PAX 2007 Approaches

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PAX 2007 kicks off tomorrow and ends on Sunday. Is anyone here attending? This is my first year hitting PAX, so if you have any advice for a noob, let me know.

As John Garvin pointed out yesterday, we have Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow comic book cover signings scheduled with Greg Rucka. We’ll be in booth #516 so be sure to swing by for the signings and to check out several new titles that we’ll be showing off, including:

PlayStation 2
Buzz! The Mega Quiz
Buzz! Jr. Jungle Party
SingStar 80s

Jeanne d’Arc
Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow

Heavenly Sword
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

And speaking of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune…

PAX attendees will have the chance to get some hands-on time with Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (updated exclusively for PAX) in our booth. They will also have a chance to insert themselves into a real-life adventure as they take off in search of clues to treasures that are just as real. Participants will find themselves shooting Airsoft rifles and climbing walls, and will be rewarded with sweet prizes that include:

– Exclusive Penny Arcade designed Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune t-shirts
– Limited edition framed concept art prints signed by the Naughty Dog team
– PLAYSTATION 3s with an SCEA software bundle including pre-release copies of Warhawk and LAIR!

Stop by our booth for more information, enjoy a few games and remember to say hello while you’re there!

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  • PS3’s and Lair!!!?? Sweet!



  • Wait, wait, wait. I thought this Greg Rucka thing was the whole event (that sounds kind of stupid now). Is there an entire gaming event going on in Seattle? Nothing cool ever happens here! Could someone please provide a link to this and possibly the way to get into this thing?

  • That’s great. I’m glad they have a nice PAX presence.

    However I’d like to derail for a moment and complain about the really lacklustre state of the PSN Store.

    Where is the Ratchet and Clank demo?
    Where is the Lair demo?
    Where is the Stranglehold demo?
    Where is the Skate demo?

    Where is Everyday Shooter?
    Where is PixelJunk Racers?

    There is a severe games drought right now. We know they are coming but Sony *really* could have bought themselves some goodwill by actually getting some of these demos – which we KNOW are done – into the hands of users.

    Please, stop with the ridiculous only-Thursdays release schedule and get some fricking content up already. Live is kicking ass in this regard. I think there were something like 5 demos up just this week.

    I have both a 360 and a PS3. I really like the PS3, but wallpapers are an insult. There’s nothing to play. Please….Fix it.

  • Sony.

    I just read on PS3Fanboy that you have no plans to attend E4All. I think this is a big mistake. I know a lot of people are excited about this show, including myself as I am attending the show personally. I would like to express my disappointment on this subject because I feel a lot of people are using this Expo as a way to replace E3.

    Considering the mass amounts of public attending I can see no greater opportunity than this to get people interested and excited about the PS3. If non PS3 owners are at the Expo and can experience some of the amazing games first hand then wouldn’t that push them towards the path of PS3 ownership?

    The support for this expo is growing exponentially, and if you do not take advantage of this opportunity, there will be a lot of disappointed people wondering why Sony would not be interested in attending the Expo that is for the gamer. I think it would be absolutely foolish of you not to attend E4All, and I, as a G.A.P. member would feel extremely disappointed and ashamed if you did not.

    I hope you sincerely reconsider the E4All Expo, and I REALLY hope I see you there.


  • I cannot wait for Jeanne d’Arc!!!

  • Not bad. Oh yeah… SIXTH!!!!

  • I like that you’re offering a PS3 bundle with Lair and WarHawk, just one thing though, will they be able to play WarHawk since it’s only a multiplayer game, will anyone be online to play with?

    Saying that, the actual game comes out on Tuesday, finally! Now, there’s no more sneaky delays are there? We’re good to go this time, right?

  • Warhawk has offline splitscreen iirc.

  • i cant wait for warhawk… i wish there would be an expo near where i live so i dont have to travel cross country.. well i guess thats what the internet is for

  • Apparently Sony only hires HOT women. Or are they hot because they work for Sony???

  • I would go if I could.

    And Sony not attending E4all? Got to be kidding me? :-O

  • Any confirmantion when all those PS3 games will have a demo on PSN? BTW, what happend to the Lair demo it was confirmed to hit the store in July yet we have still have been waiting for it, although I gotta give credit for todays store update.

  • yea sony, you should at least go to E4 all to scope out indy talent for PSN

  • plz dont delay warhawk..pls god dont..I havent bought a PS3 game in a looooooong time.

  • Nerfgun- it’s interesting how *you* “KNOW” this sort of thing from the position you’re sitting in as a particularly whiny consumer on the outside.

    Please do provide such evidence that you “KNOW” that the proper demos are complete rather than stage demos. Demos take time to prepare and take time away from development, but hey, you “KNOW” they are done so obviously you can provide proof.


  • I cant understand why people did backflips cause Folklore demo was up..its an “ok” game 90% of us have played by making JPN accounts.

    trialers…you mean commercials?? wtf do I do with those?

    mini-anime movies..they waste HD space and I can watch them on my PC thats 5 min. away from my PS3..

    plain and simple..more Demos ASAP.
    no more no less.

