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Wright All-Star 2

The annual MLB All Star Game, also popularly known as the Midsummer Classic, is an opportunity for baseball fans to see the game’s biggest superstars and most valuable players compete on a national stage.

The night before the game, New York Met’s All-Star Third Baseman and MLB 07 The Show cover athlete David Wright delivered an MVP performance of his own at the Childrens Unit at the UCSF Hospital. Wright surprised the children by showing up to sign autographs, talk a little baseball, and play MLB 07 with them.

The day was also highlighted by PlayStation’s donation of some PS3’s, PS2’s, PSP’s, an assortment of games, and a couple of 32″ Bravia TV’s to the unit’s All-Star room.

And although Wrights National League Team lost the MLB All-Star Game 5-4, the picture above and below show he won a lot of new fans at UCSF.

Wright All-Star 3

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  • Good PR move Sony…now about this business of phasing out the 60gig PS3. WTF?

  • Kratos_ate_Snake


    could you tell us a bit more about demos, other than “we are working to make those great games you saw into more interactive content and demos.”

    thank you…

  • Do you see any chance of the Heavenly sword demo coming out this Thursday? The developer said it was finished.

  • Great job with the children, i’m sure they appreciated the kindness. It’s a great thing when you see big companies paying attention to individuals who are less fortunate than the rest of us.

    Also, excellent job handling some of the people who choose to do nothing but flame you for your kindness.

    Nicely diffusing the situation. :)

  • Nice, the kids looked like they had fun.

  • charity work is always nice and it’s certainly apppreciated by fans like myself.
    good work.

  • …but praise aside, when are those demos coming??
    Heavenly Sword? Lair? Uncharted?

  • Hopefully we’ll get more info tomorrow

  • A new SKU of 40gigas and cheaper? si this true? Stop playing with the SKU and my mind! I will suit you for psychological damage.

    As well, is the Rumble Controllers coming to the 80g? and if the 40g SKU rumor is true, Rumble will be included?

    The 5 free BR movies till when is valid?

    I am planning to get a PS3 60g before it runs out, but If a 40g is on the way I may wait.

    Sorry, nothing to do with the original post, can be a Q&A special space? I feel bad for mild spamming.

  • ATTN:

    The new Sony TVs are coming out next month with higher video resolutions, better sound, and XMB. Yes, XMB on your HDTV, just in case you wanted to know.

  • Sweet… Doesn’t quite match up with Insomniac’s move in style points, but it’s definitely a good move.

    @60 I’m well aware Sony TVs have XMB… So do Sony phones, and I’m guessing the non-ps3 Sony Bluray player does, as well…

    Remember, Sony. Good press won’t overwrite price conscious consumers. Don’t ditch the lower price model. Fix BC on the non EE equipped PS3s. Then news like this will be the icing.

  • @62

    Don’t forget the PSX (not PS1)

  • Great story, I know when I was a kid I spent many of a day at the hospital. If something like this happen when I was there I would be all smiles too.

    @#18 Agreed.

  • I’m baffled.

    Why are people flipping out about the “temporary price cut” to the ps3? As far as i can tell there’s quite a few left before the stock will run out so why are people upset?

    I imagine if the sales for the ps3 look good enough at the reduced price through christmas it will probably stay at that rate. However, if sales stay the same then there’s no reason not to bump it back up.

    As to demos? they’ll get here when they’ll get here. I can’t think of any reason for Sony to withhold them so the moment they can be made available, they will be.

    Considering that half the posts for this topic seemed to have nothing to do with the subject… maybe a new forum could be opened up where people can rant. Or perhaps a forum/ faq sheet that deals with the recurring subjects or questions.

    Also, I was wondering if Sony had thought of including a charity donation system into the psn somehow. Just a thought.. i don’t know how feasible or practical it would be.

    At any rate, admirable. I was impressed with the incorporation of F@H into the ps3 and glad that a massive company can make efforts to improve life and not just entertain us.

  • Nice action those kids need it, i know how it is to be in a hospital without any proper entertainment… broring as *bleep*. Good Job!

