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As you may have seen tonight here, here and here, we’re kicking off this year’s E3 with some big news (and the show hasn’t even started yet).

In short, we’re introducing a new PS3 model with a 80GB hard drive which will include a free copy of MotorStorm, all for the retail price of $599. This 80GB package will be available starting in August, just a few short weeks from today. The larger hard drive will give players more of an opportunity to take advantage of all the downloadable games and trailers on the PLAYSTATION Network, including the content from our forthcoming download service which will include videos, movies and other entertainment content.

In addition, as some of you speculated last week, we confirmed today that we are lowering the price of our current 60GB PS3 by $100, to $499, effective immediately in North America. I know many of you were eager to hear this and we’re thrilled to share this with you now as we head into E3.

Lastly, to keep up with the latest news, you can view a live stream of the official E3 SCEA press conference this Wednesday, July 11th, starting around 11:30 a.m. pacific time. About a half hour before the conference (11 a.m.), click here and we’ll have a live conference feed available.

And if that isn’t enough for you, we’ll have tons of content hitting the PLAYSTATION Store this week, including the SCEA press conference and exclusive first and third party videos and trailers, only available through PLAYSTATION Network. These will be available shortly after the conclusion of the press conference. We want to make sure that you’re getting the info as soon as possible. Rest assured, there is much more to come this week, including the conclusion of our Inside the Developer Studio series, so stay tuned….

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  • OK, I own a PS3 and I love it. Many people I know want a PS3 and the price cut is a great move in the right direction. However, Sony, why on earth are you going to add another $599 model of the PS3 after lowering the price to $499? So many people on the forums around the web are saying how ridiculous this move is. The price cut of $100 is fantastic, many people were excited about it, but now, by adding this new 80GB model with Motor Storm for $599 is making the price cut pointless. This move will only confuse consumers, and will make the $499 model obsolete just like the 20GB model that came out at launch. Don’t you realize that you already had a $499 and $599 version of the system, and no one wanted the $499 one because it wasn’t the best model? Now, people are saying that the PS3 is still $599 as though the price wasn’t lowered by $100. I mean, really, it doesn’t make any sense why you would choose to do this. One version of the PS3 for $499 would have moved units, but now with a new $599 version coming out, people are already disinterested.

  • One more thing to add. This person said it well – “What the heck’s the point of lowering the price of the 60gig PS3 if they’re just going to leave it in the shadow of a new, superior model? They’ve effectively put themselves back to where they were at launch. Sony should be pushing forward aggressively, not touting a “price cut” that for all intents and purposes is completely artificial.” Sony, you guys really need to not do this. The $100 price cut is now completely outshadowed by this new version that is receiving very negative feedback.

  • shouldve made the 80GB version 120GB instead.

    Price drop was great, dunno about add another 600 dollar SKU 1 month after the price drop though, seems weird.

  • I don’t really know about the new SKU but it’s great to have a price drop on the 60GB model to $500. And I’d just like to thank you’ll over at Sony for bringing E3 to us to watch from our consoles :D Keep up the good work Sony as I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us throughout the week although the only thing that worries me is all the rumors (so they be) of MGS4. But that’ll be put to an end this week so we’ll have to wait…

  • I think this is a smart business move… can I have a free PSN game or something though? HAHA I bought my PS3 in March.

  • Thank you so much for telling me!! Does the new Playstation 3 have any new features except for a larger Hard Drive? Do you know if we can swap our 60GB Playstation 3, with an extra cost, for the 80GB? Thank you so much for telling me Sony. I’m really impressed with your work!

  • is the only difference in the 60gb and 80gb units the hard drive size and motorstorm?

    if not i’d like to know what other differences there are.

    also, other folks who feel bummed out like me to not have to ‘premium’ model anymore – will the current 60 gb owners benefit from in-hardware ps2 emulation while the new 80gb owners will not? something to think about i guess?

  • @ Rzarekta

    I guess it comes down to the consumer who’s buying it: Do I want 20GB more than this other model and a game I won’t play (depending on the gamer) or do I want the console that has more than enough already (60GB) and then still have money for a game I want and some accessories?

