Warhawk Goes Gold

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Warhawk Gameplay E3

Hi Everyone – It’s been a while since I’ve made a post, but since some of you guys posted comments wanting me to jump back on, *and* the very interesting pricing debate/discussion that has been going on recently, well … here I am with a couple of important updates!?

First off, has Warhawk gone “gold”??

Hells Ya! The PSN and Blu-ray versions have gone “GOLD,” completely finished and will go on sale August 28th … just a few weeks away! We’re all really proud of the game, and those of you who got a chance to participate in the BETA know why. We can’t wait to get online with all of you so we can beat the hell out of each other!

Next, what does Warhawk cost?

Ready for this? One Million dollars!

Ok, now for reals … If you didn’t already know, SCEA is taking an exciting new approach with Warhawk – making it available for download directly from the PlayStation Store *and* releasing it at retail simultaneously. Each one has a different price. Why different pricing? A couple of reasons: first off, we wanted to give all of you the option, the retail game is more of a premium version with some expanded video content, traditional package and manual (this seems to mean a lot with some of the gamers I have spoken to), and a Jabra Bluetooth headset bundled with the game – all for $59.99!

We’re also looking at including a set of Ginsu knives, and an extra-jumbo tub of Oxy-Clean!

Alright … I’m lying about the knives and the Oxy-Clean … Oxy-Clean does work really well though and I highly recommend it.

Anyhoo, back on track ….

The PlayStation Store version will be $39.99 and I’m really glad that SCEA came through with a “good value” price for this – it’s the right thing to do.

I’m a firm believer in the Google founders’ motto “Don’t be Evil” and the $39.99 PlayStation Store price is a good example of that.

Warhawk is a great looking, great playing multiplayer game but at the end of the day, it’s a multiplayer-only game and if you decide not to get the premium version at retail with the headset, this is a great option for you – at a great price.

Like I said previously, those of you who’ve had a chance to play Warhawk, know how good it is, and why a game that is fun to play for 70+ hours offers more gameplay than a lot of single player games that cost a great deal more.

…and yes, that’s just one of the statistics that is tracked by Warhawk’s Stat system. During the BETA we saw users log crazy high numbers – 70 was by far *not* the largest … most users had over 30 and we had to ultimately turn the servers off!. Who knows how high those numbers would be if we were to keep the BETA open?

Speaking of the BETA, I’d like to let you guys know that we were watching the Warhawk Statistics database during the BETA, looking for the top players. We ultimately used the Bonus Points category since it covers all play modes, levels, vehicles, troops, weapons, kill types, etc.

So…for the top 100 players, we have prepared a “Top-BETA-Players” award that you will be receiving in the mail soon. It includes a really nice print of the box-art, signed by the team *and* a very, very limited edition metal Warhawk Wings pin! So guys and gals, please keep your eyes out for this in the coming weeks!

Well that’s all for now. Hopefully that was informative.

I think for my next post, I’d like to show all you guys some of the great work that our IT-Team has been doing “behind-the-curtain”. Since Warhawk is a multiplayer-only game, for those of you who choose to play online, I think it would be good for you to see some of the server work that we have done since the BETA closed.

As always – Rock on!

Warhawk AwardWarhawk Award

Warhawk Gameplay E3

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  • @Bobinator

    LOL – I needed a good laugh.

    My online ID is Hattrick – I won’t be hard to find.

  • I want to make my own clan, named “Starfleet” :D

    For all those Trekkies who are interested, reply back and I’ll give you details.

  • I hope this doesnt end up all aerial battles though cuz the ground combat is tight as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron,

    Take a look at this picture. You will love it!

    Show the guys too.


  • somebody answer me, is it split-screen or not?




  • Are you going to try at least answering my quetions? Please many have been wondering…..Look at my post and answer them please…

  • Hmmmmmm…could Louis be getting excited??…could be!!! :) and why am i talking in 3rd person???…LOL

  • @CLauX

    Yes, Warhawk will have split screen up to 4 players and yes it’s available in both the PSN and retail version.

