Lair Dev is Complete, Aug 14 Release Set!

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Given all the content and interest here on Lair, I figured you guys would also be interested to hear that the North American version of Lair has completed its development and is now in manufacturing! That means that we are on track for our August 14 release date. It goes without saying that we’re eager to get this out to those of you that have been waiting so patiently (or not!) for it to arrive. Considering the new PS3 price and now Lair, hopefully there’s even more of a reason to scoop up a PS3 if you haven’t already!

For us, there’s still a bit of work to do, as we have localization to finish up for Europe, Japan, Korea, and more, which will all hopefully follow very soon. Once those are out, our leaderboards will truly be global, and then we can see once and for all who the best Lair players are out there! The gauntlet has been thrown, and North American players are getting Lair first, so don’t give that advantage away…

We also have some great updates for the official Lair site that will be live soon, so keep an eye out for those …

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  • It will be cool to get a demo before the realease. Either way I am getting it. If it is done why don’t you realease it a week before so I and many other gamers will have more time to play it before college.

  • Thats gonna be a swarm of demos….HS tomorrow, Ratchet & Clank soon, Lair…maybe?


    The kids will cost you more than the PS3 in the long run XD

  • OH! didn’t someone release a “review” already not too long ago and gave it a 9 out of 10 just cuz the controls we’re a little bothersome? Forgot what site that was…

  • Good deal. I’ll be getting it day one for sure. I just wish you gave us the option to use standard controls with it. I loath this motion sensor garbage stuff we’re being subjected to this gen with the Wii and now the Ps3 with the sixaxis. I mean, cool option for somethings, I suppose… Just don’t force it on us. Some of us still love to sit back and relax while gaming. Oh, well.. if it blows, I’ll get rid of it for something that doesn’t utilize it as much. Warhawk, for example.

  • Sorry about all these comments, but does anyone know where we can find the box art for this? Or Sony can you post it?

  • Great!, hopefully we can get a demo tomorrow or next week :)

    PS. please do something to “Sony Mexico” it sucks really bad. Full support and price limit here will definitely bring up sales (and by the way, they haven’t released the PS3 yet =P).

  • oh scratch that, it was PLAY TM magazine…I dunno how reliable they are but they gave it the 9/10 and that its just GORGEOUS! a Feast for the Eyes! :)

  • xplosneer, i can’t provide a link but I have seen it and it’s awesome.

    his game’s gonna get [DELETED] epical.

  • Damn, can’t wait to show off this game to my friends owning a x360 :D. Hopefully a demo will come out soon?

  • @gamesblow

    I heard they took out the motion sensor for the ground fighting…but I dunno if its been completely removed or not

  • Sweet!

    So darn excited….. Been wanting to fly a dragon for a while….

    (don;t say eragon though…. :| )

  • I preordered it. Hope it will be as good as it looks.

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  • umm not that long ago you guys said we would have a demo before or at release. I hope you stick with that promise because I don’t buy games unless I can rent them or demo them first. And renting the game will be hard as hell around here because most places only get one copy of a new game.

  • great news hope we get a demo soon :)

  • Demo coming ? Good news.

  • I’m asking again. What is with the comments like #62? Is there an error or something?

  • can’t wait. Best graphix.

  • I think that’s just some kind of archiving thing. Or it could be a glitch. Who knows?

  • WOW, that screen looks so awesome, this is looking very sharp.

  • @xplosneer

    comments like #62 are people putting this post on there web pages around the world. And linking people to this blog.

  • Lair is going to be awesome. So there really is a multiplayer right.

  • SWEEET. I read somewhere that it was delayed to September, but SWEET. Thanks, and I will definitely try picking this up August 14th(EBGAMES usually gets it on the 15th but ill try best buy). Hopefully it’s great, and any chance we’ll get a sneak peak, demo form, on the PS Store before it’s release?

  • wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    buying it. twice!

  • demo any time soon? is there a collectors addition available?

  • wow Im getting my license on the 13…so Ill be able to it pick up on the 14!!! could life get better!? wait yes it could. we still dont have XMB access in game

  • As always Europe second =(

  • @natethegreat1

    Make sure you pass on the 13th. Best of luck bro. And life is still good not having XMB access right now, cuz they are working on it! Now this is living!

  • i already have my copy preordered now a demo please

  • Woo go Factor 5!!! Can’t wait to get my SIXAXIS dragon on :P

  • thanks for the heads up, i cant wait!

  • I just preordered it yesterday. I can’t wait for this title. Thanks sony.

  • Lair looks sweet. I cant wait to play this game. ps3 has got a sweet looking line up.

  • Sweet! This looks like a it could be a killer app! Knowing the fact Factor 5 is making it ( the guys who made the EXCELLENT Rouge Leader I & II for Gamecube, ) It gives me alot of confidence. They can make good games, And Rouge Leader I is prove!

  • Man…I’m gonna be so broke come August. Way too many good games comming back to back….
    I hope to be able to play one long enough to beat it and be ready for the next one to come out. The last thing I need is more games I have yet to finish. I still haven’t beat Shadow of the Colossus!!!

  • I can hardly wait to rent this. Please tell me they added a gamma correction option.

  • When will you guys release a demo on the PSN Store

  • I wonder if I should buy this or rent it. Also if you can’t get off the dragon, it would be kinda dumb.

  • too many games…not enough money. Lair looks okay. but I dont think it can hold its own against titles like Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear, Killzone2, oh and lets not forget about Mercenaries 2! Lair has never really appealed to me…Probably because ive been playing to much Oblivion

  • This is one of the most technically impressive games in history. The scale is incredible.

  • You know, add me to the list of 900 posts (That this “thread” will hit) of people that deserve a demo for this game.

    Writing that the game is complete but not mentioning a demo just goes to show that you could care less how much we ask for demos. Hate to bring it back around to 360, but sure enough the 360 always has multiple demos every single week. Demos for retail games, demos for all downloadable games. Demos Demos Demos.

    PS3 owners get only trailers that are widely available online. It never ceases to amaze me.

  • that’s great! although, there are too many things I want that come out in august. this, Warhawk and now that PSP D&D title that was supposed to release next week but got pushed back to august…

    I’m going for broke lol

  • @ Ryan

    When do we get more 3rd party demos? Who heads that dept. Please ask them to help get 3rd party demos like the 360 is getting faster.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    How do I say this without sounding like everyone else?

    Uhhh I know…

    Ryan, we want a “small taste” of this game before or around release date. It was once stated that a “sample” of this game was to be out by the end of July, and nothing. What hapened?

    please respond to us Ryan, or anyone from sony.

  • it maybe the most technically impressive, but who’s to say. we havent played it yet. And we wont be getting a demo anytime soon. Was anyone else let dont by the lastest firmware? Gaming wise what did it really give us, nothing. I dont find much of the improvements useful, thats not to say im not hopeful though. They’ll get it right one of these times. We need something that gives more value to actual gameplay, and I hate to say it…XMB access. does anyone know where im coming from?

  • Yes, finally, i can’t wait for the 14th to come. This game looks awesome. Anyone with a PS3 should get this game.

  • I really dont care about the response I’ll get, but i need to say this at least once. This game looks retarded. C’mon…Dragons ?!

  • Thanks for the hard work. Been waiting for it for a long time. Now get back to work on Playstation Home integration :P

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