What’s New in the PLAYSTATION Store?

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Grace Chen here, senior Manager for the PLAYSTATION Store. It’s been a big week for the PLAYSTATION Store, with the launch of Warhawk on Tuesday and tons of great new content today. We know you guys want playable games and demos, and we want to get them to you. So with that said, here’s a quick breakdown of what we have in the PLAYSTATION Store today:

– Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for $9.99
– Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection online add-on for $9.99 or the bundle (game + add-on) for $29.99
– Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 demo
– All-Pro Football 2K8 demo
– NASCAR ’08 demo
– Heavenly Sword “Episode Four: The Sound of Combat” making-of video
– Heavenly Sword “Episode Four: The Divine Birth” Anime video
– Folklore “Surviving the Netherworld” trailer
– Clive Barker’s Jericho™ trailer
– Movie trailers for Beowulf and Bee Movie

I’ll do my best to blog about additional PLAYSTATION Store updates as often as I can.

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  • Thanks for the GREAT

  • good job sony tekken online FTW

    Omega_omicron add me

    challenge me if you dare

  • i hope you can post on here what is coming out every thursday so we don’t have to be surprised every week or have to go to a third party site to see what is coming out that day. threespeech is doing it now so i can’t see why you can’t.
    ps. thanks for the update!

  • Nothing I really want… but I certainly appreciate the blog post!

    Would it be too much to ask about giving us an Assassin’s Creed HD trailer? (or, fingers crossed, demo?) I would be all over that.

  • Good update. I’m down for some online Tekken.

    PSN still needs major work though.

    1) Why are 3rd party demos coming out AFTER the release of the game? Sometimes weeks after. This is still a problem.

    2) Why isn’t PSN able to match XBLA when it comes to demos from 3rd parties? Is it 3rd parties at fault here, or Sony’s? It’s making you look very bad.

    3) Japan got 14 PS1 games this last update. Where the hell are the PS1 games for us? Or in general? The output of PS1 games, which was a highly touted feature, is absolutely pathetic.

    First party stuff on PSN (sans PS1 games) rocks. 3rd party stuff, with a few exceptions, sucks. Get it fixed. PS3 is in 3rd place and definitely not in the position to be slacking. =(

    In the meantime, I shall enjoy Tekken and SPF. =D

  • Thanks for starting a PSN Store update blog

  • Great stuff guys. This is what we’ve wanted. :-) Now all us whiners can shut up…..until next time. ;-)


    why did the new street fighter not get released?

  • WOW!!! This is great!! Keep up the good works…. PSN store

  • Very nice, this is what I like to see.

  • This is what im talking about……..now just sort out the EUR store.

  • *stands up and claps*

    This is an amazing update! Keep up the great work! (now if we can only get some PS1 games :P)

  • @Davitr0n

    Yes it true. The complaining will never stop. I just said it to provide the PS Store team something to feel good about for now. :)

  • As a European user I’m despairing at the huge gulf in content between the European and US stores. The American store got Warhawk a couple of days earlier than us here in the UK and so far this week it appears that’s all we’re getting. There is no reason why there should not be a global pool of items that hit all stores at once, like with demos, backgrounds and trailers.

    Surely it would make it easier for the people managing the Playstation Store if this was the case as they wouldn’t have to deal with different release dates, etc.

    Localisation isn’t really an excuse anymore either, especially for those English speaking nations (like the U.K.) that have always traditionally been lumped in with the rest of Europe on this front.

    Will anything be done to alleviate these kinds of issues in the near future?

  • Please bring Suikoden 1 & 2 to the store.

  • Well lets not call it complaining…more like constructive criticism.

  • That is an awesome update, I can’t wait to get home to try out the demos.

    Is there any hope of new motorstorm content coming to the PSN. I would love to see the level Eagle’s Nest that Phil was playing in the E3 conference video

    thanks again for getting us demos, cause after playing the dirt demo I am glad I have motorstorm to play instead.

