Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta

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Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta

Hey, all. I wanted to extend KUDOS and our thanks to all the Warhawk Public Beta testers out there who contributed to tweaking and balancing the game so it truly becomes a game for the gamers – which is what Incognito’s goal was all along, right Dylan?

With that said, as a nod to the top Public Beta testers and top Public Beta forum posters – take a close look at several of the Warhawks and Nemesis aircraft flying about, you’ll find your names painted on the ships. Congrats. Regrettably we couldn’t put all of your names down, but know that this was meant for all of you.


Top 5 testers (based on Team Points)

1. Click
2. Enebreated
3. Merovee
4. IComeInPeace
5. ArtemisBane

Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta
Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta
Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta
Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta
Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta

Top 5 forum posters (based on posts)

1. dk3dknight (sorry you got cut off bro)
2. unusualbob
3. O-R-I-O-N
4. ucigasu
5. LordYod

dk3dknight copy
unusualbob and LordYod copy
O-R-I-O-N copy

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2 Author Replies

  • How awesomly cool is that. I’m really impressed.

    BTW I’d like to thank the Warhawk team and SCEA for the pin and signed box art I received today. See you all in the skies next week!

  • That looks really awesome!!! I wish I was a Beta Tester…my name might have been there. Oh well, congratulations to the people on with their names there!

  • Props to Sony, that is pretty cool.

  • Even though I didn’t get to be a Beta tester I have been sold on this game and I’ve pre-ordered it off of EBgames. CAN’T WAIT!

    PS: I really wish bots had been included in this game. Not for regular gameplay but for training. Basically, I wish there was a training mode included were you could just practice shooting, flying, etc before getting your butt handed to you by people that either have been in the Beta or pick up the game rather quickly.

    Oh, Sony! I’m using the PS3’s browser to view this blog and gotta say it doesn’t work as good as I thought. Can’t believe I have trouble watching your videos on your own system’s browser.

  • Thank you guys for the invite! It was loads of fun! :)

  • Thats sum good s**t right there

  • Nice, I’m sure those guys are going to love it. I can’t wait for next week.

  • @Mark Valledor

    I think i should have my name on one just for being the #1 pain in the ass!!! :)

  • @Loucifer
    “I think i should have my name on one just for being the #1 pain in the ass!!! ”

    I second that! :D j/k j/k

  • Haha, amazing stuff. People who do stuff like that rock. I was big in the Resistance Forums, and there was a poster that had my (unusual) name on it, but i think that was coincidence. I can pretend.

  • i cant wait

  • Any idea when warhawk will be released on the PSN in australia?

  • That’s awesome.

  • 9 more days, this game is going to be great.

  • Sucks that I wasn’t invited to the Beta :( But it’s awesome that you guys do this kind of thing for your top Testers/Forum posters. :)

  • Awesome. Any idea on what the PSN version of this game will cost in Canada? And is there a time on Tuesday it’ll be released on PSN?


  • Nice thats good, a nice way to motivate the gamers!1 keep it going!!

  • Very Cool. If only i had posted every 5 minutes like everybody else. congrats to those who got on the warhawks.
    see you all in the skies next week!

  • Really nice thing to do for the fans.

    This game is BIG already

  • ONE MORE DAY(scratch that…NIGHT) FOR GRAW2 which will hold me over for this SWEET!!

  • bullettooth228 should’ve been there, after all, i did contribute with the idea of making the warhawks hover.. and the idea of landmines… i dunno.. i think i should receive my own warhawk medal or something.. i could sue, but i’ll settle for a free game download!! take it or leave it dylan!! ;0p

  • i cant wait to play warhawk!!! i just joined a clan and warhawk is going to own!!! enjoy my $60 my friends!

  • Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to jump in and echo Mark’s comments — we all, *really* appreciated everyone’s efforts during the BETA and wanted to give back to our community.

    And it was awesome to see that SONY agreed to integrate you all with our ad campaign!

    Again…a good sign IMO of the kind of support that we’re going to get for our Warhawk online community.

    BTW: Swing by our dev-blog on IGN. We’ve posted some cool behind the scenes stuff there and will continue to do so to help show how the game was made.


