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E3 has come and gone, but for those of you that are either new to this blog or are still chewing on all the show news, I’ve gathered up a collection of our E3-related posts here. Enjoy!

Get That E3 Feeling
Another E3 Winding Down, Plus a Quick Clarification
Sony PlayStation Games @ E3
Images From E3
We’re Just Getting Started…
New PS3, New Price & More News Coming

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  • @ Coolwater actually I work about 60 Hours a week so your point is useless. It obvious that you don’t do much online activity with a console or PC Games where you do get updates daily (360 does…) , having even just one piece of content on the PSN store a day will encourage people to turn on their PS3’s to see whats new. It will give people a better feeling that things are going better with the network than what is currently going on now.

  • @TMadd

    I can answer one of those.

    2) Dave said that since Home will be in constant development, it won’t leave the state of Beta (Just like Gmail does) so they said the full open beta will be in October which is actually the full release of Home.

    I have no idea if they plan to release a open beta just to some users before that. They said July but..

  • Someone else mentioned this earlier, but…. I also would like to see previous Final Fantasy games come to the PSN.
    …also a Darkness demo would be great!..

  • Just stoping in to see whats up. Patrick thank you for getting back at me yesterday and come on you have got to own more UMD movies than I do.

  • I also would download all old Final Fantasy games from the PSN.

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  • meant to say http//000url/287235 to get the site

  • Thanks for the spam jdogg ;)

  • sorry yall had it right the first time but you have to tpe it in the url browser at the top not the search engine

  • I just came across some news that Little Big Planet is almost complete, and that an open public beta will release this fall. Is this true? It would be really nice to have this title before this years’ end. Can we get a confirmation on this please. Goes along well with Home also!

  • If you use the Sony A/V Component cables on an HDTV that supports all the way up to 1080i, will the component cables take it up that high? I think I’ve heard that when you play the games, they automatically scale down to 720p, but when going through the XMB, does it run at 1080i?

  • @thechosenfew88

    I didn’t know that, but that would explain why my Ninja Gaiden will only ever play in 720p, but the XMB is in 1080i.

    Nice to hear about the firmware update aswell, not to sound ungrateful but hopefully it’s more than support for more forms of the same media type.

  • @Roy

    No, It’s because the game doesn’t support the resolution higher(In thechosenfew88’s case, 720p)
    If the source content isn’t better, and the upscaling option isn’t there for PS3 games, then it won’t be better.

  • @patrick

    Sony has opened up the new Grouper called Crackle now is this going to be accessible to PS3 and PSP users?

    And if so does that mean PS3 will be getting Adobe Flash Player 9 like the site requires?

    Or is this a PC only site and a PS3 or PSP version with Flash 7 is in the works?

  • For me without a doubt the most important aspect would be to have Xvid and avi support. I can see immense potential with the PS3 as a media center and i would like to implement that but 95+% of the movies that i have are in .avi format which the PS3 does not recognize. As it is the media center is a cool feature nice to play around with but ultimately nothing all that great. if a player with the power of say Video Lan (VLC) for the PC and Mac were added the PS3 it would become unsurpassed in its greatness as a media center. Heck i would even encourage people like my parents to buy a PS3 even though they are highly unlikely to ever play a game on it. So if Sony is really serious about taking over the living room all it would need would be to add more codecs. I understands licensing and stuff like that would cost money but would be very very much worth it.

  • WELL since you guys over at SONY discountinued the SONY CONNECT service will there be a service like that soon for the PS3?I know you guys are working on a VIDEO/MOVIE/MUSIC service for the PS3 .But what i want to know is will it be useing any of the SONY CONNECTS features ?????MY name is MY PSN ID.

  • Wow. How useful to have these E3 posts gathered at the top of the page.

    [sarcasm] It’s not like they’re not gathereed at the bottom of the page. [/sarcasm]

    Once again, fluff. Rubbish. No hard news from Sony.

    No demos.

    No addressing the bait and switch.

    Thanks alot Sony, for helping me dec ide to *NOT* buy a PS3……*ever*.

  • Now that E3 has come and gone, what are Sony’s plans for the late summer/fall events, such as E For All in October and the Tokyo Game Show in September (which just so happens to be right before the EB Canada vendor show)?

