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Since we launched the blog we have been extremely liberal in our monitoring policies because we wanted you guys and gals to get to know each other and share ideas. Lately, however, we have been getting complaints that there is so much noise accompanying each post that people can’t separate the good meat from the chatter. We definitely hear you. So, we are going to step up our moderation of off-topic, nonsensical posts or posts on topics that we have already addressed (Yes, we hear you on wanting more demos … consider that box suitably checked). If you have suggestions not related to the particular topic of a post, please use our comment form.

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  • To make it easier. Place it above the blog.

    “Click here if you want to complain” xD jk.

    And when I see a post that contains 100+ commentt, I can’t help but to wonder how many quality posts are in there.

  • Yep… a positive step indeed. You can operate a meaningful Blog if its trashed with junk and off-topic stuff…

    …speaking of off-topic stuff, last night I had this awesome… … … … … … … … … sorry, just checking to see if there were any mods around!

  • …hmm, rather than comment monitoring posts that are off topic – how about you instead educate people and monitor those posts that are an abuse of the English language?!….for example anyone that uses ‘cuz’ instead of because, anyone that uses capitals to shout (make a point of never listening to people that shout)…. would love to see those peoples CV’s and application letters….”yeh M8, giz us a job, Im wiked an can do eferyting cuz I’m gr8 me, O I don drive cuz I live wit me mum but can git a bus so nah worrrys”

    Gracious me, this (and other) countries need to concentrate on educating its children on how to speak and spell the English language and not speak as you text.

    And would you care to expand upon exactly what is off topic?….spam I can understand, as well as useless repetitious posts from those who think it’s better than using capitals to shout….but does this also cover postings that Sony don’t like?

  • That’s all we need to know guys, just keep doing that. You’ve quoted us on the demos Patrick, now, will you quote us on the “In-Game XMB” that we’ve been talking about even more? All we want is a little feedback.

    Remember — We are the people who bought this $600 lug and are rather bored with no games.

  • Thank you this is very much needed.

  • Kinglink a nutcase?….I think not. Seems to me to be another informed individual.

    If this is meant to be a site for fanboys with nothing better to do than pander to Sony then I’ll stop coming here (maybe ;) but if it’s a site where mature individuals can express what they think (surely what Sony should be listening to) then I’ll continue to read and occasionally post.

  • That’s great news, those comments were really bringing down the blog.

  • Thanks for this, most comments got way off topic.

  • If you really want to “separate the good meat from the chatter” make EURO blog!

  • At 59, we have threespeech. Thats effectivly euroblog

  • ok Thanks and sorry!!

  • I’m sure it’s been suggested… but some form of a post rating system would be nice. I could then just + the good/interesting comments … which stands to highlight them (and instead of adding a “ditto” comment). It would also make reading the comments much easier – there’s just so many of them!
    (yet I had to add one more! LOL)

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    CitizenInsane with comment #50 hit it right on the head. As most of you understand, this is not about censoring, it’s about our efforts to ensure a healthy thread.


    The comments have gotten completely out of control lately. Too many trolls and inappropriate comments are making the blog unreadable.

    Thank you for stepping in.

  • Thank you! Right now there is way too much spam for me to even try to read the comments.

  • Thank you very much for this. It was getting so annoying to see some of the un-productive posts.

    I also need to apologize for saying some of topic things every now and then.

    I want to see those spammers guys post in this thread LOL

  • im trying to change my pic im sry if it offends anyone

  • Sounds good to me.

  • “consider that box suitably checked” Patrick’s funny

  • Sounds like some of the more interesting posts may just get deleted leading this to be more censoring for the sake of keeping a good face rather then to add-in a system that would cull out the pointless posts.

    Maybe I just see it through bitter eyes lately though, often having some comments censored removes some of the worst trash but deleting things that have already been said and those that don’t necessarily apply could simply lead to comments that do have value getting deleted because those responses to the admin seemed redundent while to the individual they make sense, especially when someone doesn’t have time to wade through 30+ comments since that can take a good bit of time.

  • Good stuff! Let’s keep it On-Topic guys! :-)

  • I never spammed before; actually I find it to be stupid. But I do believe in the first amendment.

  • @Korlithiel

    I believe they are talking more about the “copy & paste” posts which only have one word over and over again which is boring and does not add anything to the thread.