    I’m headed off, but will log in later tonight and I would expect Mr. Jobe to make an appearance at some point as well.

    Later for now…


  • @Mr.Red post man
    is de headset thing for a limited time or is it comin wit every copy?

  • YES, I loved the beta and I’m definitely getting this game. I was hoping the price of the PSN download would’ve been $29.99, but it doesn’t matter, I’m getting it on bluray with the headset.

  • I need my questions answered too…..Is it true that the Blu-ray version includes the ability of you having a LAN party with your friends as in they install a “demo” and you can play with them even though they don’t have Warhawk? What about 4 player-split screen? OH and the most important….How many headsets does the game support from one console?

  • @ace2ace

    Dude if you spent $600 on the system stop [DELETED] about a $40 price tag…after playing the beta i’d gladly pay $60 for it

    LOL…your a lou-ser…get a job poor boy!!

  • I cant not wait for this game!!!! I am going to play this almost everyday. I am probably gonig to get the store version since i like the box and all of that. THANKS YOU FOR COMING OUT IN AUGUST.

  • To: CLauX…

    Yes, as Ron said, the game fully supports 2,3 and 4-way split screen. Online and Offline.

    We put a lot of effort in our splitscreen, especially the “Quick-Split” technology that allows players to jump into any game, by just pressing the START button.

    The engine auto-cuts the screen, creates a guest account, and then your in the game.

    It’s wicked easy.

  • Im definitely buying the 60 version. Cant wait to play this game and im glad to see that its coming this month.

  • awesome! i’ll be picking up the box set fo sho!

  • ok, thanks a lot

  • @Mr.New red post man
    plz answer my question.
    is it for a limited offer or is every copy a bundle?

  • Dylan Jobe

    Please answer my quetion. How many headsets does the game support from one single PS3 online? And also is it true that the Blu-ray version includes the ability of you having a LAN party with your friends as in they install a “demo” and you can play with them even though they don’t have Warhawk?

  • @Dylan Jobe

    Ohhhh man thats sweet!

    Also, offline Mode? Nice. If you play in a game where you need more than two players, is there some AI for the rest of the players (AKA are there Bots?)

    Nice things. I did not know that about the game.

  • it’s probably limited edition (but for a longer time then most)

    also the ps3 can support 7 bluetooth devices at once, that’s 4 controllers and 3 headsets

  • Dylan, you rock

    I reallt can’t wait until Warhawk comes out. This, as well as Lair, will make up a large portion of my summer gaming lineup. Oh baby, the retail version of Warhawk will be great! I’m getting the Blu Ray bundle for sure.

  • i have a question can we install the disc version on the hdd? that would be perfect!

  • @blizzard

    There is an offline mode I think, hopefully there is and if I am correct you can practice your skills on the warhawk with your six axis controller, and even travel around with vehicles or just mess around.

  • is there a practice mode, like split-screen playing by yourself like you do in other games?

  • I like the free bluetooth headset, because my old usb headset recently broke… :)

  • very nice blog, laughed my ass off.

    as for the prices, cool! the head-set is a cool add on the 60$ version and it justifies the price.
    At the meantime i don’t have one so, ill buy the game, enjoy some explosions and airplanes, and of course have the head-set.

    too bad i didn’t join the beta test, the rewards are really great.

    Keep up, Sony’s doing great!

  • I had an absolute blast playing the beta. I cannot wait to see all of the changes/improvements you guys made since then. See you guys online!

  • $39.99…I’ll buy the blu-ray version with free bluetooth :D

  • Well this game is going to be game of the month for me in August. i’m gladly going to buy the retail version also because my headset broke. I can’t wait to play this game. I will be playing in the skies and on the ground. This game is going to be a great experience and a great way to get used to the six axis controlls till lair and heavenly sword hit.

  • Hello Dylan,

    Awesome to know that Warhawk has gone gold, and that the PSN “version” will be only 40$, very nice price!

    I have one question though: do you have any information about when Warhawk will be available in Europe?

