PlayStation Store Update

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Hi, everyone. Just wanted to give a quick update on what’s new in the PLAYSTATION Store this week. Let’s get straight to the good stuff with four new demos:

• Skate
• NBA 08
• Sega Rally Revo
• Stuntman: Ignition

We’ve also released a new downloadable game, LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, for $6.99. In addition to several new wallpapers, we’ve also posted up some great trailers and videos – everything from GT5 Prologue to Ratchet and Clank Future to Devil May Cry.

Check ’em out.

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  • Great update. Thanks guys. I love me some LocoRoco.

  • Wow! Nice update, thanks Sony.

  • ok at least u guys gave us somthing.but why do we have to wait all week.

  • Awesome update! Roco is a bit steep though…but yeah, still awesome.

  • Thanks for the update. Always great to hear some good news from the Sony camp.

  • Sweet. I’ll be sure to get the Skate demo. Hoping for a breath of fresh air after breathing musky old Tony Hawk. :P (Even if it is done by EA, they can do good things. Just look at NHL 08)

    I’m still wondering where Go!Ski is…I remember several weeks ago that was in the “Coming Soon” email but it never showed up?

    I still can’t wait for Everyday Shooter.

  • $7 for Loco Roco!? Man, that’s a little harsh considering other countries are supposed to be getting it for $2 – $3 less, and it isn’t getting too many good reviews.
    I’d have no problem getting it for $5.

  • WAAH!!! Thank you SCEA.

  • Wow! Very nice update indeed! These latest Store updates have been great!

    Awesome work!

  • now that everyone cried 4 skate its here…i dont care about another skate game were are the shooting games. and 2 who ever has a problem whith what i say screw u your not a real gamer .my 360 gets new demos and content everyday.but i like my ps3 more.but im not getting the same content as other people.. and i have 2 wait all week 4 demos just to see whats a good game. not only kids have a ps3 .so were are the shooting games?if every other console can get content daily why caint the ps3

  • sweet, totally forgot about the thurs update….

    to caught up in TGS

  • MGS4 demo PLEASE

  • Im from uk but ill be grabbing them… blagged!

  • What happened to the PSOne games? There haven’t been any in a LONG time!Wht do other countries get them but we haven’t seen a new one since Castlevania. I am sure you can tell which one in particular I want just from my username. I would have a picture too but I can’t figure out how to use the gravatar I made!


  • Great update. Can’t wait for it to be put up :)

  • Can’t wait for it to be uploaded for us to download!! Great update!

  • Nice!

    The only thing I hope is that you guys get DMC4 demo before the 360 does, that is really the only game I want to play first on my PS3 than in a 360. So Plz guys, try to get it before or at the same time as the 360, if it’s not so much to ask.

  • LocoRoco this week? Awesome! Love that game!

  • Wow, we actually get the LocoRoco game cheaper in Sweden? It’s only 25 SEK here, which is about $3.82.

  • Will these be available on the PC Playstation Store? When will we see it?

  • Great update. I’ll be picking up Loco Roco for sure.

  • I hate you Sony, you never give us anything. [sarcasm] :P lol

    The great string of updates continues. Excellent work.

  • Wow so many great updates in a row!

  • buzz lightyear said infinity and beyond. sorry buzz in the 21st century its playstation three beyond

  • Ah finally, Sony. Thank you. I’m very happy with this week’s update. I’ll actually get to play SKATE and Sega Rally. Can’t wait til we get it today! Damn it’s gonna be hard to download again huh?

  • finaly Skate Demo thnks sony .. i love you ^^

  • Another great update!!!!!!! Thanks

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  • Great work US Sony!

    Watch and learn EU Sony ;)

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  • Where is the fix that allows us to see PS3 games displayed in 1080 on HDTVs that only accept 1080?

  • Good stuff. Now make sure every playable demo at TGS get here too.

  • What the hell no 2K8. 360 got it already why do we keep being left behind. its too late for next thurs the full version will be out in like 4 days. This sucks.

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  • when will we be able to access the store from our pc’s? japan already has it why dont we?!?!?

  • They come out with NBA 08, (which will be one of the worst sports game of all time), before 2K8. Thats ridiculous.

  • It’s always great to see “decent” news from bad… “As in yesterday bad” So, thanks, Sony… for what it’s worth I’ll be checking out the Skate demo and that’s about it.

    Why don’t you give us some PS1 games next week? Silent hill 1 would be much appreciated… Doubt it’ll happen. I know… “Wait a litle longer” Gotcha!

    Anyways, I’m still choking down the ashes from yesterdays abysmal Sony showing at TGS. No new games, no nothing… just a bunch of figures and delays… What a complete and total friggin’ disaster. Eightdays, Getaway anyone? Then you show Afrika as being a Pokemon snap game… lovely. When you’ve heard everyone complain for 2 years about how they wanna pick an animal to play as in an online community. Never will you learn.

  • Another great update keep up the great work! ….I still don’t see any new PS1 games up

  • @37

    NBA and all of Sony’s in house sports games blow major sack. They should can the production team behind them and just spend that money on something decdent.. Like obtaining “REAL” exclusives and none of this timed garbage… HAZE, Unreal, Metal Gear solid 4… We need a reason to own a Ps3 over the much cheaper and much more capable “graphically” xbox 360, Sony. Not your junk ass sports line up.

  • fellow gamer #32…your question is confusing but it might help to rule #1 always read your manuals. it might help to have a hdmi accessory

  • Cool. Nice update.

  • :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    Thanks guys!

  • 4 demos, awesome!! PS store is kicking so much ass right now!

  • What he’s talking about is 1080I only tv’s not accepting the games at 720P, so the buyer/consumer/person who keeps Sony in business, is actually paying for standard definition graphics on his new 600 hd gaming machine, Sony loved to tout so cleverly.

    Sony is at fault here, yet they’re punishing the consumer who bought the 1080I hd tv. Smart move Sony!

  • Also, yeah, I’m impressed with the update… but It’ll take us 4 days to download all of it, due to Sonys crippled and broken network. 3 people can download a demo at once without everyone else getting kicked back to pending. Thumbs up!

  • i should’ve taken bets which whiner of the unholy trinity would be first to jump in to this post and make some unrelated comment.

    OT, glad to finally be able to check out skate and see how it compares against THPG (although i think i know the answer already…)

  • to non fellow gamer #40…i have somewhat a poem for you….mary had a little 360 and wherever mary went on blogs yada yada yada or how about this one…mary mary quite contrary

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  • Here’s the rest of the trailers and wallpaper listing for those who haven’t checked the store:

    Game Trailers:

    ~ Lair: Going for the Kill
    ~ Lair: Promo
    ~ Heavenly Sword: TV AD
    ~ NBA 08: Free 6 Tutorial
    ~ Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD
    ~ LocoRoco: Cocoreccho
    ~ Folklore: Realms & Creature
    ~ GT5:P (LGC)
    ~ Devil May Cry 4


    ~ Lair (x2)
    ~ LocoRoco: Cocoreccho (x2)
    ~ NBA 08
    ~ Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD (x2)
    ~ Devil May Cry (x7)

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