Celebrating Metal Gear’s 20th Birthday

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Metal Gear Solid 4
On Tuesday night we partied at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo in celebration of Metal Gear’s twentieth birthday. With friends and business colleagues gathered from around the world, we used the 20th Anniversary Party to announce a few new products, host a live concert and display tons of Metal Gear memorabilia. But really, the big event was Hideo Kojima’s real-time gameplay presentation of Metal Gear Solid 4. This presentation will be available for download over at the PlayStation Store today in all its fifteen minute, high-def glory. In the video, Mr. Kojima provides narration in Japanese with English subtitles.

Now, it’s no secret that we’re pushing the graphical capabilities of the PS3, but the emphasis with our latest video really is MGS4’s next-gen gameplay. Solid Snake may be getting up in age, but we prove that you can still teach an Old Snake new tricks — OctoCamo to help blend into the environment, Solid Eye to analyze the state of the dynamic battlefield, the drum can attack, full SIXAXIS support along with a totally reworked and intuitive control scheme… There’s plenty of new stuff to help give you all an idea of how the game will play when it ships early next year.

At the event Tuesday night, we also debuted Metal Gear Online for PS3! The attendees were able to see the game in action in our ten minute demonstration. This is a game we’ve been working on nonstop since our first entry into online competitive gaming with MGS3: Subsistence, and so far it’s a blast to play. Look for more on this soon!

And let’s not forget about Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus — we showed off the first trailer for this multiplayer-focused PSP title that we’ve been working on in secret since the original Portable Ops launched to worldwide success. You can grab that trailer here.

Lastly, we announced a brand new PSP title — the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid 2: Digital Graphic Novel. This is a title I’m particularly excited about since it’s an awesome way to revisit the story of MGS2, now through the eyes of Solid Snake. (If you’re pumped for MGS4, do me a favor and brush up on your MGS2 knowledge — you won’t regret it.) I hope to have an official announcement regarding the North American and Europe versions of this game soon.

Let me close by saying that I speak for the entire team here at Kojima Productions that we appreciate your support and hope that this gameplay video for the PS Store gets you excited for Metal Gear Solid 4’s upcoming release.

Metal Gear Solid 4

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  • @44

    Demos HELP sales of good game, demos definetly don’t help sales of good games. You experienced that with The darkness.

    Anyhow can Ryan tell us in what stage is MGS4?BEta?

  • To the entire Kojima Production team, let me start by saying, Thank you for keeping this game a Playstation exclusive.

    It is good to see a company who has not forgotten the success of the Playstation and the success of their games on the Playstation. It is heartening to know that there is still a company who recognizes how the Playstation community supported them and propelled their games to the top of the charts. It is wonderful to hear that you have not turned your backs on us and Sony like so many other companies have.

    The game looks absolutely incredible in action. It really shows that you guys have taken the time and energy to truly delve into and harness the power of the PS3. I cannot wait to play this game.

    Thank you.


  • AWESOME!! one of the reason i bought PS3

  • This was a very nice, welcome addition to the PlayStation Store! Thank you!

  • The Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay video was absolutely amazing! Nearly every feature seemed to be perfect for the game.

    First off, I was really impressed by the interchangable over-the-shoulder Third Person views. Plus, Kojima was really considerate when it came to your body blocking some of the screen, so you can switch to the left or right to view the entire battlefield.

    Then comes… OctoCamo! Solid Snake’s suit is amazing! Having the ability to seamlessly blend in with every environment really increases the need for tactical gameplay, and also improves your ability to sneak up on, or pass by soldiers. OC is revolutionary, whether it comes to camouflaging with a floor, wall, or a naked statue

    Like others have said, I also really enjoyed the ability to switch from Third to First Person shooter. Just that one simple feature practically makes MGS4 into two games.

    Lastly, most likely my favorite, yet most general characteristic, of Metal Gear Solid 4 is how incredibly detailed the environments are. Bullets ricochet off walls and the ground, massive explosions with RPGs and grenades, soldiers flying off building, every single intricate animation and motion complying with physics you can think of! At this point, I believe that Metal Gear Solid 4 is going to be the greatest game ever, and it’s currently my number one most anticpated game.

  • As long as Konami keeps MGS4 exclusive to PS3 and it shows thislevel of quality, I’ll support it and buy it. I usually only buy Sony’s in house games and that’s it. I hate 3rd party games because when they’re ported they always have to be tamed down for the PS3, cause of the lower common denominator (the xbox 360) is such a pile of junk. Kojima is brilliant and this game will be nothing short of spectacular… I’d buy this game if it was 100 bucks on the shelf. Easily….

