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Colin in the Gaming Lounge @ E3

The fact that we’re even talking about E3 in July rather than in May illustrates one of the many changes to the annual gaming blowout. This year’s expo was more exclusive than ever and a big departure from the E3 events of years past. That meant fewer throbbing lights and screaming gamers, and even fewer non-industry insiders in attendance. But that doesn’t mean we’re not looking out for you. In fact, we gave 50 Gamer Advisory Panel members the opportunity to attend the SCEA E3 Press Event on July 11. Better still, we have two G.A.P. members, Trina Schwimmer and Colin Bennett, on the inside attending further E3 events. They’re reporting back with all the eagle-eyed observations and candor you need to get the gamer’s-eye view.

So check out their posts to get a glimpse of what’s going on this year at E3:

Sony PlayStation G.A.P Member Colin Bennett @ E3 2007Sony PlayStation G.A.P Member Trina Schwimmer @ E3 2007

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  • i wanna be gap member :(

  • @ CitizenInsane27

    You completely misunderstood me. I meant that SONY should the the PS3’s price BY $200. This would in turn set the price of the PS3 to $399.

    Please, comment on that reiterated statement. Thank you.

  • Also @ CitizenInsane27
    I may have misunderstood you myself. Sorry if that’s the case.

    But, I actually did know that SONY is not profiting off PS3 too much. I do know that if more consumers purchased and owned PS3, the game industry would start to favor PS3, thus creating more software for it. This encourages many things such as purchases of the PS3 console to run this software and there are chain effects that I will not take the time to explain but if SONY were to take a small risk and lower the 80GB price point TO $399, SONY would be greatly rewarded.

    I hope I did not offend anyone.
    Thank you.

  • Let me start out by saying that I’m an older gamer who has only owned sony playstation machines. When the PS3 was announced I was excited because it was touted as being much more powerful than the 360. Everybody wants the most powerful system because the games should be much better on it, right? Then the PS3 was delayed and delayed again. Fine, but in the meantime, the 360 shipped and was able to start capturing Sony’s market share. Then Sony announces they are going to charge $600 for the 60GB version w/ wifi and HDMI etc. The PS3 launced with virtually no games and most of the launch titles as well as recent releases have been ports of 360 games where they look better on the 360. Sony has since lost nearly every single exclusive title they had while the 360 has picked up numerous 3rd party exclusives. This is in part due to the fact that developers don’t want to develop for the system because it is not developer friendly and takes more time and money than the 360. The other part is that PS3 hasn’t been selling well at all compared to 360 or the Wii and there isn’t a large enough consumer base there. Then Sony does something good, they announce the lower price for the 60, smart. Now, we have E3 2007 and Sony looks pretty good, some 1st party games look pretty good, but then I asked myself, do they look $200 better than 360 games? I believe this is called marginal utility. I should add that I know it has Blue Ray, whatever. Killzone and MGS4 look great, no doubt about it, but are they that much better than a number of 360 games, or better at all? Then the zinger, it (accidentally apparently) pops out of a few execs mouths that the new price for the 60GB is only until the backlog of unsold units is gone and then we’re back to a $600 80GB system. To add to this, when asked directly about these comments, this very own blog implies it’s untrue by stating that they will continue to supply 60GB machines for “the forseeable future.” This, to me, is blatant lying and underhandedly slimy manipulation of consumers. Why not just originally announce that the 60GB will be dropped in price until supplies run out and then you’re stuck with a 80GB system that is missing the emotion engine that according to Sony is intended more for the Network gamer? In response to questions about how Sony is losing the next-gen wars Sony proclaims a ten year hardware cycle for the PS3 while their competitors will be shorter. Let me get this straight; they’re planning on winning the console war by maintaining the same console now that is a.) much more expensive (once 60GB is gone), b.)hasn’t proven to be any better than the 360 yet, c.) and is much harder to develop for than the 360, while Microsoft will probably release a better machine in 5-6 years that will undoubtedly be superior to the PS3 and have no competition. Are you kidding me? Anyway, I’ve had enough of the lying, the arrogance, and the price. I’m getting a 360, never played Halo but hey, there’s a first for everything. At least Madden will be 60 fps.

  • Congratulation on E3 you guys were the best. I cant wait for Home.

    I want touse the ps3 as a computer also. but I want to know before I do. Will the RSX ever be unlock for linux? Is pretty pointless right now to have linux installed on the ps3. I know the Cell is very powerful but without 3D acceleration Homebrewing cant be done.

