PlayStation.Blog Team @ the Tokyo Game Show

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Just a heads up to all of you: The PlayStation.Blog team is in Tokyo this week holding things down at TGS! What this means is our publishing frequency is going to be a little less than usual this week. We’re hoping to get some cool photos, maybe some video and other material from the show that we will in turn share here with you. Until then, hang tight and keep a lookout for something in the near future.

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  • How about some video for the Playstation Newtork Store?! :D

    I look forward to some awesome announcements!

  • good luck on TGS! don’t forget the PSN!

  • and some confirmation on dualshock3…please?! pretty lame to keep that a secret!

  • We will take all the pictures we can take unless you guys have spare plane tickets and hotel rooms, in witch case, I will take those instead!

  • Patrick while you guys are together in Tokyo is it possible to get together and come up with some answer, any answer, or at the least acknowledgment of the situation where PS3 games that only support 720p will not play in HD on HDTVs that only accept 1080i. In other words the PS3 will not upscale 720p to 1080 and thus leave many HDTV owners playing HD games in SD 480p.
    Please show the many users posting in threads like this one: some integrity that shows you care about the money we have spent and would potentialy spend on some of the great games that do not currently play in HD on our HDTVs.

  • well that explains why there have been 0 posts this week! I hope that TGS is awesome guys and that you bring home some awesome content to share with all of us here. Looking forward to this weeks PSN update, would be really sweet if we got that R&Kf:ToD demo.


  • Yeah,just the other day I thinking about how the Blog slowed down for E3 and how TGS (which is the real battle ground for Sony) is starting just next week(this week now).I personally have very high hopes and big expectations for TGS.I’ve heard Sony has the biggest area at the show.Maybe news on Home,the new controller,Firmware 2.00,games,and who knows what.Go Sony!

  • Can’t wait to see Sony destroy the competition at TGS 2007. XD

  • Awesome, I’m looking forward to this show, anyone know of a site doing a live feed of the sony press conference(s) like they did for e3?

    Oh and this wouldn’t be a true comment unless I whined about something, so here it goes. Could you give us the ability to sort through our games by hand? I have a bunch of fullgames at the top of the list and demos in the middle then some fullgames at the bottom, and I’d rather not redownload them all.

    Thanks :D

  • good luck, i hope thats good news 4 the ps3 store this thursday.

  • hdtv tuner and av cables 4 the old psp

  • Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering what happened to new posts.

    Enjoy Toyko.

  • Cool. Why not a “live” feed from the cameraman? It’s the web, just use a decent cameraphone and you can upload the pics right to Flickr… (I’d like better quality rather than a bunch of junk — but content is content sometimes)

    Also, what about having a Feed reader on the XMB? I’d love to be able to subscribe to this on my PS3 along with some podcasts, video podcasts and other feeds… Please do that! :D I want to watch the 1up show, diggnation and tikibartv on my ps3!

  • I don’t get how everyone is busy… can’t you guys have someone dedicated to this blog? Its cool to get the news straight from the source, but I think if you guys had like a couple of people just working on this site, updating it with new polls, and feature, and just giving us news before anyone else, it would make this site the greatest.

    I know that the types of post you have here are different from the likes of Kotaku or joystiq, but maybe that is not entirely a good thing.

    just my thought…

    P.S. can’t wait for TGS, I know you guys are going to kill it. AHTOUCHB’HAG!

  • The R&Kf:ToD demo is dated for October 4. There is a link to an article on the right side of this page.

  • oh yah, the new controller should have the middle glowing red like in all the press shots — and the hacked version.. hehe.. good work getting rumble back though! I’ve been playing my friends 360 some and didn’t realize how much I missed it!

  • Awesome! Patrick, are there any plans to put TGS content on the PS Store?

  • Awesome news! Yes please add TGS stuff to the PS Store :)

  • Cool, is there a conference? and is their a live stream planned somewhere?

    Looking forward to it!

