PlayStation Store Update

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Hey everyone, time for another fantastic PLAYSTATION Store update. First off, you’ll notice that we’ve updated some of the thumbnails in the Store. There are new genres for the Game Demos category. Hopefully, this makes it easier to get to the content you want. Oh, and speaking of content, we’ve heard a lot of folks asking about the NHL Demo and Poker and yes, we’ve got them both this week — and a whole lot more. Check it out.

New downloadable games:
• PixelJunk Racers ($6.99) – A single and multi-player slot car racing game, with 32 modes, 10 tracks and online rankings.
• High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition ($9.99) Ante up! Play limit or no-limit poker in five different game types. There’s single player mode or you can play up to five others online.

Demos, demos and more demos:
• PixelJunk Racers
• Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground
• NHL 08
• Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
• FIFA 08

Of course, more movie trailers and videos and wallpapers for your favorite new and upcoming games:
• Everyday Shooter trailer
• Warhawk trailer
• Lair Behind the Scenes video
• Feel the Noise trailer
• Juiced 2 trailer
• High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition trailer
• Soul Calibur IV trailer
• High Stakes: Poker wallpaper
• 2 PixelJunk Racer wallpapers
• Folklore wallpaper

And finally, we also have a free music track from our favorite dragon game, Lair.

Hope you enjoy this week’s update. Stay tuned for more…

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  • Looks like another great update! Keep them coming! :)

  • Great Update, You guys are really coming through for PS users latley, Bravo!

  • What!!!?!?!?!? 7 bucks for Pixle “JUNK” racer??? No way am I paying that price for that game.. . I’ve been burned too many time son the PSn with their higher than expected price tags.

    Flow 9.99 when I got it.
    Gripshift 9.99 and still is.
    Blast factor advaced

    I can go on and on and don’t even get me going on the midway junk!

    I can’t believe this… I really can’t. I was going to buy pixle junk for even 4.99 … I’m not forking out the 2 bucks more. Not after motorstorm patch last week and the abysmal price for Puzzle fighter and the online patch for tekken DA.

    Sony, fix your prices. They’re way too high. Poker would be neat, if I couldn’t play it in real life and or on the internet for free.

  • ALRIGHT!!! Nice one guys. Keep’em coming!

  • The demo’s are appreciated, however, I just wish we got Skate instead of tony hawk. I can’t stand those games. Harry Potter??? Oh well… maybe next week.

  • “another fantastic PLAYSTATION Store update,” is correct. You guys are really coming through with the more demos promise.

    Thanks a lot….

  • ??????????????

    So EU only got the Harry Potter demo?
    Nice. :x

  • Thats an amazing update.
    Cant wait to download.

  • Very nice update cannot wait

  • *Golf clap*

  • Come onnnnnnn, release the “skate.” demo already.

  • FIFA08 thanks

  • Nice update, guys. Keep up this pace and things will be much better. Now where are those pesky PS1 games?

  • Free song, you say? Now you’re speaking my language. Granted it’s not one that I would run over to download, but hopefully this is the first of many. And thank you for the ‘PixelJunk Racer’ demo. I’ve been dying to try it out.

  • Why still no Lair demo. Is the game realy that crappy, I like to find out myself.

    The rest of the update is excellent!

  • @11
    you guys REALLY need to stop complaining.
    every post people complain. That doesnt help earn potential customers

  • we want real demos like R$C or uncharted not this bull.

  • Super~! Can hardly wait to start downloading~! Great update folks~!

    Stay Frosty~!

  • Another great update, thanks!

  • i take that back, i saw all the demos and i geuss their “okay”.

  • Great update. The only thing you should consider when you keep having more stuff to download is to split up the updates and not just post them on one day of the week. If you had smaller updates as soon as stuff becomes available fans would have something to look forward to more often ans avoid marathon download sessions.

  • To all the whiners:
    You are a bunch of unappreciative gits. You want lair demo, go rent the game!

