Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta

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Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta

Hey, all. I wanted to extend KUDOS and our thanks to all the Warhawk Public Beta testers out there who contributed to tweaking and balancing the game so it truly becomes a game for the gamers – which is what Incognito’s goal was all along, right Dylan?

With that said, as a nod to the top Public Beta testers and top Public Beta forum posters – take a close look at several of the Warhawks and Nemesis aircraft flying about, you’ll find your names painted on the ships. Congrats. Regrettably we couldn’t put all of your names down, but know that this was meant for all of you.


Top 5 testers (based on Team Points)

1. Click
2. Enebreated
3. Merovee
4. IComeInPeace
5. ArtemisBane

Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta
Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta
Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta
Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta
Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta

Top 5 forum posters (based on posts)

1. dk3dknight (sorry you got cut off bro)
2. unusualbob
3. O-R-I-O-N
4. ucigasu
5. LordYod

dk3dknight copy
unusualbob and LordYod copy
O-R-I-O-N copy

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2 Author Replies

  • @ucigasu – we got you, albiet a bit small. Check out the plane up/left from Merovee (3rd close up)

    @Click (aka O-R-I-O-N) – damn, top player and poster! It shows your passion for the game so I don’t mind having you in there twice (although I’m sure some of the other public beta guys will be gunning for you online…watch your back)

    @kinglink – to each his own, this was truly a ‘thanks’ post to those who participated. As for a few of you other things I can add to:

    – Heavenly Sword’s “ridiculously short demo” – while I agree its short, I’ll argue “ridiculously” any day. I think GamesRadar sums up the general impression amongst the press and gamers on the depth and detail within the demo, providing ample replayability (although I’m sure you’ll still argue, but your entitled to your opinion)


    – Warhawk’s “remarkably” expensive price – $39.99 for gameplay experience that beta testers have logged 50+ hours in a short span. Sounds like a good value to me.

    GENERAL – Dylan is the man…glad you all agree.

  • heavenly sword got a 9.7 on an irish sony website… awesome! warhawk got a 9.6.

  • I ABSOLUTELY CANT WAIT FOR WARHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I WANT WARHAWK NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • I hope Warhawk get good reviews throughout the press and magazines and gaming websites. Either way I’m still going to by it.

    And Mr. Valledor can you or can you talk to anyone who works on the online team at Sony to verify the problem with headsets after the 1.90 update. Because I don’t know if this is an isolated incident because ever since the 1.90 update a few people in Resistance including myself are headsets malfunction. For example I have a Logitech usb communicator headset and my setting are input Logitech and output tv. When I go on to play a game the headset works for max minute meaning I can press L3 or when I’m in a squad I can talk through it for a minute max and then the headset cuts off. The only way for it to work again is for while I’m playing for me to unplug the usb and plug it back in and then the headset works but it cuts out again after about a minute or 2 minutes max. This has happened after the 1.90 update. Do you know if this is more than an isolated incident and do you know if the next update will fix that problem. Thanks by the way for hearing me out.

  • Also sorry for going off topic a little but I was just concerned if this problem would carry over to Warhawk online witht the headsets because I really want to use them and they provide you with a fun way to communicate to your partners and be in the battle I hope you guys have tested this problem and see if this is only an isolated incident that happens or if iy just happens in Resistance. But I know for a fact that the thing with the headsets has something to do with the 1.90 update because ever since the update Resistance got a lot quiter and my headset malfunctioned.

  • Wow, spamming gives you rewards :( I should have spammed too…

  • Dylan Jobe

    I’ll talk with our IT guy in the morning and make sure you can get your email though to us and the team.

    Here in the studio we have all got the retail BD version and tried the headset with no problem. I have read online about some people having issues with headsets in other games though. Not sure what the deal is there since we haven’t seen it. Rest assured though that if at any point there are troubles with the game, we’ve got a team here supporting Warhawk with service patches and DLC.

    So long story short…we’ll do or best to make sure you guys are covered.

  • Also even I don’t care about the score look at this link that someone posted in gametrailers.com on the forums according to a magazine which I believe is PSM Warhawk will be getting a 6.5. I don’t really care because I’m still buying this game. Just to inform everyone I’ll post the link. Read it scroll the page its in the middle.