    I think I read somehwere you were aiming for a worldwide release on August 28th, but could you please confirm it?

    Thanks and keep up good stuff coming!

  • And for all you peopel saying the PSN version is too much. You guys should be thankful that Sony doesn’t charge for online or to even use the PSN because I know that Microsoft charges 50 dollars for online and for every little thing such as wallpapers etc. We should be thankful that this game will be very accessible from anywhere.

  • @72 i would like to know this too.

    the better deal is the blu-ray version. the headset is worth about $25-30 if buy it from a retail or a trusted online store. the headset is great and i don’t have any connection problems with it either. the psn version should of been $30 and the only ones that will be buying the psn version will already have a headset.

    i beta tested this game and found the frame rate pretty bad. did you fix the frame rate and what does it run at now? 30fps? also will the 1080i upscale patch be available at the release date and what about 1080p up-scaling too? my 1080p bravia is going to waste.

  • i was really hoping that this game was going to have massively large cruisers like those star wars ships and submarines and boats also different types of airplanes and land vehicles. it is blu ray and all ps3’s are equipped with massive hard drives. steven

  • @ Dylan and Ron

    Being one of the players that was ranked in the top 100, I can’t begin to say how ecstatic I am. Wow, really you guys have gone way beyond than anyone expected in Warhawk. See you guys in my target box soon enough!

  • So you can have a guest player play online also? Like halo 2?

  • Ouch Sony, your really killing me with that price! I mean I’m not saying that its not worth 40 bucks, but the fact is that it’s only half a game. I’ll wait until it goes on sale like Super Rub a Dub did this week. Can’t wait to play it Sony! And keep the great games coming!

  • just a quick question. does it have online-split screen, and if it does, can you sign in with 2 accounts on the same playstation. So if my friend comes to my house, can he sign in with his account, then we can both go online off the same console?

  • Re: The Manual.

    I’m one of those people that gladly ponys up the extra dough for the manual and I’d pay an extra buck or two if the official web site would let me download a pdf file of the manual so I can enlarge the fonts so that I can actually read the thing without the use of the Hubble space telescope.

  • This game is going to be great. There is nothing else for me to buy this month except for blast factory and dynasty warriors gundam besides this game.


    I was so pissed in the morning when I read on N4G it may be delayed till November. Thanks a lot, but I have a question. Will Warhawk be able to be shared with 5 people? I was upset when I paid for like 4 PSN games and then the next day my friends got them all for free. Please don’t enable sharing Incognito.


    It does have online split screen, yes, but Im not sure if you can sign into 2 PSN accounts simaltaneously on 1 PS3.

  • I am looking forward to this game, the beta was great. The retail box looks good to me (I need a headset haha).

  • Great news! Can’t wait to play it!

    Any comment on the fact that Warhawk is going to get one point deducted in the EGM reviews for going over their $30 limit?

    Personally, do you think that value has anything to do with game critiquing, or does this just show that games have a ways to go before they are taken as something more than just consumer products?

  • This is great news I have been looking foward to this game and since it came from the horses mouth it dosent seem likely that the release date will be pushed back like a certain title that announced going gold and being released on the 14th getting pushed back to sept 8th. Great news for War Hawk you will definately see me playing online for sure!

  • i want some of ron eagle and dylan jobe on warhawk….im gonna destroy you guys :)

    Thanks for responding guys

  • Great value. I think this game will really take off…

  • Dylan you are the man. Great game. I know you had no power over the price and I am sure you clearly thought 29.99 was going to be the price for the PSN. 39.99 was way too much and will hurt reviews, SCEA what the heck?

    Now I love the game but 39.99 was 10 dollars too much.

    BTW I am buying the Blue ray version because I need another Mic. Perhaps that was Sony’s intention the whole time?

    Still that 40 will hurt you score and end up costing Sony more than a 10$ price cut.

    Watch and See. They were ruthless on Shadowrun (360) reviews… 1up, gamespot will “rip” the game and not give the scores it deserves.

  • Hey will there be a demo of warhawk?

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