  • sony is great


    4 Demos!!!!!! Good [DELTED]!!!!

    Now i pray to any diety to make sure those demos werent slated to released one at a time over the next 4 weeks…LOL

  • The Us update was great….but over here in that little patch of land called europe (its right there between Japan and america) we get warhawk and…..yep just warhawk

    Its a fantastic game,but come on.Can we please just get the same updates as america….Its ridiculous how little wer getting over here in comparrison.

    Wer still waiting for the new blast factor add on thats been out in the US for about a month now

    The content wer getting is great,thats one thing i cant fault.But its the fack that wer getting barely any in comparrison to the US thats getting on my nerves…

    Maybe im just bitter that I still can’t download Satlevania SOTN…..but still,please sony give us europeans a break.

  • Quite frankly the PlayStation Store needs to be universal in terms of the content available. I’m in the UK and when I read this blog post I was excited to play Tekken 5 Online, but evidently as usual, us Europeans have to wait longer than everyone else.

    When content goes up on the Xbox Live Marketplace it becomes instantly available for all users in all regions. This needs to happen with the PlayStation Store sooner rather than later.

    So when can we expect Tekken 5 Online to be available in the UK?

  • ps3mods.blogspot.com

    Here’s the updates at most of the PSN regions. http://ps3mods.blogspot.com/2007/08/playstation-store-updates-august-30.html

  • You know what??…Looking at the amount of demos out there on the market and how many demos were promised….i dont see why Sony cant release this number of demos per week…or even one a day just so switch it up and keep us on our toes…

    Like hmmmm…monday they can throw us a Lair demo…then ya know Tuesday brings Skate followed by a Ratchet and Clank wednesday or even an Uncharted Thursday…LOL…ok now i’ve gone from real world to fantasy world

    back down to reality…4 demos a week is TOTALLY possible…yo better yet if Sony posts 4 new demos a week i’ll never post another blog response ever!!!…LOL

  • Best one yet I’m still gaping at the store….WOW……..Thanks!

  • Best PSN update ever, best week ever for PSN if you factor in Warhawk. Three downloadable full games, 4 demos, trailers, wallpapers.

    Good work. I for one appreciate it. Bit disappointing to still read some complaints about missing demos. I dare say that they are on the way, Sony just want to spread the demos out, right guys? Still Skate, Strangehold, Jericho, Ratchet & Clank, Lair, Uncharted, FIFA08, NHL08 and more to come.

    I guess I would have to ask about the PSone classics situation. We have noticed that the Japanese store is getting a steady influx of them, but the Western stores have next to none in them, any word on this issue Sony?

  • Yes, yes, yes. This is great and all and kudos for this great update, we’ve all been begging for demos, games and other cool content and you’ve responded positively. BUT what about the firmware update?

  • And yet again the EU store gets nothing. Well thanks Sony, you took my $850 but we come last clearly.

  • Great update thanks guys :).

  • Here’s an idea for store. Make it good!

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  • Ok. First Warhawk. Only been able to log like 6 hours, I was playing with this cat that had loged 27 hours at 1:00PM today, wow, awesome game. Now this great PSN update. And GameStop just called me and said that I can pick up LAIR right now. My wife will be here with it in about 10 min. Then Heavenly Sword in like a week. This is almost to much content. Keep it coming :)

  • Can anyone else not find the $10 tekken online patch?

  • How do I make a complaint to Sony about the UK getting left in the dark every week when we pay $850 for the PS3? What about us that don’t want Warhawk? That’s all there is in the UK on the Store.

    I am sick and tired of my PS3 being turned off and having nothing to do on it. No demos, no decent updates, game delays delays delays.

    You in the US pay alot less than us and you get spoiled with these updates so don’t even open your mouths.

    If things don’t change I’m goingo have to try and get the word out that the UK are being ripped off and try and WARN as many people in the UK as possible that we are being conned.

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  • Nice! You’ve delivered once again!

  • Thanks Sony. The store has been outstanding.

    I agree with the earlier comment – time to dump Paramount movie support.


  • So where is Puzzle Fighter for Europe? This is ridiculous – it’s the one game I’ve been waiting for on PSN for months now over anything else, having psyched myself up for it today and… only the US gets it? That’s not good enough; there wasn’t any indication that we’d be waiting longer for it, and it’s especially ridiculous considering it came out worldwide simultaneously on the 360. What’s stopping PSN doing the same?

