Blast Factor: Advanced Research Coming Soon!

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We’ve just put the finishing touches on the Blast Factor: Advanced Research expansion and we’re stoked to see what you guys think of it! We got a lot great feedback on Blast Factor, and we’re implementing a lot of that into Blast Factor: Advanced Research, there’s SO much cool new stuff! Seven new specimens, eleven new types of enemy, two new bosses, monthly online high score tables, new practice mode, remixed sound effects, eight new music tracks and dynamic lighting. Man, we need a vacation!

The new expansion looks amazing, brand new visuals for each specimen, super detailed and each with its own theme. We’ve added dynamic lighting, new water, new particles, new camera, all running at a silky smooth 60fps at 1080p.

New audio too, Steve Johnson at Sony Sound worked like crazy going through every sound effect in the game, tweaking and enhancing each one. Turk Dietrich and Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) created 8 kick-ass music tracks for the levels. You’ll be cranking up the 5.1 for this.

Finally, the gameplay – we’ve taken the enemy and player interactions to a whole new level. There are new enemies that suppress chaining, enemies that create huge explosions for big combo scores. The new BouncerEx_AR and Platelet_ATR enemies (seen in the specimen 6 boss fight video above) really lay the smack down if you’re not smart about using the tipper and repeller. There are cool tertiary enemy interactions and the new BigRepel turns all your abilities against you, chain/tip/repel this guy and he’ll trigger a reaction sending other enemies screaming towards you. It’s a real challenge, and something people have not seen before in shooters.

Blast Factor: Advanced Research will be out in the PSN store soon with a demo so you can check it out. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Blast Factor: Advanced Research BigRepelBlast Factor: Advanced Research

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  • Awesome looks amazing, and quite challenging, I look forward to getting blown up by this when it comes out.

  • @SadSkepticalFan
    LOL harsh!, but true I guess…
    I’ll leave it at that.

  • looking forward to the new stuff

  • My god, sony… please please please release the PSN cards in europe, im missing out on so many cool stuff, please announce something about it so i know i too can play it one day :(

  • @ Tiduz
    Yea Sony release the cards and you’ll make a killing on PSN, apparantly there are a lot of gamers who don’t know what a pre-paid credit card is, or don’t have access to purchase them.
    also while you’re at it, give me more stuff to buy/try on the PSN, games and demos, I have money burning a hole in my pocket and want to look forward to more than just every Thursday, I’d like to see more classics revived for psone on the PSN, and I’d prefer to be suprised random days of the week than have to wait until Thursday every week.

  • Excellent stuff, I hope it’s on the Store double-quick!

    You say seven new specimen and two new bosses. Is that two new boss types, or are five of the specimen… bossless, so to speak?

    Either way, I can’t wait. The first was the most underrated game on PS3.

  • the first one got boring i hope this one last longer . why no online multiplayer im tired of this.

  • Sony, I need playlist creation for audio and video files on my PS3. The same demos in all regions. Legal download demos to PC, then to PS3. I need Playstation Store improvements: blog + official forums integration, jokes on main page, forecast, news and so on. I need to be able to listen to music everywhere – during setup of my systems, in games, in Playstation Store.

  • Why is it that when you connect an iPod to the PS3, it shows none of the songs on the PS3? Heck, at least the 360 supports this simple feature. Thats a bummer for me since I use the iPod a lot. I would love to just hook it up to my PS3 and listen to music off of there.

  • Now if Sony would only give me away to buy it besides credit cards.

  • @Kedaro

    I agree. I would rather much be surprised any day, than to just have to wait until Thursday to receive new content.

  • Why limit the playing area in a box? I dont want my 25″ lcd tv to be a 20″ tv.

  • Wow a 1080P game on the PS3. I must be dreaming.

  • Sweet Action, I thought I was going to fall asleep during the first one, but after downloading it I was very much awake^_^ I can only say this, it will be fun, BUT will it overcome EveryDay Shooter? We will see….

  • Waiting for this add-on!

    By the way, how did Bluepoint Games make a deal with Sony? Just wondering…Not just Bluepoint Games but all the other devs, how did they get Sony to get their game on the PSN?

  • I just turned on the original Blast Factor and it says an expansion is available to download on the store now. I take it that’s been mistakenly put in early? Or am I missing something?

  • Eleven new types of enemeies, sweet :)

  • Nice, can’t wait to play it. I would like some more original games though. These shooters are a little tiring at times.

    But thanks again!

  • I have the original, this is looking much better though, hopefully it will give stardust HD a run for its money. ~_~

  • Not impressed. Need real Games. SONY WHERE ARE THE GAMES!!!!!!!!

  • Question

    does the bluepoint team feel competitive against the stardust team?

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  • I’ve been waiting patiently for this to come out already. I was teased not too long ago when I saw that the game told me an update was out. ;_; There was nothing yet though… obviously.

  • can’t buy it.. no PRE PAID cads.. where are they? where??

  • looks good, i hope it plays well.

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the comments!

