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As you may have seen tonight here, here and here, we’re kicking off this year’s E3 with some big news (and the show hasn’t even started yet).

In short, we’re introducing a new PS3 model with a 80GB hard drive which will include a free copy of MotorStorm, all for the retail price of $599. This 80GB package will be available starting in August, just a few short weeks from today. The larger hard drive will give players more of an opportunity to take advantage of all the downloadable games and trailers on the PLAYSTATION Network, including the content from our forthcoming download service which will include videos, movies and other entertainment content.

In addition, as some of you speculated last week, we confirmed today that we are lowering the price of our current 60GB PS3 by $100, to $499, effective immediately in North America. I know many of you were eager to hear this and we’re thrilled to share this with you now as we head into E3.

Lastly, to keep up with the latest news, you can view a live stream of the official E3 SCEA press conference this Wednesday, July 11th, starting around 11:30 a.m. pacific time. About a half hour before the conference (11 a.m.), click here and we’ll have a live conference feed available.

And if that isn’t enough for you, we’ll have tons of content hitting the PLAYSTATION Store this week, including the SCEA press conference and exclusive first and third party videos and trailers, only available through PLAYSTATION Network. These will be available shortly after the conclusion of the press conference. We want to make sure that you’re getting the info as soon as possible. Rest assured, there is much more to come this week, including the conclusion of our Inside the Developer Studio series, so stay tuned….

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  • Good move. Thats all i have to say.

  • I have to say the new SKU is incredibly disappointing given the price differential and even retail prices of 120 GB drives that work with the PS3.

  • well quasar…. than by the older sku

  • I think this is a very good move. One thing though. YOU HAVE TO ADVERTISE THE $499 SKU!!!!!. If you just advertise this new model people on the fence about getting a ps3 will not know that they can get a ps3 for $499 now. I think the 60 gig should be your main sku and you should advertise the 80 gig as like a bundle or a special sku like the 360 elite. Please take my advice if you want the ps3 to sell better

  • Well, I’ve had my system since launch, so none of this effects me much. A couple of things.

    1) People who just bought a system and hoping for some sort of exchange? It’s not going to happen. If you bought it this month, you should know better not to buy systems until after E3.

    2) The price drop was sorely needed. It needs to be more, but this is a good start. Introducing a new SKU is iffy. Granted, it adds more value to the $599 price tag people are used to, but it can also cause confusion. What you’re doing is actually getting 60 GB PS3s out of the channel to clear the way for 80 GBs to take over.

    I notice on the box, the 80 GB SKU says “Limited Edition.” I assume that this SKU will be as such, and when these run out, you will probably introduce a barebones 80 GB system for $499 or lower. At least, I hope it’s lower.

    So, good job, but could have been better. If you had just lowered the 60 GB by even $150 or better yet, $200, you really would have been on to something. Time will tell.

    3) Here’s what you NEED to do. This E3 had better be huge. GIGANTIC. MASSIVE. There better be games out of the wazoo here, and tons of exciting things coming, and coming fast. 1st Party Games need to be huge. They look awesome, but keep it up.

    Then you really need to show everyone that you haven’t completely lost all your 3rd party support. You’re looking really silly here. Past exclusives are flying left and right to the competitors. You need to reassure and show people that you will deliver the exclusive 3rd party content “PlayStation” is known for. Better versions of games are going to other consoles, some as exclusives, some with more features. You have two big ones left. Show us you haven’t lost them, then show us you have more coming.

    I like Sony and the PlayStation brand, gamers are nomads. We go where the games are. Show us the goods.

  • Like others, I have to question the significance of this “limited bundle”.

    $100 more is steep for 20GB more and a game. Usually, to entice a consumer to buy the more expensive version, perceived greater value is needed, however I fail to see any value at all.

    You guys either should have priced this bundle at $579 (only $100 more than an elite)

    or have the $599 price but with AT LEAST a 100GB hard drive instead.

