Comic-Con Costume Appreciate Poll, The Solo Cosplayers

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Had some technical difficulties on Saturday, so appreciate your patience in awaiting the post for solo cosplay nominations from Comic-Con. If you think that I was actually too busy trying to pull together my own Nariko costume for the Masquerade Ball for that night, you might be right. Jokes, jokes, I actually ended up leaving on Saturday afternoon so wasn’t able to make the Ball, but you can check out the results for best costumes here.

Below you can find our nominations for best individual costume. Big thanks to my partner in crime and the fella you see in the shots below, PR Specialist Brian Keltner.

Thanks to you all for your feedback on Friday’s post. Hopefully you get it’s just supposed to be something to have a little fun with and to give you a window into the craziness that was Comic-Con. We plan on doing something for Penny Arcade at the end of August as well. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Comicon Costume
Entry #1
When we had this guy sign his waver, he printed his name as Red Power Ranger Steve. I mean, duh.

Comicon Costume
Entry #2
I asked him if he would flintlock-whip me for the photo’s sake, but he wasn’t into it.

Comicon Costume
Entry #3
Had to include this entrant for his use of cosmetics.

Comicon Costume
Entry #4
Later I borrowed his wig to get the seniors’ discount on a Wonder Woman belt buckle.

Comicon Costume
Entry #5
She was not stoked to be in a picture with me but her costume was amazing.

Comicon Costume
Entry #6
She had awesome colored contacts and was very intense about her pose.

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