Metal Gear Solid Trailer Coming to PlayStation Store

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Metal Gear Solid 4
I just got word that we’ll have a very cool treat coming this week to the PLAYSTATION Store. What would E3 be without a new Metal Gear Solid trailer?

The latest Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer will be available exclusively for download on the PLAYSTATION Store shortly following our press conference tomorrow. From our friends over at Konami and Kojima Productions, I heard they were still putting the final touches on the trailer a mere five hours before it was hand carried today to Santa Monica for E3!!

As a reminder, the press conference will be streamed here, but if you’re one of the many MGS purists, you will no doubt want to download the trailer straight from the PlayStation Store in HD and 5.1 surround. Enjoy!

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  • Great news. Cant wait.

  • SWEET! Bring it! Metal Gear Solid 4.. “Finish the Story!” :P

  • YIPEEE thanks Sony, I won’t bring the exclusivity non-sense since I have faith in you guys!
    Thank you very mush for this treat, you have made me a happy person. ^.^

  • This is good news. Finally a game that can compete with F@H.

  • This is good news :D


    Most-anticipated game of 2008. Just ahead of Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 2. (Unless the latter makes its way out before the end of the year)

  • SWEEEET. I guess this means MGS4 just may stay exclusive since you dont really see Bill Gates posting this kind of news for XBOX =) Thanks, this is going be FREAKING AMAZING!!!!

  • I hope it stays exclusive for PS3…


  • Awesome! 12th!

  • re: “I heard they were still putting the final touches on the trailer a mere five hours before it was hand carried today to Santa Monica for E3!! ”

    They needed a bit of time to slap that PlayStation3 logo back on at the end. :)

  • yes!, tell me the trailer is full HD

  • Just 5.1 surround? Where’s the promised 7.1 ?



    Just kidding… this is awesome news… Sony, you better keep MGS4 exclusive to the PS3…

  • YES!

  • hey that’s great.. but why don’t you might as well put it on the xbox live..

    have you look at this

    even thou someone just mentioned that you don’t buy exclusives.. this one you should really nail it.. i believe there’s no bigger fanbase than the mgs series.. why are you guys so careless of what customers want..

    anyhow.. i know that you will have thousands of game withing the life of the ps3.. but i thought you guys wanted to sell consoles kinda soon..

    anyhow.. if it’s out of your hands well what can you do.. but mgs4 will be a console mover.. are you really not aware of what the gamers really want???

    very dissapointed today patrick..

    i love my ps3 and i praise your games and awesome ideas.. but you guys gotta listen to what customers reccomend once in a while

  • yes. i can’t wait

  • Great! MGS in HD. I agree with blullettoothtony. If theres one exclusive you guys buy if should be the MGS series. Please guys, i didnt pay 600 dollars for cross platform BS. I paid for quality entertaintment. Dont let this one go.

  • I can’t wait! I hope this game is exclusive? ;)

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome, thank you sony! cant wait!

  • That great news! But will this be on the European Store as well??


  • Thank you Sony for requesting this to happen. You are getting better at this marketing stuff.

  • ohh this is awsome :-)

  • Please keep MGS4 a PS3 Exclusive!

  • Pay Konami to keep it exclusive next.

  • Wait a minute, can videos from the XMB finally be listened to in 5.1 sound? Or is that a typo…

  • Like I said before, how about we get Konami to commit fully to MGS4 being a Playstation 3 exclusive… I’m tired of xbox 360 fanboys wishing and dreaming of MGS4 being on the 360. Let show the fans that if they want MGS4 then they better pick up a PS3.

  • Awesome Thank you Sony! I can’t wait to buy this PS3 exclusive game this winter! :)

  • im tired of trailers, i want playable DEMOS!!!!

  • If this game is not a PS3 Exlusive for good I will sell my PS3. I know about 4 other people that feel the same way. If this slips there is now way in hell Final Fantasy will stay.


  • AWESOME! Please do everything in your power to keep MGS4 exclusive. This game will move major units. If Micro[DELETED] gets their hands on this game then Sony will undoubtedly lose a huge fan base. Make those Xbox fan boys buy a PS3 to experience this great game.

  • MGS is the BEST!!! I got sooo pumped I just threw my cat out the window. WOOOO!

  • MGS4 and FF13 exclusive please!

  • People would sell their PS3 and buy a 360? Well, if it’s possible for Sony to lose MGS4 as an exclusive, it’s possible for Microsoft to make a 360 that’s somewhat reliable.

    I am impressed that after all the questions about MGS4 in the previous thread that there’s already a bit of a reply (not actually an answer, but in the world of PR, this is the best it gets).

    For the record, my main concern is Final Fantasy and Japanese RPGs in general, but the last trailer I saw of MGS4 was so good I’m sorely tempted to play it.

  • Awesome :)

  • Awesome. I’ll be enjoying this trailer as soon as possible. Here’s hoping that the game stays exclusive.

  • Sweet. is it a NEW trailer or just the trailer we’ve seen already online but now just going to be on the PSN store?

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  • OMG!! YES YES YES!!!! Thats what I’m talking about SONY!! WOOT WOOT!

  • hey yo MGS is hot. i got like 30 buddies talkin bout how they want it like a virgin wants to get laid. lets this game slip up on that geh box then me and my boys are turning homo . bet

  • As great as this news is, I’d rather hear confirmation that MGS4 is still a Playstation 3 exclusive. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen thousands of people on the internet and irl mention how they will buy a PS3 for Metal Gear Solid 4. Let it go multi-platform and trust me there will be a crapload of people with no reason to buy a PS3. I know Sony’s business strategies are for the long run, but most people don’t realize that, or aren’t patient enough. Lose this one and trust me, you will see A LOT of fans lose faith. I’m a die-hard Playstation supporter,but in all honestly, if this game goes to the 360 even my head will start to turn.

    I’ve heard you guys don’t pay for exclusive games. Well, if there’s any game to make an exception for, it’s this one.

  • Awesome, this will be my first download for sure!

  • This sounds great!

  • Sony, keep MGS4 exclusive to the PS3… or i´ll sell my PS3.

    If peter sega moore tottoed MGS4 logo is the end.

  • Awsome, make sure this thing stays exclusive sony (or at the very least a timed exclusive)

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  • I would never pay for some game to stay exclusive if I’m dev. Earn it!

  • Great news. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it. And as you can see from your loyal fanbase, MGS4 is a big deal for us. Do everything you can to keep it exclusive to PS3.

  • Awesome news.

    I really need to know that MGS4 stays exclusive. I am not a big fan of the series, but I know a LOT of people are so that could be bad for the console in general.

    Sorry for the off topic in the Lair but it was just unbelievable.

    And I don’t mind if you delete posts, but be kind enough to let people some explanation. I was just posting a couple of links. It was not some war against you.

    I am a big fan of Sony, I know you are trying to do a lot for us, but this E3 better be good.

    When I buy something this expensive, I don’t only expect good hard and soft, I also expect quality of service for the customer.

    Good luck.

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