  • Thanks for the stuff, but…. I might get the folklore trailer, but if we had an update for the flashplayer in our browser, I would just stream it. The sports demos….I spent 700 dollars plus on my PS3 for hardcore gaming, not golf and preppy football games. Awesome that we got a big update to the store, but maybe next time try not to get so many sports demos..Wow something I didn’t even see… A Nascar demo. wtfh…O I don’t wanna [DELETED] too much thanks for the update.

  • Great update! Been for some new games and demos. More updates like these please!!

  • An add-on for tekken 5!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
    And puzzle fighter awesome!!

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  • @#84(leonkennedy)
    Do you know any1 in the US you can use their address to create and account and D/L from the US store. Its not that much hassle and you get the best of both.

  • @crazyeighty8 – #92

    You can’t buy content from the US store without a legitimate US-based billing address. I downloaded the Puzzle Fighter demo, but I don’t care much for a demo that doesn’t let me play online, which was the biggest draw in the first place.

  • Hey Sony, remember that giant continent inbetween the U.S and Japan called EUROPE? No, didnt think you did.

    Japan gets a whole range of classic PS1 games, U.S gets a ton of demos, trailers, videos, wallpapers, add on.

    Umm..Europe gets Warhawk.

    Pull your finger out and stop treating us like 2nd citizens. this is ridiculous. Oh well, back to my 360 i go, where they actually treat us the same as the U.S

  • First off, apologies to our American brethern, must suck for you guys to see so many EU people on here moaning when you’ve got a great update to be excited about.

    But over in Europe we don’t even get an explanation for why we constantly get shafted in content updates.. just silence.

    And as for creating a US account, I could but I shouldn’t have to. Its that kind of duct tape repair that annoys me about my PC, I shouldn’t expect it from a console! If the kings of duct tape patching, Microsoft, can manage their online space then surely Sony can get themselves sorted???

    So please Sony, for the sake of your American readers who you seem to value more than us, give us some info or (if your feeling nice) a decent update in the EU so we can leave these guys in peace.

  • nice update.. definitely gives me something to look forward to each week..
    and always hoping for more downloadable stand-alone games like Stardust and Calling All Cars.. would love to see some sort of Arkanoid/Ricochet-type game tho, especially with the graphics like that of Stardust or some shooters/side-scrolling action like Gradius or Contra.. Konami would do well to put together some stuff for the PSN whether it be old school or something totally new and/or updated..

  • This is a great update, but Sony, please read this:


    XBOX Live just received a TimeShift demo and NHL 08 (but were getting that soon according to the article). Please read that.

  • @europeans

    you guyz have every right to complain…we ALL have something to complain about

    Sony ignores us here in the U.S. also…so whether your in Australia, U.K., U.S. or wherever Sony isnt going to fess up any answers…

    Have you seen the ones that post here??…P.R. and Marketing…are those the Depts you’ll get trustworthy answers from?? lets be realisitc…and Shu’s secretary most likely posted his post for him…dont expect answers from him either…basically we just have to sit here and keep takin it the only way we can …Sony’s way or the highway…its what THEY want to give us…not what WE want…the competitor MS on the other hand is quite opposite they give gamers what GAMERS want and yet by doing so gives them what THEY (MS) wants…which is $$$…its a basic concept which i dont feel Sony will ever adopt

    If Sony gave the hardcore gamers what they wanted which is lots of kick ass high rated mature games…thats when Sony will see some $$ being generated…Im not a teenager and dont want Teen games…dont market a system for kids that have to ask mommy and daddy to buy the games…market it for the MATURE gamer that buy the crap ourselves and enjoy the crap ourselves and stay up till all hours of the night without having the parents screaming at us that its past our bedtime…anyway im done Sony will never take advice or suggestions so dont bother

  • @Loucifer
    take a deep breath and try not to be so angry.
    sheesh. you’d think with all the money M$ is paying you to hate in every blog post, you could afford to take a much needed break from your hate mongering.
    way to crap on other people’s enjoyment of a decent update, jackarse…

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