Resident Evil 5 Trailer

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RE5 New Lead Character - Chris Redfield

This is Scarlett from Capcom-unity, and I wanted to give a big thanks to SCEA for inviting us to put an entry on its blog. I know there have been a lot of queries here about the upcoming Resident Evil 5 trailer (thanks!), and we wanted to set the record straight. So, without further ado …

Is that really gameplay in the trailer?
Yes, indeed, that is actual in-game footage.

How will RE5 compare to RE4?
We don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

When will there be a new trailer?
Funny you should ask. With the previous trailer being less than one minute long, we’re releasing the extended Resident Evil 5 trailer on the PS Store today, showcasing more jaw dropping footage which will blow away anything you’ve ever seen. ‘Nuff said.

For those that want a piece of what’s to come, download Resident Evil 5 wallpaper right here.

Be sure to stop by Capcom-Unity for the latest Capcom news and views!

See ya there!

Resident Evil 5

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  • sweet trailer

  • Downloading right now….along with Heavenly Sword demo

  • @2

    So.. jealous…but ENJOY!

  • Will RE5 have rumble support for the new ps3 KIXAXIS controller?

  • great trailer, cant beleive that was all ingame, wow

    next gen is here!

    i guess its for a 2009 release still,no?

  • Number 5—- Yeah! :) Great update Scarlett. Thanks.

  • I read somewhere that this was also for the Xbox360, is this correct and if so, is the trailer from the 360 or the PS3 version.???

  • I don’t want to be at work today….

  • Have…to…download…this…



    I have to get off to work. Damn it

  • That’s awesome. Some in-game footage. Right on!

  • @Scarlett // Capcom-unity

    any news on monster hunter 3 im dieing i need more monster hunter or even frontier i need my fix

  • Why is Capcom favoring 360 now.

    Where’s our Mega Man PSN game…

  • The Heavenly Sword Demo is only about 5 minutes long. WTH! Why not 10 or 15 why 5 minutes. That’s not a demo it’s more like a teaser. The Darkness was a real Demo same with Motorstorm, and Resistance. Waiting that long for 5 minutes seems weak.

  • Nice job Capcom!

  • Scarlett, the graphics in RE5 look amazingly life like. I’ve been a player of RE since RE1 on the PS1. Can we get some online RE games for next-gen. consoles? The Outbreak series was great. How about taking Kojima-san’s suggestions and make a RE MMO? A RE online world would be awesome. Keep up the good work, Capcom!

  • After you, Capcom, screwed us the Playstation community over with taking away DMC exclusivity I could really care less what you have to say to us now. Your word means nothing here. You should be ashamed and embarrassed by what you did to us your most loyal fans.

  • RE5 gonna be way better than 4
    Cant wait
    But sony somehow plz try to get it as an exclusive.

  • Thanks for the trailer and the wallpaper!

  • @16

    That kind of attitude is what makes people who enjoy playing games cringe. CAPCOM is a wonderful company im sure there are PS Exclusives in the works. Relax and try not to insult developers for doing their jobs (and in the case of RE, a great one)

  • @CrimsonCalibur
    dats so true
    but remember they made street fighter…but still dey screwed us.

  • I saw the trailer and it looks awesome!

    I also want to thank Capcom for finally showing some respect to the PS brand, which you guys seem to ignore so far.

    Hope to see you guys/girls back on the PS Blog again. :-)

  • Cool I cant wait for RE5

  • Might be the first RE game I buy!

  • ohhh resi evil I love you so, zombie killins and such. bring it.

  • Cool trailer. I’ll be sure to look out for the game in 2009. =/

  • Thanks for the information and new trailer. I’m extremely excited for this game!

    I hope to see more third-party developers posting on this blog.

  • hey, Capcom, Why did you port DMC4 to 360 but not Lost Planet to PS3? That’s not fair! And even though you make awesome and challenging games I think that DMC4 belongs to the PS systems.

  • @Scarlett

    Thank you for the post. The trailer will be downloaded as soon as I get home. Can not wait for this game to hit my PS3 I still play RE4. Great games.


    Any plans for classic RE titles to hit the PSN as downloadable classics/Greatest Hits?
    Any plans for a PSP RE?

    Again thanks for your time.

  • Codzinnik gracza » Blog Archive » Resident Evil 5

    […] Resident Evil 5 Trailer […]

  • I hope they can get this game out sooner than 2009… I need another horror game to play until Silent Hill 5 comes out…

  • It was funny I was listen to a couple in a gamestop, that had just finished the resident evil on the Wii and they wanted to play another but more realistic version of Resident Evil. They said that they enjoyed the game but was looking for better game play and better controls, had some problems with the Wii control interface. They said they have played all of the Resident Evil games. This game could help get new users over to the PS3 platform.

    Thank you Capcom! for bringing this game to the PS3. I know I will be buying it!!

    How about bringing some of your retro title to the PS3 store :)

  • Heavenly………..Sword…………Demo………..

  • CAPCOM… where is our Devil May Cry 4 Love!??!?!

  • I wish i was at my house right now so i could update my ps3 and download this trailer and the heavenly sword demo. I think i played 1 resident evil game and i didnt like it because i dont like the OTS view.

  • need to ask if this is running on a PS3 .. sorry just need to ask that.

  • @35 sectionz:

    Of course it is =p

  • Hi there,

    I am usually not one to complain, but Sony please, we Germans always get the short end of the stick in the PSN (no HS demo today, no RE5 trailer etc… I cant count how much we missed up until now). I am 25 years fgs, yet I am not allowed to dl this stuff!

  • Ok the first time a 3rd party dev team speaks on this blog you all start with the negativity. Grow up!

    Sorry about the negative feed back will you be responding to some of the other feedback?

  • is this trailer running on the ps3 hardware? is this game leading on ps3?

  • Can’t wait! RE:4 was one of the best games of all time. Please support 1080p!

    Anyone know who the main character is? Is that Carlos?

  • Hey Capcom, thanks for the trailer. May I suggest some Devil May Cry 4 ones, or perhaps a DMC4 demo?

  • I can’t wait to check it out! Today is a good day.

  • I have always ben a big fan of the resident evil series from the first one all the way up to 4 can’t wait to play this game. I would love to demo this at some point before release. Resident evil 4 was awsome best one yet that is until 5 comes out it looks amazing. Keep up the good work capcom. I hope to see a demo of it on the ps store.

  • Ack my guts. I’ll have to download all of this after work today.

  • PS3 XMB wallpaper ftw

  • HS demo is available?!? Damn it…damn work!!! arrrrgh!!!

  • oh Capcom, Capcom… if you still can hear me please give us some exclusivity and MONSTER HUNTER 3 please, please, please…I’m dying waiting for monster hunter

  • This game is for racists, and madwe by racists, the reason why this game will sell if because, this is teh ultimate white fantasy, way to stick it to the back people great thanks alot

  • Can’t wait to download:)

  • Never got into the Resident Evil series that much. Tried the Gamecube version, and caught my attention for a little bit. I’m hoping this version will make me go ill!!!! Now that was nasty!

    Off topic::::

    Sony said this quote when they denied to come out with loco roco cuz they didn’t see how it was going to be. After playing a demo of the game, thats when Loco Roco was a fingers up. It seems Sony knows for themselves that demos will challenge people into getting the full version of the game. I’m glad to see HS on the PSN today, and hopefully many more will come along the way. Quote from Sony below..

    “It is very important to make a demo and show something that moves,” he said.

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