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Hey everyone, time for another fantastic PLAYSTATION Store update. First off, you’ll notice that we’ve updated some of the thumbnails in the Store. There are new genres for the Game Demos category. Hopefully, this makes it easier to get to the content you want. Oh, and speaking of content, we’ve heard a lot of folks asking about the NHL Demo and Poker and yes, we’ve got them both this week — and a whole lot more. Check it out.

New downloadable games:
• PixelJunk Racers ($6.99) – A single and multi-player slot car racing game, with 32 modes, 10 tracks and online rankings.
• High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition ($9.99) Ante up! Play limit or no-limit poker in five different game types. There’s single player mode or you can play up to five others online.

Demos, demos and more demos:
• PixelJunk Racers
• Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground
• NHL 08
• Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
• FIFA 08

Of course, more movie trailers and videos and wallpapers for your favorite new and upcoming games:
• Everyday Shooter trailer
• Warhawk trailer
• Lair Behind the Scenes video
• Feel the Noise trailer
• Juiced 2 trailer
• High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition trailer
• Soul Calibur IV trailer
• High Stakes: Poker wallpaper
• 2 PixelJunk Racer wallpapers
• Folklore wallpaper

And finally, we also have a free music track from our favorite dragon game, Lair.

Hope you enjoy this week’s update. Stay tuned for more…

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  • joel:

    What makes you think Proving Ground is better? Skate has already gotten great reviews and has proven to be much more challenging and innovative than the Hawk series. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m sure THPG will be fun.


    we havent got any thumbnail genres yet !!
    we havent got any good demos !!
    why cant thses updates be worldwide !!

    I love Sony, i have everything Sony in my house but i swear I’m dusting off my 360 and booting it up now after seeing the useless update we got in europe today :(



  • @skater

    It got an 8.1/10 which is a good score, but why are you guys obsessed with it, you should be asking for something better, its not sony’s fault that EA IS A TRAITOR MOTHER FREAKIN COMPANY!!! This is why skate isnt out.EA SUCKS.

  • what ever happened to the Skate Demo we were supposed to get?

  • Joel, you are an idiot.

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  • @killer_paul

    This is SCEA not SCEE, they can try to tell them to release somehting, but hey you guys are getting better stuff than we are in the near future *cough*Play tv *cough*

  • Now this is a great freaking update!

  • @sazzer

    EA is a bad company they never made a good game in their lives. Maybe madden and thats it.

  • SKATE demo please! For love of god

  • @joel

    8.1 from who? At 1UP it scored 9.0 on PS3 and 360. IGN gave the PS3 8.8 and the 360 a 9. IGN claimed there were “frame rate issues” in the PS3 version, but 1UP said that frame rate is not a problem. EA might actually have done a good job. I’m waiting to see what GS gives it.

  • it’s odd that SCEA can update the blog to let us know what’s going to be on the PSN but can’t even put up what’s going to be on firmwires no where close to before/after they become live. 1.93 went live 12 hours ago and the site still isn’t updated to reflect the change.

  • can we at least have some info as to why the skate demo hasnt been released yet?

  • Gametrailers gave it a 8.1

    Like I said its a good score, ver good actually. But in my opinion EA is a traitor company, they released madden at 30FPS, they released NCAA at 30fps, and just 2 days ago they announced that the ps3 version OF NBA LIVE 08 will have bad antialaising or whatever its called. PETER MOORE is now EA I have respect for him, but its getting rediculus, how can sony allow EA to release a game on their system that looks worst than its xbox360 counter part? Microsoft is such an evil company, I swear sony was extreemly stupid for LETTING GTA 4 to go to the xbox 360.

  • Haha, funny how my download kept stopping at 27% in all my attempts, then when I went to the cancellation screen and just waited than staring at the progress bar, and instead of saying yes, then in the end say no, and allow the progress to carry on in the backrgound.. there it was after a while.. 100%

    No idea what that was or whether what I said was helpful, but updates have stopped at certain percentages with me in the past, and I doubt it’s a router/modem problem.

  • what time will the store be updated ??

  • Have you played every EA game Joel? You do realise that EA has many different studios? You can’t just make a sweeping generalisation about the quality of “EA’s” games just because you think they betrayed your favourite manufacturer.

    The reason Skate is highly anticipated by many people is because it is a refreshiing alternative (only alternative) to the annual clown fest of THPS. Just cause it’ made by an EA studio doesn’t me it sucks by default.