    PS: Can you guys please announce a new F1 game, it’s selling really well here in europe and it’s gaining popularity in the States.

  • thanks #16 twinsdad. didn’t see that! Well I wonder what demos are going to be released this week?

    @#12 scott. why would you want av cables for the old PSP?

  • pleasepleaseplease get konami to put the MGS4 demo up on PSN in time for TGS!

  • Kotaku does live blogging from these events… so do 1up and many other sites. They’re small fries compared to Sony.

    So, this leads me to believe Sony is just being lazy… again.

    No 1080I support for 1080I only owners
    No rumble in our controllers
    No custom music in game
    No xmb access from in game
    No must have ps3 games at the moment

    & now no news updates or answers on the blogsite. Only censorship.

    Yeah, everything seems to be in order for everyone at Sony and everyone who bought the ps3 is basically strung along.

  • have fun in tokyo. oh and while you are there, see about getting EEEE and Rez HD [w/ trance vibrator support] secured up for the psn. pretty please. i don’t want to give money to MS


  • Brilliant is the Japan store getting the same PS store treatment as the US and EU with E3 and Liepzeg?

  • gamesblow, the rumble controller is going to be shown as confirmed by a few outside sources including 1UP. Also, there are good games out right now, ie, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Resistance, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Virtua Fighter 5… I could go on.

    You don’t have to be so negative. :/ Sony’s not going to announce their Tokyo Game Show announcements before the show, that’d ruin the surprise, now wouldn’t it?

    And if you’re still complaining about games come November, I don’t know what to say. There’s more good looking PS3 games coming out in that month than we’ve seen in a while.

  • #21 the av cable will show games on progressive scan tv at 480*272 resolution and watch movies at 720*480. thats why i want av cables 4 the old psp like they have 4 the new one

  • No Live Blogging from the event? Weak!

    Anyways, I am looking foward to the stuff you all post about TGS when you get back I suppose. Have fun!

  • cagalli……. u are right ps3 has a lot of games on the way by o8 there will be like 25 or more games on the way…to tell the truth sony is moving faster than xbox did its first year.but now xbox is moving fast…but in the long run sony will win the race .

  • ps3 will have a hdtv tuner..
    it plays tv
    it works like tivo
    u can record tv shows
    the same 4 the psp
    bad news eu gets it first

  • Some live blogging like Kotaku does would be most excellent Theodore!

  • @#28 scott – I understand that the new psp slim has av cables due to its video output feature but why would you want av cable for the old psp when it doesn’t support tv out?


  • PS3 has 2 must have games in my opinion…

    Resistance and Genji 2. People think Genji 2 isn’t worth its salt, but it’s 10 folds better than Ninja Gaiden sigma… graphics are worlds better at that.

    Lair is great too , but not a must buy for everyone. Heavenly Sword is too short and at times, to constricting. Flip this and that and pull off this or that… nah, I’ll pass.

    Uncharted, Hot shots golf and Ratchet & Clank are the only 3 games I’m looking forward to now to next year for ps3. Well, exclusives. That’s all PS3 has, actually.

    Haze doesn’t interest me and it’s not exclusive anyways. UT 08 will be better on the 360, cause Epic knows their hardware better…

    Name me some must have ps3 games this year and I’ll swing my tune, but you can’t.

    Ratchet and clank
    Hotshots 5

    That’s it.


    Those would’ve been great aditions to Sony’s exclusive list this year… White Knight Story too.

    Didn’t happen, however.

  • PS3 *has* to move faster than Xbox 360 at this point… just like PS2 did against the Dreamcast. It’s all panning out, especially with the huge hitting games coming early 2008 (Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, White Knight Story…)

  • @31 – It’s about time us Europeans got something decent(i hope) first. Not that i’m complaining, after all you get more on the Store front than we do. I do dl the content using another account though.

