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Wow, even I didn’t see this one coming! Due to an extra step in QA testing to enhance the community features in the game, the release of LAIR, originally set for August 14th, has changed to September 4, 2007. Natural challenges that arose while finalizing the offline game to include key online features – such as leaderboards and medal systems – have led to the difficult choice of pushing back the release date. We appreciate everyone’s excitement and patience for the game and look forward to its release on September 4.

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  • cant you just do it as patch. enough is enough, stop testing our [DELETED] patience and stop being so incompentent

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  • well.. hopefully this delay is worth it.

  • Uh oh! Does this mean they will scrap the reviews and start new? Becuase im pretty sure pulling a game thats already in production is going to have to have massive changes otherwise why would it be worth it!

    So give us the damned demo, you said June, Then july, ITS AUGUST NOW! Jesus!

  • Another game…another delay….

    Thanks Factor 5. I was really looking forward to playing this one this month. That EGM review might have dashed a lot of hopes for this game. F5 better fix it in time. We better have a lot of control options.

  • ???? Wha???

    “North American version of Lair has completed its development and is now in manufacturing! ”

    So you guys cancelled manufacturing after sending in the game???

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  • No worries, just hope 3 weeks is enough to make everything work right. Thanks for keeping us informed. Not too interesting in Lair anyway, give me Warhawk!

  • Heavenly Sword will probably get delayed.

    2 AAA titles releasing on the same day, by the same publsiher? Sony is not retarded, they know it’ll hurt sales, so simple, they’re not going to do it. They’ll make up some crap about how they want the perfect product, therefore releasing it futher, but the game probably won’t go through any changes at all. You can probably look forward to LAIR on Sep.4th, but Heavenly Sword? No. The demo was a bit disappointing anyways, but at least we got a demo, unlike some games *cough* cough* lair *cough* cough* i might have a cold! *cough* lair* cough* lair*

  • I can’t see how this is related to the EGM review … Who gives a flying flip about one game magazines review… the point is it’s being delayed by 3 weeks from it’s orginal release date to enhance online functionality that didn’t pass QA.. not because EGM gave a crap review cause they don’t like learning new things

  • not trying to be stupid or anything.. but since heavenly sword comes out appereantly the same day.. or even if it comes out a week later there’s not way i would buy lair.. i was gonna buy lair just to play something for 2 to 3 weeks until H.S. came out..

    really bad move for lair.. plus i really don’t care about leader boards anyways..

    oh well.. they delay and it’s gonna cost them

  • @58

    YES! Show us Warhawk before Microsoft shows us HALO 3! Cmonnn Sony! I played the BETA, which was the full game, and it played great(at the end of the beta), so just hurry up and release it. It would be nice to get one of the Incognito guys here to discuss the release date and other cool features.

  • Whatever it takes to make the game worth our investment of $60.

    To the haters [DELETED] about the delay:
    You act like drama queens over a game that is only being set back less than a month. We have seen worse. Get over it. At least we are still getting the game.

  • Why do I think that you guys are just re-implementing the analogue controls to please those SIXAXIS naysayers?

    Either way tho, extra time to polish a game is not a bad thing. And tho I do want a good motion control game, if some including analogue controls will make everyone happy. Go ahead and re-implement it to give gamers a choice. Maybe then they will realize that SIXAXIS is a benefit in flight games just like they did when the Warhawk beta came out.

    After all is said and done more choice is not such a bad thing. I really think that the game wasn’t delayed for community feature tho….unless this is related to the Home trophy dev kits not going out until later in the month.

    I don’t know what to think anymore….just hurry up….my PS3 is yurning for a good game.

  • Prolly should use the “extra” time to address the issues mentioned in the early reviews, namely the Sixaxis controls and the lack of a map.

  • @49 how is that a bad move. Actually I think its a good move from the developers and SOny delaying the game to enhance it and causing all this buzz and controversy thus making people look more into the game. Then when the release date happens and assuming we get a demo before the game comes out many people will go out and buy it. I already have this game on reserve.

  • Be honest. Tell everyone you pushed back the release date to fix the control scheme.

  • Please allow people to control the game using the analog sticks.

  • Can we at least get a demo?

  • It amuses me how many comment posts are under the assumption that this delay has anything to do with the actual game, control scheme or quality control. Considering the original release date… the final product is finished. Thousands of copies are already shrink wrapped and ready for distribution. The only modification that they’re making is in the online aspects of the game, not the title itself. I hope the subpar reviews were on early builds, because I would like the game to rock. For the sake of Sony and the survival of the PS3. It really needs a hot title to move some hardware.

  • I’d wait a few more months for them to add multiplayer dragon deathmatch!

  • Earth to game developers…Earth to game developers…come in game developers…over

    Ranking systems, leader boards, medal sytems, and the like are all horse crap. They never work, they’re always hacked, they don’t update timely, random disconnects always bone the player.

    Prime examples are the syphilitic abortions that zipper produced in ANY of their socom titles. Save us all the headache and leave them out.

    That is all…Earth, over and out.

  • *grabs hair and screams* AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

    Well, it looks like most of my money is going to be spent in September.

  • Yep can’t wait to get Lair Heavenly Sword Warhawk and Dynasty Warriors Gundam.