  • Hey Sony by any chance, could we get a Lair demo? I really want to see along w/ many others, if the controls will work for me, so I know wether to buy the game or not.

    Thanks!! =D and thanks for the NHL 08 demo!! =D

  • I like this trend. Keep those demos of PSN downloadable games coming. No more blind faith purchases FTW!

  • Yet another awesome update!

    Thursdays are becoming awesome because of you Sony :)

  • Yes I have played an EA game

    Madden rings a bell?
    The nba live 08 demo?
    ncaa which I have?

    EA is partially good in “some” sports games, but the problem is that they go xbox360 first then playstation3 second, so we get ports. This is a problem that needs to be fixed, but nevertheless, I dont care for EA since they make the worst games.




  • great job sony.will there be any shooting demos or ps1 game demos or new games to buy? shooters i hope.good job anyways keep it rollin in.

  • tony hawks is a skate stop crying.tony hawks is a skate demo right.or u guys want ice skating.

  • Great update, but where is skate?

    Oh I think you’ve guys have been reading that onAXIS article:

    Why else would you bring us a Harry Potter demo.

  • I just dont know what good the update is since i cant even get the 1.93 to download past 4% like many others…and yes i tried everything…so oh well all the more reason to keep playing NHL08

  • Thanks for the update but why won’t you give us SKATE, you have had the demo for at least three weeks now and yet you refuse to put it up why?

  • @ai11237
    Hahahaha, you must be really frustrated that you can’t play the PS3 Skate demo, don’t worry I’ll keep onasking so that you won’t have to suffer this pain for much longer. I’ve got your back buddy. :)


  • oh well. i give up :o

  • Sony – great job on the updates – I really appreciate all the great content every Thursday. Thanks a million.

  • oh! and SKATE happens to be kick ass

  • @scott
    Shut up Scott, you’re so silly!
    I see what you did there, very clever; a gold star for you!

  • what’s the deal with the new firmware update freezing up while it is trying to DL?

    what should i do?

  • When I log onto the Playstation Store I dont see the new updates for the PS Store, I want to get the poker but it is not there, when will the store update these new items, I already have 1.93

  • Nice update, for Us store, many demos which is a good sing and step in to the right direction.

    But like I said before I would love to get a way to purchase these nice add ons and games that you keep relasing. Rival consoles both already have their own cards to add points/cash to their account when will NA and EU get these?
    They are already out on japan so?

  • Thanks for another great update. It is getting to the point where I dont have time to download/play everything. Heavenly Sword is awesome I hope to see this game get the three game treatment.

  • sony delivers, consumers are happy…they finally are starting to get the point. now UP the marketing for the ps3 and promote their hardware AND software and they will be A O K.

  • @stvegas

    I’m in the same situation – Do you think that the store might not have updated yet?

  • great update, can’t wait to try out the demos.

  • @adwozzer

    I guess so, at least I know I am not in the boat alone, I have never had connection issues with my PS3 like others have stated, 1.92 worked fine for me, I thought the PS store would of updated at midnight but who knows

  • “what’s the deal with the new firmware update freezing up while it is trying to DL?

    what should i do?”… just wait do it later it’s busy, does no harm to the system.

  • It’s good to see the volume of content finally increasing. I would suggest that demos get released as soon as they are available rather than waiting for the Thursday update though.

    If nothing else, this would allay the perception that everything shows up later on PSN than on “the other console”. I can understand releasing PS1 classic games and original games on a set date but everything else should flow as they become available.

  • @Goodfella2487

    They already did with the purchase of NHL08 and SKATE…oh and 3 weeks ago was Bioshock and next week i’ll give’em more for Halo but whats your point?

    I could have given Sony sum $ with NHL08 but they didnt deliver…thats not MY fault the 360 got the better version


    Thanks so much Sony!! Every week is Christmas with this pretty little machine.

  • When does all of this become available? I cant find it in the PS Store.

  • i simply can not believe we still haven’t gotten the skate demo, why hawk but no skate. seriously.

    i really regret not getting a 360 over my ps3 more and more each day, that shouldn’t be.


    *Here’s whats going on, over 1 million people are trying to download the same thing you are, the servers are taking a huge beating, so basicly it stops to cool down, or something like that, wait tomorrow and you can download everything. 1.93 has nothing to do with it.

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