Resident Evil 5 Trailer

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RE5 New Lead Character - Chris Redfield

This is Scarlett from Capcom-unity, and I wanted to give a big thanks to SCEA for inviting us to put an entry on its blog. I know there have been a lot of queries here about the upcoming Resident Evil 5 trailer (thanks!), and we wanted to set the record straight. So, without further ado …

Is that really gameplay in the trailer?
Yes, indeed, that is actual in-game footage.

How will RE5 compare to RE4?
We don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

When will there be a new trailer?
Funny you should ask. With the previous trailer being less than one minute long, we’re releasing the extended Resident Evil 5 trailer on the PS Store today, showcasing more jaw dropping footage which will blow away anything you’ve ever seen. ‘Nuff said.

For those that want a piece of what’s to come, download Resident Evil 5 wallpaper right here.

Be sure to stop by Capcom-Unity for the latest Capcom news and views!

See ya there!

Resident Evil 5

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  • someone’s (slickrich05) is a little paranoid about something

  • How long does it usually take you guys to download something.

    heavenly sword has been downloading for about an hour and it is only 50% done.

  • @SlickRich05… Every other Resident Evil involved exclusively killing white people, so maybe you should stick to those and live out your fantasies…? I assume the game trailer is set in some poor african ghetto, so chances are you aren’t going to see a lot of white people in that part. It’s called accurate storytelling. I bet there will be white people for you to kill too in some other level.

  • not at all my white friends, like i said i am only stating the obvious, there is a white man with a gun killing all blacks, this is just a poor attempt to live out the developers fantasy

  • Well, this franchise has been since the PS one of my favorites, I can not wait to play this game. As always I know that it will fulfill my expectations and if we have not seen anything yet, well what can I say?

    Thank you Scarlett, Capcom and of course Sony

  • spoken like a true racists leetfo, why doe sit have to be a ghetto, why not just a village, that just how you people that, i though we were in 2007 i guess it will never change, i hope you guys enjoy you game cause i will not be apart of it

  • @54- here’s a big shocker for you…

    are you ready…?

    The Resident Evil Dev team…

    IS NOT WHITE! They are Japanese. Does that throw a wrench in your racist thinking?

  • Oh and for the record I am not a racist, i just call it like i see it

  • @slickrich05

    Kick rocks bro. Just KICK ROCKS!

  • Ummm…wtf? I’m pretty sure RE5 takes place in Africa not in some ghetto. But besides that…i doubt that everyone in the game that you’ll be “eliminating” is going to be black. If someway you do end up only killing black people, I can guarantee there is a reason behind it…yanno part of the story? Maybe a “virus” broke out in Africa…Chris is taken there to handle it, SURPRISE black people are there infected…in which he’s got to fend them off…by killing them from self defense…and perhaps running to another town or whatever…with more people infected and yanno who will be there? Perhaps OTHER RACES!!! Geezes christ…people like you are the reason why the ESRB exist to mess with FICTION!!! Yanno…NOT REAL!

    P.s. megaman…not a the discovery channel,sonic…not part of animal planet, supermario…not a A&E biography….

  • @56 have you seen the trailer? That’s not a village. Does it look like the nice part of town to you? Some part of Africa looks like regular towns and villages. Some parts (like in the trailer) look like poor ghettos. It could also be Haiti, Brazil or maybe a carribean island.
    Ever been in a ghetto outside of the US? I have. And guess what, I’m not one of those people who is going to go run away crying because you call me a racist. Stop hiding behind race issues and get on with your life. If you are going to skip a great game because some of the bad guys might be black, so be it, but that sounds like a racist move to me.

  • Thanks for the trailer and wallpaper Scarlett :)

  • @57 does Scarlett sound like a japanese name to you, and plus the are racist too

  • The trailer showed some of the best gameplay ever. The graphics were incredible and it looked atleats as scary and fun as Re4. This is a must buy! Thankfully this comes at 2009…theres so much great looking games coming in this and next year that i will be poor again for long long time =D

  • @63 lol! really… lol… omg that is so awesome.
    The whole world is racist except for you- the guy who won’t buy a game because some of the bad guys are black. Making a decision based on race = racist.

