PS3 Stress Test

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A lot of noise has been made recently about the reliability issues of one of our competitor’s systems. So, not surprisingly, some of our more ambitious PlayStation faithfuls decided to run their own stress test on the PlayStation 3. They put it in a freezer at zero degrees for up to 108 hours and they put it in a sauna at 120 degrees for up to 64 hours — all the while running games and Blu-ray Disc movies on it. Did it fail? Nope. Like the Energizer Bunny, it kept going and going and going. Probably not something you want to try at home, but our thanks to the guys at PS3 Vault for putting our system through the ringer. Check out their full report.

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  • @Dave Karraker | August 13th, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    @Kenji — We will always keep an eye on the market to see what other colors would be welcomed here in the US for PSP. Your input is certainly welcome.

    Does your research show that Pink won’t be welcome in the US? The DS has pink and it’s actually got my wife and other female games to jump into the handheld market. What research do you show says the US isn’t ready for more colors after 2+ years on the market?

    Why not release Pink in limited numbers? It’s almost like you don’t want women to play the PSP and have no intention of marketing to them.

    Also I thank you for the response and I hope you keep them coming, that’s what I hoping to get out of this blog. Thanks again.

  • Good to know that if I am ever in the back of a freezer van with my PS3™ that it will still work :P

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  • PS3 is a tank! :)

    This blog is wayyy cooler than I expected it to be :) I kind of though it’d be like MajorNelson, where all you do is post content from the PS Store and firmware updates, but you guys have Q/A’s, interesting news, and so much more! This blog is awesome, and its nice to know my PS3 is a tank :)

  • I knew my $800 (including insurance from Best Buy with RFOM) investment was worth it!

  • OK great now send us some ammo for this future weapon.(Games) and BTW tell EA thanks for a great PS3 madden…It runs buttery smooth…when I close my eyes, tilt my head sideways, and stand 1000 yard away.

  • Impressed but NOT SURPRISED . This Player is ONE SOLID DEVICE. ……….I do feel a sorry for people involved with the 360 . Micrsoft is Young to Hardware and the customer is Paying for the Learning curve. ……..AND HOW.

  • It is quite a durable system. It is nice to know that your company does extended tests like this. I am going to brag to my friends who keep yelling at me for getting the PS3 instead of a 360.

  • I’m just mad because I haven’t finished a game on my 360 since GeOW….I mean I’ve played other games i.e. Lost Planet, Fifa, Smackdown….I just haven’t finished them or gotten into the online play.

    But finally when a couple of games start to trickle out that I want to get my claws on…specifically Bioshock, my damn 360 dies out on me. Now they might lose my money for the 360 version cause by the time I get it back I’ll be too into Warhawk, Lair & Heavenly Sword.

    As it’s looking now…I might just wait until Q1 for the inevitable PS3 version. But yeah RROD & constant freezing sucks.

    P.S. Sony you guys better be working on in-game messaging and cross-game invites.

    *points evil monkey fingers at Dave Karraker*

  • @103

    I agree 100% the blog has turned into THE source for PS3 news. I always come here first now :D

    My PS3 has only ever froze once and it was during a R:FoM update. ( I dont count HOME beta trial as EVERYONE freezes in that).

  • @Danrider: LOL

    davidjs_uk said:
    “Dunno if anyone has said this already, but why not offer a trade-in deal for broken 360s? Say $100 dollars off a PS3 when you trade in a 3 redlights 360? Not my idea by the way, but still a good one.”

    Hehe that is actualy a realy good idea.
    But what would Sony do with all the 360’s?
    Build a big house out of dead 360s? :)

  • News flash. The US Navy is using ps3 casing in their new thermal suits which also double as bullet proof vests. Kudos Sony!!!!

  • My PS3 works perfectly all the time. even if i have it on folding@home for 6 hours then start playin games.

    the only time my PS3 ever freezes is when im on the internet broswer. usualy cause i have like 6 youtube videos on though

  • My PS3 is silent and rock solid. 75 work units and no problems whatsoever. :P

  • I’ve never needed to justify spending the extra money on my PS3 console because as with all other Sony products reliability is what you pay for.

    I am from South Africa with taxes and against the US Dollar I paid a ridiculous price of $899 for my PS3 console. And I don’t regret it.

    I’m not a PS3 fanboy at all, but Micrsoft should stick to what they know best, building buggy, vulnerable and flawed operating systems.

    I’ve read an article on Kotaku recently about an Xbox360 owner that has had his console replaced 6 times already! And then they refuse to replace it altogether until he emailed one of the big chiefs at Microsoft. That’s really scary! I mean I’ve still got my original PS2 and that’s over 6 years old now and it still works without any issues!

