Journalists Get Their SingStar On @ Lollapalooza

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Lollapalooza 2007: Jose Sanchez/Electric Playground, Perry Farrell

This weekend, PlayStation took center stage at Lollapalooza in Chicago. In addition to participating in various show events, we invited media to the Windy City to experience our holiday social game lineup. On Friday night, we took over the House of Blues and announced the November 13th launch date of SingStar PS3 and the first 15 of 30 songs that will be on the Bluray disc. The best part of the night was the contest. Six journalists got the chance to try and sing their way to a PS3 and an early copy of SingStar PS3. After narrowing it down to the top three, each then had to do their best rendition of Been Caught Stealing by Jane’s Addiction. We recorded the performances via PLAYSTATION Eye and Perry Farrell made a surprise visit to pick the winner. Congratulations to Jose Sanchez of Electric Playground who was crowned the king of SingStar – if only you could have seen him sing the encore with Perry as all of us screamed along in the background. Congrats to second place winner Greg Miller of IGN and third place winner Sterling McGarvey of GameSpy. You guys rock!

Lollapalooza 2007: Greg Miller/IGNLollapalooza 2007: Jose Sanchez/Electric PlaygroundLollapalooza 2007: Perry Farrell Picks a Winner

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  • Singstar rap now! :D

  • Awesome…..dang, I wish I could have rocked out with you guys on “Been Caught Stealing”. That rocks. Great job guys/gals, and congrats to the wiener :P

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  • top 5 Wo0t. anyway this is one of my 2008 games

  • good one stunt. since your first SONY is BOUND to read that.

  • Sing Star for PS3 is going to be the first Sing Star title that I buy. I would also like to see a large selection of Rap/Hip Hop on the Blu-Ray Disc or for download from the Sing Star Store.

    I took the survay that got sent from the PSU and the Rap/Hip Hop selection was thin. Sony, please beef up this music selection so that I can spit my 16 bars.

  • I never owned a SingStar title on the PS2, but with the implementation of the Playstation Eye, I will be getting into this game.

    I really like the fact that you’ll be able to customize your experiance and get the songs you like from the SingStore. Personally, I don’t care for many of the Pop songs usually included.

    Now…if I can only get my wife to play…

  • Ha Singstar rap would be sweet. Ya and when does the pseye ship.

  • Nice, and is there a solid release on the Playstation Eye yet?

  • Sing Star looks to be a fun title and a perfect addition to anyone who has Karaoke parties…which I just happen to have!!!
    I am also extremely bummed that I missed Lollapalooza as the show this year was incredible…now you guys just gave me one more reason to feel bad:( haha.

    Bring some Demos and Trucks to San Francisco! Come on!

  • I read that in Europe Singstar will come out with wired microfoons (I’m so not interested in). When will the wireless microfoons be availeble?

  • What is the pricing scheme for more songs? 30 songs on a whole Bluray disk is measly.

  • Are we going to get to see the performances that you guys recorded?

  • I too would love some info on the Playstation Eye.

    Also hopeing that the mics are Bluetooth and not wired. And again Sing Star Rap is a must.

  • @40cal
    So Would I, any info on the PSEye Jen(or Sony)?

  • lol that greg miller is crazy… good for him and the others.

    Now here is my question/complaint.. :-)

    Why is the playstation eye out there in the wild, and we haven’t even heard much about it? if it is done, why don’t you put it out? isn’t supposed to come out this month?

    also you say “if only you could have seen him sing” maybe we could of seen it, if you would of record it and put it up on the PSN or something.

  • This comment in the blog makes no sense:

    “if only you could have seen him sing the encore with Perry ”

    when earlier in the article you have this:

    “We recorded the performances via PLAYSTATION Eye”

    We could see it if you’d just post the playstation eye vids!!!

  • Great to see the PlayStation Eye getting some real world beta testing.

    I think the Playstation Eye/Toy has the potential to be way better than the Wiimote if only game developers could write interesting games/simulations for it. Think Total Recall when Sharon Stone is practising tennis ( or was that Minority Report ), but you get the idea.

  • Have the first 15 songs been posted anywhere??

  • Wow. Really cool. The last to posts are great little outings for Sony to show off what’s coming. I can’t believe how much money SingStar makes Sony. Good work and congrats to the contest winners.

  • singstar…. pfft!

  • Last time I checked it was spelled: THEIR.

    BTW, can’t read the rest if the head PR guy can’t spell.

  • If any of you guys at Sony or if any of the PR people are reading this I have a good idea for Sing Star. I know that the game is not very popular in America but I was thinking that since it is a singing game that when American Idol starts you should advertise the game there during commercials. I know the game will probably be out but I know that will be a good marketing move for you guys. I also know that to have commercials during American Idol season Fox charges alot. But think of it everyone watches American Idol especially the beginning to see people make fools of themselves so if you advertise a Singing game on American Idol you guys will get a lot of peoples attention. Just some thought. That could help Americans get into the game and can also invite more cauals into the Sony Brand.