    PSN mastagamer

  • Without a Doubt Sony won the E3. The ps3 has the brightest future now with the price point solved.

    -The only problem that the ps3 have it’s the lack of good games but it will be gone with the new first and third party games. MGS4 will be outstanding.
    -You still have a great hardware reliability, that’s very important.
    -We’ll have a virtual comunnity making the online experience so much better simulating the real life.
    -We have the most powerful machine with a bunch of extra features for a little more than the Microsoft machine.

  • Sony is just comfortable being the underdog. Beware of this sleeping giant. Sony will prevail. I love sony, but let’s not cut them any slack. B!tch all you want.

  • @Sony

    Please read this:

    Honestly, you have the better machine with so much potential…

    Stand up for god sake!

  • @Sony

    Your sales have increased by 1 atleast I can say because I bought my first Playstation 3 today. I took advantage of the price drop, and am satisfied by the PS3 system itself. The only thing that just irritates my mind, is how can you pack such a High Definition system with composite cables!!!!????

    Please put in atleast some HD Premium Component cables on future models so that they will get that High Definition experience right out of the box like you’ve been saying this whole time advertising the PS3. I am proud to say that I am a PS3 owner now, and I can enjoy the experience Sony will now be putting on the PS3. Thanks so much!

  • Congrats Sony on the big E3 news! Good news for all people that have supported PS3 and are tired of all the FUD that Xbots seem to talk about. I’m glad of owning a PS3. Even more so now that I’ve actually seen some KZ2 footage. Best in game graphics ever! MGS4 looks hot too! I can’t wait for next year. KZ2 I believe is really close to the CG 2005 trailer and they still have close to 9 months left in development. MGS4 same thing. BTW, INfamous looked cool too

  • I think SCEE needs to listen to the fans.

    More than 80% would want a cheaper PS3 rather than bundles, so don’t expect a lot of the bundles being sold in Europe.

  • @the-very-best | July 14th, 2007 at 5:46 am
    There is nothing Sony can do about the price tag right now.So give them some slack you cant make money by giving it away.

    And a warning to everyone do not buy the 80 gig version until Sony drops the price.With out the EE and even with the 20 extra gigs it would be cheaper for them to make then the current models so don’t buy it until there is a drop in the price.

    And you employees of Sony please take a note of the countless post asking for demo.I understand that the demo will never be near as important as the actually game but there great for shutting angry fans up.

    Also to the Sony boys and girls Have a Nice day

  • Also anyone heard anything about FF13 is it going to be just on ps3 without it Sony will have no chance in winning the console war.Sony really needs Square Enix in there corner because where ever there RPG go so will the gamers.

  • @TMadd

    Thanks for taking in my thoughts and reading that. On that note though, I have one point to make about your rebuttle. The problem with user-installation base, and the development of games, is that it will, for the time being at least, be cheaper to make 360 games, due to the learning curve of the architecture on the PS3. More development time=more money needed to fund that development time. The PS2 had the EXACT same problem, and it will calm over in a year or so, as they become more efficient and can handle the development techniques better. Sony has always gotten away with a fairly unfriendly devkit due to the possiblilities given with the system in case. The PS2 was easier to develop for, against the original Xbox in one way, being that they were able to shoot for less graphically powerful games, catering to the hardware, but it was harder, as that the devkit was still not on a standard architechture. Sony is attempting to bring forward more options for developers, in order to get them to push themselves to make newer, better games, instead of just copy pasting code from last generation’s titles. This strategy will pay off soon, as you will see things like LittleBigPlanet, and even Dirt, a multiplatform off road racing title, which has been out on 360 and PC for a couple months now, but recently on GameSpot, they did an interview with the lead developer about the PS3 version of the game which is slated to come out next month, and he talked about how the PS3 version was basically on par with the 360 version when the 360 version launched, but given the fact that the code the game was written on was a code given to them by Sony themselves, and the extra power of the hardware, they decided to challenge themselves and do a bigger better version on the PS3. For a cite,

    Check it out once. But as far as your statement goes, this is something we will have to deal with what we have for the moment, but soon there will be plenty of new great games coming out soon on the PS3, without a price drop or anything. There is just as much software being created for the PS3 as there is the 360, it’s just a bit harder (at the moment) to develop them, but that will change, I can promise you that.

  • I farted at E3.

