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Since we launched the blog we have been extremely liberal in our monitoring policies because we wanted you guys and gals to get to know each other and share ideas. Lately, however, we have been getting complaints that there is so much noise accompanying each post that people can’t separate the good meat from the chatter. We definitely hear you. So, we are going to step up our moderation of off-topic, nonsensical posts or posts on topics that we have already addressed (Yes, we hear you on wanting more demos … consider that box suitably checked). If you have suggestions not related to the particular topic of a post, please use our comment form.

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  • Thank you for the update Pat. And sorry I know I am guilty of posting unrelated comments.

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you very much, I definitely appreciate this news. =)

  • That’s definately a welocome thing to see. I had mostly avoided posting because of all of the “noise” that was showing up. Good work. :)

  • Thanks for this.

  • Thanks for the info, and Ill try staying on topic from now on.

    This will be my last off topic post, but says INGAME-XMB with music, settings, and messaging is in the next major update according to SCEA. Can you confirm or deny this?

  • Sound good, I stopped commenting posts after awhile because i figured it would get lost in all the other non-sense. Maybe also add a “Report” button for the comments, it might help with moderating. I don’t know if that is possible in WordPress though.

  • While the info is appreciated, I am sure the moderators know the difference between posting off topic and someone that is expressing dissatisfaction.

    Since it is in the blog post I’ll remark on the fact the mention of demos was given a quick aside. It has been leaked that GRAW2 and The Darkenss are both slated to be released on the US PSN today. Any more clarification on the ‘demos’ comment?

  • Yea, I’m sorry, for I myself be posting unrelated things to the post that is present. I’ll make sure to just post according to what the post is about, and thats it….. :-(

  • Haha, finally…seeing all the junk that people spam kind of deterred me from reading what others say…Thanks.

  • Nice to see that you’re keeping people in line when it comes to their comments

  • Oh thank you Sony hopefully now there’ll be less random posts and the ctrl-p brigade will subeside.

  • Heck even I went off topic when another game was mentioned and wanted to go on talking about the other game for a few posts… but moderation will enhance being able to find on topic discussion to the actual blog.

  • I’ll help moderate, will give me something to do on my downtime at work.

  • LOL sounds like he is sick of us whining about demos. I can’t blame him. Looks like this week is pretty good w/ 2 demos, and Heavenly Sword was nice last week. Keep it up Sony! (Hope this isn’t considered off the topic)

  • Guilty as charged. Sorry and thanks, at least we know you guys are working on the site and on the Demos.

  • I say! Good show, ol’ chaps… keep up the fine work.

  • Thank you!! I was becoming less enthused about visiting this site.

  • @brambler
    I don’t think you really need to worry about being off topic and adding the hope this isn’t considered off the topic everytime will be silly… Just post your comment if it’s not worthy it will be dealt with and if it is fine.
    I’m sure as being an admin/mod for other forums it will slide as long as it isn’t excessive. Just post away like you normally do and leave the monotony of looking through every post and determining whether it should belong o not belong up to the blog admins/moderators… then you can still enjoy the blog and not have to worry about being off topic. :D

  • About time i was about to give up on this blog altogether

  • Its about time that you guys are doing this so the comments that stay on topic are able to be read

  • I figured they heard us screaming DEMOS all the time so I’ll give that a rest.Its good to know they read the comments without this BLOG we would not have a voice at all,Thanks for listening.

  • Fully understood and appreciated.

  • Thanks for listening.

  • Thanks for listening, caring, and taking action. You guys are rocking harder and harder every post on this blog!

    I don’t mind the chatter, but the post from a while back with the guy posting “IN GAME XMB” a million times ticked me off quite a bit. That was unnecessary.


  • Finally, Finally, Finally !
    This is great news. Those unoriginal people(you know who you are and everybody knows who you are too) that only can talk about In-Game XMB and demos, will be finally silenced. Thank You.

  • its good to know your listening, but listening is 1/3 the battle we the consumer we did our part we bought the ps3. Time for you to do yours and give MORE CONTENT!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you! :) (And I just read on Gamespot that you have two demos, an expansion to Blast Factor, and a few trailers coming so I’m going to say you’ve definitely heard the whining) :P

  • Thank you, this should be a positive place, were good ideas get fostered, repeating your request over and over again is not needed. Sony will read it and I am sure they have the ability to determine what can be done and how fast they can get it produced. Post and idea just don’t beat Sony over the head with the idea, even though you may think it is very important to you.
    Give you thoughts to Sony in a positive manner, I my self have repeated an Idea but I have now refrained from doing so now. It is not needed. Keep this Blog alive with positive comments.

  • Awesome, glad to see this. Some the the people here were getting out of hand… and the spam posts were VERY annoying.