    It’s an expansion to the original Blast Factor; you’ll have to purchase the core game to get BF: AR. Honestly, if you haven’t had much practice playing the original, you’re going to get your ass handed to you in BF: AR. I haven’t got any specifics about pricing, Sony marketing takes care of that, but I’m figuring it’ll be in-line with other large expansions, i.e. cheap.

    We’ve reworked the tipping detection code completely; it’s real similar to the original but without the false triggers, much improved. I hear you about the tipping changes for the MP expansion, what happened was that we found older controllers got worn and slightly loose, causing false triggers. We increased the filtering to fix this but this decreased the sensitivity. For BF: AR, we took a SIXAXIS and threw it around the office until it rattled. We had to throw it around a _lot_, those things are tough! Using that for testing we’ve now got some very clever adaptive filtering to deal with stick noise, which means better sensitivity and less false triggers.

    I hear you about all the missed dates and promises for demos. The thing is that there’s an _army_ of people involved in getting these PSN games and demos out to you guys, even with small developers like us. I can only speak from our experience (we’ve done this 3 times now, 4 if you count localization for Europe), but when a game is getting close to completion (i.e. 1-2 months) Sony QA starting testing. These guys work really hard (around 2000 hours for BF: AR) and they will find _everything_! When they reckon it’s ready, they do a full week of intensive (regression) testing making sure any old bugs haven’t been re-opened. If all is good, then the game goes to a different division, format QA, who perform another independent week long series of tests. If any problems are found, then the game has to go back to the start of this 2 week process, that’s what causes some of these delays. Everyone at Sony knows (and works weekends to make this happen) that you guys want the games, but sometime unexpected problems appear, and they don’t want to you to pay good money for buggy software.

    The bosses alternate between specimens, spawning different (harder!) enemies, changing tactics and moving faster. The specimen 7 boss is hard! Randall, who was playing the game in the video above, would say the specimen 6 boss is pretty hard too!

    Also, the ‘expansion available’ is a notification from the server that got turned on a little early along with the server code to handle the monthly high scores.

    Long story, there’s some more info about this in the BF: AR over at IGN ( There’s a website ( for applications, you’ll want a nice looking demo on the PC, and a design doc. Schedules, budgets, and previous industry will help a lot too.

    Nah, not really, we started on BF: AR several months before we knew about SSHD. The games are pretty different, even if they use a similar control mechanism. We wish the guys from Finland every success!

    Hope this helps answer some of your questions.


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  • Advanced Research looks interesting :)

  • when will the PS3 Browser be able to play the videos posted to this site?

  • So annoying game! The tilt doesn’t work when you need it. Stopped playing it. :(

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  • @Andy

    I really appreciate your response. I’ve worked as a tester for a smaller developer, so I am somewhat familiar in what it takes to prepare a game for pr public consumption. I’ve also done some press work, and I know you never ever ever promise what you can’t deliver, which is what Sony has been doing since the PS3 launch. I love my PS3, I do. It rocks. It’s a powerful, sexy beast, I just wish I had some more decent games to play.

  • Thanks for the update I’m loving this game all over again!!!

    Now where’s R-Type?!


  • Well I DLed the advanced research and its sweet!! gettin me back into the 1st game I Dled from the PSN all over again……now about that multiplayer tekkin update……………;)

  • Yeah Sony, show them haters what you got!!! Lets take the first place once and for all and let 360 and Wii (that can themselves “videogames”) on the floor!!!

    PS3 RULES!!!

  • Advanced Research is fun!!! This is an awesome add-on. Anyone who has Blast Factor needs to buy this add-on it is sweet!

  • Is it true,Singstar3 comes without a wireless Mic?
    The wireless Mic will be sold later? :(

  • I’m many of those people in europe, who dosn’t have a creditcard, to pay for “content” or even ”games”. Only the free stuff for us…bommer.
    So my question is: When can we expact these (in europe so call’d) Pre-paid cards?

  • Hey there SONY, watch my redesign photoshopped of the PS STORE ! here ! store updated.jpg

  • Hey SONY, Redesigned PS STORE ! PIC AVAILABLE!!

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  • Please I want you guys to release that we can access out XMB when we press the ps button meaning we get things like pming ingame and one of the most requested features custom soundtrack. Tell develepors to let us access our HDD while in game in order to do this. I really want you guys to bring out a nice wireless blutooth headset officially from you guys that is black with the red letters playstation 3 on the side. That brings me to my other thing when we acces our XMB ingame we can view our friends and all that right, so i want to be able to private chat with any one on my friends just by pressing square for instance on any menu or any game (we dont have to be playing the same game) and invite him to a game by pressing circle or something like that.If you guys add these features in hopefully 2.0 (please if you can email me to tell us when we are getting it)the whole playstation fanbase including me will be VERY VERY VERY happy. Thank you for your time.

  • I NEED IT, me and my wife can´t stop play Blast Factor!! But… we need more games on the European Store…(I´m from Spain…), more contents, more demos and more of all… When i start Blast Factor, appears an advice window that says: “There is a expansion set for Blast Factor, go to Playstation Store”, but there is nothing in the store… a pity… I hope that “my” store seems like the USA or Japan Store someday, with the same content, at same time. Thanks for all, sure i buy this, and more.

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