Lair Dev is Complete, Aug 14 Release Set!

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Given all the content and interest here on Lair, I figured you guys would also be interested to hear that the North American version of Lair has completed its development and is now in manufacturing! That means that we are on track for our August 14 release date. It goes without saying that we’re eager to get this out to those of you that have been waiting so patiently (or not!) for it to arrive. Considering the new PS3 price and now Lair, hopefully there’s even more of a reason to scoop up a PS3 if you haven’t already!

For us, there’s still a bit of work to do, as we have localization to finish up for Europe, Japan, Korea, and more, which will all hopefully follow very soon. Once those are out, our leaderboards will truly be global, and then we can see once and for all who the best Lair players are out there! The gauntlet has been thrown, and North American players are getting Lair first, so don’t give that advantage away…

We also have some great updates for the official Lair site that will be live soon, so keep an eye out for those …

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  • thanks ennemee. I appreciate the support. Yeah I dont see this one being a huge seller. Mainly because people are more focused in on other titles coming out soon. Dont get me wrong though I want to give it a chance, Maybe a rental will do. Because It might be sort of like the Darkness. It was an awesome game, that is until you beat it 9 hours later. very little replay value. I feel like this Lair game will be much the same. Unless someone knows something I dont ;)

  • Oh well, its still gonna be worth it.
    I look at it this way, the more it gets delayed, the better it’s going to be.
    A demo would be appreciated, but I am still gonna buy it as soon as I can scrape the cash for it.
    GO LAIR!!!!!!!!

  • demo please

  • good to know… thanks alot lair guys…

  • I hate how we have to wait for others languages for Europe especially in the UK. I’ll import this as will many Uk gamers so if you have lower sales in the UK it’s probably because we’ve bought it from the US. So glad the PS3 is multi regional for games.

  • A demo before it is released would be really nice :)

  • Lair looks so cool my girlfriend want to play it!

  • YES! This is excellent news! I cannot wait!

  • I do not know what I am going to do with all the great games that are coming.

    – Lair
    – HS
    – Warhack
    – Home
    – GT5
    – MGS4
    – COD4

    I am gonna own all of those games. Period.
    Am I missing some game? xD

  • Yes, im definantly going to buy this.

  • Count me IN. September it’s the month I be buy Lair along with Heavenly Sword ^^

  • @blizzard182


    Little Big Planet?
    Unreal Tournament III?

    Am I missing some game?

  • Hopefully a demo will be released. I know its tough on developers though.

    However, new IPs like HS, Lair, and Uncharted really need this extra exposure. Just looking at HS, you can see that its pretty evident the kind of hype and interest demos of AAA calibur can generate.

  • I personally can not believe that some people are actually not going to pick this game up. Factor 5 has never made a game not worth buying. All of the Rouge Squadron games where excellent.

    Have you guys and gals not downloaded the trailers off of the PSN? The grand scale of the environments look astounding, the game play is revolutionary, and the story line appears to be epic. I would hate for people/gamers to miss out on a wonderful gaming experience because there not into dragons.

    I am not into dragons myself, yet have had this title paid in full for about nine months. Also if Sony puts there name on a title it will be good. They have never let me down in the last thirteen plus years the Playstation brand has been a large part of my gaming world.

    Thank you, Factor 5 for this awesome game, Aug. 15th cant come soon enough.

  • @thechosenfew88

    LittleBigPlanet if I have the spare money. I do not have that much time to play online.

    But yes, great game!

    I forgot about those!

  • Great news!

    Hope Lair sells alot, it really deserves to, fantastic looking game ;)

    Hope you iron out the European version fast :D

  • Lair is done, set for August 14 release date at

    […] Factor 5’s Lair has “has completed its development and is now in manufacturing,” according to SCEA Associate Producer Ryan Hamlyn via the PlayStation blog. […]

  • **************question*********************

    Is the european version delayed?


  • @blizzard182 &thechosenfew88

    You guys both forgot about KILLZONE.

  • YES! Thank God! I was just telling myself yesterday not to get my hopes up because it will probably get pushed back again…. Thanks for this post!

  • Where’s the demo?

