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Wright All-Star 2

The annual MLB All Star Game, also popularly known as the Midsummer Classic, is an opportunity for baseball fans to see the game’s biggest superstars and most valuable players compete on a national stage.

The night before the game, New York Met’s All-Star Third Baseman and MLB 07 The Show cover athlete David Wright delivered an MVP performance of his own at the Childrens Unit at the UCSF Hospital. Wright surprised the children by showing up to sign autographs, talk a little baseball, and play MLB 07 with them.

The day was also highlighted by PlayStation’s donation of some PS3’s, PS2’s, PSP’s, an assortment of games, and a couple of 32″ Bravia TV’s to the unit’s All-Star room.

And although Wrights National League Team lost the MLB All-Star Game 5-4, the picture above and below show he won a lot of new fans at UCSF.

Wright All-Star 3

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  • Great action SONY. Bravo!

  • that sounds great!

  • Did you give the kids the same “price cut” you’re giving everyone else Sony?

  • Not a big baseball fan because we don´t play it here but it is nice.

  • Its a great idea to give to those who are in need of something. Not necessarily needing a PS3, or whatever else may have been the gift, but giving is such a nice way to show people that you care. I am proud to see Sony taking such a move, for from a company people criticize for lying and fooling its customers, to a company who gives to the needy shows what heart Sony really has.

  • Quick question for Sony. Were the PSP’s that were donated to this hospital the new modeled ones, or the old ones?

  • Nice one Sony, hope the kids had fun

  • Hey, nice job helping the kids and bringing an All Start to see them.

  • good stuff there

  • Yeah, just to add some more of my last comment.

    It is a really nice and thoughtful thing what you are doing here.

  • Sony, is it not possible to sell hardware… by itself?
    Some people may already own “Daxter”, “Family Guy: Freakin’ Sweet Collection”, and Memory Stick Duo 1GB. I am one of these people. I own “Daxter” UMD, “Family Guy: Feakin’ Sweet Collection” DVD, and a Memory Stick Duo 2GB.

    I would like to purchase this newer model PSP. However, I do not have $200 right now. Also, I would not like to purchase a bundle when I already own everything in the bundle except the PSP itself.

    Please Sony, could you continue to sell the value pack PSPs AS WELL AS the newer PSP BY ITSELF?

    I would greatly appreciate that.

    Also, the majority of your consumers would greatly appreciate information about the PlayStation Home release date. As well as the PlayStation Home Open Beta release date.

    Thank you.

  • how thoughtful

  • very cool…

    know what would be cooler??

    Heavenly Sword demo that is completed and ready. The devs say Sony has it, and it is up to Sony when they want to make it available on the store….

    This Thursday would be a good idea :)

  • So Sony does have a heart :P This is a great thing that Sony has done for people who are ill.

  • Damn it! I saw there were only 14 comments on here, so i thought I could be the first one to whine about demos, but #13 beat me to it! Anyone know why Lair wasn’t at E3?

  • @JimmyHACK


  • @11

    I’ve seen boxes for just new PSPs, no bundle included, so if they took the time to design one of those I’m sure they’re planning on releasing them.

    Don’t give up the hope!

  • It’s not surprising people are whining about demos and PSP bundles in a charity thread. Bunch of selfish self centered brats.

    Some of you don’t know how big of a deal it is for somebody (out side of family) to give a damn about you when your sick with a life threating illness.

    Or to be able to play a game to take your mind away from the harsh reality of your current situation. Bravo Sony bravo David.

  • so it wont come any E3 demos to psn? to bad if it is so.

  • Wait, what??? Picasso, those kids who love baseball have a life threatening illness? I didn’t realize that, but I guess it would make more sense why they decided to do it, then.

    By the by, not trying to take away from the post, I just wanted to give some hope to TMadd. It’ll all be good.

  • @ 11

    If you look at the coverage IGN had with the new PSP, they actually showed the white PSP without the vader picture on the back. So my guess is, is that they will have the bundles separately from the core model itself without the extra stuff. Hopefully that will be so, cuz I really want the white one without that face on the back…lol I’m not into Star Wars.

  • good job =b

  • @Picasso – I agree!

    Ppl should stop whining about something nice happening to other people. Grow the F up!

    Im in the UK and dont care much for Baseball but the kids obviously do and i’m sure they enjoyed it!

  • DEMO???? give us something too!!!

