Blast Factor: Advanced Research Coming Soon!

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We’ve just put the finishing touches on the Blast Factor: Advanced Research expansion and we’re stoked to see what you guys think of it! We got a lot great feedback on Blast Factor, and we’re implementing a lot of that into Blast Factor: Advanced Research, there’s SO much cool new stuff! Seven new specimens, eleven new types of enemy, two new bosses, monthly online high score tables, new practice mode, remixed sound effects, eight new music tracks and dynamic lighting. Man, we need a vacation!

The new expansion looks amazing, brand new visuals for each specimen, super detailed and each with its own theme. We’ve added dynamic lighting, new water, new particles, new camera, all running at a silky smooth 60fps at 1080p.

New audio too, Steve Johnson at Sony Sound worked like crazy going through every sound effect in the game, tweaking and enhancing each one. Turk Dietrich and Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) created 8 kick-ass music tracks for the levels. You’ll be cranking up the 5.1 for this.

Finally, the gameplay – we’ve taken the enemy and player interactions to a whole new level. There are new enemies that suppress chaining, enemies that create huge explosions for big combo scores. The new BouncerEx_AR and Platelet_ATR enemies (seen in the specimen 6 boss fight video above) really lay the smack down if you’re not smart about using the tipper and repeller. There are cool tertiary enemy interactions and the new BigRepel turns all your abilities against you, chain/tip/repel this guy and he’ll trigger a reaction sending other enemies screaming towards you. It’s a real challenge, and something people have not seen before in shooters.

Blast Factor: Advanced Research will be out in the PSN store soon with a demo so you can check it out. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Blast Factor: Advanced Research BigRepelBlast Factor: Advanced Research

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  • Keep it up!!!

  • Great stuff. Blast factor is tons of fun. I am looking forward to the new content.

  • Another shooter :-(

  • i want Home :(

  • How much is this going to cost? 9.99? What if we already have BF?

  • yeah i want home but .. i want this too .. do i have to buy the original then buy this? there should be a special package on the PSN.

  • FYI Telefon Tel Aviv = Crazy People Music = FUN YAY.

  • Looked pretty good. Good to see you guys are continuing the support for the title.

  • This looks MUCH better than the first one. I can’t’ wait for it.

  • one of the most addicting games ever. man this is a purchase for me, for sure

  • looks pretty cool from the trailer point of view but I never bothered with the first BF, I bought flOw instead and love that game (only wish there was more on it). Is there anyone out there that bought the first one that could give me any suggestions?

  • Nice. Thanks for putting a demo out first, too :)

  • all I want to know is if the bug is fixed where the wave takes 3-5 seconds to happen after I flick the controller. That only started happening after the first upgrade and it made the game unplayable to me.

  • Good to hear, never had Blast Factor but the demo was fun, only reason cause’ no credit card, just gotta wait till the PSN Cards. But this game looks great.

    Anyways, I’m required to post this in all my comments from now on. This time I’ll do it once.


  • Thanks very much for providing a demo. Sony really needs to make all downloadable games have demos.

  • i was like WHATEVER until i saw that screeen of a NON-hexagon map. Wo0t this is a definate share/buy-in. thanks can youll get some news on snakeball for us while your at it.=) thanks sony and the playstation team.

  • Good stuff. Thanks for the news.

  • hey

    why the hell lair sucks

    EGM rated it

    6.0 !!!!

  • lair sucks

    lair sucks

    lair sucks

  • Telefon Tel Aviv, worth twice the price.. i hope there is some way to listen to the music without playing :-)

    Addon the bought!

    Oh and Lair bought as well, if a spammer says it sucks it must be good! :-)

  • Assassin:
    How do you know? Earlier people rated it 9/10.
    You haven’t even played it, so when you get it then rate it.

  • Anyways, game looks good. But could we get something else other than these SciFi shooters? We already have 3. I’m not saying it’s bad but we have three, can we get variety?

  • seriously tho…whats with all the FPS and shooters like this? Can’t we get some PAIN! and Home? Geez…i’m starting to get bored of all these shoot em ups

  • Yeah, that looks fun, and stressing too. So many enemies :D

  • @Assassin
    I know I’ve seen that already.
    I was saying how do YOU know it is bad and earlier people gave it 9/10 ratings.

  • Wow… I am impressed. this is a true example of a 5 star post.

    new content announcement, a video, Pics, and a demo announcement. If half of your posts were this good, this site would be the greatest.

  • This looks great. I love just picking up the controller and blasting through a few levels. I am hoping the developers read this: I have had problems with the tilt wave on the controller as well, with a delay or poor reaction on the controller. I am wondering if they could add an option to not use the tile function. I have had problems with it and it is really frustrating to throw the controller around and blow up, even though you reacted on time. What about a two button combo to go either left or right? Other than that problem i liked the game. I just cannot play it when the tilt stops and drives me crazy. That is when i start up Super Stardust HD nad at least get credit for my reaction time.

