MotorStorm Revenge Weekend

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MotorStorm Revenge Weekend

I’m Jed Ashforth, Gameplay Manager for all of MotorStorm’s forthcoming downloadable content. It’s an exciting time to be here at Evolution Studios; our ‘Revenge Weekend’ content will have hit the store by the time you’re reading this and we’re eager to see what you MotorStorm players out there think of it.

We’ve rolled out ‘Time Attack’ and a couple of updates already, but this is the biggest thing we’ve released so far in terms of downloadable content. Hopefully you’ve all downloaded the MotorStorm 2.0 update already – if not, make sure you grab it and install it before you download any of the new MotorStorm content coming to the PlayStation Store.

To give you a sneak preview of what you’ll be getting when you come to race at the Revenge Weekend:

First and foremost, you’re getting a new track and some new vehicles! You might have heard that Coyote Revenge is ‘just’ a reversed version of Coyote Rage, and that’s something I’d like to clear up. There’s no such thing as a ‘reverse’ track in MotorStorm – one of the things that makes MotorStorm unique is that every track features multiple routes supporting 7 different vehicle classes. Drive any route in reverse and the balance between those 7 vehicle classes goes out the window – downhill runs suddenly become uphill struggles for some vehicles and not for others. Ramps need reconfiguring. Drop-offs need bypassing. Mud on the entrance to a corner becomes mud on the exit of a corner, which has a totally different effect on how a player drives it. And so on. There’s a lot to think about. So our track builders and designers had to go away and seriously rethink how we would construct a MotorStorm track that uses the same basic piece of real estate (all our tracks are themed around real-world locations within Monument Valley) and navigate it in the other direction. They approached it like the race organisers would – what will make a thrilling new race for this festival? You’ll see when you race Coyote Revenge, it’s got a flavour of the earlier track, but at the same time offers a lot of unique sections and routes. It’s totally different to race. That’s going to be available for Online, Time Attack and Offline play.

‘Revenge Weekend’ is also packed with four new vehicles including an ATV, Bike, Big Rig, and a Mudplugger.

The new mini-festival to play offline, ‘Revenge Weekend’, is set over a weekend’s racing with 3 new tickets to work your way through and some great racing to be had. Ever fancied racing Rally cars around Mudpool? Now’s your chance! It’s not going to be easy to finish this festival – if you manage it, we give you a new exclusive vehicle that you can use in any game mode and that’s going to show everyone that you’re an accomplished player. I mean it – we made this vehicle for experts only, and we think that the smugness you’re going to feel online is only going to be increased when you start winning races in it, because safety was the last thing on our minds when we built this ride!

Then there’s the Eliminator mode, which is a new online mode. Any vehicle, any track, and every 20, 30, 40 seconds or whatever, the vehicle at the back is going to be eliminated from the race, hence the name. But this being MotorStorm, we’ve been unable to resist twisting it a little, so now when you get eliminated your flaming wreck of a car is going to spend its boost reserves before it explodes. That means you’re going to be guiding a flaming missile of burning hot boost death down the track after your rivals, and trying to take them out in that final explosion. It’s a really cool mode, and we thought that should have been the name of it – ‘guided flaming missile of burning hot boost death mode’ – but we couldn’t quite fit it on the game setup menu.

And then later in the month, another new vehicle coming out. I can’t tell you too much about it just yet – maybe in a couple of weeks we’ll say a bit more, but there’s a lot of pretty cool and unique-looking MotorStorm vehicles on the way and we’re confident players are going to love them.

In the meantime, we’re working on the next Weekend festival, which we can’t tell you anything about yet – but this is the idea, that we’re keeping the festival alive for MotorStormers with these additional festivals taking place over 2 days and showcasing new tracks and lots of new vehicle designs – and working on a few other top secret things. Keep your eyes peeled down the road and you’ll see what we’ve got planned! Until then, keep your foot down, and enjoy the Revenge Weekend!

MotorStorm Revenge WeekendMotorStorm Revenge WeekendMotorStorm Revenge WeekendMotorStorm Revenge WeekendMotorStorm Revenge WeekendMotorStorm Revenge Weekend

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  • Jed, I love the Coyote Weekend DLC. It has reinvigorated my Motorstorm gaming.. the Eliminator mode is awesome fun.. I like the countdown timer and the ‘spectate’ mode after death. Any way you guys will implement a ‘spectate’ mode for all the lobby folks waiting to race? Would be nice! Oh yeah, 2.0 is great. The folks I’ve played with last night all appreciate the fixes to the chat, especially the chat during load times! Awesome job guys, keep the updates and DLC coming! Oh yeah, lastly.. thanks for keeping the DLC cheap. :D

  • “. . . balance between those 7 vehicle classes . . .”