    I know it’s a business and Sony is in it to make money, but consumers are savvy now. Justify to us why it’s worth the MSRP.

  • I think this 80gig sku is kind of dumb. 100$+ for 20 more Gb’s and Motorstorm? bleh i think its a bad move just keep the 60GB for 499 (though i wished u woulda dropped it to 399 maybe this holiday?).

  • I agree somewhat with ACE72. They should have forgone the 80GB model seeing as production costs are going down and just marketed the 60GB model at the $500 price tag to pick up some sales. Then, with hardware out of the way for the time being, they should shift focus to software (first and third party) and the PSN.

  • We are going to get demos too right? RIGHT?!?

  • Thanks for such great news Sony!!!
    I went to read a few forums to see what are some other people thoughts. Some are still complaining and some are very happy as I am. I think its a great deal.
    Come on people, a free game with an 80gb hd is a very good deal. Now if you still cant afford a $600 deal. Then you need to go back to school and continue your education so you can earn more yearly. Boooooyaaa!!!

  • Has the PS2 compatibility hardware been stripped to reduce the cost? Will there be a “backwards compatibility list” for PS2 games on the PS3?

    I noticed a footer on the new spec sheets for the 60GB and 80GB Ps3: “*Backwards Compatibility– Some PlayStation 2 or PlayStation format software titles may perform differently on this system than they do on PlayStation 2 or PlayStation systems, or may not perform properly on this system. For more info, visit .com. Due to manufacturing differences, all optical discs may not perform properly.”

  • Why keep on complaining people? You have a choice. It’s all about choices damint. If you want to be a cheap ass get the $500 60gb PS3. If you want a free game and an extra 20 gb get the $600.
    Or you can buy one of those consoles that are sure to break in the next 7 months. Its your choice!!!
    I don’t know about you guys but I was raised to value quality over cheap [DELETED].

  • why is the PS button red on the controller? is this the new rumbling SIXAXIS controller?

  • So many Sony nugget fanboys suggesting how Sony should run its business.. a business that they have been dominating for the last 10+ yrs. Come on people quit with the “why do the 80GB sku”… you don’t want Sony to make money? You’d rather that they just sold everything cheap, just for you, and died as a business? Seriously.. I can’t believe there are people commenting like this? Be happy they dropped the 60GB by $100 USD and quit complaining, although that seems to be the norm these days in blogs and forums.. complain.. complain.. complain… got anything good to say?

  • @63

    I really don’t like to use this seeing as I like Sony and all…

    But perhaps you haven’t seen just how poorly they’re selling?

  • @Grover
    Think about it is a bad deal. $100 more for 20GB and 1 game is not that great. Plus every advertisement in the newspaper will still market the PS3 at $599 (they did that with 20GB PS3). Oh yeah just because you own the gaming market for 10 years, doesn’t mean you carry the crown forever. Let’s see who is the
    Sony Fanboy now.

  • @coolguy2000

    Motorstorm not that great? Speak for yourself homeboy!!

  • WOW!

    That $499 PS3 is a lot more than that $479.99 Elite.

    Let’s not even talk about the reliability factor.

    I think sales are going to pick up now.

  • “Has the PS2 compatibility hardware been stripped to reduce the cost? Will there be a “backwards compatibility list” for PS2 games on the PS3?”

    So it seems, welcome to the BC-emulation club. :)

    As a happy european PS3 owner, I can guarantee you though that the majority of PS2 games runs without a problem. In fact, my entire PS2 software collection runs fine.

    The FUD spread around about software emulation of the EE in many websites is just that, FUD and lies.

    Don’t let the missing chip deter you from buying one, if you wish to.

  • I think us 60GB owners should be allowed to
    upgrade HDD. I do feel kind of cheated
    by that not only did the system descrease in price, but it also got a HDD upgrade. Dang Sony…

  • @ 69, BabeBro:

    Read your manual!
    You can replace your HDD by any standard 2.5″ SATA HDD of any size you like, and it doesn’t void your warranty!

