MotorStorm Revenge Weekend

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MotorStorm Revenge Weekend

I’m Jed Ashforth, Gameplay Manager for all of MotorStorm’s forthcoming downloadable content. It’s an exciting time to be here at Evolution Studios; our ‘Revenge Weekend’ content will have hit the store by the time you’re reading this and we’re eager to see what you MotorStorm players out there think of it.

We’ve rolled out ‘Time Attack’ and a couple of updates already, but this is the biggest thing we’ve released so far in terms of downloadable content. Hopefully you’ve all downloaded the MotorStorm 2.0 update already – if not, make sure you grab it and install it before you download any of the new MotorStorm content coming to the PlayStation Store.

To give you a sneak preview of what you’ll be getting when you come to race at the Revenge Weekend:

First and foremost, you’re getting a new track and some new vehicles! You might have heard that Coyote Revenge is ‘just’ a reversed version of Coyote Rage, and that’s something I’d like to clear up. There’s no such thing as a ‘reverse’ track in MotorStorm – one of the things that makes MotorStorm unique is that every track features multiple routes supporting 7 different vehicle classes. Drive any route in reverse and the balance between those 7 vehicle classes goes out the window – downhill runs suddenly become uphill struggles for some vehicles and not for others. Ramps need reconfiguring. Drop-offs need bypassing. Mud on the entrance to a corner becomes mud on the exit of a corner, which has a totally different effect on how a player drives it. And so on. There’s a lot to think about. So our track builders and designers had to go away and seriously rethink how we would construct a MotorStorm track that uses the same basic piece of real estate (all our tracks are themed around real-world locations within Monument Valley) and navigate it in the other direction. They approached it like the race organisers would – what will make a thrilling new race for this festival? You’ll see when you race Coyote Revenge, it’s got a flavour of the earlier track, but at the same time offers a lot of unique sections and routes. It’s totally different to race. That’s going to be available for Online, Time Attack and Offline play.

‘Revenge Weekend’ is also packed with four new vehicles including an ATV, Bike, Big Rig, and a Mudplugger.

The new mini-festival to play offline, ‘Revenge Weekend’, is set over a weekend’s racing with 3 new tickets to work your way through and some great racing to be had. Ever fancied racing Rally cars around Mudpool? Now’s your chance! It’s not going to be easy to finish this festival – if you manage it, we give you a new exclusive vehicle that you can use in any game mode and that’s going to show everyone that you’re an accomplished player. I mean it – we made this vehicle for experts only, and we think that the smugness you’re going to feel online is only going to be increased when you start winning races in it, because safety was the last thing on our minds when we built this ride!

Then there’s the Eliminator mode, which is a new online mode. Any vehicle, any track, and every 20, 30, 40 seconds or whatever, the vehicle at the back is going to be eliminated from the race, hence the name. But this being MotorStorm, we’ve been unable to resist twisting it a little, so now when you get eliminated your flaming wreck of a car is going to spend its boost reserves before it explodes. That means you’re going to be guiding a flaming missile of burning hot boost death down the track after your rivals, and trying to take them out in that final explosion. It’s a really cool mode, and we thought that should have been the name of it – ‘guided flaming missile of burning hot boost death mode’ – but we couldn’t quite fit it on the game setup menu.

And then later in the month, another new vehicle coming out. I can’t tell you too much about it just yet – maybe in a couple of weeks we’ll say a bit more, but there’s a lot of pretty cool and unique-looking MotorStorm vehicles on the way and we’re confident players are going to love them.

In the meantime, we’re working on the next Weekend festival, which we can’t tell you anything about yet – but this is the idea, that we’re keeping the festival alive for MotorStormers with these additional festivals taking place over 2 days and showcasing new tracks and lots of new vehicle designs – and working on a few other top secret things. Keep your eyes peeled down the road and you’ll see what we’ve got planned! Until then, keep your foot down, and enjoy the Revenge Weekend!

MotorStorm Revenge WeekendMotorStorm Revenge WeekendMotorStorm Revenge WeekendMotorStorm Revenge WeekendMotorStorm Revenge WeekendMotorStorm Revenge Weekend

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  • yeehaw!!

  • Offline multiplayer?

  • Damn, i installed the weekend stuff before the update…lets hope it doesnt mess anything up! Look forward to it, also when is eagles nest coming out. You phil himself said august and…well…thats just gone!

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  • Awesome. good to know you stay on a game even after release. Now we want some lair updates lol, starting with the controls. (They’re not too bad though.)

  • yeah like #3 said, is there going to be offline multiplayer in the near future???

    this is the only thing preventing me from buying what looks to be a really fun game…

  • Hey guys, maybe you should make the next maps free (I can care less about the vehicles).

    To be honest, you guys only gave us 8 maps to play with, and now you are telling me I have to pay $6 for a game that has 8 tracks for over $60+?

    The microtransactions for Motorstorm should be free.