  • it would be really cool if they could make a modified version of the virtual psp from home to be used in game so its like an in game xmb

  • I’m just sooo proud of Sony at this year’s E3…..You guys really did great.

    is incredible, we are not so poud of Sony after knowing actualization of the psp sistem 3.60 DO NOT WORK ON ACTUAL PSP but only in redesigned psp

    whay Sony try to sabotage themselves
    whay keeping actualizations if at the end sony will let down he´s followers, punishing the loyalty of the consumers who prefers Sony from Homebrews?
    I don´t understand the genius behind Sony marketing
    To PS3 will hapend this too?

  • @Kraken, Customers may not know what EE is, but they’ll sure as HELL know that if their Metal Gear Solid 2 or other favorite game doesn’t work, it will be BAD news for Sony… Bad word of mouth, “Don’t get the PS3, it sucks with these old games”

    EE is very important, as BC is what really pushed the PS2 in the early days.

  • @Fenrir Sagato

    Link please. Before I start cursing.


  • @bobtheduck | July 14th, 2007 at 3:21 pm

    The EE chip is really not needed.Pc have been able to emulate ps2 games perfectly for awhile so doing it on the ps3 would not be hard.I haven’t run across one ps2 game that I couldn’t play on a my Emulator so I wouldn’t worry about the PS3 just emulating since it will be coded even better then the one one my PC Since the boys at Sony did the job.

  • please do something about the price of the ps3 . Three of my freinds were going to get a ps3 in a short while and then you announced it would be a temporary thing , so they said they would wait for a definite price drop and one of them is now getting a 360 . bottom line this is a stupid move and i wont like hell for the ps3 to succeed.

  • @ DarkEND PC can NOT perfectly emulate PS2… You are full of absolute crap. PC can’t even perfectly emulate PS1. This isn’t even a proper argument, since the hackers are not the ones designing the BC for PS3, Sony is. If we had no model to go by, we could say “Well, since hackers can do it (which they can’t) then Sony can really do it” This isn’t the case, though.

    We HAVE a model to look at for BC on an EE free PS3… It’s the PAL region PS3! 88%… That’s a LOT of games to drop, and since there are more games in the US than in Europe, it’s possible the drop is even higher in the US. Over 1 out of every 10 games will NOT work… That’s a lot, so yeah… It’s a bad thing.

  • Sorry, I mean Dark_King, not darkEND

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Well…. 360 got another demo…. Harry potter crap.

    Its as though they ask the developers to make demos for xbox live….

    their ways are confusing….

  • @Sony

    Here I’m again about F1, sorry but I dont know what to think right now.
    This thread is just one of the many that tries to figure out if SCEE lost the F1 games.

    58 posts already and it gets atleast 10 posts per day….
    One even tried to contact SCEE about it and they pointed to the release list and that’s about it.
    Can someone please drop the bomb about future F1 games on the PS3?
    SCEE wont listen and trough SCEA is the only way to make contact with Sony, please……….

    Again great E3 and I’m looking forward to Leipzig.

  • i got a email from playstation underground and it said a darkness demo is coming soon.

  • SONY
    Bring back RUMBLE with the release of LAIR and your consumers will show you why the PS2 sold over 100 million.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    lol @ 128


    Soon…..near future…….very near future…..yup….. how about they give us a date cause come next Thursday, I am checking the store all day for an update and when its finally up at 6pm all we get is a freaking MLB video… or 7 in this case.

  • @ 122

    That is beyond daft. So there is a price drop NOW, your friends have the money but they want to wait for a permanent price drop? Can you explain the logic behind that because I for one fail to see it.

  • @122 umm your friends are retarded… Tell them don’t buy groceries, clothes, or anything else for that matter when they are on sale.

  • I have a question: Were can you sign up for the open beta for HOME?

  • To me Sony did what they always do, they get your really hyped up, but ultimately let you down.

    On one hand, they announce a price drop, then confuse everyone about the SKU. Now I already own a PS3, but poor sales equals loss of third party support ( ala no Katamary or Ace Combat for PS3 ).

    Then they talk about all these great games, show us all these great video’s, and dont put 1 single E3 playable demo up on PSN during E3.

    Xbox Live got like 6 demo’s, two of which were really good. Sony talks about integrating this network, and all these great home features, but they couldnt have 1 demo ready for us ?

    We, the early adopters, who have dropped the money on this system NOW, are constantly being told to just wait a little longer, a little longer, stuff is coming, its coming ………. and you couldnt do one thing for us for E3 ?

    You certainly had Heavenly Sword playable, you had Lair playable, and it was that hard to upload those demo’s to PSN for the people who dished out the money to get a PS3 early, but you let the press ( The ones who constantly bash you, and praise Microsoft ) play your games, and then trust them to give us impressions ?

