PlayStation.Blog Team @ the Tokyo Game Show

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Just a heads up to all of you: The PlayStation.Blog team is in Tokyo this week holding things down at TGS! What this means is our publishing frequency is going to be a little less than usual this week. We’re hoping to get some cool photos, maybe some video and other material from the show that we will in turn share here with you. Until then, hang tight and keep a lookout for something in the near future.

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  • lakaihi# with a update any thing can has added software before.look how far psp and ps3 have come with updates. if a update can make ps3 upscale movies and all that other cool stuff that i dont have time to type.just check the update history

  • I love how users who will remain nameless always bash someone for merely pointing out FACT…merely stating the OBVIOUS

    If you guyz dont like the fact that the PS3 does NOT have as much options as the 360 or as much games for that matter then the 360 then maybe its you guyz who should STFU…the sooner you wake up and smell reality the better off you’ll be…accept reality and stop living in a fantasy world

  • @47 [ drakken ]:

    You know what – people just expect too much these days… Oddly enough, they don’t expect anything other than the ability to swing the controller on another console that costs half as much as a ps3 and the same as a 360 which is really stupid imho… i was going somewhere with this…

    it’s just not like the old days when i was happy if my floppy drive just worked on my atari or when 640k was enough for everyone! :P

    Frankly, you hit the nail on the head with the word “need”. The fact is that the system is fully capable and we don’t see why they wouldn’t want to make it do all the things it should be easily able to do… Programming a little add on to allow you to subscribe to podcasts in the audio tab or video podcasts.. well — that shouldn’t take much effort at all — and it’s still not a feature in the XMB…

  • gamesblow, the PS3 will pick up… this period in time is similar to the same time for the PS2 and the PS1… history does repeat itself as you’ll see and great games are coming our way.

  • @Loucifer
    “If you guyz dont like the fact that the PS3 does NOT have as much options as the 360 or as much games for that matter then the 360 then maybe its you guyz who should STFU”
    there’s nothing that the 360 does that the PS3 doesn’t do currently that can’t be fixed with an update. too bad the same thing can’t be said the other way around.

  • good luck in tgs!

    maybe you can do something like you did in the last e3, with the videos and conference in the PSN, that would be awesome!!!
    and i will really appreciate that! :)

    see ya!

  • If PS3 had something to marvel over i’d be the first one in line like i was the day the system launched but im sorry to say that since the launch on that rainy cold day of november in 2006 Sony hasnt given me anything to drool over…yea the line up cagalli mentioned is nice but i live in the present…we have to wait till November for what?? games in 720 that dont upscale?? 5 hrs long?? lets be real now…like i said you guyz definately live in a fantasy world

    I’ll take my games NOW not months from now…i’ll take them 1080 thank you very much…so sit on your asses and wait for the “killer” games slated for the future…i’d rather sit home and play games NOW

  • WII Sucks hardcore its not even in the same universe as the ps3.
    Wii will reach its selling point in about 6 months like all nintendo stuff then they’ll redesign and then its over with. Wii will sell about 40mil. PS3 will sell 250mil.

    P.s. Xbox is at least in the same ball park as the ps3

  • I love how this always ends up in a slanging match.
    Stop whinging, stop wanting, just sit back and wait….eventually you’ll all have what you want (even if it takes a year or so).

  • Um, Heavenly Sword is longer than 5 hours. In fact, I’ve been playing it for about 7 and still aren’t done. There are plenty of great short games that came out on PS2 as well if you don’t remember such as Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders, God of War… the point is not every game is going to be RPG length 20+ hours long, so get over it.

  • gamesblow is a nintendo PR guy who knows nothing about gaming. He prolly wishes playstation would come out with
    a BRAIN AGE or a NINTENDOGS something “ORIGINAL”
    Since when does “ORIGINAL” mean kiddi and stupid?

  • Oh i hope we get some really cool game demos and some awesome news!! I can’t wait!!

  • Personally I’m concerned that there are no truly compelling PS3 exclusives that will sell systems coming out until 2008 at this point.

    Call of Duty 4 and Assasins Creed are not exclusive. Folklore looks ok, but a niche title. Uncharted should be good, doubtful how much of a system seller it is. Lair generated the exact opposite type of PR that Sony wanted. And Ratchet & Clank has never been a megaton type game.

    Seriously, I’m afraid Sony has failed to generate the type of gaming buzz that a couple of games for the ‘other’ box are getting currently. Bad PR and negative stories about the PS3 still fill the blogs….didja see the latest from the ‘Sony Defense Squad’ on Kotaku? Seriously…..we don’t need more reasons for the community to mock the PS3 guys.

    Distant third place this Xmas I’m afraid. Hopefully 2008 will be better.

  • Only 1 more day to wait…….

    Eat lots of Sushi and Enjoy Japan.

  • Is Hotshots Golf 5 even confirmed for this year?

  • Thank you for the quick reply Seybold, I was asking that question on the other thread.

  • Yea we all need the Dualshock controller Get something better maybe something that would put the 360 out her misery

    ….. , ,_____________________
    ….. / ..—___________—-_____|]
    …. / ______|
    …..), _(__) /
    ….// (..) ), —-”

  • Thank you very much for bringing us this info. I am sure some really juicy news is going to come out Tokyo.

  • Sounds Good!!

  • Dualshock we need it or something better i would love to see something like the wii mote or something like it maybe something whit out the sensor, two little controlers like two nunchucks.