  • BulletToothTony

    wow.. i’m stoked… even thou i would’ve rathered an 80gb the truth is that i’m gonna update to a 200gb soon because 80 still won’t be enough..

    and after owning motorstorm i really don’t mind the bundle.. i think it’s a great deal what you’re doing.. i do like the box thou :0( but it’s ok.. i love my ps3 and the price drop it’s great news.. i wish you sony boys the bestest of luck on sell #’s

    and please remember to keep listening to us.. 2 very important things… XMB while in game (well, access while in anything it’s better), and exclusives DO SELL CONSOLES.. mgs4 is critical if you spent a couple of hours on the web you’d realize how many people say, i’m gonna buy the ps3 specially for mgs4..

    anyhow.. cheers mates.. i’ll keep following your every move in e3.. thanks for the streaming

  • Yeah, are there any, like, benefits to the people who payed $600 in November, like I did?

  • 1. Both models now include SD, Memory stick, CF slots and chrome (not just 80gb)?

    2. How come everyone from Sony is mentioning videos and trailers this week on the PS Store, but not demos?

  • Will there be demos too? It doesnt say anything about them in there.

  • I think its great that the 60gig gets a lower price. PS3 really needed a price cut.

    However I feel the 80gig is useless. The goal of this (correct me if I am wrong) is to give people more storage for movies and so on for down the road and 20gig more is going to do that?

    I say ditch the 80gig, ditch Motorstorm and put a 120gig in that baby and sell it for the price that the 60gig was from the start. And make the 60gig as low as you can or at least around the 360 price.

  • Oh yeah, and are you launching Home this week? I’ve been looking at Home’s site for the longest Time, and it still has the same words, “keep checking back”

  • Also:

    “In addition, as some of you speculated last week, we confirmed today that we are lowering the price of our current 60GB PS3 by $100, to $499, effective immediately in North America.”

    So does this mean the PS3 is also $500 in Canada?

  • @ BulletToothTony

    Yeah, MGS4 is a biggie for PlayStation fans to keep exclusively. We’ll find out this week if Sony cared enough about this 3rd party exclusive to keep it exclusive which I hope they did. I know how Microsoft is when it comes to pursuing PlayStation games and all these rumors don’t help either *DESPITE* Kojima saying the PS3 is what he needs to make the game and saying the game itself is exclusive and it was all up to him. My only worry is that Konami will overturn his decision seeing as they are the ones who take the hit for development costs. Although I do recall reading that Kojima was working closely with Sony on the game and they were showing him some stuff about the hardware so I don’t really know. *IF* the scenario does come up where exclusivity is in jeopardy, Sony would be wise to help with development costs…but we’ll find out this week and see if our fears are put to rest. Worse thing that can happen (and ruin E3 for me completely) is Peter Moore having another tattoo that says “MGS4” :(

  • So its the same pricing scheme as the launch but with larger hard drives. Brilliant. People are really gonna line up now.

  • @ icecoldgangstaa

    Well, we were told a Heavenly Sword demo would be out very soon and also, there is the LAIR demo we’re supposed to be looking out for also. E3 would be a perfect time for those I would say…

  • Wow… just wow.

  • I hate to be negative about it because I really want Sony to succeed like they have the past two generations, but what I’m saying is true. They are essentially back to where they were at launch, and therefore, this move many not push as many systems as they think it will. The addition of a new $599 version will make the $100 price drop irrelevant. SONY! I hope you are right with this, and I am wrong.

  • You people are funny… Sony just can’t win…

    Did any of you even realize that the box says “Limited Edition.” Perhaps that leads to the possibility that the SKU is not a permanent one!


    I doubt Sony is trying to replace the 60GB $499 SKU with the new one… seriously. They dropped the price for a reason.

    You people really need to calm down.

