Journalists Get Their SingStar On @ Lollapalooza

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Lollapalooza 2007: Jose Sanchez/Electric Playground, Perry Farrell

This weekend, PlayStation took center stage at Lollapalooza in Chicago. In addition to participating in various show events, we invited media to the Windy City to experience our holiday social game lineup. On Friday night, we took over the House of Blues and announced the November 13th launch date of SingStar PS3 and the first 15 of 30 songs that will be on the Bluray disc. The best part of the night was the contest. Six journalists got the chance to try and sing their way to a PS3 and an early copy of SingStar PS3. After narrowing it down to the top three, each then had to do their best rendition of Been Caught Stealing by Jane’s Addiction. We recorded the performances via PLAYSTATION Eye and Perry Farrell made a surprise visit to pick the winner. Congratulations to Jose Sanchez of Electric Playground who was crowned the king of SingStar – if only you could have seen him sing the encore with Perry as all of us screamed along in the background. Congrats to second place winner Greg Miller of IGN and third place winner Sterling McGarvey of GameSpy. You guys rock!

Lollapalooza 2007: Greg Miller/IGNLollapalooza 2007: Jose Sanchez/Electric PlaygroundLollapalooza 2007: Perry Farrell Picks a Winner

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  • Just to add my voice to the growing crowd…

    Wouldn’t mind hearing something about the playstation eye as well.

    I think an interesting application of its motion sensing capabilities would be allowing you to navigate the XMB through hand movements. Sort of like that Minority Report computer without the hologram screen. Either that or incorporate the voice recognition to do the same thing.

    Both would probably be little more than a novelty but i’d be impressed with either one. Of course Sony probably has more important things on their plate but just thought i’d throw out the ideas.

  • I know I want rap and hip hop songs etc but how would Sony market that. How would they advertise that if it just had rap or country songs etc…

  • @roadclimber

    Sounds like a great idea bro. It would be something that would definitely be different than what Xbox 360 offers, and it will be something that Xbox 360 users can’t brag about of already having.

  • @StuntF50

    I’m sure your comment will be deleted soon. It seems like every comment, whether it’s slightly off-topic and way off, gets deleted.

  • uhmm….. I have heard a lot about how cool stranglehold is shaping up to be. I would love a demo… you know…. seeing as it was delayed and all….. just to get a taste of it before buying it.

    (nothing to do with the fact that 360 got it, I would have a list of games like stuntF50’s if that was the case.)

  • And the point of this entry (besides being irrelevant fluff) is?????……………..

  • I will email them that link for the PS Store ok

  • who likes brad burns?

  • plz post some news about the wireless mics!

  • A Cubs fan possing with a young Al Pacino

  • Sony spends a ton of time talking about Singstar and promoting it…..Phil Harrison always brings it up and Sony promotes it to no end on their web sites. I hate to break it to Sony…..but it’s not that popular a game. Not in the US anyways. Could you please focus on games that we’re interested in? Thanks.

  • will the blue tooth mics be ready for the EU release later this month?

  • No! Singstar is delayed again in the EU! 12.9 is new Release Day. :(

  • if you’ve played the singstar on the ps2 you’ll know how bad the rap portions are so hopefully they correct that before releasing more hip hop tracks. the rap on the gorillaz feel good inc. was ridiculously impossible to get anything near accurate to register.

    anyway, i am looking forward to this game as one of the few in the US who will probably end up buying it. but i’ll definitely be waiting for a price drop or a great sale at a gaming site/store.

  • Pleeeeeeeeeeeeese support all types of music from Rock to Rap and I’m sold and know that others will be too, this is the only fear we have for this game!

  • fmjtesna


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