Celebrating Metal Gear’s 20th Birthday

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Metal Gear Solid 4
On Tuesday night we partied at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo in celebration of Metal Gear’s twentieth birthday. With friends and business colleagues gathered from around the world, we used the 20th Anniversary Party to announce a few new products, host a live concert and display tons of Metal Gear memorabilia. But really, the big event was Hideo Kojima’s real-time gameplay presentation of Metal Gear Solid 4. This presentation will be available for download over at the PlayStation Store today in all its fifteen minute, high-def glory. In the video, Mr. Kojima provides narration in Japanese with English subtitles.

Now, it’s no secret that we’re pushing the graphical capabilities of the PS3, but the emphasis with our latest video really is MGS4’s next-gen gameplay. Solid Snake may be getting up in age, but we prove that you can still teach an Old Snake new tricks — OctoCamo to help blend into the environment, Solid Eye to analyze the state of the dynamic battlefield, the drum can attack, full SIXAXIS support along with a totally reworked and intuitive control scheme… There’s plenty of new stuff to help give you all an idea of how the game will play when it ships early next year.

At the event Tuesday night, we also debuted Metal Gear Online for PS3! The attendees were able to see the game in action in our ten minute demonstration. This is a game we’ve been working on nonstop since our first entry into online competitive gaming with MGS3: Subsistence, and so far it’s a blast to play. Look for more on this soon!

And let’s not forget about Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus — we showed off the first trailer for this multiplayer-focused PSP title that we’ve been working on in secret since the original Portable Ops launched to worldwide success. You can grab that trailer here.

Lastly, we announced a brand new PSP title — the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid 2: Digital Graphic Novel. This is a title I’m particularly excited about since it’s an awesome way to revisit the story of MGS2, now through the eyes of Solid Snake. (If you’re pumped for MGS4, do me a favor and brush up on your MGS2 knowledge — you won’t regret it.) I hope to have an official announcement regarding the North American and Europe versions of this game soon.

Let me close by saying that I speak for the entire team here at Kojima Productions that we appreciate your support and hope that this gameplay video for the PS Store gets you excited for Metal Gear Solid 4’s upcoming release.

Metal Gear Solid 4

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  • Looking Nice.

  • Must have

  • The demo looks amazing. As usual, Kojima san delivers excellence yet again. ;)

  • Heard a rumour that you pulled it off in 1080p- congratulations- glad to see at least third parties can push the limits of the PS3 since Sony seems unwilling. I’m not a huge MGS fan, but I may actually try this one out.

  • Looking good.

  • I am really excited!

  • 7Th!! 8th? 9th? Yeah looks great.

  • looks real good, but you better watch out for the lost game.

  • @3
    Theres a demo?!?!?!

  • Everyone stand up and salute Kojima Productions!

  • The demo was incredible. Good job Koji Pro, and good job to Sony for listening to the fans and securing this game as an exclusive :)

  • Mr. Payton, you ROCK!

    But you already knew that, DIDN’T you!? :)

  • @9

    Sorry, was implying the demonstration at Japan. ;)

  • @ Kojima Team

    Thanks for making MGS4 on the Playstation console once again. I’ve been a Metal Gear fan since the first one released, and have kept up with the story line. I’m anxious to see how everything will be revealed on MGS4. I’m loving the graphics, the gameplay looks amazing, and i’m falling in love with all the new tricks and features you’ve added to this Metal Gear installment.

    @ Queso

    I think the lost game is the one that needs to watch out for this. With game play like the one shown a few days ago of MGS4, a lot of developers will need to spend as much time as Kojima and the team to get their games looking like this. I’m excited about this game. Glad to see that its staying exclusive to the PS3 also.

    Thanks Kojima/Sony!

  • trailer! YES!

  • Thank you very much for this. I must say that I did not care about MGS until this release.

    I think thats because I had the PS1 but no PS2.

    Anyway, is looking amazing. Good job!

  • Your teams hard work is anxiously anticipated and greatly appreciated!

  • This is the reason why I bought a PS3. It looks incredible and the whole dev. team has done a great job. Any idea on a release date, other than Early 08′. Also, This is FULL exclusive, right?

  • looks incredible. Can’t wait till it comes out!

  • Kratos_ate_Snake


    btw: that heavenly sword demo sucked. what the fuk, just when I was getting exited it ended. that wasn’t even 5min. Talk about a teaser.

  • the gameplay footage was really really magnificant. I’ve always liked Metal Gear and always will. When I and my buddy saw the gameplay video for the first time, we coudn’t believe our eyes at first, then a huge orgasm came. This text doesn’t need more words.

    Racso out.

  • Ryan is it an exclusive to PS3 not timed?