  • Sony shouldn’t have even told anyone about the 80gb ps3. If no one knew about the 80gb ps3, no one would have anything to complain about. All everyone really wants is some assurance that there will be some form of ps3 to fill the $499 or lower slot once all the 60gb ps3’s are gone. And when is the kixaxis coming out?



  • Heavenly Sword Demo is comming to PSN very soon!

    26th of July for the EU and maybe sooner for the US.

  • I’m not trying to downplay what happened here at all… Charity is always good, regardless of who does it and regardless of their motives unless it is actually some sort of plot that will end up hurting the people the charity was meant to help (I severely doubt this will be)

    As for the demo, I hope I have my PS3 back when the demo comes out… I really wanna try that game… We need to see Lair, too!

  • “The day was also highlighted by PlayStation’s donation of some PS3’s, PS2’s, PSP’s, an assortment of games, and a couple of 32″ Bravia TV’s to the unit’s All-Star room.”

    That’s something only Sony can do. You guys rock!!!!

  • @67: I totally agree with you on that one. They reduce the price of the 60GB PS3 by $100, and what do people do?! Instead of jumping on it and charging their credit cards, they speculate that the “80GB ps3 will be $499 very soon, so why should I go buy 60GB right here right now, when it could have 20GB more at the same price .” Sony should have announced the 80GB thing after Christmas or Black Friday, and just made 60GB sku solitary. As much as I love Sony, that was a bad move.

  • Well, I should not be posting this here since this is about children but since Sony seems to read the last posts only, I will be putting this here…

    Man, a simple post on this blog with a “Guys we are working in a nice response to you. Please wait for us a couple of days. In the meantime, enjoy this new info”

    But no, we hear the same answer over and over again. You are going to re think the price after the 60 is gone. We get it. It is done.

    I have no doubt of that. We have no doubt of that. What I did not like was the fact that three people could not agree on what they were going to say. And that is bad.

    I felt it like an insult. Like a lie. In the end, it is marketing. But a couple are saying “oh yes, cut the crap. The price is lower? Then is a price drop”.

    From the mouth of a some Sony´s head: “It is not a price drop” . So?

    People who are too good about this don´t see how bad this is for business.

    I know Sony knows a LOT about the industry and the future. But I think you guys are thinking more about some parallel future where people don´t care about the price and they care only about technology.

    Surprise! Guess again. I care about both.

    I know I have said this like ten times. And probably a couple of people on this blog would want to hit me to dead with a 360 in my head, but I don´t care.

    I want you to be THAT Sony again.

    Good luck.

  • @blizzard182

    “I want you to be THAT Sony again.”

    Thats all I hope for as well. I remember back when my cousin’s would try and bring the PS2 down, just because they got an Xbox, and the Xbox had better graphics, but I would shut their mouths with all the support Sony had/has from the developers, and how much more it was/is selling compared to the Xbox and Gamecube. Will those days ever come back I ask myself…? Regardless of whether or not Sony will take first in this generation, I won’t regret the investment I made on the PS3. Sony has come a long way before this, and now they’ve built the ultimate machine for us gamers to enjoy. And I thank Sony for that.

    My trust still remains in Sony, for in their hands lay the keys to success. Even with everything that was revealed on the week of E3, Sony remains being the same company they once were. The way Amazon sales have been going ever since the PS3 price cut, is how I see the PS3 at the end… On the top, placed as the #1 system in sales. With Sony making such decisions, I can only see them having a bright future, even though they’ve suffered in the beginning.( It’s ok to admit it, and not act like everything has been going like we’ve wanted.) But I guess this is part of their strategy. A

    As for those who still want to know if the 60GB model will be continued, or if the 80GB will lower its price once the 60GB is phased out, it has already been said by Sony that they aren’t going to talk anymore about their hardware strategies. Make your own speculations, and make them good, because if what you speculated doesn’t end up being that, than you’ve lost yourself a chance to get a PS3 for the price of $499. Thats why I took advantage of the price cut, and bought me one the same weekend of that week. And I’m loving it by the way Sony!