  • Early Copy of Singstar for grabs :( :(

    I’m jealous…I’ve been waiting ages for this game…. Sigh…so long :( :(

  • In all fairness Sony, this launch is a bit of a shambles. How may different launch dates have been given?

    There is no effort to apologise for the continued disappointment, no real understanding why each launch date is missed.

    Doing this onnce is understandable, 2nd time around is annoying, 3rd and 4th time is incompetent.

    Generally speaking, I think Sony should be more careful in announcing launch dates unless you’re confident they can be met.

    Anyhow, looking forward to November 13th, hopefully it’s not a Friday and 5th time lucky,

  • Cool,but I’ll out sing ’em all.I’m a pimp like that!

  • Oh,and I agree with comment #1,singstar Rap or “Rapstar” would be sweet.

  • Looks like you guys had a blast. Thanks for the post. I am going to have a blast with this game.
    I would love to see the videos. Why don’t you guys just post them on here. Just post direct links to the videos. No need to post them on You tube.

  • I wanna be a rap superstar… (look at cypress hill)

  • Nice Sony! Another PlayStation 3 Exclusive for this Holiday! But now IGN is going to give PS3 Games bad reviews since they lost!

  • Thanks RedNox. My fault, I fixed.

  • @ Sony,
    I have an idea that would be nice for downloadable songs for all Music games. Sony is alredy planning to launch music in their PSN Store so why not:
    When you download a video it ask you 1080p HD,HD, SD. Why not with music if it ask you Dowload for GH3, Rock Band, Sing Star, or All. This would be great1!!
    Anyway Singstar looks okay

  • I can see that being slightly possible for Sing Star Kpepe, but when it comes to Guitar Hero 3/Rock Band, Red Octane/Harmonix would be the ones who’d have to make a compatible version of the song for the game.

    That is unless the game automatically creates the button track thing that you have to play to go along with the song.

  • Its a real shame, how can you – Sony – release Singstar for the PS3 with wired mic’s when we were promised all new wireless bluetooth mics……what is the problem???? Connections issues??? If so just say so, just say that singstar will be released with wired mics and that there will be no plans for wireless mics in the future due to tech problems.

    Also, whats with the EYE????? No one has heard or seen this baby in like months, is it coming???? when is it coming???? how much will it cost??? I assume most of these things will be revealed at LEIPZIG ( at least i hope), enough of the Bull…just be honest and tell the paying public what the problems are, i for one am not buying Singstar until there are wireless mic’s…

  • There’s a lot of hype on this latest version of Singstar. I’m interested to see if it’ll make it big in the US.

  • I was never really interested in Sing Star but if this one has more rap, hip hop, latin, pop and R & B including some more recent Rock that you see on MTV then I might think about getting this.

  • I would buy this if I still had my group of friends. All the trailers from singstar and info seem pretty cool, but I can’t sing. I don’t really do any of those rhythm games except para para paradise and Dance Dance Revolution. Never been good at the singing, but this game looks so damn fun. *tear*

  • self.confessed.cynic

    nothing beats grown men embarrassing themselves… good old singstar.

  • Is the launch date November 13th just for USA, or also for Europe?

  • Ok, this maybe the wrong section to ask, but can you see the videos on PSN? I mean, it’s supposed to be all about social gaming and networking, so people who don’t even have a copy of Singstar should just be able to goto PSN and download videos of the best performances, the vids should NOT be limited to just the in-game hud or whatever.

    Anyway, that’s my only real gripe. I haven’t seen much talk about this, I just heard that Singstar could possibly have it’s own section on PSN.

    If more information on this is known some1 please enlighten me

  • I’m nitpicking about Singstar, but opening up the videos to EVERYONE I think is a good reason to buy a PS3. Your automatically showing off your game to Every Ps3 owner that’s connected online without them hearing about it, or reading the review/preview/impressions or anything.

    I think people will get a kind of celebrity feeling if there performances are available for download directly from PSN–I know it would be awesome to see myself up there!

    Would suck if this isn’t taken advantage of is what I’m gettin at

  • wow $60 for 30 songs how about **** no

  • Darkendless, what exactly were you expecting? Seems like an ok price to me.

  • Like others have said, I’d love to see more of a Hip Hop & Alternative aspect in Sing Star. When you think about it Rap songs are pretty easy to sing to, mostly because there is so much focus on the lyrics.

  • #3 post is spam, are the spam filters working?

    How about more than 15-30 songs on the disk, thats not enough, we want more for $60

  • Its time for one of those posts that brings in 400 plus comments. Ready, Set, Go!

  • Gerg Miller was over there and did not win first place? You’re a fool Greggy.

    Also, 30 songs on a Blu-Ray disc? I was thinking this game would have more songs thanks to Blu-Ray’s 25-50GB capacity. I guess if two mics are added it would make a $60 game, but 30 songs.

  • will singstar have any rap songs?

  • Yeah, we need some rap songs, or make a game called RapStar that would be pretty cool. :-]

  • Greg Miller should have won, he’s the best singer EVER!

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