    Nice update, thanks Sony.

  • ok demos are awesome and everything but seriously where is the skate demo.
    thpg demo before the skate demo what gives?

  • Great update, but can you please state why you haven’t released the SKATE demo? I’ve been waiting for this demo for weeks on end and so have many, many others. Please just let us know to put us out of our misery.
    Thank you.

  • Hooray! Awesome update. Keep up the fine work. :)

  • Also, those waiting for R&C demo, I hear it’s supposed to be out on Oct 4.

  • My 1.93 download keeps stopping at 27%.. repeatedly? Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    I love my PS3 to death and PSN and what you guys have done for me, believe me, I do. But I feel like I have to express my annoyance of being considered as a second-rate customer purely because I live in Europe.

    Where is Symphony of the Night? Why was the Armored Core 4 demo released as late as it was, not to mention Calling All Cars.
    , released July 19th in NA, but still no EU date.

    I get the fact it’s hard to do worldwide releases, and that it’s probably easier to release in the US faster because the US is one country and not millions of countries like in Europe, still my question is why give the good stuff to the US folks 90%+ of the time? I don’t mind mostly for Konami titles, as Konami has a tendency to give European gamers extra content as an apology for us having to wait. Certainly worth the wait in other words. :)

    Pardon my rant, I love you guys really. Wouldn’t know what I’d be doing without my PS3 and PS2..!

    *Eagerly waits for Warhawk retail ed. to be released in Europe…, not to mention Heavenly Sword.* :D

  • @16: When customers know that Sony has the demo for skate, and has had it for a few weeks now, it’s a little frustrating to know that they are holding out.

    Also, I don’t care if it’s released alongside a competing skateboard game demo. So be it. We’ll download both and see which one we like better. It’s called competition… I think it’s a business term or jargon or something.

    I think Sony at least needs to do a better job of getting through the approval process on demos/games/etc. given to them by developers for the PSN. That way, if there is a delay we KNOW it’s not Sony’s fault, we know it’s because the developers were late getting their stuff together.

    We need:
    skate demo
    Lair demo
    a proper Heavenly Sword demo with more than 5 minutes of gaming and with a final build

    Other than that, I know that all the others are either on the way or are too far off to complain about now. Point is, all of us non-sports-game players out there need something to at least chew on before dinner time this fall.

  • I know this is off-topic, but why post a comment on a blog update when there’s over 100 comments… right?


    Anyway, on a much more related topic, great work with the PS store. We’ve gotten more demos in the last 3 weeks than we’ve probably gotten in the last 4 months!! Great work… can’t wait for Uncharted!

  • @13

    If you had looked around at any gaming news site (such as Kotaku), you would have seen them say that the R&C demo is slated for around October 4th. As for an uncharted demo, you could expect that closer to the games release date in Nov.

  • I hope my irrelevance helped someone out there. You know who you are.

  • You guys have really stepped up on the updates the past month or two. It’s much appreciated. Keep it up please!

  • @28
    Well its even more annoying every week to see people whining about the same damn thing.


    That really gets me mad. Playstation Network is FREE unlike xbox live so you cant expect a higher quality of service. I believe that this update is above average. So were the updates the past 2 weeks.

    Really, people need to learn to do a bit more in life than play games. I mean, the desire for Skate would make people think you play games 24/7

  • @22: So in your opinion Sony should start charging for demos? That’s what you’re basically saying by telling those that want a Lair demo to go rent it.

    Unless rentals are now free…correct me if im wrong.

    @Sony: I used to appreciate the updates every Thursday, but now im starting to wish that you guys would post any and everything you have as soon as it’s available and ready to be uploaded. Sure, the wallpaper packs and weekly installments of videos like the Heavenly Sword anime stuff, and trailers can wait till Thursdays. But I really think that demos need to just be released as soon as you guys have it and stamp an “approved” on it. Games can wait(seeing as they need release dates) but demos and add-on content need to just release whenever they’re ready.