    What balance? Anyone who has played the game know that the vehicles are totally unbalanced on the majority of tracks. Rally cars > Trucks > Semis > Bikes >etc. and for the most part you have to restrict races to one or two classes to have a fair race.

    In addition to much-needed balancing of stats to make all vehicles competitive, when will we see a download for offline “arcade” races (choose a vehicle/class of choice and race against adjustable AI on a track of our selection). The “ticket” system with predefined classes/tracks/AI really sucks.

    As for this “update,” I will not pay any more money for a game that should have had these features (along with offline multiplayer and more than 8 tracks) to begin with.

  • Love the vehicle updates! The tracks looks sweet too.

    Online racing is what it’s all about!!!!

    wow it’s sad how much ps3 owners whine :D

  • We wouldn’t hafta wine if the developers made the complete game at the time the game came out. We’re paying for stuff that should’ve been in the game, and would’ve been had online not been a factor this gen… I can bet my cats left testicle that had motorstorm been on ps2, it’d have all this content on a dvd at time of launch. It’s a shame we’re getting goat roped because the ps3 is lacking in overall sales for Sony.

  • DLC is how it is going to be from now on face it. If people will pay for it, they will keep putting less into the game, and then milk as much as they can out of the DLC. If you dont like it, don’t buy it. Maybe that will send the message. I didn’t have a problem with the $5.99 price tag. As far as the original game not having much content, we knew this before the game launched. Read the reviews before you buy it. If you dont like what if offers, dont buy it. Even though Motor Storm was kind of shallow as far as content goes, it is still one of the most fun games i have played on any console.

  • Ok, then the simple solution here… Make the retail games for 29.99 and then add all the garbage you want on psn… I’ll choose what is needed and what isn’t. Sounds fair to me.

  • @ brambler #55

    Well said. I don’t mind paying for added content if I want it. If I don’t want it, or think it isn’t worth the cost, I don’t buy it. Seems simple enough to me. At least they give the option to buy portions of the pack and you are not made to buy the whole thing if you don’t want. Choice is good.

    Although I didn’t see just the track for individual sale. That would have been a nice option for those who don’t care about new car skins but want the new track.

  • bought it and its really cool :)

  • I’m not paying for something that should have been included in the $60 game (purchased day of release) to begin with!!!! With the limited amount of content and all of the online “bugs” AND lack of 2 player, this game should have been a $30 budget title from day one. Many of us had our hopes VERY high for this to be a stellar release, but when we opened the wrapper and popped the game in, our expectations were shattered. I can’t afford to buy many games, and I feel like I got burned BAD on this one. This sort of thing is expected from EA, but not from a pure Sony developer. RFoM and MotorStorm could have been the two reasons to buy a PS3.

    Buying MotorStorm was like buying a can of pop. When you crack it open, you find out that it’s half empty. But, guess what….that’s how it comes from the factory.

    I’ll be RENTING MotorStorm 2.

    If GT5 sucks, I may sell my PS3.

  • been playing the ‘coyote weekend vip pass’ online eliminator is mental. finished first ticket. trying to do it in real time over this weekend. :)

    but WHY has it been pulled from the UK stores???

    it was up for like a day, then [poof] gone.

    just glad i got it though.

    @davethestalker – stfu/gtfo! just sell your ps3 and quit [DELETED].

  • love this. downloaded the VIP pass. but WHY has it vanished from the UK store?

    much like my last comment!

  • just been told the american download wasn’t the VIP version but you get to buy the ve-hicles separate to the track update…

    something strange is afoot at the circle k bill

  • Way is the ATLAS Varjack mudplugger and the ATLAS Arizona bigrig not in the US pack?

  • Sorry Way i mean EU
    Way is the ATLAS Varjack mudplugger and the ATLAS Arizona bigrig not in the EU pack?

  • Good thing my game doesn’t work when I insert it into the PS3.

    Thanks, Sony.

  • i have a european br of motorstorm, downloaded the revenge weekend from us store, and i cant make it work?

    is there any way? or i must buy it from uk?

  • Is there a way to play in other regions of the world? Cause I hafta tell ya I can only see 20 people on line here in the states… This blows. Why’d even go online with this update? No one is playing this game… Reminds me alot of Calling all cars.

