Comic-Con Costume Appreciate Poll, The Solo Cosplayers

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Had some technical difficulties on Saturday, so appreciate your patience in awaiting the post for solo cosplay nominations from Comic-Con. If you think that I was actually too busy trying to pull together my own Nariko costume for the Masquerade Ball for that night, you might be right. Jokes, jokes, I actually ended up leaving on Saturday afternoon so wasn’t able to make the Ball, but you can check out the results for best costumes here.

Below you can find our nominations for best individual costume. Big thanks to my partner in crime and the fella you see in the shots below, PR Specialist Brian Keltner.

Thanks to you all for your feedback on Friday’s post. Hopefully you get it’s just supposed to be something to have a little fun with and to give you a window into the craziness that was Comic-Con. We plan on doing something for Penny Arcade at the end of August as well. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Comicon Costume
Entry #1
When we had this guy sign his waver, he printed his name as Red Power Ranger Steve. I mean, duh.

Comicon Costume
Entry #2
I asked him if he would flintlock-whip me for the photo’s sake, but he wasn’t into it.

Comicon Costume
Entry #3
Had to include this entrant for his use of cosmetics.

Comicon Costume
Entry #4
Later I borrowed his wig to get the seniors’ discount on a Wonder Woman belt buckle.

Comicon Costume
Entry #5
She was not stoked to be in a picture with me but her costume was amazing.

Comicon Costume
Entry #6
She had awesome colored contacts and was very intense about her pose.

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  • Sipu | July 31st, 2007 at 12:30 am

    This cosplay rubbish sucks… let’s get some news about new games, plees!
    darktorns | July 30th, 2007 at 11:05 pm

    post something gamers actually care about… like games? yes.. something PS3 is lacking of right now.

    these kind of post makes PR look bad…
    @darktorns IYO at least this is a blog not a sony news website. we probbly are gonna get slower stream of info until this dumb lawsuit fizzles out. if you seiriously think the PS3 has o games u must be blind.

    @sipu the seasons are coming out people are just finishing games dont rush them and agian at least they are putting stuff up here. when this lawsuit fizzles out we get more stuff.

    BTW when are youll gonna post that news? oh and PLEASE BAN jonijwinjer

  • ::Off Topic::
    Just out of curiousity, are you only going to have blogs about positive playstation news? cause’ I’d really like to know what’s going on in the negative news as well, it’s a good way to collaborate and maybe help Sony deal with the boulders being tossed it’s way.
    There is almost 5million ps3’s in homes atm, and 1out of 9 or 10 people are mentally instable or have violent tendancies(fact) look it up, and Someone just… filed a lawsuit against… Sony,the suers terms are of devastating sorts containg orders to remove all products containing CELL chips from the market… If they win… among other requests.
    That’s 10% of 5million gamers = 500’000 angry people that are quite capable of acts of passion. Especially seeing as at least 90% of ps3 owners love Sony even if not total fanboys. I see a lot of people seeing red… If the future of our system gets snuffed out by a buncha idiots with a fabricated patent, that Microsuck paid people to keep mouths shut about.

    OMG I might be a 1/10 over here… I feel anger…

  • @ Sony

    I hope this whole patent issue will be solved in a way, that won’t hurt those who already invested in the Playstation 3, or who have the desire to experience the power of the PS3 in the future when they want to purchase it.

    How would this affect the PS3 and the future of it Sony?

  • #3 gets my vote. I will always, always, always vote for Sephiroth.—-12

  • Costumes Sony? Are you that confident about the PS3?

  • @Kedaro

    Cell was produced by a consortium of Sony, Toshiba and IBM. A link to what your talking about would be nice. This chip was in internal dev for a long time. I doubt this suite has any leg to stand on.

  • @Kedaro

    Im willing to bet that at least 2 or 3 out of 10 Americans in general have violent tenancies. We have the right to bare arms and we do. This great country of ours was build on violence and continues to maintain itself with the use of.