  • @PS3_is_cool
    I have MotorStorm and it’s a fun game. I mean in terms of value, money. On another note, other non-PS3 gamers will just see no price change– they’ll just see the $599 sticker price. I love my PS3 and all but Sony needs to cut that $599 model out now.

  • @66

    He ment the SKU not bieng that great not the game, and he does have a point the media will say it still costs 599 now, because of the new SKU.

  • I think the price drop on the 60GB model is fantastic. As soon as some of the promising games that are coming out soon launch, the PS3 should easily be seen as a better deal over the 360 Elite. I’m not sure how I feel about this 80GB deal. It could still makes the system seem expensive overall, and gamers who don’t know any better will probably feel like the 60GB model is the lesser system. I already own the 60GB and I don’t feel shafted at all. I’m sure the EE will be stripped, but other than that it’s the same system with only a bigger HDD, which can be upgraded in any PS3 anyway. An extra 20 gigs and Motorstorm is not worth $100 bucks in my opinion, but that’s just me.

    On the other hand this is a Limited Edition, and I’m sure the 80GB will replace the 60GB at $499.00 minus Motorstorm (or maybe even with it?) soon. So hopefully it all works out. Sony hasn’t been dominating all these years because they don’t know their business. I have plenty of faith in you guys. That’s why I already own a Playstation 3.

    For the love of all that is great though, do not lose Metal Gear Solid 4 or Final Fantasy as exclusives, and please give us a lot more demo’s.

  • I think it will be fine if the content their releasing after E3, which many believe will be an update that completely changes the network, will be any good.

    They would also have to make the bigger drive available seprately for PS3 owners.

  • Okay
    $499 60gb model — excellent
    $599 for 80gb + Motorsotrm – BAD

    Please SONY, please make the 80gb PS3 with Motorstorm $549 – at $50 more it should cost about the same to manufacture ( I’m assuming that 20gb HDD space and Motorstorm together only costs you guys @ SONY $30 – 40).

    I mean if the “Premium” model of PS3 released at $549 it just looks better than $599 to consumers …

  • @73–soup or man
    I don’t think it is really limited edition. It probably just says that so people will buy a PS3 sooner. It’s more like “special edition”.

  • @74–ssps5
    You can purchase larger hard disk drives already, go to your local computer store. I forget the specifications (look in your PS3 manual).

  • $499 60 gb= good buy plus add an extra hard drive later if you need it. That seems like the logical thing to do.

  • Why is dropping the current model’s price, while giving those who want more HD space bad? Options are good right? Of course they are and so is the added option to upgrade your HD yourself. Sony made a solid reliable machine and now it’s cheaper. I can’t understand the need to jump on the negative here. This is exactly the type of thing that makes competition a *good* thing, and exactly the type of thing we all benefit from.

  • Hitachi / Travelstar 5K160 / 160GB / 5400 / 8MB / 2.5″ Mobile / SATA / Hard Drive
    $109 on

  • @Jander
    That’s the problem, any other consumer is still going to see the $600 price tag and not know the difference. Too many people are so obsessed with their Sony fanboyism that they are blind to see the actually reality of all this. Alright, enough bickering for me, it is 2:32 EST time here. Goodnight.

  • boneyardweller89

    First of all the price drop is great news for people that wanted a PS3 and don’t have one yet. If $500 is still too much you can always get one from eBay for like $425, which is about how much you’d spend on a 360 at Wal Mart. I can’t wait for E3. (By the way, I think firmware 2.00 would be a great E3 announcement) And I’m really hoping there’s some truth to the PSP redesign rumor. Mine’s falling apart.

  • I am married to Sony and i already said my piece about the 80gig version.

    I am hoping that the video footage that we get on the PSN is not just a bunch of trailers, but in game footage. Also maybe one or two demos would suffice. I hope sony understands that we who buy there systems first despite the cost are the ones who grow up playing from the first PS1. So we kind of are tired of all the hyped up CG only to end up playing a game thats not even close to it. Killzone 2 better Rock harder than Call of Duty4.

