PAX 2007 Approaches

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PAX 2007 kicks off tomorrow and ends on Sunday. Is anyone here attending? This is my first year hitting PAX, so if you have any advice for a noob, let me know.

As John Garvin pointed out yesterday, we have Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow comic book cover signings scheduled with Greg Rucka. We’ll be in booth #516 so be sure to swing by for the signings and to check out several new titles that we’ll be showing off, including:

PlayStation 2
Buzz! The Mega Quiz
Buzz! Jr. Jungle Party
SingStar 80s

Jeanne d’Arc
Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow

Heavenly Sword
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

And speaking of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune…

PAX attendees will have the chance to get some hands-on time with Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (updated exclusively for PAX) in our booth. They will also have a chance to insert themselves into a real-life adventure as they take off in search of clues to treasures that are just as real. Participants will find themselves shooting Airsoft rifles and climbing walls, and will be rewarded with sweet prizes that include:

– Exclusive Penny Arcade designed Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune t-shirts
– Limited edition framed concept art prints signed by the Naughty Dog team
– PLAYSTATION 3s with an SCEA software bundle including pre-release copies of Warhawk and LAIR!

Stop by our booth for more information, enjoy a few games and remember to say hello while you’re there!

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  • mero4ever, check my posts a few scrolls upwards.

  • i didnt know Ratchet and clank was going to be there. now i wish i had bought my plane ticket. sigh, oh well there is only
    1 month 27 days 23 hours 58 minutes left.

  • Thank you Cagalli,

    I read that in the vgchartz forums, the problem was that I just figured out it came from xbox forums. Any how, What happened to go sports ski!? taht game I want, since its not only 3d but it uses 6 axis. Dam I want games already, Im going to buy warhawk on saturday, and then heavenly sword. IGN gave it a 7.0 which is very wierd.(killzone got a 7.5 from them..) still going to get it though. I will buy alot of PSN games(FF VII on ps1 games would be awsome) if go spots ski comes out I bet it will outsell calling all cars.

  • Thanks for the Blog post on the Expo. I attended on Friday and Saturday. I loved the booth and the chance to play a demo of the games. Thanks for attending and I look forward to your booth next year.

    Seattle WA is home to two of three Console companies. PAX has been going strong for years and is a very large Expo. They don’t just do video games, you can get into Tabletop games here.

    The world in Conflict launch party was a smash. As was the first public live demo of Assassins Creed.

    Protip: Sony is the third, and not in Redmond WA.

  • I went to PAX yesterday. I had a blast. I got a ton of cool stuff from the sony booth. My friends and I did the scavenger hunt for Uncharted. I won a piece of signed artwork and a t-shirt. woo hoo! also got a god of war: chains of olympus shirt. along with demo discs and posters.

    If you’re at PAX today. Do the scavenger hunt in a group. It was a blast. Just make sure someone can climb a rock wall. Seriously, I didn’t but my friend did.

  • HS won’t be online but that doesn’t mean that the wont release a mode later on via PSN.

  • @Cagalli, Thanks for your reply, sorry didn’t see that till now.

    another question, we have seen games on both platforms (Xbox, PS3) that are of equal performance and visuals and we unfortunately also seen one that is inferior on the PS3. Is there a coming-soon multi-platform title that will look better on the PS3 and will show its true power?

  • Any chance the Penny Arcade game, Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness will ever come to PSN? I noticed it’s coming out for Windows, OSX, and Linux, and XBLA was just announced. People keep saying PC to Xbox ports are really easy, but two of those platforms are OpenGL-only, shouldn’t be that far from a PS3 port.

  • Heavenly Sword got a perfect 10/10 from PLAY Magazine.

    And a 4.5/5 from GamePro magazine.

    Two of the most respected gaming mags out there.

    Will get? YOU BET!

  • mero4ever, there are games like DMC4 that have started their development/optimizations on the PS3. Ones in specific are Dark Sector, Sega Rally Revo, Burnout Paradise, Unreal Tournament III, and others I can’t think of at the moment. As Phil Harrison stated in a recent interview, I think we’ll see more third parties get the support they need and begin more of their development first on PS3 and then port to 360 because it’s in theory easier to do so without screwing over the PS3 version in the process.

  • Folklore is a awesome game i play the demo and i love its a MUST BUY, I would like to say that ps3 is getting better RPG’s because that was the backbone of the ps1 and the ps2 i been playing RPG’s since my grandmother got me a playtation 1 with final fantasy 7 so everytime i think Playstation i think RPGs

  • warhawk rules

  • OK about Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune it look good and different game but with all those other games that are coming out this year is on my Top = 5 ps3 games and I also have a Top – 5 PSP games since I just Pre-order the PSP Slim, Final Fantasy 7 Especial Edition with Crisis Core from Japan, there is some people like me that love FF, and oh yea i pay $428.00 dollars for it, I know the American UMB movies dont work on it, but i hope it work with my American PS3

  • is lair coming out 8/30

  • @chase, I think Lair is street dated for 8/31, at least at my work, it is.

  • i loved the Timshift trailer…more than the actual game. Sadly another FPS, I feel like the “next-gen” consoles we’re named after they felt saying “FPS Gen” didn’t have the same NEW feeling. -Sigh- another game i won’t buy for any system.

  • I wonder when the 1.91/2.0 update is coming…

    They usually send the firmwares out between the 17th & the 24th each month.
    If a Sony representative could give us some clue of when we can expect it, it would have been nice. :)

  • You know when corporate PR uses the term ‘noob’ or ‘tricked out’, then it is time to retire the pop culture words. lol

  • Theres got to be 20 demos on PSN at the moment (how many do you actually play?) and almost as many full games. Not that bad 6 Months after launch (UK). Xbox had a fully developed LIVE even before the 360 launch. Sony are gonna be behind in that department, at least till the launch of HOME.