    Still waiting on that link.

  • Hey I think I’ve seen # 2 under a bridge before….eh they all look the same trying to take your coins and such. I’d say that he has the best costume though.

    And are you kidding whoever started that talk about violent tendencies needs to knock it off I came here to talk about comic con not get a history lesson!

    PS: Sony needs to come to Spokane

  • @hunter

    Whats up bro I grew up in Spokane and now live in Dallas. Washington shout out whoot!

  • @40cal

    I guess he is referring to this..

    Though the article is already around on several websites.

  • I vote for number 2!

  • I looked up the actual patents. It started out as patent no 5056000. That patent was later shifted to other numbers, and ended up a patent under IBM. Who co created the Cell.

    Im no lawyer but, whats the problem here?

  • very gay costumes.. all of them. very gay indeed.

  • @40Cal
    Yes while a lot of people do have violent tendencies they are not of the unstable nature, some violent tendencies such as the need to fight for your country, or to protect your home, are subject to the fact that they’re simply not an unstable act of violence, so the figure still works, but I was talking about everyone who owns a ps3 not just the 1.5?million American owners of ps3’s. What I was saying in a roundabout way is, Gamers are tough in the soul, we fight many battles in games and in our minds, we are probably the most equipped members of society to deal with threats that come our way, believe it or not, we’re actually almost a new breed of human being, when it comes to hand-eye co-ord, and problem solving techniques, and 10% of us people are naturally unstable due to our upbringings or chemical imbalances, or trauma in life… And personally If I were a technology company, I’d be careful how many of us I pissed off. And this isn’t to say that just 10% of gamers are violent monsters, in fact I’m sure it’s much lower on the gaming front, but human beings in general the basic % is approx 9-10%.
    This would be like, Some barely known little car company who had an idea on paper/or maybe they didn’t, they’re just saying they did… sueing Ferrari for a specific internal engine design, and asking not only for monetary losses to be paid, but for all the ferrari’s they’ve sold to be boughten back and destroyed… now… If I was driving one of those Ferrari’s and ‘IF!’ the small car company won, They would want to leave the country very … very fast.
    Idunno’ maybe cars aren’t really a good comparison for consoles, but if they win this suit which I highly doubt they will, it would mean that Sony would have to rebuild the ps3 with a new chipset, and the ones in homes already would still be CELL equipped, and effectively run anything that uses only single CPU chipsets less efficient than the single CPU set ups they’d be forced to use/dev for, or just sit this generation out.
    Sorry kinda’ tired while typing this, not feeling very great today, and just got up from a short nap… But anyway you all see where I’m coming from right? and Why I’m really mad at that company who is filing suit against Sony. Don’t you think it’s time everyone just backed the F off of Sony, and let the system flourish… This suit seems to serve Microsoft more than the company that’s filing suit… I WONDER who’s really behind all of Sony’s problems…actually scratch that, I don’t have to wonder, I know… they’re just sore from last gen, so they’re fighting dirty this time.

  • @Kedaro

    Nice statement bro.

  • I just got 300 on blu-ray and poped it into my PS3. Whoa to my surprise the picture qulity was poor. Why are these blu-ray movies so grainy. What happened to the very clear pictures. 300 is an asome movie but why is picture quality not the same. Recently i have noticed that besides Crank and a few other shows the rest of blu-ray movies look grainy. I wonder if it is my PS3 or the movie. Today i mmight go check out other blr-ray players to see if Sony screwed around with our PS3 quality with those recent updates or are studios just lazy .

  • @stennex

    My copy of 300 runing on PS3 looks amazing in full 1080.

  • Ok so it looks sharp and doesnt have that not too visible grainy look? If so i gotta get me a 1080p tv instead and sell my 720p.

  • Who is that guy next to the Power Ranger? He’s hot.

  • Number 1 is the best!

    The Red Ranger ruled! I miss the ORIGINAL Power Rangers…

  • Number 1 rules. Especially the cat on the right.

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