  • Wow… thanks for changing the topic AGAIN… It’s nice that you’re giving little kids games and such for free but lets get back to the glaring 500 some posts in

    It seems like these last two articles have just served to blunt and evade the questions and complaints that I’d guess the majority of ps fans have. So… cut the crap and show us that you’ve been at least reading our comments because It seems to me that you guys aren’t paying attention when you post an article like this in light of what’s happened recently…

  • I read that the heavenly sword demo is finished. I WANT IT MAHHHHHHHHHHH

  • @25

    Why not just wait for them to post in the comment section of that post your referring to instead of spamming/trolling.

  • I agree with #27.

    Great initiative sony.

  • another home-run for sony! great work!

  • @ mustaphadamus

    I’m sure his concern is that it has gotten up to 500+ comments and still no reply from Sony. Best way to solve such an issue is how Dave Karraker himself made a new post to try and answer everyone’s comment about the issue, but didn’t quite answer it necessarily. I’m over the issue already, so it doesn’t matter to me.

  • Very nice Sony…
    BTW can you guys please anounce when Home Open Beta begins…I”m dieing to know.

  • @27

    Obviously that hasn’t worked now has it? It’s now two official posts later and surprise surprise no response. I honestly think that this is a great endeavor but at the same time I can’t help but be skeptical as to why they would post something like this now of all times. Besides the only type of comment that wouldn’t be considered trolling in this post would be the ones: Praising Sony for their magnanimousness or the ones demanding demos. Seems pretty binary to me. I feel that there are more pressing issues to be addressed.

  • @ Fonze

    I agree….

  • Awesome stuff. Good job for those that took part in this!

  • A touching story of generosity. A feel-good moment.

  • Now to answer those that are complaining on these kids’ happy moment- this is not a forum to toss demands at Sony- this is NOT Customer Service or the Complaints booth. Do people come to your blogs and complain and demand things? No, you probably have people come to your blogs and kiss your @$$es. I mirror Picasso’s comments: Self-centered brats.

  • That’s awesome. Glad to see Sony doing this.

  • If you guys already have Ps3s then I am at a loss as to why you care one way or the other.

    If you don’t have a ps3 and have the money then go get one.

    As for a answer, you just have to be patient. Whinning about it and spamming isn’t going to change the fact they haven’t answered. They have read it, just be patient.

  • @36

    Your argument would be fair if the analogy of Sony’s blog being like other people’s blogs were true. But seeing as how Sony’s blog is NOT like the average Joe’s blog because of corporate interests, loads of PR, as well as the implicit understanding that (hopefully) what we say can affect future outcomes, I can’t really sympathize with your position on the matter.

    As for being self-centered… Hello… this is capitalist America we live in… if you’re going to “kiss @$$” to Sony that’s fine with me just don’t criticize me for trying to be an informed consumer and getting to the bottom of a frankly, rather disturbing silence from Sony.


    Read that and understand that Michael Pachter is actually one of the most respected analysts in this market.

    Let Sony get through this smoothly, because this really isn’t a big deal. Just let them sell off their 60 gigs without getting your panties in a bunch.

  • @ 36

    Don’t get me wrong, Playstation IMO did a great job in providing these kids an awesome gaming experience, but us “complaining” as you say, does not change the fact that these kids are happy. We are just letting Sony know what we would like to see happen in the near future. It doesn’t take away from the happiness those kids are enjoying right now does it? I believe not, so what difference does it make if we wrote it here, or in another post that was strictly on the subject we were talking on. Sony sees it either way, they’ve seen the comments already on how nice it was to take such an action, and now they are seeing what us loyal customers want. Then again I say, we aren’t taking away from their happiness by writing comments not relating to the post.

  • Are you guys going to always announce a good deed? Lame

  • A very cool way to give back to these needy kids. Very cool Sony, very cool.

    But all I have to say is Go Marlins !!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice Sony.

    @42, are you going to comment on all the good deeds? Lame.

  • I still stand by my comment: Self-centered brats! Being in a certain country doesn’t make this kind of disrespect okay. This specific blog was meant for the these kids. Show some respect when it’s called for.

  • @45


  • @45 : WTF , loser?

    nice sony:)

  • @#6: They were the original models.

    @#25: Dave jumped in and clarified the comments from his E3 closing post, around comment #330 or so. To re-iterate, we have ample inventory to meet the immediate needs of consumers in North America for several months to come at the new price of $499. We won’t be making any further announcements regarding our PS3 model hardware strategy in North America until the 60GB model is exhausted. We will take that time to evaluate the market conditions and consumer needs.

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the event. This blog will continue to cover all things PlayStation and the event above with David Wright was a great way to give back to the community. Thanks Paul for the re-cap and photos…

  • Like many others have said, I’m glad to see Sony’s generosity, especially with children at the UCSF Hospital.

  • lmfao @ “giving the kids price cut” comment

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