  • @69
    The game gets almost perfect reviews except for the control scheme. I HIGHLY doubt they made the decision to push the game back based on medals and leaderbroads for single player. Rather, it’s much more likely they pushed the game back to assess the one problem every reviewer had with this game (and ultimately giving it a low score due to this one problem): The controls.

  • @I_Love_New_York

    Dynasty Warriors Gundam is going to be a blast… I can’t wait for that one to come out.. the demo was a blast and I went back and played it a few hundred times more to see if I could pull off any other fun combat moves.

  • Just make sure that framerate is silky smooth. ^_^

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  • will keep waiting, it’s gonna be worth it (i hope)

  • Yeah me too and there are so many different scenarios I played it a bunch of times also. I always try to kill every general. Also what was your highest kill mines was 1,250 yeah I know its a lot.

  • @carfo624
    I think you’re assuming too much into this… as things that have to be redeveloped have to be re-QA’d which can take the 3 weeks.

    I highly doubt that they are changing the controls for people that complain about something that is different.

  • I hate to say this. But…. If lair is coming out the same time as Heavenly Sword , Lair will most certainly be over shadowed.

  • @I_Love_New_York

    heh .. I haven’t payed attention … all I do is try to kill all the generals before my “partners” can get to them… I wish the jet mode would last longer though.. bums me out when i run low so quickly.

  • Disappointed yes…But still very excited for this game? Yes, I am.

  • I really wanted this game but like everyone else I’m disapointed. I understand that you guys are taking this time to fix the game. But you’re pushing your luck as it is. This game was supposed to come out Novermber 2007 if anyone can recall. Now it’s being pushed back to nearly a year delayed…I’m sorry but you’ll see that most people who want to play a game that uses the Sixaxis to its full potential will be buying Warhawk and forgetting about Lair. The only possible way you’ll get us back is by showing gameplay to us in forms of a demo.

  • @gamerman
    Yeah but I think your jet will last longer when you upgrade your mech. Hey man add me my PSn name is the same name that you see with the same “_”. I play resistance online and I also play the heavenly sword demo.

  • @DaChinPin you copy and paste.. how sad .. why don’t you put more effort into your posts… and only post it once!

  • i hope it gets fixed with standard controller stick options too. i have a feeling the real delay is from the poor reviews and forum poster backlash.

  • Hopefully you will reward the people who pre-ordered with cool goodies? Hmm? This is kind of a good thing, IMO. I was hoping to get my first ps3 game as this title. I still anxiously await this title, though. Two days before my birthday! At least now I’ll have money to get Persona 3.

  • @I_Love_New_York

    at work right now and won’t get out of here until 11 but my gamer tage is also my same name here :P
    Not much into FPS so never gor RFOM but play about everything else :D

  • Gamerman76 this is to give developers a message. They are being dumb by doing this. They’re going to less many many sales by putting Lair after Warhawk and on the same day as Heavenly Sword. Not a lot of people are interrested in Lair as it is. Now many will be turned off and will turn over to Warhawk which is already an awesome game and doesn’t need refining. They had a BETA. Demos are the way to see how your game stacks up with consumers which is all the people who are important to a developer anyway.

  • @gamerman76
    Ok I’ll add you in a bit. But yeah besides the next gundam game I’m going to get warhawk lair heavenly sword ratchet uncharted etc.

  • I really wanted this game but like everyone else I’m disapointed. I understand that you guys are taking this time to fix the game. But you’re pushing your luck as it is. This game was supposed to come out Novermber 2007 if anyone can recall. Now it’s being pushed back to nearly a year delayed…I’m sorry but you’ll see that most people who want to play a game that uses the Sixaxis to its full potential will be buying Warhawk and forgetting about Lair. The only possible way you’ll get us back is by showing gameplay to us in forms of a demo. You’re disapoiting many people by making this move….

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  • @DaChinPin in a preview article with IGN they have stated that a Demo of Lair will be available but the game comes first. So most likely after reading that article my assumption would be that the game comes out and about the same time a demo will come out for it also.

    Spamming a blog with the same thing won’t make them do anything they were or were not going to do anyways. It’s more disrepctful to your fellow bloggers to keep copying and pasting all the time.

  • @95

    I couldn’t agree more. I was really thinking about purchasing this game on the 14th, but with Warhawk coming on the 28th, NOOO FREAKING WAY! Ill be pwning n00bs in Warhawk instead of flying dragons any day. I was planning on LAIR to set me back for great experiences until Warhawk, but Warhawk will give me all the great experiences I need :):):)

    And after the Ninja Theory developer was literally cussing at the forum poster when asking about 1080i support in the game, and since 1 of my TVs only support 1080i, Heavenly Sword won’t be getting my money either.

    Thankfully Warhawk will be upscaled to 1080i :):):):):)

  • Gamerman76 I know but they’re doing this and need to be informed it won’t work forever. Many people I know are already turned off Lair and are just going to buy Warhawk instead. This is a dumb move even if it is to get Home features or not.

  • very disapointted…

    but why people are saying that it’s now coming out in same time as Heavenly Sword…. According to HS will be out on September 12th

  • @105

    I just pray that Sony doesn’t delay Warhawk in order to get us to buy LAIR instead :(

  • Wow…. just wow.

    “Given all the content and interest here on Lair, I figured you guys would also be interested to hear that the North American version of Lair has completed its development and is now in manufacturing!”

    Man, I hate that you’re pushing me into this position, but I have to wonder now… why would you say it was in manufacturing if it clearly wasn’t?

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