  • To add on to my last post, this map is just reversed and we’re stuck paying $6 for it and a few other extras.

  • I would LOVE if you guys could get a 1969 Dodge Charger (the General Lee) into the game somehow.

  • Oh yeah, keep the weekend festivals coming. $5.99 for a new track and new game modes and new cars and bikes and trucks oh my, is cool with me. And what did happen to Eagles Nest we saw it at E3?

  • awwww screw it, now I’m gonna have to buy me some motor storm.

  • PLEASE Offline or online split screen multiplayer, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been with a friend and go “Let’s play Motor…..nevermind”


    Otherwise great job, and even though the vehicles themselves should be free I think, the bundle is a nice deal.

    Time to get my Motorstorm back on!

  • Looks like a good purchase

  • on ticket 2 race 4 the ai is using the boost glitch. whose idea was this? the ai is hard enough!
    i also heard the ai doing the same thing on other races in this pack.

  • I really liked the game. This is just a couple months late. I hope all enjoy it. Mine will stay on the shelf.

  • Until their is offline multiplayer I wont buy the game. Oh and warhawk needs new maps.

  • Will you guys ever add split screen and new tracks of different flavor (since you like using that term)?

  • I love this update but I wish the next ones are a little cheaper or free, I mean we did pay 60 bucks. If there is a offline splitscreen I will pay :-)

  • To bad I dont play Motorstorm anymore. You know warhawk. So maybe when it gets more frustrating I’ll go back.

  • Great to see updates like these to keep the game appeal up. Still, like others, the sole reason I didn’t buy the game was lack of split-screen multiplayer (offline or online). This seams like an ideal game for it and I’m sure the mighty ps3 is capable. At least there’s hope it could come in the future. Until then its not quite enough for me to fork out the cash.

  • Just played through it, and is it me or the lighting in Revenge much more dramatic than any other track? Either way this was a very fun add on. Keep more, and I think the next will be the Eagles nest…Correct?

  • ——————————————————————————-
    “PLEASE Offline or online split screen multiplayer, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been with a friend and go “Let’s play Motor…..nevermind” PLEASE!”
    I couldn’t agree more, Motorstorm is a game to show off the PS3, but it’s kinda rude to show a good game to a friend while you play it by yourself. Also, it’s boring to play in turns. This would be a great addition to this game.

  • I see us paying for this game many times over before it’s all said and done. 6 bucks for 1 reversed track?? please. 8 tracks in the game total, I believe, at 6 bucks a pop would put it at 48 bucks… add in the others who buy the cars for a buck a pop… Yeah, these guys just took us. Big time. I can’t wait for the next add on… make sure it’s the shortest track possible too!

  • after seeing the flak that LAIR took decided to rent the game instead of going out and purchasing it immediately as I had previously planned to do. I am glad I did. It’s not so much that the motion controls are bad (which they are good when they actually register), but the frame rate I don’t think ever stops degrading. It’s one of the worst frame rates I’ve ever seen. Sony, you should have delayed the game again for the love of dragons. I have never seen a game that looks so incredible and exciting and yet it is just about unplayable because of the frame rate and extremely spotty motion controls. I am not against motion controls, if they work I would probably be more for it than not, but if they are going to be this shoddy then why not give us an option? If you guys fix the game’s frame rate and controls, you would have a winner and I will purchase the game immediately, but as it stands I took it back to the video store before it was due back.

  • Game mode idea:
    -You crash, you’re out.

    that’d be pretty cool and challenging at the same time, if you mess up, blow up, you’re thrown out of the race(but can still race as a ghost if thats an option to avoid boredom lol)

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice… I feel like I should say a bit more… …


  • I just purchased the Revenge Weekend pack and it’s a good update. The Revenge Weekend is a cool idea and does add some more replayability. The new vehicles are also good additions to the game, but it would be better if each vehicle preformed differently. As for the new track, Coyote Revenge, I did feel kind of shafted by getting a reverse version of an existing track. But after playing it and seeing all the new additions, it does make a somewhat different track. Getting the right design to make the track balanced for all vehicle must be a challenging task, so I see were all the work went. So thanks for the new update and I will be looking forward to future updates.

    As for new tracks, try to give us something new.

  • is it just me or is the PS blog’s RSS button so cool that i want to keep subscribing to it over and over again every time i visit.

  • A bit on the expensive side for 1 track, but i love the game and don’t have a problem with income… yet :)

  • Sony I must give you hand your first support for the ps3 is remarkable. The games are flowing and the extra content is coming along as well.

    This is a great pack for Motorstorm. You didnt even have to let us know that track was Coyote Rage in reverse. No one would have noticed it. The track and the skins are good additions, I look forward for more.

    To the people complaining about price, PSN is already free what more do you want. $6.00 is what you’ll pay for a value meal at most fast food resturants. Maybe you can cut one those out of your weekly schedule to make up for this purchase.

