PS3 Stress Test

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A lot of noise has been made recently about the reliability issues of one of our competitor’s systems. So, not surprisingly, some of our more ambitious PlayStation faithfuls decided to run their own stress test on the PlayStation 3. They put it in a freezer at zero degrees for up to 108 hours and they put it in a sauna at 120 degrees for up to 64 hours — all the while running games and Blu-ray Disc movies on it. Did it fail? Nope. Like the Energizer Bunny, it kept going and going and going. Probably not something you want to try at home, but our thanks to the guys at PS3 Vault for putting our system through the ringer. Check out their full report.

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  • I was watching 300 on blu-ray last night and it froze up at ht e end of the movie, plus I have had issue with the sound going out but everything else works (I am using HDMI on a new 06-07′ Samsung 40′ lcd with 3 HDMI ports, connected to a Dennon 3801 amp). But last night it was straight up freezing up where I could not continue watching the movie, I think it had something to do with the heat (even thought it is well venalated on a stereo rack). Any ideas…not sure if the ps3 is bullet proof…

  • While I do believe the PS3 is extremely well-built, I dont think you should go “boasting” about it. Instead you should ask yourself why so many PS3 3rd party games are getting delayed and you should work more to help devs make the most out of your console. But then again, I’m not the one running Sony.

    Good job on the “test” anyway.

  • I said before. Kudos to your hardware team.

    50% defunct ratio (based on what I have seen on the internet polls) is just unacceptable.

    I love my PS3 more and more every day.

    I would love to see a video where you strip down the PS3 to show us what’s “inside the box”

  • under like 1% percebnt breaking rate. awesome. and teckinical your gonna get a talkin to when i get my online back on. they cant boast on a place thats there own. like i said you gonna get a talkin to.

  • I was worried when I got my PS3 in January.

    My first PS2 @ $300 (March 2001) got the disc read errors one month outside of warranty. Wouldn’t read anything!!! I sent it to Sony paying shipping, repair, etc. It lasted only a couple months before the unit began to have the same problems.

    I purchased my 2nd (3rd ps2) PS2 in the middle of 2002 @ $200. This unit lasted about a year and, it too, succumbed to the disc read error.

    My last PS2 purchase (four total) was in January of 2005 @ $150. It has lasted to the present.

    I’m very relieved that I haven’t had a similar situation with my PS3. My PS3 has been on almost 24/7 since I brought it home. When I’m not around it runs Folding@Home. Otherwise its games, music, and blu ray movies.

    The PS3 web browser could really use some work though. Speed optimization as well as an up-to-date flash player would be a good start. Otherwise I’m happy to say that the PS3 (and my PSP) has been the best Sony console to date.

  • Sony you are amazing and you make amazing consoles!!!

  • well think about it, sony’s name is associated with quality, microsoft’s name… not so much

  • My first PS3 did not work at all.
    It just started blinking red when I turnd it on.
    So I went back to the store and got a new one and I have never had any problems with it.
    I guess I was just realy unlucky to get a none working one from the store.
    My 360 from launch still works so i guess i was realy lucky with that one :)

    And as others said on the comments over at PS3vault, they should test this on the 360 and Wii as well.

  • @56

    Yeah, without talking too much before going off topic, I would like to add the need of an updated flash player.

    As an recommendation, try to make plugins for it. Not for developers, I mean for the updates. I guess having the flash player as a plugin would require less work and we would not have to wait till the next firmware releases.

    Anyway, back on topic, I would like to add that I would not want to be one of those guys who ended up with a 400 dollars paperweight

  • Why cant you guys just say ” The xbox 360 is unreliable” microsoft cant do crud since its true, just blurt it out. I have never heard any sony guy mention the word xbox 360. (only in e306).

  • @Joel: Legal issues!

    RE: PS3 Stress test

    A friend of mine has heard so much about how crappy the 360 hardware is, and he’s all stressed out thinking that it’ll happen to the PS3 he just bought… and i reassured him today with that article, that it will most likely last forever.

    PS – cant wait to buy madden tomorrow. I just wish EA wasnt so down on PS3 that they feel the need to release half-baked software for it. But what are you going to do… it’s the ONLY NFL game in town.

  • I’m getting the strange feeling that some of these posts aren’t real and that someone up at the top has hired/created users to comment on the topics with nothing but positive praise and create a false sense of support.

    Has anyone feel/felt this way?

  • good like any other sony product!

  • Hahaha I love Sony they make the best products my ollldddd sony cd player still works and it fell to the floor so many times. But its greaat to know our systems will last way longer then the XBox 360 has.

  • @Free — PS3 can more than handle AI, as you will see with Heavenly Sword, which has hundreds of on-screen enemies with different AI routines at one time thanks to the power of CELL.

    @Kenji — We will always keep an eye on the market to see what other colors would be welcomed here in the US for PSP. Your input is certainly welcome.

    @DubbedInEnglish — You crack me up.

    @Cmack98 — Good meeting you as well in Vegas. You clearly caught me before I lost all that money at craps.

  • well DUH! My Sony 2001 DVD player(and PS2) still work, there is no question the PS3 won’t.

  • - » Damn, the PS3 is One Tough Machine…

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  • @63

    Not really lol. If you come to the “Playstation Blog” what would you expect? Its where people who like/love their PS3’s come to get the latest info and such. Really its not any different than going to a club where everyone else has the same interests. Besides I see plenty of questioning going on lol.

  • I bought an xbox (the first one) at launch, and that was the console that gave me the most problems ever. It scratched my games, erased my saved files, was too loud, lots of disc read errors, froze a lot, etc… From what I hear the 360 seems to have many of the same problems as the xbox 1, that really sucks.

