Warhawk Goes Gold

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Warhawk Gameplay E3

Hi Everyone – It’s been a while since I’ve made a post, but since some of you guys posted comments wanting me to jump back on, *and* the very interesting pricing debate/discussion that has been going on recently, well … here I am with a couple of important updates!?

First off, has Warhawk gone “gold”??

Hells Ya! The PSN and Blu-ray versions have gone “GOLD,” completely finished and will go on sale August 28th … just a few weeks away! We’re all really proud of the game, and those of you who got a chance to participate in the BETA know why. We can’t wait to get online with all of you so we can beat the hell out of each other!

Next, what does Warhawk cost?

Ready for this? One Million dollars!

Ok, now for reals … If you didn’t already know, SCEA is taking an exciting new approach with Warhawk – making it available for download directly from the PlayStation Store *and* releasing it at retail simultaneously. Each one has a different price. Why different pricing? A couple of reasons: first off, we wanted to give all of you the option, the retail game is more of a premium version with some expanded video content, traditional package and manual (this seems to mean a lot with some of the gamers I have spoken to), and a Jabra Bluetooth headset bundled with the game – all for $59.99!

We’re also looking at including a set of Ginsu knives, and an extra-jumbo tub of Oxy-Clean!

Alright … I’m lying about the knives and the Oxy-Clean … Oxy-Clean does work really well though and I highly recommend it.

Anyhoo, back on track ….

The PlayStation Store version will be $39.99 and I’m really glad that SCEA came through with a “good value” price for this – it’s the right thing to do.

I’m a firm believer in the Google founders’ motto “Don’t be Evil” and the $39.99 PlayStation Store price is a good example of that.

Warhawk is a great looking, great playing multiplayer game but at the end of the day, it’s a multiplayer-only game and if you decide not to get the premium version at retail with the headset, this is a great option for you – at a great price.

Like I said previously, those of you who’ve had a chance to play Warhawk, know how good it is, and why a game that is fun to play for 70+ hours offers more gameplay than a lot of single player games that cost a great deal more.

…and yes, that’s just one of the statistics that is tracked by Warhawk’s Stat system. During the BETA we saw users log crazy high numbers – 70 was by far *not* the largest … most users had over 30 and we had to ultimately turn the servers off!. Who knows how high those numbers would be if we were to keep the BETA open?

Speaking of the BETA, I’d like to let you guys know that we were watching the Warhawk Statistics database during the BETA, looking for the top players. We ultimately used the Bonus Points category since it covers all play modes, levels, vehicles, troops, weapons, kill types, etc.

So…for the top 100 players, we have prepared a “Top-BETA-Players” award that you will be receiving in the mail soon. It includes a really nice print of the box-art, signed by the team *and* a very, very limited edition metal Warhawk Wings pin! So guys and gals, please keep your eyes out for this in the coming weeks!

Well that’s all for now. Hopefully that was informative.

I think for my next post, I’d like to show all you guys some of the great work that our IT-Team has been doing “behind-the-curtain”. Since Warhawk is a multiplayer-only game, for those of you who choose to play online, I think it would be good for you to see some of the server work that we have done since the BETA closed.

As always – Rock on!

Warhawk AwardWarhawk Award

Warhawk Gameplay E3

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  • 1 MILLION DOLLARS! Hilarious.

  • The Warhawk beta was awesome. This game is so damn fun, especially flying in the warhawks. I will definitely buy the download version for 40 bucks. Seems fair.

  • Great value!!!, It will be one of my birthday presents

  • Nice work Sony!

  • I’ll be picking up the Blu-ray version, but do you think there will be a way to install to the hard drive so that I don’t have to pull out the disc if I buy the blu-ray version?

  • Great job! Can’t wait!

  • Darn i think i was rank 150 in the beta *snaps fingers* lol but sweet yeah i preordered mine once i heard Releace date the Beta was sweet.

  • 59.99 = do not want

  • Awesome to see a great game finally finished, rock on!

  • finally!!! it begins!


    Love the Headset bundle. I don’t own one and I was thinking on getting one, so I think this is a great opportunity since headsets cost here almost like the full game so, I will be ordering mine soon.

    Can’t wait to play this.

  • Awesome. Can’t wait to pick this up. Hope this doesn’t get pushed back like some other game we know.

  • Beyonce’s Goldmember? NOOOOOOO… why, Sony, why ? You lost a GREAt opportunity here to make a link with one of Spandau Ballet’s greats, “Gold”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSq8ZBdSxNU

    The 80s for the win!!!

    Anyway… Warhawk? I’m SOLD!

  • @Xillix

    Just remember the Lair studio told us the same exact thing…It’s “GOLD” it’s done and its in production…LOL…look how that ended up

  • Nice!!! ill buy the box set!!!


  • Loucifer – not happening here. Warhawk will be ready to go on August 28th.

    I’ll be waiting for you all – red baron style – time to get those kill numbers up! (Hattrick ID)

  • self.confessed.cynic

    I’m ALL OVER that box set.

    Heck, I can use the headset for my phone too.

  • I’m getting the box set not for the bluetooth because I have one already but for the box xD
    Either way this game is one of the funnest game I have ever played online. I pwned everyone when I played at my friends house.

  • Yeah, and there is a nice Headset. Not just some crappy one.

    Just a quick question, is the headset bundle time limited? I am buying it first thing in the morning but I just want to know.

