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Wow, even I didn’t see this one coming! Due to an extra step in QA testing to enhance the community features in the game, the release of LAIR, originally set for August 14th, has changed to September 4, 2007. Natural challenges that arose while finalizing the offline game to include key online features – such as leaderboards and medal systems – have led to the difficult choice of pushing back the release date. We appreciate everyone’s excitement and patience for the game and look forward to its release on September 4.

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  • not another delay! But whatever it takes to make the game AAA I’m cool with it.

  • Well, you do your best to make sure this game is GREAT when it is released!

  • Doh. I wonder if this has anything to do with the negative control buzz going around. If it does I hope not, b/c it would be a shame for the devs to compromise their vision based on the likes of lolEGM.

  • another delay ffs

  • If its helping to bring out a bug less product.. Then Im all for it.. But this is a perfect example of how deve’s (Well at least for the team Factor 5) are still learning on making a games for the PS3…

  • Hmm, kinda makes me wonder, considering the recent controversy over the reviews and the game’s control scheme. However, I can see last minute problems popping up on anything, so it’s better to get it fixed before it gets released.

    I still think analog control should be an option though. =)

  • ….Your words are empty to me.

  • No matter. Delays only give developers more time to improve their product.

  • :( :( :(

  • These delays are running rampant. But atleast we’re getting the word from the horses mouth. And you guys gave a new date other than postponed. We’re all looking forward to it.

  • Sounds like they’re implementing some HOME features. I’m cool with it. However, I needed it now because Universities start again Agust 28th and I don’t game during school, but whatever, that’s how the ball drops.

  • oh noooooo……demo plz then?

  • I demand HS to be released earlier then.

  • -__________-

  • Also I demand more games to play.

  • Loot Ninja » Rumor Mill: Lair (PS3) Delayed [Update - Confirmed]

    […] [UPDATE] Sony just confirmed the new September 4th release date on PlayStation.Blog. […]

  • I said I wanted news in the last post, but not this! :(

  • Sorry but wasn’t the game supposed to be already gone gold a week ago?
    Now there are still things to finalize….honestly these delays and the first disappointing reviews (EGM) have crushed my interest in the game but I’m still looking forward to the demo ( to be release as soon as possible) to finally make up my mind on this game.

  • Sorry if this sounds rude, but explain to us how the implementation of a leader board takes 3 weeks?

    Another delay. Heavenly Sword, Ratched & Clank..Warhawk will all be delayed.

    This is getting pathetic. Why oh why did I buy a PS3 this early? I’ve been waiting for months for something decent to play, and each time – it keeps getting delayed, delayed and delayed.

  • I call BS on this. Werent leaderboards already in the game? And how did it get to gold status?

  • Do whatever you have to make this game rock. Please make the control system an option, to shut up the folks that are scarred of change. I for one can’t wait to use my sixaxis to its full potential.

  • Can we get Dylan Jobe from Incognito here to talk about Warhawk? Im extremely excited about Warhawk, and NEEEED to know when its going gold. Also, will we get a demo of LAIR?

  • Natural challenges that arose while finalizing the offline game to include key online features – such as leaderboards and medal systems

    So I’m assuming this is to fix the ability to interoperate with HOME? Dangit and I was stoked that 8/14/07 was almost here :( well I guess I can wait a bit longer but it really throws off my plan of Lair and learning it and then Heavenely Sword (which launches Sept. 4th also) and learning it….

  • So far early reviews have been ho-hum. So I suggest fixing those issues while you’re at it ;) I know I know, it doesn’t work like that.

    Anyway allow me to speak for every PS3 owner when I say “Take your time
    Hurry up
    The choice is your
    Dont be late
    Take a rest
    As a friend”

  • I agree that its better to delay the product and perfect it than to release it and get a negative feedback and @drpirate how cool would that be if they were implementing home into it!?!?!? cannot wait for that! Yeah with all that I still wanna demo the game b4 I buy even though from what ive seen it looks sickening.