    Well done Sony!

  • I felt sorry for the PS3 on the picture at the bottom. : )

    I’ve never found any problem with any sony products. There is quality throughout and I’m not suprised the PS3 survived. My PS3 never gets hot.

    We all know how bad the xbox would cope.

  • Would have been cool to do that with the PS3 JUST doing Fold@Home because, that uses pretty much all of the CELL at the same time. If you guys do another one of these, try doing that! I am glad I bought the PS3 or the 360, the PS3 is just, plain, better. :)

    @Dubbedinenglish: Lol. Nice. But what are we going to do about all these 360’s all over the place?

  • In a risk for a ban, seriously there has to be better news you could post, such as what is coming to the store on Thursday?

    Yea. It’s nice to know that the PS3 can handle the climate of Hawaii or Antartic. But until we get a year or two under our belts we will see if you have staved off the DRE problems of the PS2.

  • For all the benefits the PS3 has over the other system, please add upscaling of PS3 games to 1080 – you guys are losing sales to this issue that you refuse to comment on, just let fans know if it will ever be fixed or if there is no hope

  • ^^ Don’t feed the trolls.

    This is great news as reliability is the #1 reason I don’t own “the competitors” console. Granted, past systems had issues, but you’re supposed to make progress as time goes on. It’s a bit unfair to compare consoles from 10 years ago to current generation systems that are failing left and right, WORSE than that same companies first efforts.

    Keep the updates coming, hope to see some cool stuff this week on the store.

  • PS3 is a tank. I helped out with a Madden launch party last night at gamestop. We had the PS3 and 360 demo units outside in temps from 97-104 degrees. The 360 locked up 3 times the PS3 held strong all night.

  • I know this isn’t really the place for it, but could sony please make a section for the psp on the blog or at least post more about it. We need some space to post our thoughts and suggestions for it. I feel like it has been neglected. It really needs a new update with the ps store and a new flash player. The ability to actually play games through remote play between the ps3 and psp would be great too. I know ps3 games probably can’t be streamed, but maybe ps1 games can. I don’t know if it’s even possible to do it anyway. It would be nice for someone from sony to comment and let us know if it is possible.

  • As much of an advocate of Sony and the line of Playstation Products I can help but feel that this blog has only showed me how little an idea SCEA or Sony in all knows about their audience.

    I really don’t know what to think.

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  • @ any sony guy

    Can you guys make a poll to what ps1 games we would like to see on the ps store? FF VII!!!!!!!!

  • @Sr. Director, Corporate Communications

    What is the point of posting this? It proves nothing. Just a marketing gimmick. You all need more commericals. Did you all read the article about how over 40% of the PS3 owners do not know to fully use the PS3?

  • @Madness3120

    I made that point last thread. People don’t see the value in some of the capabilites in the PS3, so they don’t use them. I’m thinking about using its wireless capability though.

    But anyway, I could never agrue with the quality of the PS3. The PS3 is a quality machine, though some games and demos do crap out on me. However, I can live with that. But still, I got me a 2 year warranty on the system. Can never be too safe.

    One last point, BRING THE PRICE DOWN. The 360 cost 279 and the Wii is 250. People aren’t going to spend almost 700 dollars for a videogame system, unless its able to create and rewrite document files like a labtop or PC.

  • Haha I read that earlier, makes me proud of my $600 investment =)

  • *bows down to the PS3*

    It’s funny how the desperate Xbots are coming here to diss a Sony employee for telling the truth, when M$ never passes the opportunity to take a jab at Sony. It’s no secret the 360 hardware is faulty. M$ admitted it, and the system has over 30% failure rate. Sony has every reason to be proud of the PS3 and point out why it’s better than its competitiors, because it’s one of the most robust and cutting-edge hardware I’ve seen.

  • Dave Karraker,

    You commented on post 65 the capability of the PS3 being able to handle more AI than what is being suggested by the Ubisoft company, however, why is that almost a year into the PS3’s life, that large developers are still struggling to produce even the same level of quality of games on our machine than say the “other” console?

    When will this ever change Dave? We want months and months – to the point it feels like every Multiplatform game is a timed exclusive for the Xbox, and then we get inferior ports for our expensive machines.

    How is that in anyway fair?


  • I actually really like my 360…lots and lots of killer games.

    But…I’m scared to switch it on. Terrible really…

    To be honest, this entire generation so far has been a letdown.

