Super Stardust HD

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Super Stardust HD
I’m Phil Gaskell, a producer working in External Development here at SCEE Liverpool which just shipped Super Stardust HD. We’ve been following all of the feedback and praise that you’ve given this game lately and we wanted to simply say THANK YOU!

SSHD was a fun product to work on and the overall reception has been amazing. I’m honestly quite astounded by the high-scores that some of you have already achieved on this game. Zafro is currently sittin’ pretty with more than 640 million. Wow, the gaming community never ceases to amaze me….

For those of you who don’t know, Super Stardust HD is a download game available now only via the PlayStation Store, and was developed by a small team in Finland called Housemarque. In the end, the team at Housemarque was able to get over 10,000 active objects with physics and collisions, and over 75,000 particles simulated and drawn at 1080p 60fps…It’s truly a sight to see.

SSHD is an ultra intensive action game that raises the shoot’em up genre to the next level. You battle to save five planets on the brink of extinction from massive asteroids and a horde of enemies…sent by the evil penguin Professor Schaumund (yep, a penguin…a real nasty one too!). The stars of the show though are the asteroids, made of rock, gold and ice. Check out some of the images above and below and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You can slice, shatter, melt, and pummel them into tiny pieces – it’s very therapeutic! Perfect for a quick fix or the long haul.

One of the things we’re really proud of with SSHD is the sphere concept. Unlike other shooting games where you’re confined to a play area maybe a couple of screens big or scrolling along uncontrollably, the action in SSHD takes place in orbit around a planet. This means you can boost around it infinitely (and sometimes you might need to). From a player point of view you never worry about hitting the sides, and it allows you to concentrate more on dodging around the rocks and enemies, and blasting anything that moves. It gets really intense at times, quite simply if you blink, you’re dead.

Super Stardust HDSuper Stardust

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  • I love SSHD, it is so addictive. I’m still amazed someone got 640 million, I can barely get 20.

  • definitely a very cool game.. downloaded it pretty much as soon as i could.. i certainly hope there will be more games that are this cool and addictive.. ya really can’t beat the price point either.. i can only imagine what could be done with other types of games…

  • I’m really glad there are these more independant games coming out now! I haven’t played this yet- it looks kinda like the old school game Asteroids!

    I hope that Sony will recognize the huuuuuge pros and long term benefits of having a development kit available, like what Nintendo has recently announced.

    Imagine every hardcore gamer making thier own games to upload to PSN…who knows, maybe YOU could make the next great downloadable game! That would be great!

    thanks for the interview!

  • this blog post was the drop in the cup that made me break and get the game … love to see someone involved with a project describe it with passionate realism.

  • This is an awesome game. I would recommend this game to anyone who owns a PS3. Great game, you’ll enjoy this. I guarantee it.

  • Super Stardust HD is truly a great game. You guys have done a wonderful job. It’s so addicting!

  • Keysersoze10033

    Hey, just letting you guys know that this game is the best game game on the PS store. Also, I don’t want to brag but I made to the top 1K :P.

  • Ok am kindda new to this but am havin alot of fun with it. Lookin at the highscores of some of my friends on my buddy list i rather not quote my score because “640mill” is God like. Ok ok fine am at a very proud 1.555mill so what am new. lol!

  • On a serious note though great game guys i really enjoy playin it. It’s a great stress releaver. *2 thumbs up*

  • Patrick, can you give us more details on what to expect next week on the PSN. I got the undergound e-mail saying trailers, but is it fair to say we can expect demoS too? :)

  • this games look crazy too like almost all games lol i say it again Ps3 = Strongest. Please Sony make the price drop and with games like that u will sell more hd tv for sure ………..

  • I love the game, its very addictive. I would like a more community approach to the game. I’m currently in a fierce battle against some of my friends always trying to one 1up then on the score. I currently need to beat 10 mil and I recently made 8 mil. I like to think I’m almost there. :)

  • I forgot to mentioned, and since I can’t edit my post, I’d like to congratulate the team on the excellent game and hope to play more addictive games from you guys.

  • All i got to say is “were is the demo” i also think that every dl game should have a demo,i would love to buy this game BUT i have wasted alot of money on other dl games and then found myself playing it for a day or two and then never going back to it again, money waisted, with all the positive reviews on this game you would think you would try and show it off. i will be waiting for demo of this game b4 i buy.

  • This is what PSN content should be. When I’m not in the mood to go online and shoot people or carry on in an epic story, I can blast asteroids for 15 minutes. It’s perfect.

    I HAVE A QUESTION about downloadable content though. We have the ability to download and install these games onto separate PS3’s, is this feature meant to be used for sharing with other users, or is that illegal/exploitive? This has been going on a lot and I’m not sure if this is something that should be looked down on or not, because it seems like it may be a legitimate capability.

  • great game alot of fun

  • Sorry for the spamming. I’m trying to see if my custom gravatar shows up.

  • Crap.

  • Just had to register to leave a comment… THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME!!!

    As an original owner of Super Stardust, i was excited to see this game coming out, and not a crappy port, but a whole new amazing game! Still have my Amiga1200 (OOOoo… AGA HAHA!), and still crank this old classic some times even today!

    Big thumbs up to the guys who made this, great to see some of the original crew involved in it, heck, even some of the original music made it to the credits screen! hehe! Never got to thank them back then for the original game, so hope by chance they read my thanks here for not only this game, but both Stardust and Super Stardust.

    Great job guys! Keep up the great work! Hope maybe some other Amiga classics find their way to PS3! (Unfortunatly, looks like xbox360 getting Speedball II…. any chance that will make it to PS3?)