  • Sony rocks with reliable releases every week, sometimes it is a game, sometimes a video, but it is always nice to come home and see what they have for me on friday. hanks for updating us on something that we could have no part of or information about two years ago. XBOX is already behind as they have an inferior machine that is nearing the end of it’s cycle.

  • Oh yeah to post No 17. It is not like they are waisting game time with the movies. They are something that takes a team a week or less to get out to sony, and i like to watch / download them from my PSP from work via Remote Play. What can be better than messing around at work on your PS3 than downloading little movies and games?

  • Official Playstation Magazine….

    in the UK we still get this, for both the ps2 (with demo disc) and the spanky ps3 with a cover blu-ray. i think you americans should start demanding it back if it’s been cancelled like you say.

    lets all hope warhawk turns up on thursday. as quoted.

    is it me or has this blogs content died lately?
    bring the devs back, we want real news not corporate PR blurb and sales stat’s.

    @jennifer 79 – are all the mods at PAX? quit spamming

  • If lair comes out this month, Im getting that instead of warhawk. I can get warhawk later on.

  • To much stuff coming out to fast. Warhawk, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Folklore (the demo sold me), and I have to upgrade my PSP. All in the next 43 days. Oh and I forgot about Socom for PSP. Thats like me giving Sony $10.00+ per day for the next 43 days. I sould just buy stock. LOL After Folklore I am not spending anymore money on Playstation until Singstar. So that gives me like what? 21 days.LOL Keep the content coming.

  • @79 what happened to comment monitoring sony?

  • Sooo. Why isn’t there a blog about Warhawk coming out tonight at midnight? Give me a reason to check this blog daily guys…

  • yes a blog update would be nice. along with a new poll.

  • Firmware details PLEASE. feed us the juicy fruits and make us all plump little chickens

  • warhawk rulz..

  • There has been lots of talk on game sights that the PSP is going to go the way of the dodo. I hope this is not true, becuse there are some that can afford the PS3 just as yet. Also, when is Playstation network going to be allowed (if at all) for the PSP Users with out hte PS3?

  • i have heard a Rumour on the circuit about GT5 Prologue saying that it is to be a free download from the PSN i was hopein that someone (if there is anyone reading these) would clear this up and either confirm or deny this Rumour. i also agree with some other posts about this Blog bein for Sales Reps & Industry sales STATS which neither i care about if i wanted to buy a console that has good sales i would have bought a 360 but noo i pay £500 for a QUALITY console of the future. SO PLEASE TRY HARDER TO SPEND 30 MINUITES TO UPDATE THIS BLOG as i spent £500 (in faith) on MY PS3

  • Warkawk Rules!

  • Omg… I think that this is the first month in the history of the ps3’s life that we dont get a firmware update. I bet its 2.0 And they wont release it until october for HOME. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Warhawk is awsome man!!

  • WOW Sony I wee the blog update it’s AWESOME!

  • and how about the PSN?

    Is GT prologue gonna be free????

  • @Sheila Bryson

    I guess it is a little late, but my advice was to bring 2 bottles of headache meds, an mp3 player, and a can of deodorant spray… the last item is for the crowd of smelly gamers…

  • i hope there’s an update by the end of august

  • im tired of sony dragging there feet, ive been checking out the wii and what you can get for downloadable games and im thinking of selling my ps3 and buying one, so sony better do something quick.

  • XROOK, um Warhawk just came out, Lair is out Friday and in a couple weeks, there’s Heavenly Sword… I have a Wii as well, but my PS3 gets way more play time.

  • #83 @keving02886
    Have you not been paying enough attention to the scene PLAYTV look it up PSP is the PS3’s THIRD EYE any time you wanna offer me a job sony ;) am open

  • PsychoEddie

    “I disagree. It was terrible.

    The game play is gameboy-esque; at best! The Vic20 graphics are a disgrace. You want me to spend 65 bucks for a game and I have to READ the GD dialog? Hello!? McFly! Hire voice actors! If I wanted to read, I’d have bought a book. It screams Gigli i tells ya.”

    You do know that this games is kind of like a Port from the Japanese original Folksole they’ve changed the language to English when it comes to the FMV clips that has voice’s in i mean the will CGI FMV clips it just the other bits you have to read and alot of people like reading. there gonna change something thats done so well in japan just for the rest of the world.

  • @Darkendless

    “wow heavenly sword 7/10
    lair 5/10
    warhawk 6.5/10

    ps3 is dead in the face of metroid, halo 3, bioshock, super smash”

    This looks like a great and sounds like a great game i don’t care what reviews say its got a great story line so I’m gonna buy it. People need to stop relying on reviews to know if the game is good or not or u know the person doing the review for the game may not like does types of games and will give it a bad mark/score review.

    If you like the sound of a game but ant sure about it go to blockbuster and rent the game out and try it out then you will know if it is good or not don’t rely on reviews and other peoples opinion and try the game out.

    And when it comes to WarHark my friend bought it from the PS store in USA and said the Game kicks ass he said its a Triple A game so i’m gonna buy that today.

  • Fix the Warhawk Ranking System!

  • Sony…! Give Europe the (most wanted) PRE-PAID CARDS for the Playstation-network!!! Many people (including Me) don’t have a creditcard! So pleeeeeaaaase HELP US OUT HERE!!!! Thanks!! Greetings from the Netherlands!

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