videos on Xbox Live, but I’ll probably be downloading Stuntman when I finish. By the way, I just read the demo impressions for MGS4 at IGN and it looks awesome. Any chance you’ll be upping that for the folks at home (wink, wink).

  • Im getting sick and tired of people [DELETED] about everything, 1st there was no content, and they would whine, then theres was content, but little kids still cry. Now the store is actually getting very good updates every week and people complain. Guys c’mon stop your [DELETED], I can see that the store is really improving, Isnt that what we wanted??.
    PS1 games are the next thing to wait for. Im positive they will be more available befor christmas.

  • thanks sony for all the great stuff, keep up the good work

  • Great update guys I really needed a pick me up after that horribly disappointing Tokyo Game Show conference Sony had.I was really hoping for Home and Dualshock this year but with GTA4 already in spring 08 and now these at least next year will be great.

  • sorry made a few typos but i meant “disagree with me on the FFVII and Chrono trigger” XD

  • Yeaiiiiiiiiiii updates……

    now people can finally be quite about that skate demo, and I can see what the big fuzz is about… :-)

  • thanks sony i played these demos 2weeks ago on my 360.every demo ps3 gets 360 has 2weeks somtime 3 weeks b-4 ps3.360 got lots of content 2day …even tgs trailers.u guys can get mad at me i dont one of the keys 2 selling games are demos trailers help but not much….are the games as bad as the press say they are?some people say rent the games thats steal waisting money ….2 all u guys crying keep it up ps3 is not on top right now

  • Sony, you’ve raised the bar for the competitors, I thank you

  • dude ps3# thats u guys problem u said they raised the bar…. how with 2week old demos..i have 360 and ps3 the demos from 2 day are old as u are….every game that comes out i have 2 get it on xbox cause thats were the demo came from. by the time ps3 gets it the games already in stores..i can say ps3 is a hell of a blueray player

  • Yes! Nice update, thanks. Please ignore the haters. A lot of consumers, including myself are very happy with the Store update and would love it if the content keeps staying this quantative.

    One question though: Are there any plans to bring the PS Store to the PC similar to what Japan launched last night?

    Thanks, and please keep up the good work,

  • Thank you much guys! Keep this volume of game demos up and I think you’ll see your game sales rate increase a good deal.

    Many people just need to TRY the games before laying $60 down on them.

    Oh, and also, a late congratulations for finally catching up to, if not exceeding, the graphics/performance levels of 360/PS3 titles. Skate, Burnout Paradise, and DMC4 are looking like hot brownies with icing my friends!

  • Great update. The demos just keep coming. I’m still hoping for some Uncharted wallpapers in the near future.

  • why do we pay more 4 games then every1 else? why does 360 get demos and new games on the daily?
    why do people get mad at people talking about sony ?
    i speak the truth,playstation 3 can be a great console.but i hve 2 get every game 4 360 cause ps3 dont have it..whats so hard about puting old games on the ps3? like i said 360 does it on the not a hater just a real gamer… some of u forgot what gaming is

  • @scott

    Save your endless whining for someone who cares. You are obviously a 360 fanboy looking to get a rise out of us. Honestly I do not care if Xbox Live gets a demo 2 weeks before PSN does. I own both consoles but I don’t whine on endlessly like you do. Obviously you have too much time on your hands or you are Micro$oft shill. In short you suck.

  • @72

    How do we pay more for games?

    WHy does the 360 get more demos?
    Because the developers have only made demos for 360. This trend, as you can see today, is changing rapidly. They’ve been out longer, so its easier to developer for. Naturally, there’ll be more games out on PS3 because developers will feel comfortable from a development and business standpoint.

    What games do 360 have that PS3 doesnt? Not many, but then again, they have been out a year longer so natually they’ll have more. There are many PS3 exclusives including Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Resistance: Fall of Man and Motorstorm to keep you busy.

    Whats so hard about putting old games on PS3? PS3 isnt 360. They’re different hardware. Contact a developer to find out more.

  • I agree with you Aaquib. I’m tired of seeing Sony get bashed for something that THIRD PARTY DEVELOPERS are doing.

    If you don’t like the fact that the PS3 is getting games after the 360, THEN CALL THE THIRD PARTY COMPANY AND COMPLAIN. Do you think EA looks at this blog? no. Go call them if you have a problem with their game. Sony can’t force the developer to put out games before they are ready.

  • dude im not going 2 name them all but u no 360 has more games..we all no that .and us.
    pays more 4 games then any one else just make a new account u will see.2 c the games 360 has just go 2 xbox .com
    ur right ps3 and 360 arenot the same.. i dont c why they cant get games every other concole does.ur just mad cause all u have is ps3. xbox has a lot more games like gears of war,saints row,halo,crackdown,shadowrun,blue dragon,plus hundreds of arcade games,quake4,eterna sonata,halo wars,bio shock.oblivian,and lots more plus all the games hit 360 first
    just check xbox .com AAQUIB

  • # 75 another poor kid who only has ps3 and dosnt no about 360…who cares if third partys are making 360 games ..key word making 360 games…yall are so happy for old news….if the truth hurts go tell mommy

  • “just check xbox .com”

    M$ SHILL

    Seriously do you get paid for this? If you love the 360 much go play it and be happy. Meanwhile we’ll be enjoying a system that doesn’t fail more then 33% of the time.