    Thanks once again.


  • @ Sony

    I would love to see a blog post about the joint effort between the Unreal team and SCE. New info about the CELL and UNREAL ENGINE would be somthing that everyone here would love to hear about and blog about. Thanks.

    Another post about what NCSoft is working on would also be great!

  • where are my demos??


  • I’m loving how developers are adding the rumble feature to their games. Dirt, a game released for 360 and PC already, is making its way to the PS3 in a matter of months, and the game was found with a rumble option in the controllers by then. This is exciting news.

    And another thing for Sony to note, Amazon has been sold out of PS3’s, and they won’t be getting any until next week. Thats something for Sony to note as how good it has been ever since the price drop…

    A new game has also been announced by the creators of Beautiful Katamari for the PS3. This should be good news as PS3 continues to have strong support from the developers. As time goes by, this support will only get larger and stronger.

    Another thing to note is whats going on with GTA:IV content exclusivity for the Xbox360. Phil has responded in an interview that they are working closely with Rockstar on a number of initiatives. They have a close relationship with Rockstar says Phil.. Do what you gotta do Sony!…lol.

    Sorry for all of this, I just couldn’t resist letting other people know whats going on in the Playstation realm… :-)

  • PlayStation Premier: Metal Gear Expansion Announced
    Old Snake enters the battle field this September.
    by Anoop Gantayat
    July 17, 2007 – A new version of Metal Gear Solid is on the way to the PSP… sorta. As part of Sony’s PlayStation Premier event today in Tokyo, Konami announced Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops +, an expansion to last year’s Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops.

    The new version of the game is focused on online play, with new stages and characters. However, Konami is also adding a mysterious new single player mode, Infinity Mission.

    In Japan, this update will be released in two forms, on its own for 2,400 yen, and bundled with the original MPO as part of a 4,300 yen Deluxe Pack.


  • @ Patrick

    Will the box for the new PSP’s be any different from the original models that we will be able to tell?

  • PlayStation Premier: Loco Roco PS3 Official
    First look at Buu Buu Cocoreccho! by LocoRoco
    by Anoop Gantayat
    July 17, 2007 – A cameo appearance as part of Sony’s Home announcement earlier this year was confirmation enough for many, but today Sony finally made it official: LocoRoco is coming to your living room. Tentatively titled Buu Buu Cocoreccho! by LocoRoco, this PS3 sequel is set to be made available as a PlayStation Network download.

    We have just a few details at this point, and none of them shed any real light on what we can expect from the game. Sony describes the game as “It’s LocoRoco, but it’s not — a peculiar extra chapter.” That, and a sentence with three different uses of the world play: “Even if you don’t play it [as in control the game], the world and the LocoRoco will play [as in both playing amongst themselves and as in playing back like a video] on their own.”

    Whatever all that means, the PS3 version of LocoRoco is said to feature 200 LocoRoco characters in a new world. You’ll be able to use the SixAxis for motion-based controls.

    While release information was not announced, the game is listed by Sony as being 95% complete, so we don’t expect the wait to be too long.


  • @thechosenfew88

    From what I have seen, there is a bit thinner. Just that.

    Although I still don´t know if the video output is available for us the regular PSP owners.

    I think I saw them connect the cable to the headset so we should be fine, but I don´t know.

    Add me if you want to. My PSN is my nick here.

  • @40cal

    Thanks for all the info. Sounds like an awesome future for Sony.

    Love you Sony!!!! LOL

  • AWESOME, Sony. I can’t how I would feel if I was one of those kids.

    I’m a HUGE Mets fan, and I watch almost every one of their games. Before one of their games, David Wright (whom I love) said that his favorite game right now is MLB ’07 the show. Anyway way that I can get his PSN ID? Haha.

    Thanks for the update on MLB ’07, btw. A few of the glitches have been removed by the latest patch. The servers are still not as great as I would like them—-I still seem to have frozen games more often then I would like.