  • I want to buy the PSN version, but I have no credit card.

    Any word on those PSN cards Sony? I really don’t understand why you guys wouldn’t put them out, they can only help sales right?

    Whatever, I’ll get it somehow, It looks so awesome…

  • MP greatness.

  • I can’t wait for this game, I loved the beta, but I think that $40 is a little high for the PSN version, any idea of the size of it?

  • goes gold, huh? okay Sony, whatever you say…*coughLaircough*

  • Good job on the PSN pricing! Sony is smartening up :D

  • Ron,

    Thanks buddy. You saved me a bad day after I saw retailers pushing back the release title. Although just weeks from release, all the UK retailers have it as a release for future months ahead?

    Shame on them then. Huh..Huh? Right? Please tell me so?

  • Well it’s the box for me , becouse PSN doesn’t support my country.

  • As Homer Simpson would say in reaction to good news, “WHOO-HOO”

  • 40 is a LITTLE higher than I though it would be (30$ seemed the sweet spot) but I’ll still end up gettin it cause it was a blast to play……….hopefully they got some new maps on there as well………….

  • self.confessed.cynic

    @ Kratos_ate_Snake

    I’m not certain about this, but Visa gift/prepaid cards – wouldn’t they work?

    You can just buy them for prepaid amounts, then use them for electronic purchases.

    But I’d love a Sony rep to comment.

  • Damn I just notice 8 days after I start school. =(
    It would have been fun owning people during summer oh well. I guess I will have to do after school.

  • @Starfleets

    I can’t speak for the UK market only North America. But I can shoot an email over and see if I can get you a response.


  • I’ll be picking up the Blu Ray version, free headset + saves me room on my harddrive + sexy boxart to have on my stack of games =D

  • I can’t wait for this.

    Could you please make it clear what the “Premium” extras are, cus the only real advantage I can tell is that it comes with a headset, which I already have.

    I wouldn’t mind knowing the details of the extras.

    Sorry for being awkward but I was just wondering whether it’s worth it for me to buy the shop version or not.


  • This is great to see there was no delay.

    I can’t wait to play Warhawk again.

    Also is this true.



    I am shocked to see the PSN version will be 40 but I guess I will just get the other one then.

  • Ron Eagle

    Thank you for answering Loucifer he was getting kind of annoying. I’m eagerly awaiting the game. However I have a question. Did Sony put you up to this in order to counter the Lair/fake gold/delay fiasco?

  • NICE!! good price too only 39$ ^_^. And it comes out 2 days before my B-day =O. I loved the beta and i cant wait for this game! good job guys

  • Ron,

    I’d appreciate that. Thank you. I’ll come back and check tomorrow

  • Wow is all I can say, Wow.
    This kind of blindsided me. I am sure the game is worth 40 dollars but it seems a bit high.
    I will have to wait and see on this one.
    I am really going to read what the fans say about this one.
    Thanks for the info.

  • Thanks for the post and congratulations on going GOLD!!!
    I know it has been a winding, crazy road but it must feel good to knock the H8ters in the cojones with the most talked about BETA of the summer.
    I was fortunate enough to be in the BETA (Thank you, thank you, thank you) and I will be first in line to get the fancy store-version of Warhawk.
    I honestly can’t recall when last I had so much fun in a game & I looked forward to getting home from work everyday just to log some more hours in that crazy world you guys created.
    You have the thanks of a greatful Playstation Nation & soon ye shall have our funds!!!

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  • Also is it true that the Blu-ray version includes the ability of you having a LAN party with your friends as in they install a “demo” and you can play with them even though they don’t have Warhawk? What about 4 player-split screen? OH and the most important….How many headsets does the game support from one console?

  • I’ll be getting the PSN version, dont need a headset (Already got one), and dont really want to keep switching the discs around when I want to play it.

    I take it that the BD and PSN versions have the same content? No special content that would affect game play in the BD version that isnt in the PSN version?

  • @Bobinator

    That is the best part about having Warhawk available on PSN or in store. You choose, do you want to go to the mall / store or stay home?

    I’m pretty lazy and not the biggest shopper so online is great for me.

    As for the retail version, the game will be the exact same. Included on the disc will be behind the scenes video in HD as well as coming soon trailers in HD and then of course the Jabra headset that comes with a USB charger cable.

    Both are great values and the choice is yours.

    Look forward to blowing you all out of the sky on the 28th.


  • soundin good, box set for me.hopefully i’ll get a headset around de time i’m buyin’ it, hope is not a limited offer ting. good job warhawk ppl

  • Those who complain about the price and that $40 is too much for a PSN version, we should infact be paying _more_ for the PSN-version because the ease it brings booting the game from the harddrive. ;)

  • @Ron

    …SWEET!!…I’m gonna hold you to your word…The Beta Kicked ASS!!!!! was upset when you shut’er down

  • @Ron Eagle

    Cheers and I am so gonna woop yo ass FOOL.

    Heeeee If I find you I will (hopefully) add you to my buddy list, kill you hard, and probably then get killed ten times worse by you. Although the buddy thing is probs out of the question. Ahh well.

    And also thanks for not being a retard and spelling my simple name wrong. Everyone always spell is something like bobernater. Yeh. Cus that makes sense….


  • lol, i think you have ADD

    anyho, sounds cool, is warhawk gonna be split-screen or not?

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