  • @xplosneer

    i don’t know

  • this looks fun, i might just have to pick this one up. Where are the playstation cards similar to the point cards that xbox live has. I know a lot of people who have been waiting for them because of creditcard issues. This would increase sales because more people would have access to the psn games.

  • Off Topic.

    I just popped 300 in the PS3 and Wow. It looks so damn good that now the real world around me looks like crap.

    As for Lair all EGM did was complain about the controls, instead of informing us about the learning curve and giving people a professional opinion they complained. Still buying Lair on day one and it will be great.

  • How soon is soon?

  • — A Suggestion for improving PSN Home

    I think incorporating Accomplishments in the Sony PSN Home is a good idea, and should be made standard (standard number of points per game) and mandatory for the Developers for each game released.

    While seeing the Accomplishments as Trophies in Home is certainly well worth the while, what would make it better would be to have these Accomplishments worth certain points. Not only that, an added incentive for Accomplishment points might be to have Accomplishment points worth a certain number of PSN dollars, for example, 1000 Accomplishment points = 1 PSN dollar. That way, Gamers can USE Accomplishment points to BUY PSN additional content, downloadable games, movies, music, etc. I think that would be something that your competition hasn’t thought of, although they might be quick to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Hey guys good to see that this game is shaping up I might actually buy it. Anyways the online team at Sony needs to release PSN cards because many people that I know would like to buy things online but their parents won’t let them or their parents won’t let them buy an American Express or Visa card to buy stuff online. Also, there will always be haters for the game Lair. I personally think that this game will be the first great first party game that Sony will be releasing I already have this game fully paid off at gamespot. After this I’m just waiting for Dynasty Warriors Gundam and Warhawk. Also if anyone from Sony is reading my post I have to say that ever since the last update I believe 1.90 many people including me, well our headsets which I believe are wired that use the usb have been acting strange. This may be an isolated insident I don’t know because besides Motorstorm the only online game I have is Resistance and whenever me and my buddies play resistance our headsets work in the lobby and before the game starts but once we get in the game 30 seconds in we can’t talk with our headsets but we can hear. This is happening in the Resistance Fall of Man games and maybe thats why its a little bit quieter. I don’t think that it affects people with Bluetooth headsets I don’t know because me and my other buddies we use Logitech communicator headsets. And the only way to talk is to plug and unplug the USB from the Playstation so we can talk. But then again it cuts out 30 seconds. SO basically they don’t work during online play. Please Sony have you ever heard of this occurance? Also I am not really bitter because I am not spoiled and i am at least happy that I have a chance to play online so I am not angry or upset I’m taking it how it is. Because I know that I’ll just pick up Warhawk and get a free Jabra Bluetooth headset.

  • nice preview video, home it doesnt cost too much,

    but yeah enough with the shooters

  • Hey guys i don’t post here often. I just have one request. Can someone please put an end to all these Metal Gear Solid 4 Multiplatform rumors. Its like every other day this rumor is put to rest and then reborn again. Everyone wants to know one way or another if its a PS3 Exclusive. I know a few Sony Execs have said their is an exclusive deal in place. But rumors keep popping up and the rumor itself seems to annoy people more then the idea of it going multiplatform. Anyway this is the reason for my request.

    We want it to stay PS3 exclusive can we get an official ironclad press release stating that it is exclusive to the PS3 so that this rumor can just die. Please. Thanks if your listening.

  • Where did my previous comment go?


    Well, they do have that ski game coming soon.

  • Where can I get a Playstation network card….anyone….you…you.


    Yea @ MTK, I totaly agree, ive been thinking of that idea to, That would be a very good idea sony.

  • #35 brings up a good point, aren’t the PSN cards already out in Japan? What gives Sony?

  • Blast Factor: Advanced Research on the way at

    […] on PSN. But soon, your devotion will be rewarded by Blast Factor: Advanced Research, according to a post on the official PlayStation blog. Imagine how your friends’ skills, thick and unwieldy from disuse will be shamed by your […]

  • The 80GB PS3 at $599 launches tomorrow, it’s going to bomb so hard…

  • That’s a great little gameplay video.

    @#37: If you read that kotaku article it specifically mentions the franchise and not MGS4 as such. I think that MGS 4 will be a PS3 exclusive, but future MGS titles may be multi-platform. They may continue the story with Raiden or maybe even Vamp :).

  • I found Blast Factor to be an awesome game. I’m a little worried that this may costs a little too much though. I’ve been impressed with the videos I’ve seen.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to play the demo.

  • @45 I know i realized that but not everyone else does and those websites like to spin it in the titles making it seem like it pertains to MGS4. And if you read the comments from both of those stories alot of people now think once again that MGS4 will be multiplatform.

  • Sweet. I’ll definitely check it out!

  • PS That gameplay video was intense.

  • When you say it will be out on PSN soon do you mean like soon 6 months or soon like this week? I remember when the map packs were coming soon. And the Darkness Demo. And the Heavenly Sword demo. I also remember hearing that we’d have a Lair Demo in July. You guys have less credibility than the Bush administration when it comes to announcements for PSN

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