  • Heh, yeah, I caught this in the PSU forums a little while ago. Good stuff. :D

  • I don’t like what they did to that PS3 after the tests. They could’ve donated it to ME!!!!
    I already have one, but another for my living room wouldn’t have hurt.

  • What a lot of people gloss over the the shaft that every one of the original eksbox owners got.

    Sony has carried over their products through 3 generations of consoles and provided for backwards compatability throughout. the exbox people got dropped like yesterdays news when the 360 came out.

    You STILL see games being made/released for the PS2… when was the last time you saw a release of a new exkbox game? lol

  • Hahaha that is awesome. Lol @ all the 3fixme fanboys for sending their machines away and waiting weeks/months without a system.

  • That stress test is reassuring, but I would love to see a more long term stress test. I am sure Sony has got some inside info on “mean time to first failure” for the first gen PS3s. Anyone from Sony wants to give us an estimate number on that?

  • So when the other side installs their 65nm chips does that mean that beta testing is over?

    The other side should be commended, they have arguably taken part in one of the largest BETA tests known to mankind!

    It only took 2 years, 11 million units, and an extra billion to “get it right”

  • cool

  • Wow…..I mean those conditions are extreme…….even some of the toughest PCs would fail….

    wow now wonder Incognito’s gonna use it to power Warhawk’s servers……

    Again, like some said here, Sony should REALLY put this out there and show the advantages of the ps3.

    My brother plays Resistance: FOM for 4 hours straight and the ps3 just keeps going, shuts off nicely and is ready for tomorrow.

    Thank you for the report.

  • BulletProof BABY. i knew it. This thing can stop tanks!

  • You should make a new Advertisement:

    If you break your PS3 (under normal conditions >> no hammers), you get a new one and a free game!!!
    This is living! Not xbreaking…

  • PS3 is trully a magnificent machine, I love mine, but please excuse my sckepticism, who the hell would put their $500 or $600 machine in a freee or a sauna??!?

    Are these claims for real?

  • And i was worried that its too hot to play ps3 on my flat, cause its quite hot here cause i have my ps3 and 2 pc’s always on.
    Ps3 really is a quality product…only a big hammer can kill it.
    I suggest that they would do the same test to xbox360, i think that it cant handle the sauna as well as the ps3.

  • the ps3 is a good machine If you live in southern california u would understand the power outrages my ps3 has already turn off 20x by this while playing a game thank god is still lives!

  • Thank you for building such a rugged piece of hardware:


    Now all you guys have to do is get the whip cracking on:

    PSN Content (VOD, Demo’s, Classics, ect)
    XMB Features (Home Coming soon)
    Games (Break out your cruelty whip and give those developers whatfor)

    Then PS3 will be the unstoppble juggernaut it deserves to be.

  • now get EA to use the HD for Madden so it doesn’t take forever to load anything. Or just help/force them to fix it so sad that it takes seconds to do anything in Madden’s menu

  • Glad to hear this bit of news and i’m definitely going to start using f@h for longer periods.

    I think i did hear about a Ps3 overheating on one of the news sites. The punchline was that the idiot in question taped up the vents so as not to get dust inside.

    Sounds too stupid to be true..

  • EA won’t do that since they are Microsoft’s lapdog. They won’t give any edge to the inferior 360 of which not all have a HD

  • WOWWWWW, my PS3 will stay on for hours playing NOOOOO decent games. Had a 360 since launch and its never off because it has GAMES.

  • Which proves what I’ve known for years… well maybe since the PS3 was launched.

    “Your console’s Hardware kicks a***, all you gotta do is work on the software and this war is won!”

    And ofcourse we can see all the new software now, so keep it up!

  • The PS3’s hardware is unbreakable.

  • Sony has been reliable since day one.My PS and my PS2 still work.I’ve went through a lot of controllers though,but thats because game hard.Fight Night always takes its toll on a controller.

  • Nice to know! :-)

  • Sweet, who ever doubt the ps3 :P

  • Yea tell that to the people like me who have had PS3’s [DELETED] up less than two months after getting it and I know I am to the only one I am seeing new reports every day.

    That report only shows that it can withstand extreames and says nothing about hardware problems.

  • Playstation = quality
    Sony = quality

    Playstation + Sony = indestructible

  • realy nice ,
    But i post 56 i think did say the webbrowser needs work ,
    A it runs out of “ram” at sevral pages tye to enter (
    B update the flash player.( the ps3 webbrowser cant even play the stuff at the ps-blog.) C new securety “ibs”so i can use it to pay my bills from my internet bank wiht out starting linux.
    D. it realy needs a update cos i had to start Linux in order to register @ the blog.
    so other than that yes the ps3 is the best cosnsol ever. or as my Frends say Computer cos it runs Linux ( also if some one at sony has the time over help the folk over at terrasoft and help them make drivers that use RXS and or use the RXS grafix ram )
    thanks and sorry for my bad speling. hope you understand ..

  • We all know Sony makes great, reliable hardware.

    Now let’s focus on improving the software end of things………

  • Dunno if anyone has said this already, but why not offer a trade-in deal for broken 360s? Say $100 dollars off a PS3 when you trade in a 3 redlights 360? Not my idea by the way, but still a good one.

  • @ Dave Karraker

    When can we expect a new firmware update?

  • Very cool!

  • i have a PS3 and a wii the wii’s controllers suck they loose contact with the wii all the time :p my ps3 controllers have done this one time then i restared the console and it was all fixed, to fix the wii controllers you haft to pull out the batteries and the powercord to the unit and then MAYBE it works! a 360 i would never buy my friend have one and his have brooken two times.
    if M$ would do the right thing they should recall the 360

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