  • Man I am going crazy… I can’t wait for this game. It is so close but the days go by so slow….. The only thing that keep me from going insane are the videos and all of the news.ARRRRRGGGGGG!!

    just playing, I am perfectly fine, but really though I can’t wait… :-)

  • That picture would make an AWESOME wallpaper!!!!

  • Congratulations to the top Warhawk Open Beta testers! That’s a great reward, huh?

    I really wish that I was accepted to the beta, but hell, the game is the game.

  • This is totally awesome of you guys. I really love how this game is shaping up.

  • I am really looking forward to this game. I was dissapointed I did not make it into the beta, but hopefully it will be as good as its hype.

  • LOL! THANK YOU VERY MUCH Dylan, Mark, and the rest of Incognito for this fine gesture. And thanks to Insomniac’s James Stevenson for allowing me and myresistance.net’s “Infected” a straight pass into Warhawk BETA.

    It was a pleasure BETA testing your amazing game and an honor for me to be represented in such a manner. I made new friends (and enemies) while playing Warhawk and posting on the forums for the near 2 months it was available to us.

    Funny thing is, O-R-I-O-N is actually the account my “Click12” PSU forum name was registered under. So I actually appear on 2 Warhawk planes in that ad, lol…

  • Hey you know what would be really cool….if in the actual game your psn id was stamped on your warhawk just like it is in that picture

  • Would of been nice to include everyone ;-)

  • for the week i got to play it, i thank you. it really helped me to understand what the game was all about.

  • Oops… I forgot to thank Sony and SCEA because they’re the ones who made/printed this ad as well as financing this game. =)

  • Aww I’m not there :(
    Can the other Beta Testers that weren’t awesomely good get like a wallpaper with the Tags engraved on a Warhawk? Please! I would very much appreciate that, but then again 2000+ wallpapers (>o_0)> that’s a lot. Well can I have one anyways? I was a Beta Tester too, I reported a bug or two!

    Wow I’m asking for too much ha ha, but can you though? A wallpaper with TyranX on a Warhawk would rock and send it to my e-mail! ha ha

    Good Job Dylan and the Incog team, you guys ROCk!
    \m/ _ (-o-) _ \m/

  • ps3mods.blogspot.com

    I can’t wait for the full game!

  • That’s really great. I’m going to get to see two people that I know on the wings of a Warhawk! Just awesome.

  • That is truly awesome of you guys at Incognito. I cannot wait for the release of this game! Keep it up!

  • of all the betas i’ve been in, the warhawk beta was the best just because Mr. Jobe here was always communicating with us. awesome! we need a dev in the home beta…

  • That was really noble of you guys to recommend and for Sony to give the yes to. That was very selfless act and you guys could not have done that but shows that you are true to your community and fans and enjoy giving back. Thats great. Too bad not everyone could have their names but at least you acknowledged them.
    Kudos to Incognito and everyone from Sony who helped or contributed on that game.

  • Wheres ma plane?


  • that is the sweetest…..I wonder if they will add in more features like this later..like if i have the most kills at one point will i get my moniker on a ship..would be incredible incentive

  • Thats awsome, I wish I could of been on the top but I usually played unranked, but congrats to the people who got the customization Ill make sure Ill blow up your planes in the sky if I see them since now you’ll be an easy target. Muhahahaha!

  • that’s uber cool of sony and incognito.. right on guys!

  • So there just pictures? Their names are not going to be in the gameon their warhawk?

  • Hate to comment again, but I forgot to mention something in my other post.

    Dylan, or someone related to Incognito, could you please provide us with some form of e-mail address which we could use to contact you about matters possibly unsuitable for a public blog? In particular, I’ve been attempting to contact Incognito about something relating to Warhawk, but I didn’t want to do it here publicly because that would be in poor taste (advertising).

    The e-mail on Incognito’s main site is busted and returns all mail immediately, so it would be great to have a working address.


  • Just some feedback about the Jabra Headset, a friend has a model above that to be shipped with Warhawk, the Jabra BT-135, and we have had a lot of trouble with him dropping out and the headset disconnecting. We were mainly playing Resistance and I was using the EyeToy’s mic, we have also verified this with another PS3 user, and it drops out wether using XMB Chat, Calling All Cars or Resistance.

  • Yes same happens fo me too. Has it happened to you ever since the 1.90 update because its happened to me and a couple people ever since the 1.90 update but I have a Logitech usb communicator headset.

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