  • Love the new track I think you guys sold yourselves short by calling it a reverse track. People seem to have a negative image of that from so many racing games using that as a cheap way to sound like they have twice as many tracks. There are so many changes in Coyote Rage if you hadn’t said anything I would have never noticed. Although I am afraid I may suck to much to unlock the car at the end :)

  • REVENGE! a good name for the new track/weekend, it’s tight and unforgiving with plenty of bottlenecks to force some fierce gameplay. it installed and ran with zero problems at all. a great update, the new vehicles are cool, that bike just looks like it could cut you -haha- all those that say it’s just a reversed track with an extra corner don’t know what they’re talking about. it’s gonna be insane playing that one oneline. alone with the ‘eliminator’ – been playing burnout have we lads? i look forwards to the new vehicles etc. in the coming months.

    now if only all updates could be this good, *coff*firmware 1.92*coff*

  • in case nobody’s noticed the description of the Revenge Weekend package on the PSN says it comes with 5 vehicles, and only 4 are available for purchase seperately. you guys have said there are only 4 vehicles so someone should have that changed to clarify it for some people. and maybe put in the description of each car that they are included if you buy Revenge Weekend?

  • am i the only one who cant unlock the new stuff?

    i updated to 2.0 from the game, and i bought the revenge pack from us store today.

    installed, restarted…. nothing. what’s wrong? do i have to delete the update and try again?

    +RUMBLE!!! ;-P Er when SONY bring out a rumble pad that is???????
    Say no more!!!;)

  • Its been awhile since i’ve touched Motorstorm…but I must say playing the demo of Dirt…turned me onto that sort of racing game. Normally i’m more accustomed to vehicular combat games (Twisted Metal, Rogue Trip, Vigilante 8,etc, Full Auto2,etc) But this one was different and fun. Kudos on the demo and also the added Motorstorm stuff…when can we expect love and support for the other games? Would love a Genji camera fix or something more besides extra costumes from the past 6 months.

  • Dear Evolution Studios,

    Please give us a offline split screen multiplayer option!!!!!


    ps. Thanks for the updates!!

  • It’s a petition about to head your way Sony for a splitscreen patch! I really want to race my friends at home and would love to see this happen down the road, this is by far the most wanted feature of this game my ps id cottonmouth1.

  • Don’t knock reverse tracks – unless they play like kakka.

    Ridge Racer is the prime example of how reverse tracks work really well – add additional game play at minimum development cost.

    However if the reverse track idea isn’t planned from the initial concept then it potentially could play like a turdburglar.

    Ridge Racer tracks were designed from the beginning to be played in both directions – I’ve even read somewhere in the dim & distant past that the original track is actually what players call the reverse track. So what you play first in the slower cars is actually the track in reverse (but as it comes first you automatically assume it’s the ‘original’) the slower cars enable the player to negotiate the track much more easily. Then you get faster & faster cars and you come across the reverse track (which in actual fact is the original track and has those perfect corners/cambers etc for hitting at a higher top speed)

    So basically I’m saying that reverse tracks are good and offer good replay value AS LONG as they have been designed with ‘reversibility’ (sp?) in mind. If however it’s a case of regurgitating existing content without any forethought then you may end up with a far from pleasing experience.

    To those that have played ‘Revenge’ – how does it race?

  • Yeah, splitscreen is much needed. Nice update though.

  • I did own this game for a while, but was dissapointed that there were no open world desert races. It seems like the same old racing game whenyou have invisible barriers and hae to stick to the track. Hopefully Motorstorm 2 will allow open racing across desert and other terrains.

  • Thanks for not putting my comment on. I guess the truth hurts that we shouldn’t pay for this content. ;-)

  • Multiplayer on and offline will take this game from A to AAA tell Phill to make it happen Sony we want this badly as a Motostorm Fans all over this blog will attest.

  • I can’t update motostorm to 2.0 have tried every way to and I’m not doing it please make an update section in the store and put this stuff in plan view for us, I’m so confused.

  • I might pick up the game again.

  • MotorStorm Revenge Weekend

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  • Next game mode update should be a RELAY RACE. 4 teams of 3 drivers. Each player races one lap. I think that would be a jolly good time. Also what did happen to Eagles Nest? This is not the same thing is it?

  • I’m disappointed… I jacked around with the add on last night. I hate the track. It’s too dark in spots & it’s too short… I beat it in 47 seconds. Also, why don’t you all release an add on worth a damn… Like headlights for your vechicles… Just a thought. I mean, I’ve now paid over 7 bucks (with tax) for Motorstorm and it only has 8 levels, 1 of which is a mirrored course, and all classes of vehicles handle the same per class. No speedomiter, either? I can see you’re really proud of your game, though.

  • @44 doubt it’ll happen via a update just wait for Motorstorm 2, hopefully by then they’ll talk to the Incog guys on their split screen tech on how to fit it into the game

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