    360 – GREAT games, crap hardware…

    PS3 – GREAT hardware, good games coming, but TOO LATE! Most of my PS2 owning friends have a 360 or Wii by now and could not care less for the expensive PS3…(sad, but that’s casual gamers for you!)

    Wii – Just f-kin AWWWWWFUL all round (apart from the great Gamecube/Virtual Arcade games you can play on it, and yes, that includes, the brilliant I might add, Twilight Princess)

    Next Gen? Booooo

  • @David Karraker

    Could you “tease” about, when we’ll get to hear more information about Home Trophies.

    Im dying to start on the Home Trophies deal :(.

  • hey

    Dave, greeat news on that, but!!

    I seriously think that the euro side of things need turning up a notch, ie: the backwards compatibilty issues, im still waiting to play OUTRUN COAST TO COAST! its what i wanted to play on ps2 for ages, and thought that there would be no problem when i bought ps3! I admit ps3 games are fantastic, but you cannot argue with some of the classics!

    Ps1 / ps2 site update please last one was 1.8! where nearly 2.0!! Please!!

  • Yeah and the Xbox was a quality machine … compared to the PS2, but that means nothing in the end. Sony fixed their problems (after what? 12 version?) and went on to dominate the industry. Microsoft has the upper hand. They have a better system right now and it is unlikely that you will be scoring any KOTORs in the near future. Sony has a hard road ahead of them especially this holiday when everyone pretty much knows Halo is going to sell like a fool… and with no GTA3 it’ll sell even more. I hope that Sony gets back in the game and fast, but it’s going to be a hard road to travel unless the Wii just falls from the face of the planet.

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  • I really thought that the 360 was more reliable than the rumors said but now even my big sisters boyfriends console broke down. Crazy [DELETED].

    Good to see PS3 being solid as a rock.

    The AI thing… yea.. seems like PR talk. PS3 can handle AI just as good as the 360 at least. It’s just that the SPU:s aren’t good at running code with a lot of branches. Almost all code can be made branchless with work put in though.

  • So all that we ask of Sony is to respond now?

  • when will there be a new flashplayer upgrade? also why we hardly get any demos to play?

  • At least I can rest assured that my PS3 won’t crap out on me before good games start coming out, and a better store is put up, and we get xmb access, and more good demos….. yup.

  • Hey great for posting this Dave K, this shows people sony’s effort into making the PS3, and its also great to see you responding to comments its great to know someone in sony is taking the time to read what we say.

  • That’s why I choose the PS3 and havent had to return it. While my uncle is on his 3rd 360 and mos of my friends who got a 360 dont have their console. PS3 FTW!!!!

  • Dave Karraker forget about colored PSPs…what about colored PS3s?? Where are the white and silvers??

  • I just wait the 28 to play that game. I think that will be the best game online (till november and september :) ) and i just want to say its not a greeat save to buy with the headset but its a good thing to have a bluttooth headset . Cant wait to play !!!!!!!!!
    I have one question i think there no first view right ????? only third person ?????
    Please put information :)

  • you know what I want Sony to see since they refuse to address the issues we are concerned with?

    The competition being on point with putting their online service to the test with Demos and Content Galore!

  • A few months ago, I had my PS3 and 360 on at the same time. Then all of a sudden the power goes out momentarily to all the electronics in my house.

    Everything including my 360 turned off…except for my PS3. My PS3 was still running on juice reserved in its internal power supply. (I giggled like a school girl.)

  • AGAIN!!

    So who actually is going to put the PS3 in a sauna????

    This proves nothing!

    LONG-TERM is the result you want to see. This is awhole marketing procedure on Sony.

    Let’s save this post 7-8 years later let’s see if you can put the SAME ps’3 thru same condition’s.

  • I’m really impressed that it survived in the Sauna.

  • 5.
    Xbox 360 unreliable? Surely not!

    Are you for real?? The 360 is the most unreliable console out there…the 360 generates a heat of 100 degrees celcius on a warm day will playing, the heatsink and the fan are to small. They had to do that otherwise the DVD player would not fit in…Microsoft denies it but is is the truth. The 360 is a crappy build and all the ring of dead 360’s are the proof.

  • @ Madness3120

    It at least proves that the PS3 is more reliable than the 360. People have kept having problems with their 360s since it was released.

    7-8 years from now Microsoft will probably be on their new console because they didn’t delivere a reliable machine with the 360.

    My first 360 crapped out 4 months after I bought it at launch. I’m on my second and I’m having problems with it, the drive gets stuck, occasionally can’t play some discs and have to keep trying to re-insert them, I get a loud sharp sfx corruption and I keep experiencing constant freezes.

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