Metal Gear Solid Trailer Coming to PlayStation Store

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Metal Gear Solid 4
I just got word that we’ll have a very cool treat coming this week to the PLAYSTATION Store. What would E3 be without a new Metal Gear Solid trailer?

The latest Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer will be available exclusively for download on the PLAYSTATION Store shortly following our press conference tomorrow. From our friends over at Konami and Kojima Productions, I heard they were still putting the final touches on the trailer a mere five hours before it was hand carried today to Santa Monica for E3!!

As a reminder, the press conference will be streamed here, but if you’re one of the many MGS purists, you will no doubt want to download the trailer straight from the PlayStation Store in HD and 5.1 surround. Enjoy!

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  • O hellz yeah!

  • Oh Yes Baby. Give to me pure, Hell yeah. And in HD sweet. Awesome Totally Dawesome.

  • Good news and all, but how about a confirmation that Metal Gear Solid 4 is exclusive to PS3. Im a Play Station owner since 1998, precisely when Metal Gear Solid came out for PS1, it was the reason I bought it, when PS2 was close to launch, I remember the promise of Metal Gear Sons of Liberty made the day I saw a JPEG preview, I got my PS2 six months after launch especifically to play that game, I bought the game as soon as I could. Metal Gear Snake Eater was a masterpiece that kept me on the Sony bandwagon, because I knew eventually there would be a sequel on Nex Gen devices. Naturally I figured Metal Gear 4 would come out on the next version of Play Station, I knew it would be expensive($600.00), but promises that it would be worth it compelled me to buy it. Knowing that this upcoming masterpiece would only be available on Play Station, I bought my PS3. Just six months before the PS3 launched I was very tempted to buy a xbox360, I really wanted to experience nexgen. At $400.00 it was very tempting, and six months to wait for PS3 seemed like forever, but I waited. Metal Gear 4 is the reason I purcahsed a Play Station 3,because I understood it was only possible to play on PS3, if I would of known that it could also come out for the 360, I would have purchsed the 360 one year ago. Therefor allowing me to experience Metal Gear Guns of the Patriots for less money. I feel betrayed, I mean: what can I show off to my dumb XBOX360 friends when they come shoving Halo 3 into my face? Uncharted?….Rachet and Clank?…Resistance?….sure Killzone, but is that it?. C’mon SONY support us as fans not as consumers.

  • Wow. I can’t wait.

  • This game needs to be kept exclusive, i dont care if your pride is bruised by paying them, just bloody well keep it on PS3 only. Its vital, MGS1 was a cornerstone to PS1, MGS2 was a cornerstone to PS2, MGS4 is a cornerstone to PS3, take it out…and it all crumbles.

  • first of all thanks to all the people that makes this possible


  • @ 55

    Yes, Sony you need to keep MGS series exclusive to the PS format. You guys have lost enough and loosing this series and Final Fantasy will not be good for your platform, it will also hurt these series going multi platform.

  • I am snagging this as soon as its up. Also Metal gear isnt really something that could be considered exclusive to a system anyway. Especially since the first Metal Gear games have appeared on the NES and MSX, and many other systems. Thats probably all up to Konami. Besides there are many other great exclusives coming soon im sure.

    Also I really REALLY hope there will be some E3 demos brought to the PSN. Especially PS3 exclusive game demos.




  • This is very good news. And please keep that game eclusive it will boost you console sales.

  • @ Teknoman

    If you look at it, PlayStation consoles are the only consoles where you can get the full story.

    MG (Included w/ Subsistence)
    MG2 (Included w/ Subsistence)
    MGS1 (PS1)
    MGS2 (PS2)
    MGS3 (PS2)
    MGS4 (PS3)

  • I wish I was able to see the E3 conference live tomorrow. I’ll be at work, but ill be downloading my kiester off when i get home :D

  • Why isn’t Kojima Productions hosting it like they did at TGS and E3’06?

    I have nothing against DLing it with 1080p and 5.1, just surprising to see it not on Kojima Production’s page.

    Why isn’t this on XBL?


  • Thanks SONY!!

    you guys are definitively making ALL the right moves as of late.

    Cant wait to play the trailer on my 50″ HDTV and in 5.1 surround sound!!!

  • Exclusive trailer is good, but I hope the game stays exclusive. =/

  • Hells yes, now all you have to do is ensure it’s exclusive for the PS3. Or at the very least timed exclusive but still the better version.

  • While we’re on the subject, sony keep ff13 ps3 as well. u guys got good 1st party but 3rd party is more important. please listen to us. we”re teling you from a customers view point.

  • This is from the bottom of our hearts do everything u can to keep ff13 and mgs4 ps3.

  • Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna love watching this in 1080p on 5.1 surround sound.

    Keep up the good work Sony.

  • Great Patrick thanks a lot, just one more thing, I’m looking forward for this game and also for many developed by Sony. I hope this one remains exclusive, if it doesn’t I will not sell my PS3 (for me is the best system in the market), but I can relate to the ones that are having second thoughts if this game goes to the 360 also. I just hope for the company that I’ve supported since the first PS not to loose this franchise’s exclusivity too. Good luck on that.

