Blast Factor: Advanced Research Coming Soon!

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We’ve just put the finishing touches on the Blast Factor: Advanced Research expansion and we’re stoked to see what you guys think of it! We got a lot great feedback on Blast Factor, and we’re implementing a lot of that into Blast Factor: Advanced Research, there’s SO much cool new stuff! Seven new specimens, eleven new types of enemy, two new bosses, monthly online high score tables, new practice mode, remixed sound effects, eight new music tracks and dynamic lighting. Man, we need a vacation!

The new expansion looks amazing, brand new visuals for each specimen, super detailed and each with its own theme. We’ve added dynamic lighting, new water, new particles, new camera, all running at a silky smooth 60fps at 1080p.

New audio too, Steve Johnson at Sony Sound worked like crazy going through every sound effect in the game, tweaking and enhancing each one. Turk Dietrich and Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) created 8 kick-ass music tracks for the levels. You’ll be cranking up the 5.1 for this.

Finally, the gameplay – we’ve taken the enemy and player interactions to a whole new level. There are new enemies that suppress chaining, enemies that create huge explosions for big combo scores. The new BouncerEx_AR and Platelet_ATR enemies (seen in the specimen 6 boss fight video above) really lay the smack down if you’re not smart about using the tipper and repeller. There are cool tertiary enemy interactions and the new BigRepel turns all your abilities against you, chain/tip/repel this guy and he’ll trigger a reaction sending other enemies screaming towards you. It’s a real challenge, and something people have not seen before in shooters.

Blast Factor: Advanced Research will be out in the PSN store soon with a demo so you can check it out. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Blast Factor: Advanced Research BigRepelBlast Factor: Advanced Research

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