  • The price drop was good until you announced the 80GB version. Now people will feel like you’re charging $100 for 20GB and a game. It’s not worth it, especially when the game is Motorstorm. Here’s a better plan; hold off on releasing the 80GB version until you get the new rumble controller “KIXAXIS” (great name for the new controller, sounds like ‘kicks asses’ which is what it will do) and then put R:FoM or R6:Vegas instead of Motorstorm in the pack along with the new KIXAXIS and a headset. The reason I say include a headset is because people won’t go buy a headset but they will use a free one. A big advantage XBL has over PSN is the fact that 2 out of the 3 different Xbox 360s come with a free headset. I hate joining a R:FoM or R6:Vegas match where I’m the only one with a headset. One more thing, make the PS button on the KIXAXIS light up. I always see it lit up in catalogue pictures but PS button on the SIXAXIS doesn’t actually light up.

  • I’m going to have to agree with some of the above posters in that WE WANT DEMOS. Also, the 80G model isn’t that bright of an idea. How about 60GB model at $399 and 80GB at $499… that’s more reasonable.

  • This doesn’t seem like a great idea. Having the price cut on the 60GB was awesome as maybe we’ll see systems being sold. But now, the perception of the PS3 as being expensive will still be there.

    Maybe if the hdd capacity was 120GB, then I could see the difference. But 20GB and a game pack in doesn’t really seem to scream a great deal for $100 more.

  • Why bring out another SKU?

    You saw that the 20gb didn’t do so well. But then again it didn’t have the features the 60gb model had. So other than the 80gb HDD for the new one, what’s really the difference about it?

    I still think that having one SKU at a lower price would be better. just bundle it with a game. The fact that the HDD is replaceable, you should encourage that feature at least.

    Unless the PSN store is really going to have content in the coming months? Oh yeah.

  • Haha Im definitely getting one now. This pricedrop is very good news.

  • sony is taking over, best hardware, best value, best games!
    great price!

  • Though I can understand the benefit to Sony with the 80gb model in terms of a higher profit margin than the 60gb model, I fail to see the benefit to the consumer. Throwing in an HDMI and/or component cable and the Playstation 3 blu-ray remote control or bluetooth headset wouldn’t have cost much in terms of additional cost, but would have increased the perceived value of the 80gb SKU substantially.

    It’s only a matter of time before Motorstorm gets a price drop and you lose what little perceived value there is. Then you have to spend money printing new box art for whatever new title you decide to pack-in. Perhaps this is a scheme to make the 80gb SKU the eventual replacement for the 60gb unit, but I think including one or low production cost accessories in the $599 SKU and later dropping the price to $499 or $X with the removal of said accessories and game pack-in would have worked out better in terms of consumer perception and ultimately sales.

    But what do I know.


  • Good Job sony!

  • and also… resistance would have been the better game to include

  • Hate to post again like this… but could the conclusion of the ‘Inside the Developers Studio” be Guerrilla Games for Killzone?

    That would make sense to me… considering the big unveil is next week…

  • HanSolo | July 8th, 2007 at 10:15 pm


    I don’t think they do no.

    And about the PSN updates this week, there will be demos right guys?…..guys?

  • Here is what is really happening.

    This is a limited edition, when the 60 GBs are cleared out, the new 80 GB version will replace the 60 GB at the new 500 dollar price point.

    Hence the price cut is still in effect and with 20 more GB to boot for the holidays.

  • This is a good move if, and only if Sony is committed to having the 60gb a permanent fixture and not end up phased out like the 20gb model.

    Now that the price has been settled, here are a few things Sony needs to do:
    1a. Be like Nintendo and focus on creating AAA first party titles. Make consumers feel that their half-grand was not a waste

    1b. RUMBLE…WE WANT IT NOW!!!. And while you are at it, implement actual triggers instead of jutting L2 R2 buttons.

    2. Revamp Playstation Store. It’s dull and ugly and needs more content: more movie trailers of upcoming releases (like More demos etc

    3. Greater developer support to figure out the PS3 hardware. I cannot understand how madden, ncaa football, etc are running at 60fps while PS3 version is clocking 30fps. That just pisses me off.