    I can only say that about 2 other games too. Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank.

  • This game is going to be the one that defines this generation. This has to be the most anticipated game right now, and the 15 minute demo surely added to the excitement. Congrats on 20 years of Metal Gear. Let’s hope for 20 more!

  • I have watched this demo on the internet about five times. I am probably going to watch 10 more times in HD now. Thanks for the download.

  • The gameplay video further fueled my fire. MG for life! And its nice to see Ryan blogging on the Official Playstation site. Todays podcast was great!

  • MGS4, warhawk, home, hs, lair, socom, GT, haze, KILL ZONE, uncharted, R&C…… it feels good to show all your friends who bought the 360 these games.

  • The playable demonstration looked amazing. This is will be the first MGS game I’m going to buy.

  • Amazing!!!!!

    Grats to Kojima productions on a awesome 20 years of bringing amazing gaming to people all over the world. I wish you best of luck in everything you do in the future! I have owned every single Metal gear game way back to the old NES games and they have been nothing short of revolutionary. Keep up the great work and MGS4 will be a day 1 buy for me though I will probably shed a few tears at the end I can just feel it.

  • I have to extend my appreciation to Kojima and Kojima Productions for creating such a wonderful and amazing looking game. You’ll seriously rank as some of the best in the industry and it shows in every game you make. I’ve been a long time fan of the series and this one just floored me when I saw the footage. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Is there any plans to release that awesome looking 20th Anniversary Box set here in the US? I would definitely love to have everything altogether in one box.

  • Thanks Kojima productions for all the hard work keep up the great programming! And all the game developers that said it is hard to program the PS3 looks like Kojima is having no problem programming on the system, Work with the PS3 Dev kits, pickup you copy of the IBM cell processor manual and read, read and read. You have 7 small processors to work with and one large one, and don’t forget the GPU! :)

  • I downloaded the Japanese MGS4 trailer already and now I’ll have to re-download the American one. And I’m happy about this.! :)

  • Best game ever.

    Thanks for keeping MGS4 a PS3 exclusive. Hopefully it stays that way forever.

  • @ Ryan Payton:

    Will Metal Gear Solid Online come with MGS4 or is it a different game?

    @ Everyone here who wants MGS4:

    Let’s thank Hideo Kojima and Sony for keeping MGS4 exclusive by preordering the game.

  • Thank you for Metal Gear and keeping it’s finale an Exclusive to the Playstation 3!

    The trailers look excellent and I hope there are tons of features and tricks that, up until now, we’ve only dreamed of.

    Thanks again!

  • Amen, mattyInkWell! :)

  • Sony, please pay Konami whatever they want to keep this game exclusive to the PS3 FOREVER.

  • Im downloading it right now, I guess I better play MGS 2, ive only played snake eater!!

  • Hey Ryan,

    Will MGS4 be at Leipzig (sp?)?

  • Mr. Payton, you do unbelieveable work, for us fans, thank you so much, MGS4 looks absolutely amazing, Kojima productions is pure excellance lol :P
    anyway ive played mgs1, mgs2, mgs3, and mgs;po probably 10 times through each, and plan to play through the whole series again 2 months before mgs4 comes out. Can’t wait to see how the story works out!! cya

  • @ziggdy24

    play mgs1 and 2, they are AMAZING, you wont be dissapointed :)

  • I saw lepzig as one of the events on the kojima productions site. lets hope there planning to go.

  • This game is going to be awesome. The detail and abilities are outstanding!

  • Will there be a playable demo of MGS4 sometime in the future?

  • Please give us back the [B]green tint[/B] from the TGS 2005 trailer. That color scheme is beautiful.

  • SONY whatever you do make sure this game, Final Fantasy 13, and Final Fantasy Versus 13 stay exclusive! You can’t afford to lose ANY of those!

  • all the metal gear games have been cool.. so, this one should definitely be no different… i will certainly be buying it when it releases… the game looks great already.,, and thanks for the trailers on the PSN.. here’s hoping for a demo of some sort before the end of the year..

  • Can SOMEONE please confirm or deny if metal gear solid collection is coming to the states?!?! i would do anything for that box set!!!!!!

  • FFXIII has to be released on the ps3 exclusivly. Mgs4 is amazing.