    All I can say is, E for All better be on PSN HOME this october, and you better start getting some demo’s up, because this trickle here and there of GOOD content on PSN is getting tiresome, and as a Sony fanboy, im tired of defending the PS3, when you guys make no attempt to please your most hardcore fanbase.

    No demo’s of E3 content was inexcusable, and while the HD trailers were nice, we could have watched them on any other website. You really need to start thinking about your fans, because we buy your systems, and we keep playstation alive, and even the most diehard ( like myself ) at some point are going to have think about spending our money else where if you cant do somthing as logical as putting up a demo of atleast one of your games during the biggest videogame event of the year.

    Way to show off PSN guys …. maybe next year

  • Hey fellow bloggers,
    You know, just for fun, this whole X-Box/Playstation war kinda of reminds me of the whole pro wrestling war back in the late 90’s between WCW/WWF(now WWE) Think of the comparisons really.
    Ted Turner wanted to get in the wrestling business and wants to put the WWE to shame. Bill Gates gets into video game console business and wants to put Playstation to shame.
    Ted Turner buys out a bunch of wrestlers from the WWF like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, etc. And he created the trendy nWo which the fans ate up. Bill Gates buys a bunch of Playstation exclusive games like Devil May Cry and GTA. And he created the trendy X-Box Live in which the fans ate up.
    WWF after losing there wrestlers decided to create new personalities like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock and came up with their own version of the nWo called De-Generation X. Sony after losing there exlusive lincenses came up with new ones like Heavenly Sword, God of War and Motorstorm, and came up with their own version of X-Box Live called Home.
    Despite all the talent that WCW had there were losing money as the old wrestlers they got from WWF just got too old. Despite all the games X-Box had they were losing money cause all their X-Box 360’s kept breaking down.
    WWF slowly but surely with their wrestlers and they creative ideas made a profit. Playstation slowly but surely with their games and creative ideas like Little Big Planet made a profit.
    Where is WCW now? Probally the same place Microsoft will be. The folks at Sony are not stupid, it seems that their ideas right now doesn’t seen realistic right now, but don’t think for one second they don’t want to make a profit. People are on here worried about the user base. Let the folks at Sony worry, its their job and they sure as hell don’t want to be in second place (or thrid right now. Just a thought

  • The problem is, if the poor sales continue, the third party support is just going to get worse and worse.

    Sony needs to worry less about “Cell”, and “Blu-ray”, and “earning” third party support.

    Yea, maybe Microsoft is buying their way into the market, and I agree that its shady, but it doesnt change the fact that one of my favorite PS2 franchises, Katamari Damacy, is now going exclusive to 360.

    It doesnt change the fact that 3rd party games are running better on the lesser system, simply because there is no sense in tapping the PS3’s power when no one owns one.

    And while losing exclusives like Devil May Cry and Metal Gear sounds like little more than fanboy arguments, you cant deny that games like these will sell PS3’s, and if people know they can get them on a cheaper system, then why buy a PS3.

    I bought the PS3 thinking that like the PS and PS2 before it, it would have the best game selection, but now its looking more and more like the PS3 is going to be the Gamecube of this gen, and its dissapointing.

    AND YOU REALLY should have had some demo’s up from E3. Its such a no brainer, and for the life of me I just cant understand why you couldnt give us a LAIR or Heavenly sword demo, considering these games have been playable for months now, just to help us get excited.

    There is just literally no excuse as to why these arent on my PS3 harddrive RIGHT NOW. But just like everything else with Sony, its wait a little longer.

    ( NOTE : if you cant tell, I am actually a huge Sony supporter, and a very hardcore gamer, and if I seem a bit miffed, its just because I really want to see this system get going, and Sony just seems like they are getting more and more out of touch with their audience )

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    @ thunderstruck

    Wow, that is a funny yet interesting way of looking at things.

  • I am having a lot of trouble setting up my internet connection on the PS3. Is it because of my router? I have a Linky’s WRT54G, and I really don’t know if its the router itself.

  • EEEEEEEEEE 33333333333
    E 3
    EEEEE 33333
    E 3
    EEEEEEEEEE 33333333333
    First off you guys did great at E3. From What I saw from (awesome site)
    You guys kicked ARSE.
    PSN sucked, and you did let alot of people down(trailers only?).