  • @toolshed. #17 above poster.
    somepeople dont have computers to use. also the PS3 is aimed for a multimedia experince. or a computer that can be used on the TV which i do with these movies. and if there a waste DONT DOWNLOAD THEM. gosh darn i would rant on you SO HARD if my home wi-fi was working. and stop complaining a bout demos. so really your computers five minutes away HUH? i could just download the whole episode on my PS3 in that time.
    and those trailers. you watch them you dee-dee-de just deal with it without those the store would have no real purpose. now if you want commercials check out the europeans store “adverts” which i have downloaded. and actually we arent supposed to make multi-accounts. (Sorry Sony)in fact id put the # of people with multi-accounts at about 5-10%. im also sure that Heavely swords PR department is working hard on these. its actually made me realize how deep the story should be and make me move this game 5 spots up on my top 10 list.

    and on the demos. how about you go up to sony and convince studios to spend money making a demo for a system that might not sell there game as well on another one. “no more no less”
    so by your logic that means all we need is demos. oh forget about no lag online.forget about warhawk and socom forget about downloadable games. forget about us NOT HAVING TO PAY. all WE WANT IS DEMOS. RIGHT?
    SOME people care about games. and guess what? 99.99% of PS3 buyeers didnt buy a PS3 for the demos.
    also Folklore is an Awesome game.
    hopefully i put some sense into your head.

  • Those ps3 games plus the multiplatform games are going to make all the ps3 owners happy for sure. So much different games coming in the near future.
    From sony published games i definately want lair,heavenly sword,warhawk but mostly uncharted!
    Uncharted is not maybe going to be groundbraking 3rdps but it looks so fun to play =D

  • Aww! I wanna go so bad now! ; ;
    Oh, well- I’ll just wait for the Uncharted demo to come to the PSN like everyone else, and buy warhawk and lair next week. ^-^ Well, at least I have something to look forward to! By the way, did anyone else enter the Folklore Create a Creature contest? o.o

  • Wow, coolasj19. I *do* agree with most of your statements- but I must say that that troll really got you worked up.

    Don’t take them so seriously. Be a little more laid back in your response. A little bit of tact can go a long way. ;)

  • I just wish there was a bit of news about HOME. The software was supposed to have an appearance at Lepzig. What happened? It’s fall, there supposed to be a large scale beta by now, yet no news whatsoever. This is troubling.

    Add to that, my most awaited game, Hevenly Sword, just got thrashed at It’s really been a bad day. sigh. My only hope is Ratchet and Clank. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a sad Christmas. I don’t play First person shooters so a lot of “must haves” are not even gonna be considered. Give me Sing Star anyday over Halo3 or Ghost Recon.

  • I wish one of these events would happen near me. *sigh*

    Anyways, I hope you guys post some articles on this blog about the Sony stuff that will be going on at PAX 2007. I don’t recall any GC07 articles, which seems really strange to me. Granted I can get the info other places, but it would be nice to get it here and talk about it with other “Sony people”

  • Sorry all. I am disappointed. Potential without actualization is the utmost failure. Because Sony could have trashed the wee-wee and and the X-d’oh 360 but is as mediocre even worst. I don’t want to see sony people at game conventions having fun. I want to stay HOME and have fun playing games that justify your 600+ dollars price tag. And your ps3 browser is not even supported well by your own websites. Had to get that off my chest. With that out of the way, how are you guys doing? Look for deceptive-1 on warhawk, he is an army marksman. I will snipe all of you out of frustration.

  • @Sony

    Is it true what they´re saying in about warhawk???

    “We have just received information that the next PS Store update, which will contain Warhawk, will be Thursday 30th August and not Tuesday 28th August as previously announced. As you know Thursday is the usual day for our PS Store refresh. We are sorry for any inconvenience that the extra 48 hours wait may cause.”

    I know its just 48 hours, but come on, another delay???

  • Loco Roco is crap. To put a game like that on the PS3 and not turn it into a 3D type game ridiculous. There is so much potential for this game to be huge for the casual gamer market. But to bring the game over looking like the PSP design version whats the point. The game designers lack foresight. This game design should have similar 3D features like pokemon on N64. It really would be great to see PS3 hardware at work rendering what would be a very beautiful 3D game.

  • I’d like to check all those games out in person. :)

  • those who don’t know what PAX is check out Penny Arcade.

  • Just Played the Folklore demo today. I love that game. Anyone that has not downloaded this has to… great game.

  • I wish I could be there!

  • @ PsychoEddie: Dude what are you talking about? The Folklore demo was pretty damn good. It has the best and funnest use the SixAxis so far.

  • Jeigh | August 24th, 2007 at 2:00 am

    Wow, coolasj19. I *do* agree with most of your statements- but I must say that that troll really got you worked up.