  • @scott

    I am sorry, but I pay $60 per PS3 game. I also have a 360. Want to take a guess at how much I pay for it’s games? $60.

    so where are you getting this, “we pay more for games”?

  • #77

    I do have a 360. Don’t try to judge people on a blog site.

    I know alot about the 360. I’ve had mine since February 2006.

    did you happen to see Microsoft’s Pre-TGS conference? did you see the list of games they presented? LOL……90% of the games are coming to the PS3. there were like 4 games shown that are exclusive.

    as you can see, third parties are making games for BOTH consoles.

  • @Scott

    Yep, that would reflect the extra year the 360 has been out. And just for the sake of argument we got the better version on Oblivion. And you spelled it wrong.

  • my info is 4 real gamers ..guys with more than one console..u loosers…u guys have 2 stay behind cuzz u only have 1 im a gamer i play all systems and letting those people know its ok 2 get 360 how can yall hate the truth.i have ps3 so i can blog whatever i want 2.i speak the truth

  • #79 ps3 store dummy

  • “my info is 4 real gamers”

    You are a real douche is what you are. I’d be willing to bet that I have been playing games far longer than you. And I do own many consoles. You on the other hand are M$ paid shill that poses as a gamer and can’t spell to save your life. Go back to school and try reading a book moron.

  • @76

    Go to and compare the price of retail games on both consoles. They are $59.99MSRP. The XBOX 360 has more games because it has been out longer. Honestly, do you expect developers to start with a piece of hardware 2 years later and create games at 2X the speed?

    Exclusive 360 games:

    Gears of War – We’re getting the better version, UT3, first this Fall.

    Saints Row – Saints Row released before PS3 released, but Saints Row 2 has been confirmed for PS3.

    Crackdown, Shadowrun, Blue Dragon, Halo Wars – These will never see the light of day on PS3 because they are published by Microsoft. On the same topic, Warhawk, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Motorstorm and more will never see the light of day on 360.

    Bioshock is an exclusive, because Microsoft has an agreement with Take Two. Sony has many exclusives so relax.

    Oblivion is available NOW, so don’t compain.

    Eternal Sonata is hitting PS3 next year with additional content.

  • how many games are only on ps3 this year?u can hate all u want.there are no games in ps3 store and its almost a year..ok 360 got a jump start.but buy a year they had way more games then ps3…plus more arcade games i have facts .u guys are talking about the future im talking now

  • @scott

    you have a very hard time reading, don’t you? go get some hooked on phonics so you can learn how to read.

  • #86

    we have about 7-8 GREAT games coming to the PS3 EXCLUSIVELY between now and the end of the year. That is plenty for me.

    I will give it to you, we don’t have Viva Pineta coming this year….it’s just breaking my heart that we don’t have that game.

  • y are yall talking about whats comming 2 ps3 dummy what about now …. sony game date always get change .. head start sony steal should have games …i didnt have 2 wait this long 4 a good 360 in u.s. store are more then everyone else..god u guys are dumb

  • That’s all fine and good scotty, but how do you play all those games when your system has to be sent back to Micr$oft for the tenth time because of the RROD? M$ likes it’s customers to pay to beta test it’s horribly engineered rushed crap for them. I am honestly surprised that there hasn’t been a class action lawsuit yet.

  • Scott = dope f**k*d :)

  • #89

    I currently have Resistance, MotorStorm, NG:S, Warhawk, and GRAW2. I will be getting Heavenly Sword here very soon.

    When I go to turn on my PS3, I have a choice. I have a choice to choose from 5(and about to be 6) great games to play. I don’t have that choice with my 360.

    Right now, I am choosing Warhawk over all the other games. It is one great game. Maybe you should try it out. Oh wait, you can’t, cause then you couldn’t complain about the games anymore.

  • @89

    I have a hard time reading that, please use proper english and grammar. 360’s arcade games are garbage compared to the high quality experiences available on the PS Store. Qualitative or quantitative? There’ll never be something like Tekken 5 on XBLA because Microsoft doesn’t support those types of content. They support old garbage that no one wants to play anymore.

    If the game dates, blame the developer, not Sony. Sony isn’t going up to developers and saying “Look, change your game. It cant be released. Please delay it so our fans get upset.”

  • @85 / aaquib:
    Great points. And on the point of Bioshock — I believe there’s a PC version. Most people have a PC with Winblows on it already anyway. Have a decent gfx card and you’re good to go…Even a macbook pro with windows installed dual boot might be able to pull it off, but don’t quote me on that. :D

    Sony: Great updates! Thanks and keep ’em coming.. I wouldn’t mind if you guys spread the updates out over a few days instead though too.

  • @aaquib

    do you think he is going to know what qualitive and quantitive mean?

  • Great update Sony, this is what people expect from you =)

    BUT, THE PSstore HAS A PROBLEM WITH STUCKED DOWNLOADS, it started in August and it’s really annoying, it’s better to have slower downloads than trying to resume a stucked one. Please fix this problem Sony.

  • none of that [DELETED] is better than halo 3 no game will sell more copys…u guys are talking about games on the way every console hase games on the way…u guys just hate the 360 for being great…and everyone no that 360 has better games who got game of the year gears of war…HALO 3 ,gears of war, saints row best games ever

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