  • @blizzard182
    Ratchet and clank
    Uncharted drake’s fortune

    im more lookin forward to these games but if lair demo hit ps store maybe i’ll get it too.

  • @fiaz and 40cal

    Damn. I am gonna shot myself for forgetting Killzone.

    Ratchet maybe after the Demo.
    Uncharted…mmmm..don’t know.

    I honestly did not like FPS in a console but after playing and finishing Resistance (I was in bed for two days so I ad nothing better to do xD) I must say I loooove them.

  • HUH???? could this be???

    Is hell freezing over because i didnt get the memo!!!…LOL

    DONT STOP NOW SONY!!!!!!!!!!


  • @40cal

    Wow! How could I have missed that bro. Thats crazy…lol. I feel bad now… :-(

    By the way, have you played Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Rainbow Six:Vegas? If you have, which one would you recommend out of the two?

  • i really hope KILLZONE has double invert cause without it, it’s jus gonna be a pretty lookin game which i cant play.

  • Sony you keep this up and i’ll have nothing else to complain about…LOL

    well except for SOCOM Confrontation!!!…lets get it going…hehehe

    I know im a pain in the ass :)

  • @thechosenfew88

    Get both. But if I had to choose I would say get Rainbow 6. The online multi is sweet. Ninja GS is much better looking and more challenging. Oh! Get both.

  • @40cal

    Alright. I’ll get em both this weekend. Can you use the headset on RB6:Vegas?

  • I’m glad to see a game that doesn’t follow the normal everyday type of game (aka a FPS or RPG). You guys changed it up, and that’s great for every who plays video games!

  • great, nice guys

    and thanks for the heads-up

  • @thechosenfew88

    I would say Rainbow 6 too. NG is a bit monotonous TO ME. I had it on the “old” console and it is the same on both consoles.

    I see RB6 as a more deep game and NG as a bit more fun if you don’t mind the hack and slash type game.

    Buy Resistance. Hell of a game.

  • @blizzard182

    Thanks bro. I bought Resistance already. Heck of a game I would have to agree. I’m watching the RB6 video review on IGN, looks pretty nice, and the multiplayer sounds like alot of fun.

  • lets go sony
    Where’s the demo?
    8/14/07 every week after this day
    a good game comes out

  • @ both of you. I bought RB6 and it its a good game, but Resistanceis far far better. If i were you I would get LAIR before Vegas.

    Anyways. Thank you SONY for all this great content. Heavenly sword demo, Update, etc.
    I dont know why so many people dammand stuff, like in game XMB. They need to just wait for a little bit and stop breathing down your guys backs. I know you that Sony is and has been working hard to make better features, and games. Thank you.
    Also LAIR will be sweet!

  • breathing down your gus necks*** srry. LAIR will start off the huge fall lineup we got. Again thankyou for listening to our requests, and you guys are doing an awesome job with the PS3. Dont listen to some of those bonehead critics.

  • GAH! Why is Europe always last :(

  • @thechosenfew88

    Yes you can use the headset.

  • Can’t Wait… Keep it up… Sony ur Growing… Years to come is going to be so exciting… just dreaming about it gives me bumps :D

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  • @NateTheGreat1
    Some site did a review on the game and said the only downfall was the menu was a little confusing at first.
    But the big point they made is that it had a TON of replay value, like online, unlockable wepons, armor, new dragons, etc. , AFTER the game was beaten the first time.
    So I must disagree.

  • Demo for Air Combat Medieval…er…Lair?

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  • @thechosenfew88


    RB6 is an 360 port….need i say more???

    yes im guilty for owning it…but becuz i got tired of playing resistance since Nov ’06 and i love me the shooters

    SOCOM BABY!!!!!!!!


  • CPT_LOU needs to be resurrected :)

  • getting this on day one

  • Already pre-ordered, now I just have to wait until Aug 14th.

  • I agree with everyone a DEMO would be nice.Hope its as good as it looks.

  • I’m looking forward to getting to play Uncharted,GTAIV,and Assassins Creed.It makes me mad the XBOX360 get all the Grand theft auto downloadable content.

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