    And with the biggest Fall release game, Halo 3, due out days after TGS, what is Sony’s reponse going to be? And when will I see a firm street date for Heavenly Sword so I can plan my Fall/Winter budget. (You know, this is always the hardest season of the year for game store employees.)

  • @ nephlabobo: go cry to your mother, i’m sure she’d love to hear your complaints.

    I have a question! In the manual it says that AVI video files are one of the file types supported on the PS3. Furthermore, normally when you try to download an unsupported video file type it tells you to “insert a storage medium”, whereas if a filetype is supported, it will download to the harddisk. So why is it whenever I try to download or upload .AVI files to my PS3, they don’t work and the PS3 says “Unsupported Data”? Is there something I am missing here?

    Oh, and I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for the next firmware update! This week needs to hurry up and accelerate so we can get some info!

    Again, thanks for at least trying to address some of our concerns. I know you guys are supremely busy trying to keep information secret, but it’s nice that we still get answers every now and then. Hopefully this post will be one that is answered!

  • And when is the PS3 getting an RSS feature like the PSP has? I would expect technology that is implemented in a handheld console to be easily attainable in a full-fledged system. Furthermore, I would like to see some information about when we are getting custom backgrounds and themes for our PS3. It would just make our systems that much more personal and “ours”.

  • Classic Multiplayer Elite (the space trading game) would be brilliant on the PS3. It would have been brilliant if this title was announced at this year’s E3.

    In my view, a game that should have been written for the PS3 and the PSN network and would have been a brilliant example of using the sixaxis would have been a 2007 enhanced version of Multiplayer Elite (the space trading game) with 2007 graphics and multiplayer.

    That would have been fantastic as a multiplayer game with bluetooth headset functionality and would have been in my view a AAA title.

    In my opinion that would have been the title that could have helped sell PS3’s to the older gamer who played it constantly years ago.

    The players that used to play this game were from the early 80’s and therefore will now have the spending power to buy the ps3 as well.

    Great Idea to be able to contact Sony about the PS3. With all the negative feedback from the media and the web about the PS3, it’s a great console but I do think that the advertising campaign was bizarre to say the least and did not get the message across about how amazing the ps3 actually is.

    Sony did win E3 and has now started to fight back. When Lair comes out, Sony should show how the sixaxis can be used properly as well.


    Please also fix Hardware Online arena (ps2 game) so that it plays on the PS3. It works up to the point you try and play an online game and then get a blank screen. Brillant PS2 networked game in which the network portion seems to work but the actual game doesn’t.

    Can you please allow more video formats to be natively played direct on the ps3 such as avi and DIVX support with the next firmware upgrade as it won’t play all media types straight out of the box.

    And lastly ingame xmb access is badly needed. It’s daft to have to come out of a game to the xmb to read mail and then find out the invitation to a game has already passed.

    That’s my Two Penneth worth. Sony keep up the good work, it’s an amazing console.

  • my wife likes watching UMD movies so importing a different color PSP is not an option.


  • I wouldn’t mind some old school games from PS1 or maybe older. Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Square soft games in general well what use to be SS now SE. Now that I think about it why not make it a little bazaar where you choose the company and select a game from the company and release a game from each company on a bi weekly basis or monthly basis.

    I know it is probably only a few of us but I wouldn’t mind having my new logictech wireless keyboard working with my PS2 games on my ps3 so when I play online they are not glitching especially with final fantasy 11.

    If anyone can help with gravatar I’d really really be thankful maybe sony can setup their own site or something because I still can’t see mine or have a step by step

  • @thereapersson

    Blow me.

    I have legitimate complaints.

  • I think, someone from Sony should at least comment/answer some questions in each topic once per earth day, assuming they live on earth with us.
    Just a suggestion to keep the continuity of this excellent blog fresh, and comfortable as it has been.

  • @Kedaro

    This is really getting pathetic. Sony reps have lives too! They probably have the weekend off and they’re not going to spend their whole day reading and responding to comments. They’ve been working hard on E3, and they’re getting some firmware news ready for this week, so give them a break. Keep in mind, they don’t need to have this blog, but they are to get closer to the community, and because they’re not here on weekends the blog commenters are getting mad. Why? Sony doesn’t need to have a blog, but they are, so let them do their job accordingly.

  • When friend list will go over 50?? -.-“

  • @aaquib

    I’m not angry they’re not posting every minute of every day.

    I’m angry because the content of their posts are rubbish.