  • seybold, please, make sure it stays exclusive, do it for me!!!!!!


  • Haha, with an exec from Konami saying that the PS3 needs a bigger price drop, and questioning exclusivity for MGS4, I think the writing’s on the wall. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for any PS3 exclusivity. ;-)

  • PLEASE PAY THE MONEY OR WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO _ JOINT MARKETING _ SELL YOUR SOUL – TO KEEEP THIS EXCLUSIVE – I WANT SONY TO WIN and I want XBOX to get the pounding for once – with their users begging for an exclusive that they cannot have

  • I can’t wait for this game. But i really don’t care if it is sent crossplat. The reason is it will still be like most other MGSs, they are all on other systems now. So if they do send it to 360 , it won’t be released at the same time as PS3. It will still take time. So it will be a timed exsclusive, maybe 1 month or longer. MGS is being made on PS3 which gives a lot of options that 360 can’t handle. So to be ported, it will have to hit the chopping block. Many things may be cut from a 360 version of the games, also many things maybe add (with this i mean an extra disk, cause this game is huge)

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  • I agree with everyone that has been a beleiver in the MG series since the beginning, and that it should stay exclusive to the ps. But come release day im gonna enjoy it just as much either way, and ill always be a loyal playstation fan and will never go to an xbox.

  • Great news…I can’t wait.

    About exclusivity…hopefully Sony wants to hear our thoughts—we, the customers, have put them where they are today.

    I LOVE Sony’s first party games. God of War is great, Heavenly Sword & Lair look wonderful, etc.; however, none of these games compare to GTA, MGS, or FF. Sony MUST keep as many of these third party–KNOWN, DESIRED, WORSHIPPED–games exclusive as possible if they want the install base to grow. First party games WILL NOT get it done alone. They are great for support and keeping current owners happy, but not for winning converts. Don’t let pride keep you from acknowledging the worth of keeping MGS and FF exclusive–and don’t let down your fans that have kept faith and stuck 100% by your side.

  • Ok. A video is good. But you know what would be even better? A demo. I know that MGS4 isn’t close to being finished, but how about Heavenly Sword? That game looks like it’ll kick ass!

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  • I hope that at E3 they’ll make it very clear that MGS4 will stay a PS3 exclusive…I hope.

    It would be a cool surprise if sony introduces a 40GB PS3 for $399 or something like that. :)

    I’m worried that konami and Square Enix have said that the $100 price cut is not enough.

  • AWESOME. Can’t wait to download and watch it when I get home tomorrow. MGS4 PS3 day one purchase for me.

  • Yes, I really want MGS4 to stay exclusive, because it will make people want to buy a PS3.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see this trailer on my PS3.

  • The best thing about this, is that they’re putting the PSN to great use, it might shut up a lot of haters and complainers about it now. Those servers are about to get hammered. I’d love it if there was a PlayStation 3 exclusive logo at the end of the trailer with the release date.

    Simply, great news.

  • That’s great news, i just hope MGS4 remains an exclusive.

  • Mmm delectable.

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  • Great News! Now, for the love of god, don’t let this game go the Xbox 360. I know I’ve read comments from Trenton saying exclusives are not important. Sorry, but he is WRONG. We need this game for PS3 ONLY. OK, I said my peace, I hope I don’t see Moore with a MG4 tatoo in the Microsoft conference.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see this demo tomorrow.

  • @ 89 Keysersoze10033

    Wait, Tretton actually said that?

  • I hope the trailer isn’t the only thing that is exclusive… come on Sony! Take care of the loyal customers that dropped $600+ on your system!

  • Yeah, c’mon SONY. If your reading this please do not allow MGS to go to the 360, we really need this exclusive.

  • Sony please do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make sure MGS4 remains an exclusive to PS3. Exclusives are VERY important in separating the consoles in taking advantage of the hardware. Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of those games. It’s also one of the biggest franchises and losing it will make alot of PS3 owners angry.

  • Hopefully MGS3 will remain EXCLUSIVE to the playstation three console. Also like to say that during the night you are closing the ps network am I correct?

  • I really hope they keep this exclusive, because this has been one of the main reasons for me to have the ps3, and to be honest it wouldnt surprise me if it ends up on the other console, but i know may will be really dissapointed.

  • Streamed Conference and MGS4 trailer.
    Keep the good job.
    By the way , MGS4 is my reason to buy the PS3.
    If kojima san can kept the exclusivity it would be a great deal to SONY.
    (it appears that Konami want MGS4 for XBOX360 but Kojimasan no)

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  • If MGS4 is on the 360, I would gladly sell my PS3 and buy a 360 once they get the new hardware revisions, because then there will be games to play.

  • Hello, I have only one comment, SONY please do not allow that xbox users get MGS4 or FFXIII, this could be bad for PS3. I dont like those games but I am sure they will be onw of your keys to win this console war.


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