  • Thanks man really appreciate the feedback. So I guess no worries then. I’ll just use the bluetooth headset and hope things go smooth from there. Thanks again for your reply.

  • If we buy the retail blue-ray version will we be able to install it on the drive. Will we be able to play the game off the drive without having to install the blue-ray disk. I’m probably going with the boxed version so I can get the package bluetooth headphone.

  • Awesome tribute. Can’t wait to pick this game up.

  • Good to see you guys have everything under control and ready for anything out of the ordinary.

  • PSM gave this game a 6.5/10 what the hell does PS3 not have any good games coming out or what?

  • @ Mark: Yeah, I know that people will be trying to gun for me when this game gets released. It was already happening to me in the BETA, so God knows how bad it’ll be when the retail version comes out, lol. But I’ll be ready! Remember, I also gunned for specific people that went after me a lot, so it’s not like I’m easy prey. =P

    In fact, the only person I couldn’t take out consistently was Gergination. But I’m sure you know about him due to his talent and extreme amount of playtime logged, since he was an internal tester…

    Oh and don’t worry about the “remarkably” expensive price some reviews and haters/trolls keep bringing up. $40 is a good price for Warhawk and $20 more for a BT headset is more than reasonable. Trust me when I say the buzz is huge surrounding this game’s release. A LOT of people are extremely excited about Warhawk!

  • I totally agree with you Mark. Some people just wrote off the Heavenly Sword demo as a flop without even getting into it. It’s pretty annoying.

    And that’s pretty cool with the Warhawk names.


  • This is beautiful everybody. I daresay an almost humanistic company who sincerely appreciates what we think about. Thanks

  • hah. That’s pretty cool. I found it funny how people already posted the link to that review.

  • I don’t care what review this game gets I’m still going to play it and have a fun time with it also.

  • Yeah, PSM has sadly gone down the toilet since their original Editor in Chief left. I used to really like reading the magazine… ironically on the toilet, but now, it’s hard to trust any of their reviews.

    Very sad that they gave Warhawk a 6.5. Warhawk would have gotten a 6.5 in pre-patch BETA form, when it crashed every few minutes, lol…

  • Thats a pretty cool way to reward your beta testers.

    Warhawk is a must have, I’ve been waiting for a good multiplayer game to get addicted to.

    Heavenly Sword demo has huge re-play value, I’ve re-played it over & over & just like the games radar article says, you can mash your way through it but it’s so much beter if you take your time and go for combos & counter attacks, I was worried i wouldn’t get into Hevanly Sword but the demo convinced me.

  • I’d really like to see what PSM hated about Warhawk….because even the buggy beta was at atleast a 8.5 in my book.

  • Sweet Pics man.

  • Sweet Pics man loving the Pictures.

  • @66: Who cares, its a good game and if anyone is gonna base their opinion to buy things on reviews that only the publishers did, thats sad, I would at least wait to hear what the majority of people say. Plus why are you posting somthing like that anyways? Are you trying to make the developers who made this game upset after they prob. put hours and hours of work into, thats the equivlent of someone having a nice car and washes it everyday to make it look nice then someone comes up and says oh you missed a spot. IMO, that review is BS Warhawk is a very well done game with lots of re-play value and hours upon hours of gameplay, but what do I know, I was only in the beta.

  • a lot of people care.

  • Hello, could someone at Sony and/or on the Warhawk team confirm if the PSM review & score of 6.5/10 is legit or not?


  • it is legit, you can see it on the gamefaqs (yuk, I can’t believe I went there) boards…

    But as a beta tester, this title deserves much more. The people working at PSM should have their balls removed… as well as Paramount pictures for prolonging a format war which could’ve ended this year.

  • It doesnt matter what score ANY games get…fact of the matter is people are still going to buy it cuz PS3 has NO games!!!!

    people just want to PLAY!!!! ANYTHING!!! at this point…I know im DONE watching dumb ass trailers on my hyped up $600 movie trailer player

  • @Voozi: I’m sorry, I don’t know anymore if it’s real. I’ve read many threads trying to debunk it, but I don’t know… I’ll wait till the magazine is out, but I’ll buy this game as soon as it comes out.