  • @ 68

    They already have blown it… Not just with Square, but with every 3rd party… The only alies Sony has are in house and a few 2nd party guys… Like, Insomniac and Factor five, which I heard a rumor from EGM that Insomniac wasn’t too happy with Sony at the moment… We’ll see if EGM calls it or not.

    They are the most important company to Sony… Not Square, Capcom, Namco and whoever else… IT’s Insomniac. They make tripple A games. Sony needs them… Sony can’t afford to lose them.

    As for their marketing… The ps3 is just a wash now. It’s confused too many people… just like the psp. What does it do? What can it do? What are the options of a PS3 that the average consumer doesn’t know? They’re plenty… Ps3 is a headache… for developers and now consumers. They see a 500 dollar and 600 dollar “something” and it’s not good.

    Ps3 is way under powered at this stage in the game. For being touted as 2 times as powerful than the xbox 360 it’s shown that it can’t even keep up with it on 3rd party games and for the 1st party stuff … Well, I can’t help but see disappointment after disappointment here.

    Lair – great game. I do like it… but it’s not a system seller to the masses.
    Motor Storm – No one even plays this online anymore.
    Heavenly Sword – It’ll be the next lair.
    Ninja Gaiden sigma – Genji 2 looks and plays better to me.

    Resistance is the only game that is universally accepted on the ps3… That’s not good. Not after a whole year on the market damn near.

    So, Sony… please hear this post as reason and logic. Not a troll.

  • @ #69 – “gamesblow”

    “So, Sony… please hear this post as reason and logic. Not a troll.”

    that’s funny cuz first of all you can’t hear on a blog and if you mean “take” then I’m gonna take that post as trolling. STFU. Thank you and try to keep your posts related to Motorstorm’s recent expansion pack.


  • Yeah, ontopic… just like the guy before me with his square/enix rant. “rolls eyes”

    I’d love to talk about the Motorstorm expansion, but it’s not worth talking about. It was 1 reversed track of an already existing track and 4 vehicles we’ll never use.

    Why don’t we talk about why no one plays this online? 1 million plus sold and I can’t play with more than 15 people a night??? Yeah, this game is so worth talking about.

  • sorry gamesblow but I haven’t purchased Motorstorm yet but I wanted because I thought it was pretty cool. But I had no idea that nobody played it online. That’s kinda disappointing because that was one of the reasons for me to get it. I guess that with the release of the expansion pack taht they’re maybe trying to pull more people back online?


  • Here is an answer to Jed Ashforth, Gameplay Manager for all of MotorStorm’s forthcoming downloadable content, about the MotorStorm revenge weekend comments.

    Mr. Jed Ashforth, it seems like you are very exited about the downloadable updates for MotorStorm this weekend, well let me tell you, we are not!!!

    It’s nice to add new vehicles and tracks to the game, but instead of waisting your time on things that people don’t really care of, you can take your time and work on something that really matters to MotorStorm players, and that is the offline multiplayer option, you said that one of the things that makes MotorStorm unique is that every track features multiple routes supporting 7 different vehicle classes, well for most gamers, that is not what makes the game unique and unfortunatly what makes it unique it’s the lacking of what they really want in a sports game, the ability to play with their friends without having to go online.

    It’s really sad to know that you are caring more about online gaming and not what people really wants, for example, you talk about eliminating modes (online), players answer you with multiplayer mode (offline). why don’t you take a look at this petition, not even 2 days online and already almost 500 signatures.

    Well, you said that you’re working on the next big weekend festival, which is top secret, now let’s hope it’s going to be a good weekend for all of us.

  • Ooooooooookay.

    this is a bit unsettling.
    Motorstorm doesn’t work anymore for me.

    I bought the new tracks and realized i’d need to upgrade my copy of Motorstorm so i paused the download and logged on with Motorstorm.

    Downloaded the patch, installed it and then resumed the download of additional goodies. It finished and i installed that but didn’t immediately jump into them.

    When i tried to load up Motorstorm today, it gives me the ps3 logo then a black screen then kicks me back to the XMB. At least 4 times now…

    This is… upsetting.

    little help? did i do something stupid?

    personally i have no problems paying 6$ for add ons.

  • I just popped in motorstorm again… I live in the u.s. “by the way” I had the option of playing on the west cost server with 8 people. They had 4 rooms going… 3 in 1 and the others had 1 and 2 people in them. No thanks. Motorstorm is a dead game online. It’s time to open the servers up worldwide, Sony!