  • Oh it definitely has me pumped

    Sony said they had an exclusive agreement for this game so yea it is a permanent exclusive for ps3

  • Nice video, it looks great! Today is really an amazing day for PS3. The Store update was great with MGS4 video, HS demo, RE5 trailer and the E3 conference to remind us MGS4 is exclusive :) Also, kudos to SCEA for providing developers access to the blog :)

  • The gameplay presentation was nothing short of video game brilliance, it managed to show enough without giving much away. My hat is off to the whole development staff, the game looks simply superb.
    Keep up the good work Kojima Productions!!!

  • Congrats on 20 years of MGS to everyone at Kojima Productions. Can’t wait to play this game.

  • Im with the others that I say thanks alot to the Konami and Kojima team for sticking with the Playstation brand. Both PSP and PS3. Its nice to see that you guys/gals have not forgotten about the success of the PS and PS2 and are supporting the PS3, unlike some other publishers that seemed to jump ships before the launch of the PS3.

    Its also nice to see somebody truely seeing what the PS3 has to offer and using its power to bring something unique and not just another cookie cutter game. So count me in on the new PSP MGS games and of course, MGS4

    Thanks alot to both Sony for the PS3 and Kojima Son and the staff of Konami!!

  • Happy 20th anniversary to Metal Gear. I’ve been playing Metal Gear ever since it came out to the NES in North America. Regarding MGS Online, would it be possible for players to utilize the Sony Eye Cam to plaster our own faces onto our characters. That would be very cool if we could do that.

  • This demo is the best of all next gen stuff!!
    Sony This game will help the ps3 to go up in sales!!!

  • I have a question. Is the online portion and the game going to be sold separately? Oh and the gameplay is superb.

  • cant wait to play MSG4 and is there going to be a north american beta of MGO

  • Congrats on 20 years of Metal Gear!

    MGS4 is the most awsome game I have ever seen, we all bow down to Kojima.
    Now when can we expect to play that demo?

  • I didn’t know the press conference video was also put on the PSN. Thanks Sony!

  • Great Work Kojima Productions!!!!!

  • The demo is awesome. One game I can not wait for. I wish it was coming this year, but as long as it comes I’m happy!

  • Really looking forward for the game to come out!

  • Woah, go Kojima. Looking really forward for Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online, that is gonna be hot. I’m gonna download this as soon as I get home today.

    I have to leave this, as I am going to post it in every comment I leave.


    Sony Read This

    I want you to take a look at this thread:


    I hope you can address the PlayStation Store issues on mainly third-party support. Today XBOX Live just received a DW: Gundam and MotoGP 07′ Demo. I want All-Pro Football 2K8 but how am I supposed to see if it’s any good? Look at that link to see the multiplatform E3 demos they received and we didn’t. I like you Sony and I don’t want you falling behind. Please, get every multiplatform demo that Live has and then get more.

  • Do you know of any MGS4 Playable Demo coming to Playstation Store?

  • MGS 4 looks stunning!

  • MGS4 always looked amazing and with the video of it in real time it looks awesome. I’ve played previous MGS games and I can’t wait for this one. Please let us get a demo of this game.

  • MGS4 looks so amazing in motion! Can’t wait for it! I hope they add rumble support in that game for when the Rumble sixaxis does come out, Rumble has always been a big part of the MGS series :)

  • terrible screenshot. you all NEED to get the gameplay on the PSN .. true HD .. how the game will actually look .. its SICK!

    if the ps3 was the bible MGS4 is the chapter of Exodus (from the 360).

  • I can not wait to get my hands on this game and I am glad its staying where it belongs on the PS.

    Will we see the Online video also on the PSN?

    Thanks for posting on the PS blog and look forward to MGS4 a lot.

  • @37

    I agree. If publisher’s released the demo’s for both platforms simaltaneously, the amount of games sold for PS3 would skyrocket. I had no interest in The Darkness, but downloaded the demo from the UK PS Store, then bought it the next day. Demos give a free taste of what the game is like, if the people like that taste, they’ll buy it. If the people don’t get a taste, they won’t buy it. Simple.

  • Thanks Sony! Very nice support of the Playstation Store this week.

  • @43

    The online video is already on the PS Store. It’s 15 minutes, and there’s english subtitles :)

  • Ryan, love the podcast and congrats on 20 years of MG!

  • 20 years huh?

    So I guess the best series ever is just as old as I am…


  • Looking forward to the game, and thanks for the video! Any chance we’ll get a demo before the game comes out? There were demo levels for MGS2 (bundled with ZOE) and MGS3 (a PSM demo disc). I could see a PS Store demo download happening, do you?

  • DO want.

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