  • Nothing racist about it. The only one racist is you,
    I’m black and proud that Capcom is going for another setting in their game.

  • hello some of the guys you point out one white person other that the one doing the killing, and liek I keep saying I am not a racist. the developers are and publishers

  • @67 So… if you made a game and part of the game was in a (african, haitian, brazilian, or carribean) ghetto, would you have included white people there?
    I don’t recall a single black person in resident evil 4, and the reason for that was that they would be out of place in Resident Evil 4’s setting- eastern european country villages. Was that racist or just true to setting?
    Basing a decision on race = racist.

    By the way, if you click on scarlet’s name and go to her capcom blog, 90% of it is taken up with…. an interview with a black rapper. How’s them apples?

  • Does anybody know if that’s a PS3 or 360 footage being shown? Capcom can be pretty shady after that fast one they pulled on the PS3’s exclusives.

    By the way. Thanks for the DM4 and RE4 exclusives. Capcom is greaaaaat! “Sarcasm” :\ You guys at capcom are real loyal. Guess money makes the world go round.
    Peter Griffin: “maka da wolrd go round!”

  • Yow forget race. To the Capcom guys you have been really nasty to PS3 from they laucned, even worse you put DMC4 on xbox360. Its kind of surprising to see you on this blog . Welcome back. RE5 looks incredible. I guess it is not exclusive to PS3. Are you taking advantage of PS3 spu’s and the cell chip or just going to port the same quality to each console. We all now know how powerful the PS3 is so it would be fair to us and your games if you designed them utilizing PS3 power to look really amazing. Anyway business is business. Crazy.

  • @69

    RE5 is not exclusive to PS3. My only hope it that they developed it for the PS3 first.


    Its time start programming for the console with more processing power and porting to the rest.

  • WOW! This game looks incredible, but Capcom, can you comment on whether the trailer I saw from the PS Store was running on the PLAYSTATION 3, or another platform?

  • If this game is even close to as great as RE4 was, it will be an amazing game. That said, I would love to see a Dead Rising sequel on PS3. Any news on such a project?

  • I cant wait for RE 5. If RE 4 scared the hell out of my I can only imagine what this one will accomplish.

  • hey reson8r he said sarcasm after he said the exclusive things lol XD

    But I don’t want a hand me down either!!!

  • Colour me impressed, the ingame shots just blew me away.
    And as a Sony fanboy its nice to see Capcom posting on the offical SCEA blog.


  • @75

    lol Yeah was my bad for not clarifying, that caps lock part was directed at CAPCOM not #69 >_

  • dame this is what i have been telling everbody this is that game

  • its looks good

  • off topic
    new mgs4 trailer on ps store

  • seeing the msg4 demo in 1080p is just .. is just .. i dont ever need to get laid again.

  • Well capcom im still kinda mad at DMC4 on xbox..(is there really a market for a game like that on xbox?) but i still love you guys. Thanks for the trailer. Dont forget us PS3 owners please! Keep us updated, blog, demo’s, trailers on psn.

    p.s RE5 is looking great. Hope the gameplay lives up to visuals.

  • @ Scarlett

    Will RE 5 be a port of the 360 version, or will you be developing it on the PS3 from the ground up to take advantage of the additional power and features offered by the PS3?

  • Why is this game comming to xbox 360. after all the years sony has supported Resident evil it was born on the system. also they have lost planet and dead rising exclusive. why cant ps3 have this game exlcusive to ps3, come on capcom give us a game to call are own.i have lost alot of faith in capcom after they said we are a multiplatform company, then not porting the 2 titles above and then porting dmc4 to xbox 360 also.Please capcom stop looking at micrsofts wallet and give the fans something exlcusive on ps3. we got you where you are today with this franchise.