    Don’t take them so seriously. Be a little more laid back in your response. A little bit of tact can go a long way.

    trust me. when you have a bad day like i did yesterday with school coming ever closer im a little on the edge. and besides i HATE dumb people. or Dumb statements/posts. i didnt feel like giving anybody the benifit of the doubt like i usally do.

  • @leafs_fan

    I disagree. It was terrible.

    The game play is gameboy-esque; at best! The Vic20 graphics are a disgrace. You want me to spend 65 bucks for a game and I have to READ the GD dialog? Hello!? McFly! Hire voice actors! If I wanted to read, I’d have bought a book. It screams Gigli i tells ya.

  • I wish I was there, I want to play the Uncharted DEMO too

  • Demo demo demo! That’s all I see in this blog. Dude people can we stop with this already? If the demo is ready, they will release it. Stop asking… Sony already gets the clue. And wait a minute, don’t you have to subscribe to xbox live and pay a fee? PSN doesn’t require a fee!! Demos are FREE along with a lot of other exclusive Sony stuff…. So c’mon people, what Sony gives us are frickin’ gifts! So Sony thanks for all that you have given us!

  • Beautiful! Those are truly the 10/10 games Sony needs and the ones I’m waiting for.

    I’ll be getting both Warhawk and Heavenly Sword as soon as possible. I’ll buy Lair whenever I can too.

  • wow heavenly sword 7/10
    lair 5/10
    warhawk 6.5/10

    ps3 is dead in the face of metroid, halo 3, bioshock, super smash

  • As long as some real info comes out of it, I’ll be happy.

    @Darkendless – Quit trolling, you moron.

  • Darkendless, those are only from one source each, other places have been giving Heavenly Sword and Warhawk 8s and 9s, and Lair just got a 8 and 7.25 from GameInformer.

  • Where is the Firmware update?

  • @darkenless #42
    heavenly sword was reviewed by IGN UK and for some reason the US versions always get higher so wait a little bit longer. lair and warhawk were reviewed by a former xbox magazine editor-and-chief. i highly doubt that one persons bad opinion should sway anyone.

  • Damnit US got the same score as the UK IGN score. I am depressed. Just when I thought the PS3 would kick the 360’s ass it flops. At least I will enjoy Tekken 5 Dark Ressurrection Online and Warhawk. Too bad both games will be overshadowed by Halo 3 which sucks.

  • @Darkendless – Yup, I have a feeling that the PS3 will end up in third place salewise yet again this XMas season.

  • @Psychoeddie:

    I agree, Folklore needs a crapload of voice acting to replace all the text. RPGs have no excuse after games like Oblivion to make you read every single conversation.

    The graphics were good and I loved yanking the souls out of everything…but the camera was/is retarded. They gotta fix that before I can justify a $60 purchase.

  • @jacsro
    I got an email from PSU and it said that warhawk will be on the PSN Tues the 28th.

    Gameinformer Lair 7.25 and 8
    Playmagazine Heavenly Sword 100/100
    Warhawk I have seen anywhere form a 6.5 to a 9.5.


    Is a good rebuttal to that statement. And the article you read said that the PS3 version plays a lot better.

    You guys really have to stop taking everything you read as fact. Who cares what one guy has to say about a game. The web and some of these magazines are filled with fanboys. I commend Gameinformer for offering a professional review on Lair. After reading it the review seems spot on. EGMs review seemed too emotional to me.

  • Not bad 40cal- the perfect rebuttal to a hysterical… “person” (I’ll reserve my namecalling to myself).

  • just wondered if i was missing something with the folklore demo.. two little areas and the same creature to fight over and over and over again… not what i expect from a 1Gb+ download.

    and while i’m here.. the red text? in the speech. practically unreadable. i do have a 1080p display.

    just waiting for warhawk to hit the stores, AND the motorstorm expansion whenever that’s coming.

    of the following:-
    – Folklore
    – Heavenly Sword
    – LAIR
    – Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
    – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

    the only one i am genuinely interested in is LAIR and that’s only getting slightly above average reviews. just glad i have a great back cat’ of PS2 games still.

    though to be honest i’ll buy R+C just to have something worth playing on my console. i bought it to play games, not to be a home media hub or whatever the heck they’re calling ’em.

    video on demand? who honestly is gonna download a 4-6Gb film? and that’s only standard def’!! life is way to short.

    love my PS and have done since ibought a PSX to replace my 3DO, i hope Sony gets sorted out by this xmas, GTA IV was gonna keep me warm during those winter months but now.. pfft.. GUTTED!!!

    Sony don’t let the PS3 become this generations 3DO. that had great spec’s and died. why? i think we all know the answer to that.

  • sounds like a good time. what does PAX stand for, and where is it located?

  • I want to know if it is actually true that Devil may cry 4 on Xbox360 is slightly better visually than the PS3.

    It was said here in Gamespy when they tried the demo during the Games Convention:

    shouldn’t it be the other way around, especially with the Cell and graphic power that the PS3 has.

    Is there gonna be another Madden problem? Is Capcom facing the same problem as EA?

    or what is going on with the devs?

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