What’s New in the PLAYSTATION Store?

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Grace Chen here, senior Manager for the PLAYSTATION Store. It’s been a big week for the PLAYSTATION Store, with the launch of Warhawk on Tuesday and tons of great new content today. We know you guys want playable games and demos, and we want to get them to you. So with that said, here’s a quick breakdown of what we have in the PLAYSTATION Store today:

– Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for $9.99
– Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection online add-on for $9.99 or the bundle (game + add-on) for $29.99
– Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 demo
– All-Pro Football 2K8 demo
– NASCAR ’08 demo
– Heavenly Sword “Episode Four: The Sound of Combat” making-of video
– Heavenly Sword “Episode Four: The Divine Birth” Anime video
– Folklore “Surviving the Netherworld” trailer
– Clive Barker’s Jericho™ trailer
– Movie trailers for Beowulf and Bee Movie

I’ll do my best to blog about additional PLAYSTATION Store updates as often as I can.

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  • – Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for $9.99

    I been waiting on this one. It will be mine! My favorite Puzzle game ever, and at $10 I feel as though it is a steal.

  • Thanks for the update.

  • Fantastic update. Every week should be as awesome as this one.

  • Wow! Finally a huge update! Plz, try to keep this up, but yet again, you guys still need to release Skate demo, I hope you haven’t forgot about that yet.

  • Also forgot, is there a way you guys can upload DMC4 trailers? Like the new CG07 trailer? I should love to see that one up.

  • Niiiccceeee. Keep it up PlayStation Store people!

  • Nice update. It has a nice mix of demos, game videos, and movie trailers. Thank You, Very Much.

  • Yeah, some DMC4 trailers would be awesome seeing as how the Japanese store already has them.

  • What time can we expect the update?

  • Quick question: Once something is added to the store, does it stay there indefinitely?

    I don’t have a PS3 yet, but I’d want to be able to play all these neat demos once I DID get one.

  • main reason why i ask to please AT LEAST let us know, it’s because since you don’t mention anything, that pretty much tells us that there’s nothing going on..

    if there isn’t well at least we stop asking for it.. i believe sony likes to give us surprises with the updates, but we rather know ahead of time..

    thanks again.

  • Fantastic nice job and thank you.

  • hey guys.. well the store has been pretty good lately, but definetly needs some work on the lay out..

    it’s easy yes, but annoying.. there should be a better index..

    anyhow.. on another note, we ALL noticed that there was no update this month.. please there’s a lot of issues that we have asked with the ps3,

    some of them are very easy.. something like account passwords.

    also could you clarify about the new tools that you have provided to some developers about integrating custom soundtracks??

    i believe i’ll pretty much hit it in the head when i tell you that most if not ALL third party devs wont be using these tools.. as you have shown to us of how little you care for third party devs to do a good job with games, i’m sure only first party devs will be using these

    in game xmb (including music) shouldn’t be that bad being that my 1992 computer can do it.. not that i have it anymore.. now i understand that there might be some difficulties, but please please AT LEAST LET US KNOW WHAT’S THE LATEST.. i understand that not all little requests could be possible, but the competition already has this features, and has them well

    is there special that you’re working on.. we’re not asking you to deliver it next thursday just that you fill us in a bit with the latest.. thank you guys.. i do understand that you don’t “REALLY” have to do this, but you hinted that you are going to.. so please let us know

    and btw, the feeling of using my ps3 as much as i’ve been using it now with warhawk it’s great.. keep the games coming fellas..

    thanks again

  • BulletToothTony you haven’t read the rules? This post is about the PSN store and is not related to the XMB or firmware etc. Please keep on topic – it makes the reading of comments a lot easier for everybody.

  • sounds good ralph wiggum..

  • NIce But when will we get the LAIR demo? or its never going to come i already pre-ordered this game and its bought 4 But for people a demo wouldn’t hurt and we need a system update! c-on lol :-0 2.0!

  • I got one more problem with the ps store. Now that the games and demos are flowing in(good job)………where are the Playstation One games at?????Japan has over 60 ps1 games. u guys should work on that, other than that good job

  • thanks for the news on the store updates! Can we get these every week, please?

  • Pretty good update, but you still have the Skate demo, Stranglehold demo, and Ratchet and Clank demo, NHL 08 demo, and God knows what else collecting dust. Hurry up with these please. PLEASE. Good job with this one, but I know you can do better.

  • I am speechless…. sure it is just sports games, but wow…. THANX you guys.

  • WOW, that’s alot of stuff. I’m going to have to get Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and TDR online. I’ve been waiting for that one for awhile. Any word on a Lair Demo? or would a Lair demo be really big in terms of memory size?

  • On a second note. Where are the PS1 games? Come on. PS1 Games. Old as dirt, and you still can’t deliver them on a steady basis. Japan is getting these by the truckload.

  • Ooops, you missed out the SKATE demo on your list. No worries just make sure it’s in the store when you guys upload today’s upates.

  • “Devine Birth” should be “Divine Birth”.

    I look forward to getting Puzzle Fighter.

  • Wow!!!!!!! That is what i call an update. Keep it coming please, that is alot of greate demos, Sony is showing EA the love. Awesome.


  • Miss Cheng, will you marry me? : )
    Thanks for the update.

  • Cool update. Thanks alot Sony.

  • Although I wish they weren’t just sports games (I have no interest in those), it’s very cool to see people’s complaints are being listened to.

    I hope that in the future, if there are demos we are waiting for (such as Skate), but they won’t be coming out, we at least get an explanation as to the holdup.

  • What is up with the pair of Paramount movie trailers since Paramount announced recently that they would be sopporting the HD-DVD format. You would thinkt that Sony would pull off their movie trailer from the store, but instead they are adding to it.

  • best. update. ever.

  • great but where is the ratchet and clank demo…please say next week.

  • Great Update, keep up the quality!

  • Where is our Skate demo?

  • i hate sports games…

  • sorry warhawk has taken over my life 4 now
    update cool back 2 my game

  • thanks for the amount of demos and games this week. Don’t listen to everyone whining about other demos, always so needy and whiney. I’m sure other demos will come in due time. Jesus, they can’t cut you guys a break over in Sony. Sadly these are the fans not the haters.

  • Nice update.

  • The SKATE demo better be up next week. Arseholes.

  • Where’s all the European content?

  • Been waiting all week for the SKATE demo – what’s the holdup here? XBL has had the demo out for over a week!

  • Great job guys – keep the momentum going.

  • great update to keep us entertained for a week.

    lets keep this up EVERY week and there would probably be less complaining.

  • It has definitely been a big week for the PSN store, I will be sure to get Warhawk and the Tekken 5 add-on. I’m not a big fan of sports games but I’m looking forward to playing those demos.

  • @ai11237

    C’mon, you really think there would be less complaining? :P

  • “Grace Chen here, senior Manager for the PLAYSTATION Store.”

    Nice update Grace! Have a suggestion for the Playstation Store, How likely would it be to have downloadable Pakages? Like say, a weekly or monthly package that would contain all the weeks or months downloads in one simple download.
    ( Excluding pay content of course )
    Sort of like the packages available for the PSP, that can be downloaded from the playstation website.

  • Still waiting for some demos like Uncharted but it’s a good update anyway. Warhawk is fun as hell.


  • Super Puzzle Fighter II!!!!

    Gonna buy it soon as I get on the PS3.

  • Now this is what I’m talkin’ about Gus :P

    But I’d like to see Paramount get the cold shoulder for a while, that would nice, after the stunt they just pulled.

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