  • Well, i dont believe that this new sku will overshadow the price drop of the 60gig, but I do know that they should have re-built the 20 gig exactly as the 60 gig is (except the size of the hdd) and sold it for 399. However, I dont really know how big of a hit that would cause sony (whether or not this idea is even feasible). However, I do believe you guys would have begun to sell more consoles. However, if you are planning another price cut during the holidays this may have been the right move. I guess the 20 extra gigs and motorstorm just doesnt seem worth the extra hundred… unless you package the new sku with those tasty shockaxis controllers we keep hearing about…

  • With Microsoft releasing their 360 Elite SKU and it being priced at $479.99 did they play into your hands?

    With your PS3 60Gb version which includes Bluray playback and Wifi you are making the Elite look very expensive.

  • This was sorely needed. Those of us that have the 60 GB model shouldn’t feel shafted by this if the only difference in the 2 skus is the HDD size and the game.

    The 60 GB models can easily be upgraded and I for one don’t feel like I will have the inferior model at all.

  • I think the press conference is on the 13th. I could be wrong though

  • Sorry but forgot to add my pleas for demos as well. No demos is not cool.

  • To be honest I’m having a hard time seeing the logic in this, except that the price drop will encourage sales of the 60GB model. To the average public there probably doesn’t seem much of an incentive to pay the extra $100 just for an extra 20Gb of disc space. If it was released with the rumoured Shockaxis controller plus MotorStorm that featured splitscreen two player mode plus an ad campaign that highlighted the value of downloadable content, ie. downloading and watching movies at home, the 80GB model may sell well.

    A shame the Inside the Developers Studio section is concluding too. Would have liked to see that continue post E3 with other games in the pipeline.

  • Please have demos its important. Also I hope you have a plan of hitting the 400 price range for Xmas because that is a sweet spot right now where you can really blow away the 360.

  • you all know that all ps3 come with 5 free blue ray movies as well rigth??

  • Also I hope you have something planned to support this news because the price drop is great but it has to be at $400 to stand alone. An amazing showing at E3 will be needed to justify a price range of 500 still.

  • I’m not really feeling this. A price cut on the 60GB is good, but why introduce another and more expensive SKU, one that doesn’t even have backwards compatibility with PS1 and PS2 as good as the “old” model?

    IMO, this wasn’t a good move by Sony.

  • exciting to hear about the price drop!!!

    but i think 80 gb is not enough.

    I think sony should get rid of motorstorm and add a 120gb HDD.

    also will this contain the new rumble Sixaxis ??

  • also, killzone cannot suck, cannot be mediocre, or good. It has to kick serious @$$!!

  • this is really kool and can really suck at the same time….

    sony has announced a new ps3 (80gb) to sell with a copy of motorstorm for $600 starting in august. also they dropped the price on the 60 gb one. the only reason this sux is because i just gought my 60gb ps3 and now i want the 80 gb which is selling for $600 in august and i bout my 60gb one for $600 also, so i wish that there is a way to exchange 60gb ps3 that people bought for $600 and get a new 80 gb ps3.


    do u have any idea if they r gonna allow an exchange or anything of that sort?

  • Hi Patrick;

    I just heard Sony releasing a new Motorstorm Bundle with a 80GB Hard-Drive similar to the one that was launch in Korea?
    However I think this is bad move, instead of working on the driving down the production cost of the Playstation 3.
    While maintaining a single product SKU while shifting their on focus software development. And delivering content i.e media and entertainment Trailers, Demos, Community driven efforts “User Created Content. And Video on Demand Services.

    All in a unified approach would be better versus futher confusing the customer with Multiple SKU’s.
    Last but not least re-educating individuals in the area’s of sales with the reasons why Playstation 3
    “Rich Media Feature Set” CELL/RSX Blu-Ray Disc Storage. Is the console and entertainment hub of choice.

    And Improving their Kisoks Systems with Updated Trailers, Demos and Media Related content. But not limited to improving thier relations with thier third-party developers.

    Would be a better move?

  • Videos are cool and all but we really want Demos Sony! Pretty Please? :)

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