    Let’s keep this business-like, fellow gamers. =)

  • Im sorry im from Sweden..But i will behave =)

    Keep up the good work!

  • How about letting us highlight/bury some comments (vote up or down) similar to other blog comment systems, or sites like Digg?

  • Good move. A comment system without moderation is about as much good as no comment system at all.

  • I’m glad to see moderation on a blog that was clearly running amok. Even the comments on this post seem a little excessive.

    I think what we need is two separate channels to communicate with Sony and the other posters. Frankly, it looks like more than half the comments are “give me demos, or XMB now!”. That kinds of requests should really be going to an email address or similar so we don’t have to filter through them. They are valid communications, but unless the sender NEEDS to grand stand, we don’t need to read it.
    This blog should be about comments on the post, and maybe some derivative banter. This is not the complaints hotline. [yes I know I just threw this out as a complaint/suggestion. My bad]

  • Thanks for the 3rd demo in a row!

    And thanks for taking action and listening.

  • Thx for listening!

  • Good stuff, good to have it moderated. At least you got the point about the demos. =D

  • I agree with everythingsablur in that we you guys should make it easy for us to help moderate by giving us the ability to vote up for down comments made by other users. It works really well on

  • Thank you2

  • Good, now I don’t have to scroll through all the spamming comments to see an actual intelligent thought. Great work!


  • Thank you very much for filtering the good posts from the useless.

  • This is really good Because Y.O.U are listening to us :-) btw I love sony

  • Thanks and the moderation is absolutely required.

    Too many comments get completely derailed by people with a big chip on their shoulder (like that Kinglink nutcase) or flat out troublemakers.

  • Thinking out loud, does such software exist that can take a complete set of comments from a blog post and list the words posted in order of rank, for example:

    demos: 200 occurences
    firmware: 100 occurences

    and so on? If not, can then someone write one and credit me with inventing it? Thanks.

  • lol… about time, I was surprised they didn’t say something like this earlier.

    “yes, we hear you on wanting more demos …”
    HAHA that is awesome, you must get pissed seeing comments after comments…. lol. thanks man.

  • I think monitoring the blog to keep people on topic is a fantastic idea. The blog master and their review comittee must be careful not to take away comments that Sony or their game developers would rather not have stated about their products or approach to dealing with its customers. An over santized blog is useless if it is primarily all of the comments that Sony and the game developers would like to see posted.

  • Thanks I think it will improve the quality of the posting.

  • are we going to get a demo everyweek?

  • @Kinglink

    If you think your comments are going to cause so much controversy, enough to disturb people working at Sony, I think you are giving yourself a wee bit too much credit. This post is mainly leaning towards comment spammers and those god-awful link posts that have been popping up. You know, the ones that say the username is the same as a post about the post you’re looking at, only from another website. They still definitely won’t mind suggestions and stuff, especially our ideas and useful notations, but they don’t want this to become a place of hording cries. It’s tough to maintain a respectable blog when there are a ton of people posting the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Say I wanted to have a quick convo with you about jammin out on some Motorstorm, or Rainbow Six: Vegas, but in order for you to see my response, you had to wade through 100 or so useless comments made by spammers and whatnot just to see it. It makes the community half of this blog completely moot.

    Basically they are just pointing out that they are NOT censoring us, they are just looking for things that are generally unproductive, and more than anything, server slowing. Keep in mind lots of sites are moderated, and they are still going to be very kind about it, this is mainly just a message to those who can’t stop spamming and listen to others for a minute. I’ve noticed while commenting on this blog that spammers are downright rejected by the majority of us, and are straight up shunned for their actions, as that what they are doing, is in no way what this place is for. Sony says “We’re open to suggestions about [fill in with whatever]” people take it as “I’m gonna post my idea in CAPS with a thousand exclamation points, AND I’m gonna copy paste that idea 30 times on each blog post on here, just to get my message across” when ONCE would be just fine. The idea of Sony doing that falls in line with the idea of us respecting that they are going to read our ideas and the bulk of them will be addressed, just not right away. It is too difficult for them to explain what they can and cannot do at this precise moment in time, and so they will not. People can take that as “Sony’s not listening!” but they are, they just arent gonna spend their entire day reading each individual comment (which sometimes amount to over 600 on one post alone) just to figuratively answer some questions, when they have to write up those suggestions for the dev teams that work on the ideas we are suggesting.

    Basically take that awkward silence as “Hey, I’m gonna go check to see about some of this, I’ll post back when I have more info.”

    So once again, this is not censorship, it’s moderation. Don’t be a stupid spammer and you will be fine, and the whole site will be more fluid overall.

    Thank you much BTW Sony, I was getting tired of some of the spammers and stuff on here. It was getting claustrophobic with idiots.

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