  • RE5 isn’t racist against blacks. It’s racist against the ZOMBIE race and I, for one, object

  • Extended Resident Evil 5 Trailer Up | Game Stooge

    […] camera made famous in Resident Evil 4 being reimplemented, and a Capcom representative on PlayStation.Blog confirms that everything in the trailer is running […]

  • I think BOTH (360/PS3) versions will be the same, I doubt Capcom are looking to make any Enemies with this game (other than Zombies, that is:))

    The 360 one will probably be on 2 DVDs and the PS3 will naturally be on 1 Blu-ray.

    Similar to that of Resident Evil 4 which was on GameCube and PS2 with 2 and 1 DVDs respectively.

    Oh yeah, LOOKS AWESOME! (I knew I forgot something:))

  • Impressive Capcom. Very impressive.

    ATTENTION PEOPLE: Stay on topic and avoid the obvious trolling by the moron. Racism is such a cheap trick to derail any thread its not funny. Sadly it always works which is why morons keep doing it.

  • This trailer is awesome. RE5 is one of the reason I got a PS3

  • @16: I wouldn’t call yourself a “loyal fan” if you are prepared to protest a game made by Capcom. Besides, you plainly do not understand how buisness works. There would be no Resident Evil 5 in the first place hadn’t the sales have been there for the previous games. And in case you forgot, there has not yet been ONE single exclusive Resident Evil game yet. RE5 was never “exclusive” in the first place, we have known that for 2 years now.

    1) Resident Evil 5 is being made in Japan, which means the majority of the staff will be Japanese…last I checked, Japanese people are not white.

    2) RE5 obviously takes place in a foreign slum, could be Africa or South America, either way, if you were to venture to one of these slums in reallife, what would you find?…a whole lot of black people. Sure there may be white people, or brown people, or even yellow people, but the definite majority would be black. It’s not like in America or Europe, where you have a fairly even mix of cultures in one area.

    3) Ghetto is a word used accross the entire globe, to describe a section of a city which is heavily populated by poverty stricken people who happen to be all of the same race and/or religion. The only reason you find that term taboo is because you are so concerned with becoming a racist, that you unknowingly have become one yourself. It honestly shows with the hatred you leave in your comments.

  • “Hey is this a new Pixar film?”

    Hehe, the graphics are awesome… I’m a graphics whore!

  • nice eye candy, but the combination of setting, locals, and hero can give an uneasy impression.

  • That trailer looked awesome. Very nerve-wracking… the way the enemies were mobbing you, all moving in distinctive ways, looks realistic and quite terrifying.

    I wonder if the developers looked at footage of actual riots for reference? I know from family who are in the service that facing an angry mob when you’re vastly outnumbered is one of the most frightening experiences you can have. RE5 seems to be going for that effect… almost too close to reality for comfort!

    So glad to see you continuing the direction from RE4, at least with regard to the controls and camera. I was one of those who could never get into the previous iterations of Resident Evil due to my dislike for the clunky maneuvering. This is I title I await with great anticipation.

    I’m looking forward even more to Devil May Cry 4, though…

  • its nice to see Capcom still acknowledging that Sony exists as a Company, let alone as a platform as it seems like they have gotten very buddy buddy with Microsoft and seem to be shunning the Platform that has let Capcom survive. So thanks for not forgetting about us Capcom and hopefully, you wont give the PS3 future shafts?

  • Awsome trailer and this game is on my must have list. I just hope you guys don’t let the space on 360 dvds hold you back, put it on 5 dvds if you have to. Just make RE5 do what RE4 did.

    And to the people saying it’s racist, did the mexicans complain about RE4?

  • TylerOwnsYou1986

    Alot of people on here are disrespectful. They give you guys info about a game and you go asking questions about another game in this case Devil May Cry 4 and Lost Planet. Be greatful that this game is even coming to the ps3.

  • RE4 was one of the top 5 games in last generation. RE5 looks very good

  • Great trailers…..but looking at it only makes me want it to come out soooooner!

  • Im downloading the trailer on the Playstation Store right now. The pics looks awesome.

  • That was a great trailer. Thanks for the post, and thank you Sony for inviting them to do it!

    Invite some more third parties to talk a bit. Its refreshing and its nice to see third parties caring about the Sony community after screwing us on a bunch of ports.

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