    “We get the point. Move on man”


    Also, Patrick, nice comment. Sounded like “Come on guys. Stop asking for demos, damn it!” LOL! (In a good way)

  • I believe peer based evaluation would be the best way to go. Allow us to mark comments as spam and unrelated so they will be minimized from view for other people. ie Much like youtube’s spam remover for comments.

  • As long as this doesn’t become a way for you guys to close your ears and the publics ears to issues you do not plan to address, then great.

  • And by that I mean as long as this doesn’t become a way to avoid resolution on a certain resolution issue then great

  • Thank you for the update Pat.

  • Thank’s Sony. You guys really do have a cool factor that people really enjoy. What’s cooler than cool? Sony!!!

  • Every single time i posted i was on topic, ihate when people go of topic and like small children basically say “HEY LOOK AT ME I HAVE QUESTION, PAY ATTENTION TO MEE!!!!”. So ridiculous and ignorant.

    Keep up the good work Patrick

  • Finally this puts a stop to those people who keep going off topic and talk about the 360

  • Freedom of speech!!

    But, ok.

  • Can someone get back to the question I’ve asked three times now using the comment form you’re asking us to use? I don’t think my question was very difficult.

    I know this is off-topic, but since the post recommends using the comment form, it would be nice to know that someone is monitoring the comments.

  • Now all we need is a user moderation system. So we spot someone, and like 10 people flag it, it instantly goes. Like on with the + and – system.
    Also means a good comment would be highlighted for the staff to see

  • Great news :)

  • Thanks. As long as you guys are clear on what will get moderated I think this is a great idea. I don’t read the posts much, but from skimming the recent posts shown on the right column I know there’s plenty of spam and flaming going on.

  • That is great news…really great!!, hey guys my friend just saved money by switching to Geico. (that was the last i swear)

  • Thank you, you guys are really doing a great job on this blog thing. Blogs are the best way to speak directly to the consumer, and allow them to post their views, and it’s GREAT that you are listening to our needs and wants. Keep up the good work,


  • Thank god!! It’s going to be great to be able to see comments that are relevant to the blog post, and not whole page comments that just repeat “NEED DEMOS” over and over…

    From a true gamer and writer of videogame reviews, I say thank you.

  • I dont talk that much.. so there is no problem with me, but this really helps, thanks for the update, keep it up Sony.

  • It’s good to see that the spam is going to be brought to a minimum! Thank goodness for the little things… :D

  • I just hope the moderating doesnt turn into the censoring nightmare that is the PSU Forums!!

    we’re all entitled to an opinion and i pray this doesnt turn into what was once the “IRON CURTAIN” type dictatorship

  • Thanks Sony! Those spammers were getting annoying. But other than a Report Option could you please add an edit button? That way if say I forgot to say something in my last post are made said something wrong I would not need to double post. I like that you are trying to make your already good blog better!

  • I am so glad they are going to start moderating this place a bit stricter. Sony keep up the great work.

  • Much appreciation goes out to you guys at Sony for putting up with all this and still giving us something …

    Also as far as moderation….god help you

  • It is really good having moderation so there is no space wasted, but it would be really nice if you can also answer on comments, because i’ve seen some people that actually ask really good/interesting questions and are never answered maybe because you guys don’t get to read it. So it would be cool if you leave comments too…

    Nice work sony!

  • I guess opening your ears to the public via a blog opens you up to the whines as well as the cheers. As we all know the whiners are the loudest.

    I say Sony is doing a good PR job with this blog so far and keeping the noise levels down is much appreciated. Feel free to clip this post. :)

  • Patrick, you know we want demos? hahaha its so funny read that 1000 in a day… keep doing a demo at every week!!

  • First off let me say thank you,
    having demos to past the time between original PSN titles is a welcome addition, I just wanted to comment on what was mentioned earlier about “the box being checked on certain features” please let the PS3 Fans know what features you are considering for the Playstation Store and or even when you are in the process of implementing.

    Reorganize the store make it more “WEB 2.0” friendly


  • Thank you Patrick!

    The work you guys do for us Sony Fans is greatly appreciated.

    This blog is a great resource to us and the moderation of the blog was sorely needed. I was always hesitant about posting here because I knew my comments would go unnoticed amidst all the spam. So what you are doing is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you pat!

    It’s great to know if a rumor is true or not by coming here and checking if something has been delayed or this or that. Keep up the good work! :)

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