    Thank you.

  • this is more of a question than a comment, but what is the size of HDD you can put into it (inches)

  • Well im a early adopter i payed 599 for a 60 gb But what can i say :-) i love sony and i support sony i just wish they can name some good hardrive to upgrade to a 300 gb :-) like that toshiba ive seen! pwnageeeee

  • Hmm I might start saving up for a PS3 now, seems like it’s gonna start getting some more good games soon.

  • Big mistake adding back the 599 model! You should have stayed with the 499 model with the 60GB HDD. Now your right back where you started with everyone thinking the PS3 costs 600. You have to understand thanks to the Core 360 people think you have to buy the higher end model. People think they need the 600 to get all the features but that isnt the case. You should have abandoned the 600 price tag all together.

    Scratch the 600 model as soon as possible like after the holiday season. Then get back to only one SKU and keep lowering its price.

    Just when you were looking to make a great move you mess it up. Why?

  • @ Ciscorucinski 2.5 inches

  • Well, I had to admit, I feel like a sucker for buying the 20 gig version. I trusted it would be big enough for my gaming needs– since I didn’t plan to use it for music or videos. Within the first 3 months I filled it up just on downloaded games, and demos.

    I know it is upgradeable– and that is probably what I will do soon, is upgrade the harddrive.

    I wish Sony would give us a good deal on a bigger hard drive at least, with a tool to transfer the data. I really don’t want to lose all my saved games and stuff.

  • this is good news i think

    if you guys leave AUSTRALIA out AGAIN with this update to the playstation network man, i’m am going to go nuts. I’m really sick of that! The darkness has been out for weeks in US and not even out in AU… everything lags behind. WE ARE NOT A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!

    We are the fastest adopters of new technologies in the world. Check the stats!

    Otherwise, good news

  • At the current prices for 2.5 inch Hdd’s the price difference from a 60GB to an 80GB is $7 (in Oz), which means those in the US are getting charged something like $93 for Motorstorm. What the hell!!!

  • I for one already own a 60GB and are really happy about the price drop. Hopefully the 80GB SKU is “limited” cuz I dont see how you can drop the price then announce a higher end model! Heres to the best of luck!

  • Glad to see you guys are picking up with the PS Store content and having it appear right after the press conference just like Xbox Live did last year.

    Keep it up! It would be great if we can continue to get Store updates throughout the work week, and not just on Thursdays.

  • Whoo Hoo!!!! 5 free Blu-Ray movies, MotorStorm and 20 more gigs for the same cost as the original 60 gig?! Wisest decision Sony has made in eons. Or better yet guys… how about 10 free Blu-Ray movies, 120 gig hard drive and GTA IV all for the cost of Wii. Now THAT would be a great idea!! :)

  • This is great news!

    I’m happy to se the price has been sliced.

    One thing that I don’t understand is why the EU price is so high compared to the US price?

    Compared to here in Norway, the PS3 price in the US was a steal.

    I am not exaggerating, I payed the equivalent of a bit over 1000 US dollars in for the PS3 in Norway.

    I think a price-cut is more due over here in EU than i the US actually.

    If the price in EU was the equivalent of 499US dollars the PS3 would be sold out everywhere across the EU.

  • $100 for 20Gb and a game???Are you kidding ??
    But $499 for the 60g version sounds great !

  • Great news!
    I was very excited to read about the (official) price drop until I read: “effective immediately in North America”.

    What I would like to know is when this price drop will become effective in Europe (i.e. in Belgium). People over here have been waiting for this news as well, could you be so kind to officialy confirm the price drop for us too?

    Thanks in advance ;)

  • Hi Patrick,

    as you’re probably aware of the manufacturing differences showing up worldwide as some PS3’s being louder in fan-noise than other ones, will the new 80Gb version have this issue addressed?

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