    But the game is STILL so great…

    Reading through this thread, it still seems as if the brats are finding ways to complain. You know, I go to the mall sometimes and their are kids are such whiners and babies that I want to slap them. I guess I thought that these kids grow up after awhile, but reading through a lot of these posts on these blogs, it seems that they don’t.

    I hate the fact that these brats will always be here, whining about this or that…but they are certainly a stain on a very great and awesome blog.

    Like I said before: Sony has given us what we want for so long, that they’ve bred a generation of spoiled brats. It’s only on the internet that people can be so selfish even under a topic regarding charity.

    ‘Cuz in real life? I would most certainly slap ya’ll across the face….


  • Great for Sony and those children. Now they’ll have great time with your consoles.

  • TheTwelve, do you think your are ghandi or something like that?

    I am very happy you have so much money to spend in whatever you want.

    I don´t. I make my money worth it.

    It has nothing to do with this nice gesture of Sony (Which I already said it was really nice) but why don´t you ask any guy at Sony to see if their program for the children is more important to them RIGHT NOW than the actual problem that they are having.

    Again, not being a brat, just admiring what they are doing and remembering them which is the situation.

  • Is there anyway to get things that were once on the PSN, after they’ve taken it out. For example, I bought my PS3 last weekend, and I would have loved to play the GT HD. I saw that it was for a limited time. No other way I could get it? :-(. Especially me being such a GT fan.

  • Patrick Seybold

    @79: Absolutely. Check out the box art from Jack’s post from E3.

    You can clearly distinguish between the boxes. They new ones are pretty cool.

  • @ Patrick

    Thanks a lot!

  • Yeah LocoRoco on PS3, that’s some major news and it will be on PSN very soon.

    Wasn’t there some talk about it being a kind of screensaver?

  • when is the next firmwire has been almost to months.please give us a hint about what is in the next f u and when it is coming.


    Some updated info on the PSP color selection in Japan…so maybe I’ll hold out until the 6 additional colors come to the U.S…we WILL be getting 6 colors to choose I hope too?!?

  • Hey Patrick, will the new slim PSP be available in the core model AND the entertainment pack? It would be nice to recieve clarification on this because I keep hearing different things from people.


    Oh, and that was a great thing you did for those kids. Now if only we could get our rivals to do the same thing, that way everyone could benefit from all sides. :)

  • Another question:

    Will the video output on the PSP require Component only, or can you use composite as well? You have to use a proprietary video cable, correct? I would hope that both video options are available.

  • I could only imagine how the PSP’s video output on a TV would look using composite cables. Just like when I first hooked up the PS3 using composite cables to my HDTV. Boy was it ugly looking.

    Are there any changes being made to future models of what cables they’ll come packaged with. Having such an expensive machine you would guess that it would come with atleast some HD Premium Component cables. But not even.

  • The Baseball All-Star game was pretty good. At the end it really became tense. Great game overall.

    MLB: The Show(ps3)sadly sucks badly…..

    Great to see kids playing ps3s, we need more of that =)

  • PlayStation Premier: Special FFVII System Set for Japan
    Crisis Core gets the royal treatment.
    by Anoop Gantayat
    July 17, 2007 – The contents of that mysterious “Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Limited” package for Crisis Core have finally been revealed. One of the many PSP-related surprises at today’s PlayStation Premier press conference in Tokyo, Square Enix announced that the package will bundle Crisis Core with an exclusive Buster Sword strap and a limited edition PSP, all for 25,890 yen.

    The included limited edition PSP is an original color variation for the new slim model PSP unit. On top of its silver finish, the unit features character and logo decals and a unique serial number.

    Square Enix will produce only 77,777 of these systems. We expect them to go fast. After all, the Crisis Core bundle hits retail on 9/13, a full week before the PSP redesign will see official release.

    OOOOOOOHHHHH! I want one of these PSPs. To bad we are not in Japan!

  • @ Patrick

    Hey, can we please get some TGS news on this blog or the PSN before the end of the day.

    They are dropping bombs right now. White Knight, Crisis Core, FFXII, new PSP hardware, come on Pat hook it up.


  • When is TGS? is it going on now?

Please enter your date of birth.