    SCORE – 9.5/10
    Would have been 10/10 if the original warp tunnels were in there hehe!

  • Great game, I’m having lots of fun with it. Great job Housemarque ! :)

  • This game is fun BUT the controls for the original PS2 controller have missing functions : bomb is L3 or R3 – can’t remember – and there is no boost. L2 and R2 do these functions on the PS3 controller but honestly – it’s quite frustrating to use it due to it’s unsyncing and losing connection glitches resulting in many deaths. Can we get some customizeable controls? Or better PS2 controller integration? Other than that, the game is great – just slightly unplayeable at the moment due to the glitchy PS3 controller….

  • i should get this game… seems like great fun

  • @mattardo, #71

    Are you sure it isn’t just your controller? My controller hasn’t bugged out like that at all, and looking at the posts here, neither has anyone else’s…

  • as an asteroid player I can say this is a great game – it is addicting, challenging, fun and the graphics and physics are awesome – best game I have downloaded so far

  • Great game Sony, congratulations! This is the first PSN game I am proud I bought and its even better than Geometry Wars Evolved which I also own. It’s sad to see Gamespot give it such a lazy review, I had written a review on their site as a premium member there, and because I dissed the lazy review of 7.0 that Jeff G gave your game, they deleted my review. Nice to see them be so unbiased and able to be called on a shoddy review. The game definitely deserves a higher score than any 360 live arcade game! Keep it up and release more of this and good luck with the $100 drop, I hope it spikes your installed base and helps you win this war.

  • this game sounds cool, i need a credit card though, cause i wanna get it

  • I love this game so much, the action, the design, the music (the music on the 5th level is pure bliss)…….everything is great.

    would love to see online co-op and downloadable content added, that would make this game perfect.

    the people at Housemarque should win a award for this game, they would have my vote. 2 thumbs up

  • Super stardust is asome! Great job.

    I hope Sony will stream their press conference to the PS3. You know go one up on the xbxo360 because you can.

    I hope there are more compelling 3d type arcade games coming out soon.Stardust really took me by surprise.

  • This really is a fantastic game, it’s fast paced, looks great and is very addictive, simply mindblowing.

  • Awesome game and well deserving of the praise it has been receiving. But the question I ask is why there isn’t multi-player Co-op mode where you can play with people around the world??

  • I love this game… it’s a little hard though. My highest score is nearly 8 million and I have spent hours on it but I have only been able to unlock two planets yet. But it’s an addictive absolutely crazy game that I love to play with my friends.

    If you guys are going to do an update… please make the colors of the gold and rocks a little more different.


    Sorry for shouting – back to SSHD

  • Super Stardust is an amazing game, I have been playing it for hours now, I’ve unlocked worlds 2 and 3, but dam it’s hard. The level just goes mental sometimes – lol.

    Will there be additions to the game? I really hope so, Will they be free :D

  • I had to register to say: This game is fantastic! Great job on the whole package. Being a big Geometry Wars fan, I have to say that I like Stardust even more!

    Keep up the awesome work.

  • I’d love to buy it, but i can’t. No psn store access for my country. Sigh. And SONY folks won’t even comment on this issue.

  • Did the developer of this game knew, that he is going to loose money from the makets, that do not have access to the PSN Store, or is SONY being an arse and not telling them this simple truth?

    I’d love to give you my money for this game. Bummer. Go bug SONY about this issue, because we, simple folks can’t do s…t about it. They don’t listen, they won’t comment on this.

    And yes, i know it’s*, but where else can we go?

    Sorry ppl about double posting, and for the fact that you do have to read all the moaning about the store.

  • i love this game, and the price is rigth as well, PERFECT

  • I’m a fan.

    Make sure you don’t lose these guys Mr SCEE External Producer.

  • What a game. Worth the £5.

    Why is it only $8 in the US and the equivalent of $10 in the UK?? Getting done (slightly) again. heh, all us Brits have so much disposable income anyway :-p.

    Only problem is the high score system. every time I start it up my place goes down another 1000! It would have been nicer just to keep each users high score.

    I had the original Stardust on my Amiga, I thought that was pushing graphics then! One question: Is the music from the Lave planet from the Amiga version? it sounds pretty similar!

  • This game is nothing but frantic fun.

  • Will we see any new planets or any expansion packs for it?

  • The game is great. But I find it very hard. Ok, I’m 41 and not the best gamer in the world but it would be nice to so more than the first planet.

    Every time when I have played the game and I want to play Fall of Man my screen (1080P Sharp) stays blank. I have to switch of my LCD and turn it back on again to get an immage. Is it a bug?

    Anyway, love the game, go buy it!

  • SSHD is a Brilliant addicting retrogame! What else can i say =D

    “small team in Finland called Housemarque.”
    Go Finland GO!

  • very fun game…

    the co-op is a blast

  • The HD graphics look beautiful!

  • This is a ps3 exclusive right? i hope so because it’s the greatest psn title to date, up there with tekken dr!

  • i would love for you peole to do remakes for this games on the psn, please plesase please, this games would be great for the psn

    pit stop 2 ( commodore 64 )
    karate champ (commodore 64 )
    the last ninja ( commodore 64 )
    project firestart ( commdore 64 and one of the best games to date ever made )

  • Will we see more games from Housemarque on the PS3 in the futrure?

  • I love this game to pieces. My high score so far is only 20 Million, but I’m getting better! :D Can’t wait to see what’s next from you guys :)

  • This game totally rocks. top of the list with Calling All Cars as well.


    Is there any plans for downloadable content such as new maps or other modes to be added?

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