  • Things i want possibly could get
    Pay as you go network for Psp
    Psp store
    0-5 gb harddrived ps3 for 300-400$
    Tv tuner for USA
    Europe instead of USA getting screwed with accesories.
    ANd thats the bottom line

  • A little less then your normal 1 or 2 updates a week??? LOL

  • Oh, and by the way… With Ps3 you can’t use the argument of “if all those games came out no one would ever be able to play and beat them all”

    Know why?

    Cause all ps3 games are 6 to 7 hours long. Plenty of time for you to obtain them and beat them in the span of a week… Only thing is… We’re paying 64 bucks for these game, so that means… while we’d have the time to play and beat them all, we probably don’t all have the money to play and beat them all.

    G’ole Sony. Working hard at making the games short as possible so we buy more and more and more games to keep us entertained on our 600 dollar videogame machine that is suppose to be elite, yet doesn’t offer us half the damn options as the xbox 360 does.

    Custom music anyone?

  • #36
    At least everything psp first.

  • Im looking forward to some new news!

  • gamesblow, Haze is a complete exclusive now, Free Radical dropped the other two versions from development. Also, Epic said that Unreal Tournament is looking way better on PS3 than their first gen Xbox 360 game, which is saying a lot. Not to mention, the PS3 version is going to have keyboard/mouse support and mod support while the 360 will not. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that the 360 version of Unreal Tournament III will be better especially now when developers use PS3 as the lead SKU, they’re ending up with a much better game on PS3 (see Burnout Paradise).

    Other games you might be interested in for this year only:

    Assassin’s Creed
    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
    Call of Duty 4
    Time Crisis 4
    … and I personally am interested in Uncharted, Haze, Unreal Tournament III, and Ratchet & Clank too.
    Check out this link here: for a complete list of what’s coming out in the future, it’s pretty handy.

    White Knight was never going to be coming out this year; I’m just glad it’s playable at Tokyo Game Show.

  • @gamesblow

    not only are the games short but dont forget that none of them can even break a rating of 9…and with a couple BARELY breaking an 8 :)

  • @40
    Well i was mainly refering to the PS3 , SCEE don’t even have an official blog like this one, this is why you get to hear us moaning all the time.

  • @34, what about warhawk!? I can’t stop playing it… it’s simply a great multiplayer game…

    And UT2007.. er, UT3 (not gonna look better on 360 – sorry — i hope hah) and The Orange Box.. Uncharted looks amazing too, but you mentioned that…

    Can’t wait…

  • @gamesblow
    why do you even bother coming here if all you do is hate and bash? effin tool.

  • Buy a modern HDTV that does 720p and/or 1080p
    Who need rumble? I don’t miss it in the least
    I prefer a game with its own great music
    I don’t need to access the XMB in game
    Resistance, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Lair
    soon Folklore, Haze, and Ratchet and Clank

    And next year we’ll have some even more amazing exclusives.

  • @43
    I don’t see how any game at the moment can get a rating much above 8, after all there are no bench marks due to too few games of the Genre (unlike 360). And as any gamer knows ratings suck, at the end of the day it’s the individuals preference, not some spotty twit working for a publisher that only likes beat em ups.

  • Solace, I come here cause I’m a ps3 owner. I paid 600 bucks for my system, 60 for an extend warrenty and I’ve bought 17 games from psn and 3 game updates aswell as buying 8 ps3 games to keep me thinking my system was viable.

    That’s why. Because I am a consumer who wants answers from Sony and to express my concerns for the investment I’ve made.

    Don’t like my post? Don’t read them when you see who they’re from. Simple as that. I don’t own an xbox 360 or a nintendo product 1. I don’t care to.

    I just want my PS3 to be viable… not a lot to ask.

  • Hey y not call this the pS3 blog.
    Because thats all i hear about is the worst selling gaming system right now. (no offense its still the best next-gen and i plan on getting 1 )
    Why not talk more about the psp(currently sony’s best selling game system right now)
    P.S Ps3 will outsell the ps2 once it frops to about 300$

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