  • Hey, Ryan. Big fan of the Podcast, even if it was you that put doubts in our minds about exclusivity. Since you basically said exclusivity doesn’t matter, and it won’t affect anything, let me give you a little “math” lesson here.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 is worth about 1000 bucks to a lot of hardcore fans. Many, many of us would pay 1000 bucks for it, if we had to. For some, it may be worth 600. For others, 400, etc… For those of us Sony fans who want to see new games coming to the system, people need reasons to pick up system. For probably well over half those getting into next gen games, we don’t all have HD-TVs. Many people don’t want to get into the next gen disc wars, and want to wait for a winner… So, for many people, the 360 and PS3 are SIMPLY GAMING MACHINES…

    In order to get more games to a system, the install base has to be higher. In order to get the install base higher, more games have to be on there that are worth it. If all the same games are on PS3 and 360, and were exactly the same on both systems, it comes down to cost. 460 (360) or 660 (PS3)… For those willing to jump into the next gen of movies, this is an easy choice, but most aren’t quite yet. Yeah, they will eventually, but not now.

    Some of us bought PS3s with expectation of MGS4, Final Fantasy XIII and VS, and games that would come in the future that haven’t been announced yet. Others are waiting for these games to purchase… If people find out they can play MGS4 on 360, and it’s cheaper to do so, and involves achievements, they will go for the 360. They will only buy a PS3 if games like MGS4 come exclusive to PS3. That means those of us who paid our excruciatingly large amounts of money for the PS3 already are going to get fewer games in the future. PS3 may be on its way to being the Gamecube of this gen. Games like MGS4 being exclusive to PS3 secure the future flow of games into the system, because though MGS4 may be worth 1000 bucks to a lot of hardcore fans, they’ll pay as little as they can for it.

    Before anyone goes on about Sony’s 1st party and 2nd party being the end all for securing the future of the PS3, let me remind you all these things:

    1. Sony’s shareholders will only allow this to go on for so long (though the same could be said for the as-of-yet unprofitable xbox 360)

    2. Microsoft has bought off a major 2nd party before… Anyone remember a cool little company called “rare”? Mark my words, they’ll be after Insomniac, Guerrilla, or Naughty Dog next.

    That’s why having 3rd party exclusives is still very important. Just thought I’d let you know. MGS4 exclusivity confirmed, onto FFXIII… If it ever gets made.

  • Hey Ryan,

    Just want to thank Konami for bringing this amazing title to the playstation 3. I’ve been a Metal Gear fan since the NES games. I showed this video to a few of my friends and they all want to get a PS3 now. I can’t wait for this game, and I will show it off to everyone who ever doubts the power of the PS3. You got yourself a first day purchase.

  • Nice work Ryan, don’t stop the momentum. Trust me, we got your back. See you on GAF.

  • Hopefully a Beta for MGO comes to the US >_>

  • Hi again..

    I am guessing most people are too busy playing HS or seeing the 15 minutes trailer to realize that some people from the MGS team has posted something.

    There are not many comments. Am I wrong?

    (keep in mind that I have never played a MGS title ever in my life but I think I am gonna definitely buy this one. And I also believe this is a great item to push the PS3 which is selling pretty well right now)

    I see a lot of changes and good things in the future, with new and GOOD games releasing every 30 days (more or less) so we are gonna keep busy for a lot of months.

    My wallet just cried a little.

  • I just watched the game play video in HD. I’m sold. PS3 here I come. It just might be another year before have the funds.

  • Alright. Just saw the trailer and played HS Demo.

    Damn. My wallet is now officially dead.










  • I want to play MGS4 so badly now…







  • Thank you, Kojima san for entertaining me with the Metal Gear franchise for the last 20 years. I still have Metal Gear for NES with the old Ultra Games logo on the box.

    The first digital graphic novel for PSP was great. I hope to buy the second one here state side. Soon.

    MGS4, as much as I wish that this series would never end I have to say that Kojima Productions and Konami have out done themselves this time. The game play trailer is sweet, all 15 minutes of it. This is going to be the greatest ending to a game franchise ever.

    Early 2008, I am there.

    The PSN update today was (speechless) keep up the great work Sony. For the first time I did not have time to download everything that I wanted.

  • This game will sell PS3 like Sodas in summer.

    Anyways, I can’t wait to see how this fabulous series ends, I can’t think of all the possible endings this great game might take.

  • I can’t wait for this, I just started replaying the MGPO and i can’t wait for MGS4, i do wonder if the Online game will be out this year or not, i hope it is this year. I also wonder when we will be able to preorder this baby.

  • Metal Gear series was by far one of my top 3 favorite game series. I give Kojima props for outstanding plots and amazing gameplay with stealth.

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