  • good lord now even first party titles are being delayed……………color me disappointed. now i have to buy Lair and HS on the same day, or close to it? little upsetting.

  • @ Neil… the reviews have been because they don’t want to use sixaxis.. This to me was a good reason to show why to use sixaxis.. I don’t think they should even touch that.

  • @ GamerMan76

    Someone bought up a good point on the boards about the reviews commenting about the SIXAXIS use in LAIR. They have no problem moving around such playing a Wii game but when it comes to the PS3 and SIXAXIS, they always have something to complain about and dock it for. Odd?

  • Well I am all for a better product in the end. So take your time and get it right. Still a day one purchase for me.

    Thanks for the update.

  • Wow man this is so funny hearing all the rantings and negative comments. Don’t these people realize that the game is getting improved you should be happy that Sony and the developers of the game are taking their time to flesh out the game. Also I’m not sure but this gives the people at Sony to release the Lair demo before the game comes out. Great move Sony if this is what you intended to do with the demo causing buzz and more hype and releasing a demo for the game to get more people interested kudos to you guys.

  • Damnit!!! I’m usually patient but jeez another delay i’v been waiting to play a nice title on ps3 for a while, now its getting delayed again…… I hope you will give us some stuff on PSN to wait for this game

  • @Zaku

    I am also all for Sixaxis motion controlls. That is why I did not care about what EGM had to say.

  • Wait beyond,
    well back to the forums.

  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    lair was gonna be my birthday gift the only thing i was looking forward this month i guess i go watch 300 on blue ray for the ninth time

  • Delayed again? So… August will be an empty month? =((
    Amd.. isn’t it a bad choice for september? In that month Heavenly Sword comes out, and ppl who can’t buy both will wait for HS and will say bye to Lair… i hope not… i want both of them tho.

  • violater go get a life instead of waiting for a game. it’s only video games…

  • To #35 August isn’t a lonely month the games I’m getting are Dynasty Warriors Gundam and Warhawk. This delay also allows me the money I saved up for the game to be able to buy an HDMI cables for my HDTV and a component cable.

  • make the game AAA by then. im happy it got delayed. fix the framerate and color pallettes. thanks. and the targeting

  • Man, now I won’t get any games till after I go back to school on the 23rd. Just realized that.

  • One more thing….. I really want to hope that Heavenly Sword won’t get delayed until the end of September…we have waited already too much for PS3 to deliver big games.

  • @a dirty bastard

    when you typed “nooooooo” on the main blog page under the recent posts it went off the page and off the site. I think even my computer realizes your dismay as I’m sure we all do. lol

  • # 35 thats what I’m talking about fix the game clean it up so that it can be perfect. Also work on ads and commercials for the game.

  • Could this be due to the bad reviews the game has been getting?

    Seems kind of odd that you guys find a bug this late in the game after passing it and saying its on time.

    But any who, if its true, least you guys are fixing it and not releasing something that stinks. But guys, these delays are getting really tiresome.

  • Excuse me but if you’re intending to put in features and change the code after your GOLD announcement… well you haven’t really gone GOLD then.

    Question: Is Warhawk really coming in August, seeing as they haven’t announced it as GOLD on here?

    (Which would be cool if you did with all First Party titles)

  • this really sucks okay. you better not delay heavenly sword as well

  • arghhh crap :(
    I won’t be able to buy LAIR again :(

    Had someone in North America to pick it up for me on the 14-16th launch window…


    I wanted LAIR So bad…

  • PS3 needs new exclusive games to be released ASAP as these delays do nothing but undermine the viability of the system.

    Please make the changes you need to do, but be quick about it. :)

  • I believe this is because they are trying to integrate everything into working seemlessly with Home, since I think I heard in an interview, that the Home production package thingamajig was just sent out yesterday.

    I believe it was an interview with Phil Harrison, and by 1up, but Im not 100% on that.

    If it makes things better in the long run, which seems to be Sony’s plan for the PS3, I dont see a problem with it.

    I would much rather have a game that is just as good a year after I got it as it is the day I got it.

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