  • Yea two little wireless nunchuck controllers that dont need the sensor bar Ey Think about it I buy them

  • Cesar STFU
    This is not nintendo and you’re disrespecting sony by even thinking about it.WII nunchucks are u serious?
    What has the world come to?

  • I hope you guys are bringing a lot of demos and videos to PSN as well.

  • hey .. what about HOME? is it ever going to be realese?

  • go kick some ass! dualshock 3 better be unveiled and home release date! demos,demos,demos,demos, and more demos! and a video of the presentation on the PSN!

  • Ya know, I still haven’t seen any console exclusive on other systems that would make me go out and buy one either.

    Bioshock so far was the only 360 game I really got into, but I hear its better on the PC. And overall, its just a dumbed down System Shock 2 with better graphics anyway. I was expecting some great FPRPG gameplay but it just ended up being a great FPS, but nothing particularly revolutionary.

  • What is this blog full of tool….
    Loucifer and Gamesblow are the worst a$$holes iv seen on a forum…

    Btw stop coming back with the price argument, its getting old, if you are too poor just sell it and buy a wii or wait and be patient

  • Cool, maybe you guys can announce home is gonna be on time. confirm oct 11th please

  • Kick some tail at TGS – keep up the great work !! Loucifer – how much does ms pay you to show up on blog and post your fear negativity and doubt (FUD) – tell your employer ms – you have been found out and you would rather spread FUD on wii for a while. Reality is you have a great gaming machine, free PSN, and a blue ray player that rocks, and some excellent games with more to come, Home for free, Hello dude – if Sony drops price to $399 they are going to hurt ms – where it counts system sales and Halo Sales. I enjoy the constant improvement in my PS3, the games, the demo’s, and the PSN.

  • Have fun at TGS, I hope we see some good stuff :)

    Oh yeah, can we get an exact time of when it’ll be so I can look out for the live press conference?

  • i dont mind im just hoping sony announces lots of sweet stuff, that help drive away from, the halo 3 hype.

  • don´t forget the PSN and the coyote revengfe PRICE CUTT!!!!

  • yes please announce something amazing, halo isnt all that and its getting phenonmenal attention. you guys destroyed competition in ps1 and ps2 now do it again with ps3. this is sony’s backyard, and intruders will get destroyed on sight.

  • SICK!

  • @Flanders

    Not entirely true, although you have to admit the PS3 is the more reliable console hardware wise over the 360. You know launch owners will be forced to buy a 360 again at the end of 2008 ( so much for saving money)

    PS3 has exclusives with multiplatform games and superior peripheral support ( Logitech 25, Arcade sticks ) I’m not going even going to mention mouse and keyboard support since most prefer to play these type of games on the pc.

    Also the warez issue with 360 is getting out of hand. Even more so, players using modified maps and weapons in Gears of War, Graw, and Rainbow 6

  • Aww. Is that it? Give us a little sneak peek! Pleeeeeease. :D

  • Looking forward to TGS! Can’t wait to see whats in store.

  • I am really expecting a lot from TGS, games, controllers, LBP beta, Home… If sony cannot deliver with GREAT information at TGS I am going to be a very disatisfied customer. I have never made a statement like, in regards to Sony, but honestly this experience has been a lost worse to me than the PS2 was. Actually its making PS2 launch look fantastic.

  • @ Patrick Seybold

    I hope all you guys at SCE have a safe trip, we dont need anymore Collin Mcray stories. I have been waiting for this show all year long tell Kaz to give them nothing and take from them everything. A small list of things I would love to see.

    FFVII for PS3
    Anything new on FFXIII
    Star Ocean 4
    Kingdom Hearts 3
    More MGS4
    Crisis Core for PSP
    White Knights Story
    And all these games only for PS3.

    The Rumors like 40 gig PS3 with GT and Rumble. I doubt all of this can happen, but would also like to see acouple of bombs drop when some games get shown that have never been shown before. Thanks.

  • I’m wondering if we’ll get much in the way of content in the stores this week. Is it possible that the Japanese store might see loads of content coming out of TGS, just like the American store did during E3?

    I do have another comment about the XMB, can we please get some new avatars, I’d love a Nariko, Kai, Bohan, Roach, Whiptail, Flying Fox, Shen and Heavenly Sword avatars to use in the XMB. Any chances?

  • Hope there’s a big announcement. I remember one of my grandpa’s business move where he let the competition get all the hype and just waited patiently until the last moment, then bam! yeah, it works!

    lol, I hope that was clear enough. :)

  • Metal Gear Solid 4’s going to be playable at TGS… a demo on the PSN, make it happen!

  • @ 91

    I love you man!

  • Cool.Btw,when will Sony fix the web browser?!?!?!

  • Well since you guys are going to be there anyway… how’s about getting some cameras into that closed Square-Enix mega theatre. >_>

  • Demos. Lots of demos. Please.

    Or just the MGS4 one. Thanks :P

  • lol yeah an MGS4 demo, or even killzone 2 would be the coolest thing. :-)

  • All we really need from you when you cover this event is information that we can’t get from anyone else.

    If I see that has information about your conference that you haven’t told us first, then I don’t care about the information because everyone will have it by the time it hits

    We don’t need secrets being kept from us, you can’t afford holding surprises from us, just give us stuff we can only get from YOU, not from any other site around.

  • when is playstation home gonna be out.

  • Can’t wait for the new Sony news from TGS! I’m hoping to hear about Home’s release date, Firmware 2.0, GT 5 Prologue date and price, LittleBigPlanet date and price and the rumble SixAxis. PS Store updates with new video would rock!

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