    GET REAL, especially when people were on this site reading about new demos ready in the future for Heavenly sword, lair and even drakes fortune. One last thing. Don’t make the same mistake for
    TGS 2k7


    IF YOU
    MAKE IT,

    Honestly. Pass this up,read the comments above. People are asking for its return. Atleast use this blog for useful marketing information from a broad range of customers(this site). The internet is a tool, use it for such.

    CAN’T WAIT FOR $99 PS2(NEW)!


  • I totally screwed that big E3 sign up.

  • Where is the 2.00 firmware update this month that gives us in-game XMB, rss, wallpaper, folders in video, and other features???? When does Home Beta come out? We should hear more about these features on this blog.

  • Sony… you have to understand that ppl want a lower price. A stable lower price. You say that Europe is important to you, but you don’t give a cheaper PS3. I know there’s the starter pack, but someone doesn’t like the games inside, someone else can’t afford the price, again.


    You’ll understand this when M$ will cut the price and the sales will raise…. and you’ll understand your mistake. I say this cause i’m a Sony’s fan and i wouldn’t like to see my preferred console destroyed by another, not secure, noisy console…

    You can’t imagine how many ppl will buy the PS3 with a lower price, they’re all waiting for that. So… think about the Europe pls…. you want to sell? You have to drop your price here (i’ve alreayd bought a PS3 a long time ago, but my friends are waiting… and they’re considering the M$ console, cause of the price)

  • Another thing….. Sony is reading the comments or this is totally useless? I start thinking that, cause noone of them answers or do something… and i agree with the guy who said about the demos. On Xbox Live there are some demo of the new games and we have only trailers!! It start being unacceptable!!! Sony you see our complains or you aren’t caring at all????

  • 141: If you would actually read the posts you can see that they’re doing their best:

    “…just wanted to also let you know that yes, we hear you, and we are working to make those great games you saw into more interactive content and demos.”

  • Why don’t all you cry baby go play Wii sport with a dumb Wiimote on that lame ouija board?

  • @bobtheduck | July 14th, 2007 at 3:45 pm
    You can say what ever you think but you the fool.I can play every one of my ps2 games on my PC And if your to stupid to know how then that is your problem true that I did rewrite some of the code for the plugin’s for me to get the Emulator running great but it runs perfectly.Also the only reason most people pc have a hard time running is because there Crap pc.So there is no reason for Sony to not be able to emulate there ps2 games.And where the hell you been,thinking that its hard to emulate ps1 games hell maybe you just have no idea what your talking about.

  • Sony had THE best E3 of all three. Great job and thx for those posts!

  • yea, your E3 was great but….

    the price drop for the 60GB is just temporary, a liquidation sale :(

    what the hell, Sony?

    i like you guys, but it seems like you guys don’t want people buying your system…

  • I think how it is interesting how Nintendo is playing the Oh, we do not have enough Wii’s to ship, Come on this is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. You string customers along during the summer months by shipping 20% of your stock to keep excitement to dump consumers. Then at Thanksgiving to Christmas you dump your systems, maybe you add a game or a second controller. Then in the spring you announce the super Wii which has a harddrive, has better graphics, maybe it can play DVD or something. Now the consumer has spent $250.00 on the original Wii and now you want them to spend another $250 on a new and improved Wii and people complain about Sony Huh. Remember what old P.T. Barnum once said “There is a sucker born every minute an two to take them”
    People forget to add up the cost of buy a news system every two years to keep up with technology changes like xbox, then xbox 360 then xbox elite. So when people talk about PS3 prices think about what it costs every time you get a new system every two years, do the math.

  • @ 133

    I think anyone who posts that Sony lets them down because of this price drop thing is idiot. They have NOT said if they will lower the price of a 80 GB sku that does NOT come with a pack in game and extra controller or not. We have NO clue what is going to happen. Just a bunch of speculation.

    If you look at the PSP announcement they have said they will have a sku that is just a core pack that is for 169 and one for 199. So why the hell wouldn’t they do the same for the ps3? Some of you really need to put your thinking caps on and stop letting rubish sites like mislead you with their rampant speculation. Which by the way they are usually wrong. Anyone remember that silliness they said about Jaffe leaving Sony? Then they said ohhh lets wait and see what happens at E3, their will be a announcement but that never happened now did it. They they said oblivion was technically limited by the PS3 hardware, then the Bethesda went to IGN to clear up that lie 1up spread. I can go on and on about how unreliable some of these internet sites are.

    For now just know there is a price drop and once the 60 GB is gone, look for Sony to make another announcement for the pricing scheme. Until then stop worrying about something you really have no idea about.

  • I will pay a hair cut for Colin Bennett…

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