    As someone else said, Thursday afternoons/evenings are a bandwidth train wreck trying to download stuff. If you followed my above model with releases it would help everyone get their downloads quicker.

  • I read this blog at least once a day and I also get rather annoyed that apparantly no one cares about Europe (Netherlands). I don’t mind that America gets more attention cause there’s more money/costumers there. But at least tell us what we don’t get or when we will get it. When I read that there are all kinds of updates on the store and I go online to see nothing or half of what was promised I feel like I’m not part of Playstation club. Sounds kinda sad doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll go cry in the corner of my room :)

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this the best week ever for me and my PS3! FIFA and NHL – died and gone to heaven. amen

  • Fun for you guys over there.

    Here in Europe we got some stuff but no way near what you got.

    Soon I’ll get a US credit card…

    Great work US Sony!

    Bad work EU Sony!

  • America gets all these great updates, belgium gets nothing. While Holland (neighbour of Belgium) gets like 3 demo’s !!! Why is it different in every country? Its bad enough that is is different for different continents !!!

  • Very nice update, I have been upset lately about competitors kicking Sony around (lost exclusives, delayed games/possible delays etc..) and Warhawk just hasn’t been nice to me lately. But this is an excellent update this week. Ummm…….. how bout a Skate Demo too? I’ve actually held off on buying it on another console because I want to build up my library again for the PS3. Skate and Tony Hawk are going to be a tough decision; or they may both make it into the PS3 library.

    PS; Poker was a great start but,

    WHERE IS UNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  • @florian

    Well this is: and is run by SCEA. The updates are region specific. is the closest SCEE has for now and they usually always update with the EU PS Store list. Complain to them :)

  • @37: Agree with you to a certain extent, however, I think most of us can agree that the new European deal for the PS3 is now “better” than the new 80GB deal in the US. Two games, an extra controller all for the same price of what the PS3 cost only a few months back..!

    +1 point for Sony Europe. Now all we Europeans need is software.. like I wrote about in post nr 27.

  • Awesome PSN Update, it may be the best yet.

    Hopefully the Everyday Shooter trailer means the game will be coming soon!

  • Great job, Sony, I’m impressed.
    Five demos in one day, nice work.
    Skate demo next week maybe?
    Skate seems to have the most demand right now, so I’d suggest you release it at least by the 20th.
    Thanks for the great PS store update.

  • Can you please tell the bums over at SCEE to get to work?

    Three Speech isn’t official, so they can’t do anything and all you get when you e-mail SCEE is some generic bot answer.

    And please tell them to make an official EU blog so we can leave you guys alone and whine over there instead about our lack of content.

    fkn stupid.. :/

  • Great update. You guys throw us a curve ball once in a while that shows that you guys aren’t really just sitting around doing nothing.

    I hope this will be something that happens more often.

    And as someone else had said, it’d be nice to see things spread a little. Getting 5 demos in one update is a little heavy on the servers, i’m sure. Releasing two or three and then the others the next week gives would at least create the illusion that we’re getting better updates than getting 5 one week and none the next. But that’s just one mans opinion. I’m happy with the update. Though after hearing last night that the Tony Hawk demo had an obnoxious timer on it(on the 360), and that they got Skate a week or so ago, makes me wish we got skate instead.(not to mention that i’ll probably buy Skate LONG before TH) Not because of the graphics, but because of the difference in realism. The controls seem to give a lot more feeling than just triangle to grind, and you can grind from pole to pole to curb to pole to manual to pole to kickflip on to curb.. Realism is key with me. But again.. that’s just me.

  • To all that want the skate demo:

    Whats so great about skate? Tony hawk proving ground is apparentely better.

    Also ps1 games sure are not coming, but this is an amazing update, I love thursdays :D

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  • I agree. I would like to see SKATE soon. I was hoping for it this week. Tony will do though… and thank you for the NHL!

  • Thanks for the update. It’s much appreciated.

    What’s for next week? Lair demo will do great :)

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