  • so i guess youll guys areent gonna pull up the beta names sheet and liike give ALL the testers something? i mean like a outfit design that says BETA on the back or something. something as simple as that. anyway i appreciate youll for letting my beta test the game. and will youll intergrate a recommendations tab into the game please. going onto the website and posting and HOPING youll see it is too much.
    im gonna try my best to buy Warhawk and if i cant i will get a share off of a friend. but if youll would release some kind of content under 15$ ill be happy to pay with my own money its just i can only have so much spending money.

  • @66.
    dont let one person eprive you from a great game. i give the bet a 8.5 and the final is BOUND to be at LEAST a 9.0. its just the price which made it go down. and yes that 6.5 is legit. they just had a bad workday and decided to review every game bad.:P

  • public? that wasnt a public beta

  • So 6.5 for Warhawk…6.5 for Lair

    what a great bright future for all these great games Sony promises

    How are 6.5’s going to compete with Halo 3?

  • Its just pathetic that i’ll be spending $60 on a rated 6.5 “next gen” game

  • I really would want the bluray version of the warhawk at the same time as everyone else, but the release date on europe seems to be 5-19.9 =P
    I want it soooo much!!!

  • I don’t know if this is asked before, but what exactly is the Jabra model included in the BD version?

    Obtaining disc based games is very hard at the place I live. (average PS2 game retails for $140) So PSN is a blessing. But I do want to get the headset too.

  • Bluray version has the game, vids, headset and some other plus content, i think.

    I found a news that the guy who gave warhawk 6,5 points out of 10 was an ex xbox magazine reviewer. So is he just jealous or is he series about that review? Some big mags gave 8-9/10 O.o

  • This might be a stupid question but, is Sony going to market Warhawk? Or will it just appear on the shelves? Not trying to tell you guys how to do your job, but I think if there was more marketing done for PS3 it would even do better because not that many people go on the internet and talk about gaming. Do commercials on the what the PS3 has to offer, yeah here and there was some commericals for Motorstorm, MLB 07 and Resistance, but there hasn’t been any for months. I could care less if you guys at Sony decide to market or not because I have my PS3 and know whats comming so I, am a happy consumer, but I highly recommed you guys to start showboating what PS3 has to offer since the Holidays are right around the corner and people are still oblivious to what the PS3 has to offer.

  • Hey everyone.
    Just wanted to say that I loved the beta and can’t wait to play it again!!

    If someone could please answer these questions I would appreciate it. :)

    1. Does anyone know if rumble is coming soon. While I do like the SIXAXXIS I believe (my opinion) that rumble is needed! I really miss those vibrations!

    2. In Game friends access… please tell me this is possible in warhawk!

    I think that about does it for now, lol. Keep up the good work guys!

  • cool nice , i have alredy transferd 400 kr too my psn account ( i realy ,realy hope i did spel account right ) The 28 i will just download warhawk and have fun online , cant wait til start kick in buts all over the place . Is some one from the makers of warhawk going to be playing ? cos i realy love shoot them out of the sky lol .

  • Cant wait to be back in action.

  • iv alredy transferd 400 sek to my psn store , so thay are waiting for warhawk , and um Tekken online .

  • Ok for everyone whos says that I’m basing whether I’m buying the game based on a reviers opinion and score is wrong. The only reason I posted that link with the picture for Warhawk was to inform other people who want to know any scores and to inform the people at Sony etc. I already have this game paid off as we speak now and I will buy it the day it comes out.

  • Dylan Jobe uses this blog to talk to his peeps all other Sony Devs take note. Talk to your people and give them answers. I command you Dylan..absolutely great job on talking to the people who will buy your game.

  • @52

    “irish sony website” that says it all. heavenly sword doesnt deserver that high and this is good but not a 9

  • I really want to read why PSM gave it such a horrible review. The BETA was a blast, and I wouldnt give Warhawk anything under 8. Either ways, I’ll still be buying it.

  • @Clover09

    Have you seen ANY tv spots/commercials/radio ads for ANYTHING Sony???…

    I know i havent…but you know who needs TV or radio or even a huge banner hanging in the window of every 7-11 all over NY like MS has of Master Quief when the name of your company is Sony

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