  • Sony, the update is a little expensive (judging the content), so please I would thank you, and would buy the “Revenge Weekend”, If you, at least, redue the price even 1 dollar can be very apreciated.

  • The content is well worth it. the new cars are very cool and different then any of the other ones. the bus as a big rig is by far the coolest. and just to let everyone know you get 2 new maps for online play. coyote rage and coyote revenge (dont recall coyote rage so im guessing it is new). and also, the 5th car that you get in the pack is a buggy.

    also, whoever said online on motorstorm is dead, simply put no it isnt. your game hasnt been patched and you are logging into the 1.2 games and not the 2.0 servers. update your game then look.


  • No, I’m playing on the 2.0 patch… I’m looking at the games online interface as we speak and I have the choice between

    west – 30
    east – 4
    central – 0

    That’s the number of players on right now. That’s a damn joke! Even more of a joke is the fact none are running the new tracks. PSN is a joke! Maybe when they have more users things will get better… hell, I still see full servers in Halo 2… what gives?

  • finished the weekend and unlocked the new vehicle, was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t anything more special considering the other two that we got (UK store VIP pass) bike and atv. final vehicle for winners is ofjlmks;l./// :)

    still no word as to why the pack has been pulled from the UK store though. it was up for a few hours then gone. i played every race, got all the medals and found nothing wrong with it. very odd considering it was a british developed game.

    eliminator mode online is excellent fun, love the spectate mode after you’ve blown up.

    sorry the online mode isn’t used more in america, the UK server hardly ever drops below 200/256 users, plus you have all the other EU servers too.

  • Sounds great but where is Pain. And need more extra content for the really good games like more stuff for Resistance,Oblivion,GRAW and Rainbow in Vegas. I’m tired of the xbox fans laughing at us saying we get add ons for lame games. I’m not saying that Motorstorm is lame. Far from it. but it wasn’t as big a seller as the games I mentioned. We are winning the Blu Ray war, but are falling behind on the exclusive wars. But we can still win this with the extra content front. GTA4 is giving them extra stuff. We need to get extra stuff from Resident 5,Devil May Cry4, and especially Assassin’s Creed. I say if its multi platform we need to make our version even better. Sure its nice to have Motorstorm extras however the thing about exclusives is that if you don’t own the system you don’t know if its any good. While if its a game you already own and like. It really makes you angry to see some other system with more fun things to do. Oblivion came with stuff that Xbox 360 fans had to pay for. And the movie added to Stranglehold is cool too. but we need more.

    I know that when Playstaion Home comes out it will really sell PS3. Especially if you add constructions tool like 2nd Life has. Like a kit that allows you to make clothes that you can not only wear but sell or trade to others. Many great ideas. Well thanks for letting me bend you guys ear.

  • @viralbyte

    Just so you know MotorStorm and Resistance are the only two games for the PS3 that have sold more than 1 million copies. So yes, MotorStorm is a big seller.

    And why are you hounding Sony about downloadable content from THIRD PARTY COMPANIES. Did you not know that all the downloadable content for R6:V and GRAW2 that Xbox Live had to pay for….we got it for FREE. If you want more DLC from third party companies, CALL THE COMPANIES AND COMPLAIN. Quit blaming Sony for something they have no control over.

  • Guys, if you want to play an extra track and its worth $6 to you, download it. If you don’t and its not, then don’t. Its pretty simple really.

    Personally, I spent the money, got the track (and the included cars and tickets) and enjoy the new races a lot. Some of them are quite hard, some not so much, but they’re all fun.

    The reversed track is not just a reversed track, its a reversed area with a whole new track involved. I wouldn’t have recognized it personally had it not been for the naming.

  • no, i refuse to pay $6 (a tenth of the whole game) on a few extra vehicles and 1 new track (reversed or not). Not worth it to me. Now if you had more stuff then maybe ill pay more but until then…no sorry.

  • Even though I would love that these would be free, which would be nice but the thing I hate more about Psn is that I cant even buy anything from it because my credit card doesnt support it. (and I wouldnt want to change my bank just because of PSN eather)

    Oh please hurry up with those “PSN Add funds” cards to Europe and NA so the paying customers like me can get all the store goodies you have to offer!

  • i was litterally waiting for a good add on before i bought this game, time attack didnt do it for me but this definitely does!!!!!!!!!!

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