  • Luckily, this is my first Gravatar-related comment *phew*

    In my opinion, Gravatar should not be supported on this blog. Far too many people, including myself, are having problems with images showing up or being linked with our email adresses. To top it all off, the Gravatar support does not even reply to emails. I’ve tried switching images, waiting 24 hours, etc., but my avatar refuses to appear.

    To the users who have successfully created a Gravatar, what steps did you take do to so? I believe I’ve taken all the right steps, but my avatar has yet to appear.

  • Wow, I’ve never been in a “my bad” situation as bad as this. My avatar just showed up right now. Good luck to everyone else who is having trouble.

  • @Nephlabodo

    What’s wrong with the content they post? They tell us about the firmware in advance, and they even told us they’re going to be talking firmware early this week. They also confirmed Lair, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted demos. I couldn’t find any of that info anywhere else(except lair and hs demo), so to me the content they post is very helpful.

  • PS3 firmware update early next week - Error

    […] firmware update early next week PlayStation.Blog confirmed that PS3 firmware will be getting the 1.90 revision in a few days. PS3Fanboy speculates […]

  • man i cant wait until the next firmware update i hope sony upgrades flash player on ps3s browser without the newest version u cant watch video clips or go to most websites its frustrating

  • @lmhenry01

    You know, a couple of things should be upgradeable us plugins.

    This is a good example. Maybe they can easily upgrade the flash player and then you can go and download just that. That way you don’t need to wait for the full firmware release to get that update.

    Not sure if this is doable so easily.

  • You cant watch video clips? What? ofcourse you can watch video clips.

  • @ Roy

    Yeah, it sucks that happens. Hopefully, in a future firmware update, they’ll make the games scale up to 1080i, and not down to 720p.

    So does component cables take the tv up to 1080i if the TV supports it?

  • @thechosenfew88

    Yeah, component cable goes up to 1080p

    But I think HDMI output has better quality

  • @thechosenfew88

    Wait. Component video is up to 1080p. I assume that component cables should support that too.

  • @blizzard182

    Yes, component can do 1080p. i had that before HDMI. Of course HDMI also has HD sound.

  • @Kpepe

    One question. Since component cables have 1080p such as HDMI cables do.

    Which is the advantage of having the HDMI cables? I know, besides the video it also has the sound, but usually you connect the sound to a surround system via the optical output.

    Am I missing something?

  • Ingenious! I’ve just figured out that by discontinuing the 60GB and lowering the price $100, you have created a sort of manufactured shortage of your own! People are going crazy to grab up the PS3s that still have the EE in them at a lower price! If this was intended then give the guy that thought it up a cookie.

  • Hurry up and announce the new KIXAXIS controller.

  • @Patrick Seybold

    Hey i was thinking, it will be nice if each topic give you a way to identify that a Sony Rep or someone from sony post a comment in a topic.
    I think that will be a good idea.

  • @blizzard
    Because it is digital. Component is analog.
    Analog can get interference a lot and other problems.
    HDMI is digital, so therefore, it works or it doesn’t.
    Look at this post for more, and look at the posters sig for other useful posts.

  • @xplosneer

    You are right. Silly me. Thanks man.

  • @blizzard182

    Xplosneer is right. Digital or HDMI transfers info at a faster rate, and can transfer more and richer colors than an analog cable. 1080 is just a resolution the quality of your resolution can vary.

  • I found a new reason to love my PS3. I just upgraded my old Sony phone for a newer model.

    My Vaio needed the software that came with the phone to transfer media correctly.

    My PS3 needed nothing and dose it a lot faster. Again, another reason to love my PS3. Thank you Sony.

  • Where is the HS, Lair, Ratchet & Clank, The Darkness Demos we were promised? Come on Sony, release the dam demos already!!! I know it’s the 22th of July and we have on more PSN update for the month. So that means we should get all these demos, or at leaset 75% of the demos of the ones I mentioned. How hard is it to release demos, really?

  • @40cal

    My PS3 charges my Cell Phone and my iPod. I love that big black gorgeous shiny powerful thing.

    I just love it.

    I am getting Winning Eleven for PS2 tomorrow since I can not wait more for the PS3 version

  • @Sony

    Why is the difference in content between each PS Store ??? (US, EU, Aus, Japan)

    Is there license issues? I just want to know why. I am sure there is one good reason not to having all in the same place to have a more rich PS Store.


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